Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The last hurrah...

When I finished the last article on this blog back in July 2012 I never imagined that I wouldn’t write another one until over a year and a half later. The only reason I’m writing this piece now is because I’ve become ever more uncomfortable with the name of the blog. More specifically the ‘revolution’ part. It should also serve as a closing article because, after this, I really don't think I'll be adding any more to it.

All those years ago when I first started to look into the ‘New World Order’ and various associated subjects, things appeared relatively simple. There was a control system, run by a ‘ruling elite’ and their minions and they were slowly manipulating us all into a new world system or world government. Of course I’ve since learnt that there’s a little more to it than that but this was, in essence, how things seemed to be.

The solution then was to try and ‘wake people up’ and the best way I could see to do that was to try educate myself as best as I could and try and write about these things on a blog. The idea being to expose those that had this wicked agenda and try and prevent them from succeeding in their aims. What was required then, it seemed to me at the time, was a ‘revolution’ of sorts. Hence the ‘Revolution Harry’ name, which was partly just a play on words in the punk tradition, such as Adam Ant or Poly Styrene. 

Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen,
1789, from the French Revolution with Horus 'all
seeing eye' in the triangle, sun god symbolism.
Even before I understood the true (occult/masonic/illumined) nature of revolutions, such as those in Russia and France, I was contemplating a more peaceful approach. As the introduction in the sidebar of the blog stated, it seemed to me that resistance should be lawful and non-violent. That’s not quite how revolutions tend to go though and I began to understand that we were being guided or led towards something very different.

As the previous article on the blog pointed out it became quite clear that all the exhortations to ‘rise up like lions’ and to ‘unite’ to defeat the New World Order were integral elements of the overall agenda. The ‘New Word Order’ was being intentionally ‘exposed’ and the process was being used to, in part, cause demoralisation and confusion and to a large extent herd the mass of those in the ‘truth movement’ (and others) into the false utopia that defeat of the ‘New World Order’ promised to provide. A false utopia that was itself the very end game that was being worked towards. This is a rather simplistic scenario agreed and it’s explained better in the article, but the essential point is that it appeared that I/we were being deceived on a barely comprehensible scale and that the ‘truth movement’ itself was/is, to a large degree, a ‘psy-op’ (psychological operation) of sorts. As such I’ve felt more and more uncomfortable with the idea of revolution and a concern that, in some ways, I may be contributing towards this broader deception with the name of the blog. Hence the blog title change. It’s impossible to change the blog url and there are several articles that still have some relevance, I hope, so the blog is staying up for the foreseeable future.

All of the above does beg the question, what then is the alternative? Beyond an instinctive understanding that any sort of violence is profoundly counter productive I wasn’t at all sure. I’d understood that the ‘truth movement’ wasn’t quite what it seemed and at the same time realised that, at its heart, what we faced had a spiritual dimension that was more important than a mere world government. This is what had caused the prolonged pause in writing. 

I felt I had to look into the spiritual dimension of the agenda a lot more and the place to begin was the Bible. I did this for a number of reasons and I’m very glad I did. It’s not really anything I feel knowledgable enough or even confident enough to write about, but there was one thing that gave me pause for thought where the name of the blog was concerned. It was the discussions surrounding interpretations of the writings of the Apostle Paul on the relationship between Christians and government in Romans 13. As with many other areas of the Bible there are differences of opinion on this and I’m not about to explore all of those in this piece. However researching the issue did provide an important realisation, for me at least.

The idea that the use of any sort of violence was counterproductive and actually helped keep the current ’system’ in place wasn't new. Neither that, at least in part, it provided an excuse for even greater repression. In more Biblical language this is expressed as you can’t fight evil with evil. 

There was, though, a second and more controversial idea, which was that we got the government we deserved. In essence what this meant was that if the people themselves were largely corrupt, wicked and sinful (greedy, slothful, materialistic, lascivious etc) then the government would reflect this. Alternatively, if the people were largely honest, truthful, charitable etc no wicked government could hope to exist. I understand that many would have a problem with the Christian terminology involved let alone the idea itself. It did, though, make some sense to me. One look at ‘modern Britain’ only confirmed the possibility. Yet it was also clear that there has been a definite agenda to subvert, demoralise and degrade the people of this country (and elsewhere in the ‘West’). We need look no further than the Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School for evidence of this.

A popular interpretation of Romans 13 is that Christians shouldn’t be rebellious, revolutionary and active in destabilising government because it would tend to disturb and disrupt society in general and it would show the faith in a poor light. For example, the Christian response to a corrupt government should not include the incitement of others to an overthrow, violent or otherwise, of an elected government. This is a simplification and again, I’m keen to avoid discussing the finer theological points on this issue but as said earlier, it did give me pause for thought. 

What's needed it seemed to me, in part at least, is some recognition that there has been this ongoing agenda to subvert, degrade and demoralise us all and for us to consider how we’ve each individually been affected. In addition, researching the New World Order reveals a great deal of disturbing material. Allowing this to incite ourselves to too much anger, hatred, aggression or violence, or even despair, is to fall into one of the many traps that have been laid for us. In short the solution, isn't just an external battle against a ‘New World Order’, the ruling elites or the hidden powers of this world, what is perhaps more important is how that battle is fought. This in turn involves some inner reflection. Care needs to be taken with not only what is said, written or done but how things are said, written or done. 

Having said this it’s important to note that the Biblical exhortation to not be seen to be rebellious or revolutionary doesn't mean that wickedness shouldn't be exposed. Indeed that's the duty of all good Christians. Neither do I mean that this is all about some sort of selfish introspection. 

For example, a great deal of effort has been put into dividing society into as many opposing camps as possible. There’s perhaps none more crude a division than the political left/right split. Of course, this is a false paradigm for a number of reasons but there are a great many who still fall for it. Broadly speaking we could divide this into the ’socialist left’ and the ‘capitalist right’ (it’s important to note however that what masquerades as capitalism is effectively monopoly capitalism or corporatism). Arguably both systems could be made to work if the people involved were honest, incorrupt, charitable etc. Equally both would work to the disadvantage of the majority if they were overseen by the dishonest, corrupt and greedy. In essence there’s no solution for what we face without, what can only be described as, a spiritual transformation.

There’s no doubt the ruling powers are fully aware of this which is why so much of the ‘psy-op’s’ we face are couched in spiritual language. Pleas for oneness, love, peace, equality and unity are all too often the well worn buzzwords of those who wish to lead us into the false utopia that the real New World Order/Age/Human offers. Very often we also hear cries for freedom coming from many in the ‘truth movement’ but on closer inspection it’s all too frequently the sort of libertine ‘do what thou wilt’ that the Occultist (Satanist?) Aleister Crowley encouraged. Hardly ever do we hear calls for temperance, patience, humility or even chastity. 

It’s on the spiritual plane then that the real battle will be fought. I can’t deny that this perspective has been influenced by my reading of the Bible, perhaps more accurately the New Testament, which is where I started. I’m extremely wary of making any claims of real knowledge where all this is concerned. This is something for each individual to come to their own conclusions about. All I would say is that before being tempted to join in with the anti-Christian clamour that comes from much of the ‘truth movement’, it’s worth reading the Bible for yourself. 

With the above in mind I’m attempting a rewrite of the ‘Mass Immigration and the New Tower of Babel’ piece which I hope to make into a series of multimedia PDF documents. It’s a subject I feel strongly drawn towards and there’s no other that needs more delicate handling. When I’ve finished I’ll put a link in the sidebar for any who are interested. Other than that this is the end of Revolution Harry, though Harry J will still be around if there are any comments to respond to. Thanks to everyone who’s passed by here over the years, especially those who took the time to comment.


James Higham said...

As the previous article on the blog pointed out it became quite clear that all the exhortations to ‘rise up like lions’ and to ‘unite’ to defeat the New World Order were integral elements of the overall agenda. The ‘New Word Order’ was being intentionally ‘exposed’ and the process was being used to, in part, cause demoralisation and confusion and to a large extent herd the mass of those in the ‘truth movement’ (and others) into the false utopia that defeat of the ‘New World Order’ promised to provide. A false utopia that was itself the very end game that was being worked towards. This is a rather simplistic scenario agreed and it’s explained better in the article, but the essential point is that it appeared that I/we were being deceived on a barely comprehensible scale and that the ‘truth movement’ itself was/is, to a large degree, a ‘psy-op’ (psychological operation) of sorts. As such I’ve felt more and more uncomfortable with the idea of revolution and a concern that, in some ways, I may be contributing towards this broader deception with the name of the blog. Hence the blog title change. It’s impossible to change the blog url and there are several articles that still have some relevance, I hope, so the blog is staying up for the foreseeable future.

Every word is true, Harry. Hope you post the occasional comment because your perspicacity requires it.

Pea-Tree said...

The show must go on...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting back to us Harry!

I have reached similar conclusions. I think we are dealing not with flesh and blood but with principals.

I have come to the conclusion that cultural-Marxism is Luciferian as everything being promoted by them and every off-shoot seems to be anti-Christian in principals.

I don't think we need a revolution I think we can skip the revolution and go to straight to the re-normalisation process.

I think we need to speak the truth and unravel many of the falsehoods we have all bought into.

What you say is true about getting the Government we deserve, I think we may even be beginning a process of re-normalisation now. Many people seem aware of things that a few years ago hardly anyone knew.

I would like to thank you for your work, it really helped me gain a broader perspective.

Peter Anderson (I emailed you a few weeks back)

Harry J said...

Thanks James. The problem is, the further you tumble down the rabbit hole the harder it gets.

Peter, yes I do remember and thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back Harry,I sometimes pop on here to read and read some of the srticles.What a nice suprise to find you here at last. Yes the rabbit hole gets deeper but in the end it simply is the fight between good and evil,a fight as old as time.
I look forward to your updated Tower of Babel.

Anonymous said...

A thoughtfully written piece, thank you. If the direction your moving in is correct, wouldn't prayer - in all it's biblical emphasis - be a, or the, significant activity for change? Perhaps, (if you haven't already...) considered 'open theism' you might?
I look forward to your rewritten article about Babel.

Harry J said...

Thanks Mark. I'm not sure what 'open theism' is. Prayer certainly might help but I suppose it depends on what we're praying for. Part of the problem is that deception abounds, not least within Christianity itself.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.
Open theism is on the opposite spectrum to Calvinism. It contends the Bible reveals a God who's moved and moves what happens... not least through prayer.
Oh sure there's much to deceive but the overwhelming message, in both the Bible and the best of church history, is that communicating with God is cooperating towards defeating the deception.
Praying what God wants is obviously the way. Believing, 'knowing' God wants to bring good to this world, freedom, truth, justice and yes, redemption. And through prayer...
Supposing the deadliest deception is keeping us from talking, interceding, with God ?
Thanks for acknowledging my post.

Extant said...

Hi Harry, you are remarkably accurate, however, you must write about how this is deployed at ground level "under our noses, in ALL of our communities". Here is a example of how this is all being coordinated by our universities to change agents who are operating from over 10,000 parish halls throughout the UK and millions of them all abound the Globe. Your welcome to skype me "tgrogers" check this out-

page 4-
Whilst this ‘community disruption’ may
‘initially create chaos’ again there may be a longer term agenda of as ‘out of the chaos will emerge a
new Big Society paradigm equipped to deliver co-design and co-delivery in public services and a new
relationship between citizen’s and the State’ (Blume: 2012 p.214)’



•The landowner
and the village
•Us and them


The here and now:
•A thriving village?
•Relatively affluent
•Core group of activists; us/them
•Fundraising events
•Facilitative parish council

QuotePage 1, "Below The Radar Actions

QUOTE PAGE 7 (link at bottom of the page)

‘it is important to stress that most rural groups would be ‘below the radar’. They are small
and operate at a very local/parish level. It is estimated that there are between 8-9,000
village hall associations in England and below this there are maybe 10-15 groups using
village halls. These will be almost invisible’.

QUOTE page 8

A common enemy, whether that was desperation or poverty, or challenging a development
proposal, was also seen as a powerful motivator for activity. Shared anger could be powerful.
However a number of respondents pointed out that much – if not most – community based activity had
a social function ‘people are group animals and naturally want to come together.’


. A rural respondent argued that a ‘gobby activist’ was important:
‘challenging local activist tenants can be the difference – because they heat up the
temperature so that it’s controversial, people respond to a bit of controversy and conflict
and then you can grow something with that.’’
. This may not be deliberate but they can create accidental barriers which exclude

People can destroy their own lives by taking on responsibility for their community.
Especially in communities that face a high level of chaos’. Emotional support and ‘time out’ for such
activists was seen as a neglected element of capacity building agendas and initiatives.


Not constrained by bureaucracy or
regulation they could do what they wanted, change their approach when necessary, and be radical.
The impact of the sector was as broad as its scope,_McCabe_May_10.pdf


• Building community action depends on
a shared cause (often a common enemy)
identified by communities themselves – rather
than imposed agendas from above.
• The social element of community activity is as (if
not more) important as the cause. People come
together for social reasons as well as to take
action – and the process needs to involve some
element of fun and social interaction ‘for its own
sake’ – otherwise action becomes unsustainable
..End of Quote..

Page 11 "not so cool civil war, community disrupters"

page 15

saul alinsky

page 17

• Positive


Anonymous said...

There is hope. The fact that the Bible has warned us that this would occur and that in the last days there would be a falling away from faith...that the rulers of this world are wicked...but that we should not fear, for He has overcome the world.
Peace and love to you my friends in the name of Jesus.

veterantruther said...

I love your blog but why are you giving up? We need you and your insights. There will be more peopl to wake up as time goes on. Im on the same as you.why don't you show people how this all got started biblically and the end result? Gbu keep posting.

Harry J said...

Thanks Veterantruther. In many ways I'd love to be still writing. Part of the difficulty is that the deeper you look into the spiritual, or even Christian, side of things the more complex it becomes.

I'm in the process of rewriting my Mass Immigration and the New Tower of Babel article and so I'll still be writing about the same things but from a slightly different angle. Maybe, once I have that out of the way I might be able to write about some other stuff.

Nelly Trent said...

Thanks Harry J
I can only hope you are one of the 'good guys'....
This is all very disturbing. The roots are so deeply imbedded, one after another of our 'hopes for truth' is being exposed.... Today I see Brian Gerrish may be yet another....
I guess 'coming together' is for another time. For now, each of us must carry a little piece of the truth with us, and keep saying 'No' whenever we can.
Peace friend.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back posting Harry.

Your writings really helped my understanding of this whole worldly mess, and I see them now as a gift from Yahweh - as not long after becoming aware of your work (amongst others) I was finally Saved in October 2012.

Your work and some of the Chris White debunking videos helped lead me out of the New Age Deception. You also personally replied to a couple of emails I sent and helped me to realise certain Truths. Thank you so much.

I would love to see you turn some of your writing into a book. I have read most books, old and new, on the NWO topics and none come close to your insight or writing style in my view. But I understand that is a huge task and commitment.

I like your more tranquil and humbled tone these days - I feel I have followed a similar path to you as I was also once much more "revolutionary" and full of anger at the state of the world. That is the power of the Holy Spirit. But this really is a battle not of This world,I now know this and have started to get my head around this. I pray more will do so in time.

God Bless You and thanks for your invaluable contribution. I really hope this won't be the last from you Harry as you have much to offer those who are still not saved.

Yours In Christ

John (Sheffield)

Harry J said...

Thanks for your kind words John. In many ways I’d love to be still writing but it never really came easy to me and at the moment I’m just not able to. Maybe that’s how it’s meant to be. I’d like to start again at some point because the process helps me to formulate my own thoughts.

Nobody said...

I agree that it's a spiritual war, been going on since the fall. You can use the question Jesus used 'demon, what is your name?' if someone attacks you verbally or physically - from doing this you can see that satan uses people as avatars/vehicles and that's how he manipulates events and foments division and resentment. This is a largely undetectable form of possession, like when satan entered into Judas, there's no overt signs of 'hollywood style' possession, they simply do evil or speak evil while satan is operating them like a vehicle.

Always enjoyed your blog, was wondering how you were.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry.

I've just listened to the most extraordinary interview between David Ike and Red Ice Radio.

Ike never ceases to remind us that he has been joining the dots for over 20 years, which begs the question why has it taken all this time to discuss in this interview what you have been discussing for years.

Red Ice reveals here what a fraud Icke is.

Zoompad said...

I'm glad you've changed the name of your blog Harry, I didn't like the last name, I don't want a revolution in this country, I would like to see a revival instead, where people realise they have been tricked into turning away from God because I am clinging to the hope that Jesus is coming back. I am glad you've changed the name so that people won't misunderstand you.

Every time there is a revolution anywhere all that happens is that strong people take over by force, and the strongest people are quite often not the nicest people, Jesus was accused of being a revolutionist, but He was always gentle and kind, and he never had a gun or anything, so its absolutly mad that anyone could have accused him of being a troublemaker and anachist, but they did.

I am also glad you've come back to your blog, because the gentle in heart need to make their voices heard, and I think you are one of the gentle in heart Harry.

Jesus was gentle in heart as well, and yet He was strong, and determined, He fought against evil, and yet loved people, even the ones who murdered him, I dont think he was a saint but I like Michael Landons program Highway to Heaven, and I'm glad its being shown again on TV, some of it is a bit silly ie the water divining but I like to watch it some of the episodes are really beautiful, Michael Landon was a flawed human being like the rest of us but he really seemed to love the Holy Spirit

Zoompad said...

I really came here to see if anyone could help me, Brian Gerrish is on Twitter pretending to be a helper of abused people, which he is not, he's a scoundrel, but a man called Nick Green is talking to me at the moment on there, and I told him Brian Gerrish didn't set up the UK Column, but took it over from someone else, but I can't remember the name of the man he took it over from, please can someone tell me who it was who set up the UK Column, thanks

Zoompad said...

The reason I say Brian Gerrish is a scoundrel is because only a scoundrel would have taken £160 off a poor woman who had been abused and who was living off state benefits and trying to raise a son with Asperger Syndrome and going through the hell of the secret family courts being accused of PAS which paedophiles invented. Only an unprincipled selfish moneygrubbing scoundrel would have stooped to taking money from a woman in such desperate circumstances, Jesus certainly would never have done it, and no-one who truly loved Jesus would have done such a thing, therefore I call Brian Gerrish a scoundrel and a charlaton.

Harry J said...

Thanks for your kind words Zoompad. I think the name you're looking for might be David Noakes.

Harry J said...

Anon, August 5, 2014 at 8:36 AM

I held back from replying to you because I intended to listen to the interview. That said, I really can't face listening to him. Any uncertainties about him being 'controlled opposition' have long since vanished I'm afraid. He's only of interest when trying to understand the different aspects of the deception(s) being played out.

Thanks for the tip off though.

Zoompad said...

I posted some comments about what has been going on in Staffordshire, disabled children being taken to Drake Hall prison from school in the school mini bus without parents permission I know about it because my son was one of them being taken and it went on for about 2 years and I didnt know.

I posted it all there

RTR Truth Media Staff said...

A very informative blog.... Come check me out and come on the show - RTR TruthMedia Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam . ....we would love to have you my office - (856)426-8391 Tom Lacovara-Stewart

Anonymous said...

One solution is to apply Trivium, presented as descibed by Mark Passio, to learn to Think independently. Thus beeing able to apply natural Law.

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody, my name is steve and for many fascinating and informative years, I have tried to fathom the twists and turns that make up the bag of tricks belonging to the shimmering prince of light, and the conclusion I have come to is this: seek Jesus' peace and leading, pray, read God's Word, be kind to people, be led by the Holy Spirit to engage with our friends and family, do not be led by our own fears and desires to transform them (through our own powers of argument) into illumined beings. That is God's responsibility. The God of the Bible IS in control and He is the ultimate Transformer, Amen! I know that now.

The world and it's real/manufactured events will unfold as they will unfold, what will happen will happen. I do not believe this is some kind of fatalistic 'give-uppery' on my part (at least I hope not) but I am now convinced in my mind that in the time it has taken for me to set out the ground rules to debate fairly the collapse of the twin towers, the death of Dr David Kelly or the case for high-ranking paedophilia plus 101 other truly tantalising subjects, I could instead be praying in my mind and heart, 'Lord, how can I speak or demonstrate/convey to this person with me right now that You love him so much that You went to the cross and took those nails so that he might be forgiven, that he might know that precious forgiveness deep within him (the same love and forgiveness that transformed me 25 years ago) and that he would in turn be given the precious hope of eternal life when this current dark charade is all wrapped up in God's good timing.

As an aside, if anybody would like to download my free PDF (written over a period of 20 years or so), exposing the heart, mind, spirit deception of the alternative health industry, please go to and press download. thanks for reading and God bless all our efforts to point people to our wonderful and amazing God Who does not lie or deceive but stands only for Truth. Satan was defeated at the cross and no thrashing around on his part will ever alter his doomed and defeated destiny. Amen!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that URL for alternative health should read

Harry J said...

Thanks for the offer Tom but I’m afraid I write better than I speak so radio shows aren’t really my thing.

Steve, our thinking is along similar lines. You’re book looks very interesting. I’ve downloaded it and it’s on my list of things to read. All the best for the future.

Zoompad said...

"God bless all our efforts to point people to our wonderful and amazing God Who does not lie or deceive but stands only for Truth. Satan was defeated at the cross and no thrashing around on his part will ever alter his doomed and defeated destiny"

Its very hard when you're hurting like hell inside and you wonder why God let certain things happen and you feel like an outsider and so lonely so much and the church makes you feel sick and angry because you know there are paedos running it and you wonder why God lets paedos and gangsters run the actual Church, I don't know why God let me be abused as a child but I do agree with what you've written there Steve.

I can't understand why God let the devil torment Job though, that seems mad to me. God just saying I am who I am doesn't make me feel any better, I know God exists, because of what happened at Yorkminster in 1984, I know He is powerful and omnipresent, so why let satan torment and hurt ones who put their trust in Him? I can't understand that, and it makes me feel really really really sad. There a lot I cant understand about God, but I know He's no a liar and that He is real.

Anonymous said...

As I read people are begining to be suspicious of Brian Gerrish. I cant say I blame them, the British Constitution Group has always been dodgy. Full of misinformation and proclaiming "action not words". Well in five years what exactly have they done?
Gerrish can not even explain why he went to a scientology organinsed event. He disputes he went when I know for a fact he did go. If you question him he gets very angry, according to one of his own UK Column features, that is one of the traits of a psychopath.
I eventually humoured him by saying "I dont think you are controlled oppossition", but if he is'nt then he is a doddering useless idiot with the charisma of a dead cat. Appologies to dead cats.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the blog up.

Yes, it's a journey. Perceptions change. That's part of the fun, but also part of the distraction.

Personally I'm finding the quest for an answer in terms of a "spiritual struggle" unproductive and itself, a distraction.

Maybe it's a lot simpler and more predictable. Are we after all predominantly beings governed like the rest of the animal kingdom by the immutable laws of nature - which laws we can all directly observe in operation ourselves, not through mediation of some "inspired" text or other; and the struggle occurring is simply the evolutionary contest, survival of the fittest (not of the best)?

If this facile view is correct, then the litmus test of success is: whose population grows, and whose disappears? Does the ignoble drive out the noble and the pathologically altruistic?

For those who demand witness to a "spiritual" component I don't see why such laws should not be taken as evidence of it or of 'intelligent design'. At least they are more consistently successful in explaining some of the injustices (vagaries?) of the world than much that is found in the texts of the 'great religions'.

And for those demanding that might alone not make right, maybe Emerson's Essay on Compensation provides a hint that such laws ordain something more than just the triumph of indomitable force.

In the meantime I shall continue to explore shamelessly and without guilt works such as Klassen's "Nature's Eternal Religion", Jacob's "White Man: Think Again!" and MacDonald's "Culture of Critique", among others.

I hope you will too ;)

Anonymous said...

"It is not often possible to say of those acts that are called vices, that they really are vices, except in degree. That is, it is difficult to say of any actions, or courses of action, that are called vices, that they really would have been vices, if they had stopped short of a certain point. The question of virtue or vice, therefore, in all such cases, is a question of quantity and degree, and not of the intrinsic character of any single act, by itself. This fact adds to the difficulty, not to say the impossibility, of any one's — except each individual for himself — drawing any accurate line, or anything like any accurate line, between virtue and vice — that is, of telling where virtue ends, and vice begins. And this is another reason why this whole question of virtue and vice should be left for each person to settle for himself." -- Lysander Spooner, "Vices Are Not Crimes, A Vindication Of Moral Liberty"

"To know what actions are virtuous, and what vicious --- in other words, to know what actions tend, on the whole, to happiness, and what to unhappiness --- in the case of each and every man, in each and all the conditions in which they may severally be placed, is the profoundest and most complex study to which the greatest human mind ever has been, or ever can be, directed. It is, nevertheless, the constant study to which each and every man --- the humblest in intellect as well as the greatest --- is necessarily driven by the desires and necessities of his own existence. It is also the study in which each and every person, from his cradle to his grave, must necessarily form his own conclusions; because no one else knows or feels, or can know or feel, as he knows and feels, the desires and necessities, the hopes, and fears, and impulses of his own nature, or the pressure of his own circumstances." ~ Lysander Spooner, "Vices Are Not Crimes, A Vindication Of Moral Liberty"

~ Negentropic MK I

Anonymous said...

"To maintain an attitude of mind which could be called scientific in any complete sense, it is of cardinal importance to recognize that belief of affirmations sanctioned by the herd is a normal mechanism of the human mind, and goes on however much such affirmations may be opposed by evidence, that reason cannot enforce belief against herd suggestion, and finally that totally false opinions may appear to the holder of them to possess all the characters of rationally
verifiable truth, and may be justified by secondary processes of rationalization which it may be impossible directly to combat by argument.

It should be noticed, however, that verifiable truths may acquire the potency of herd suggestion,
so that the suggestibility of man does not necessarily or always act against the advancement of knowledge. For example, to the student of biology the principles of Darwinism may acquire the force
of herd suggestion through being held by the class which he most respects, is most in contact
with and the class which has therefore acquired suggestionizing power with him. Propositions con-
sistent with these principles will now necessarily be more acceptable to him, whatever the evidence
by which they are supported, than they would be to one who had not been exposed to the same influences. The opinion, in fact, may be hazarded that the acceptance of any proposition is invariably the resultant of suggestive influences, whether the
proposition be true or false, and that the balance of suggestion is usually on the side of the false,
because, education being what it is, the scientific method — the method, that is to say, of experience — has so little chance of acquiring suggestionizing

-- Wilfred Trotter, Instincts of the Herd In Peace & War

This book was the major influence on Edward Bernays along with "The Crowd" by Gustav Le Bon. It is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to understand the psychological facts that the science of "herd management" relies on in order to achieve its aims of molding public opinion and perceptions to the will of the powerful few.

~ Negentropic

Anonymous said...


Information warfare in its largest sense, is simply the use of information to achieve our national objectives. Like diplomacy, economic competition, or the use of military force, information in itself is a key aspect of national power and, more importantly, is becoming an increasingly vital national resource that supports diplomacy, economic competition, and the effective employment of military forces. Information warfare in this sense can be seen as societal-level or nation-to-nation conflict waged, in part, through the worldwide internetted and interconnected means of information and communication.5 What this means is that information warfare, in its most fundamental sense, is the emerging "theater" in which future nation-against-nation conflict at the [i]strategic[/i] level is most likely to occur. Information warfare is also changing the way theater or operational-level combat and everyday military activities are conducted. Finally, information warfare may be the theater in which "operations other than war" are conducted, especially as it may permit the United States to accomplish some important national security goals without the need for forward-deployed military forces in every corner of the planet. Information warfare, then, may define future warfare or, to put it another way, be the central focus for thinking about conflict in the future.

Information warfare, in its essence, is about [i]ideas and epistemology[/i]-- big words meaning that information warfare is about the way humans think and, more important, the way humans make decisions. And although information warfare would be waged largely, but not entirely, through the communication nets of a society or its military, it is fundamentally not about satellites, wires, and computers. It is about influencing human beings and the decisions they make. The greatest single threat faced by the Air Force, and by the services in general, as we begin to think about information warfare is that we will yield to our usual temptation to adopt the new technologies, especially information technologies, as merely force multipliers for the current way we do business.6 It would be a strategic mistake of historical proportions to focus narrowly on the technologies; force the technologies of information warfare to fit familiar, internally defined models like speed, precision, and lethality; and miss the vision and opportunity for a genuine military revolution. Information warfare is real warfare; it is about using information to create such a mismatch between us and an opponent that, as Sun Tzu would argue, the opponent's [i]strategy[/i] is defeated before his first forces can be deployed or his first shots fired.

end quote

[b]Dr George J. Stein[/b] (BA, Assumption College; MA, Pennsylvania State University, phD, Indiana University) is director, International Security Studies Core and professor of European Studies at the Air War College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Before joining Air University in 1991, Professor Stein had taught in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Miami University, since 1977. He was active in SPACECAST 2020 and continues his research in information warfare.

Read the whole article at the link. It is a MUST-READ. This is exactly how people are manipulated today, through mostly fake manufactured PsyOps in order to then tighten the slave-grip on the real non-fake, non-fear-based-mind-controlled reality that threatens the powerful few.

~ Negentropic

Harry J said...

Thanks for the comments Negentropic. I'll certainly follow up on a few of the links. The more I comprehend the scale and scope of the extent to which we are manipulated, 'managed' and mind controlled the more staggered I become. It can become quite overwhelming when fully understood.

Michael Sean said...

Hi Harry

Just a quick note to thank you for your blog. Reading it over time led me to Christ. I came to the blog an agnostic with leanings towards the new age, and by the time I had finished reading it all back in mid 2012 I was fully converted to Christianity. My faith has since strengthened 10 fold.

I was initially led here when I started to suspect that the likes of Brian Gerrish and Ian R Crane were duplicitous masonic dupes. Your blog seemed the only one raise this point.

Good luck in whatever endeavours you choose to follow, and I will keep checking back every now and then to see if you have produced another article.

In Christ,

Michael Sean

Harry J said...

Thanks for your kind words Michael and good luck to you too.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Harry,
As you probably are aware of when Googling "Revolution Harry" and trying to click on your link, a warning pops up saying something like- "Warning-this site could be dangerous. Continue?" Then when I get to your blog and try and post it on Facebook it won't allow me to. So I had to post your essay in bits. Lol. And then that worked. I've already gotten some hateful comments from people saying I'm ignorant for posting such things. That Brits are just making amends for all the atrocities they have committed all over the world, blah blah blah. You can tell these people are just going along with their programming. But then I also have some astute people who want to read more of your work and are planning on checking out your site.
I am very curious if you have researched the Flat Earth issue at all? and if so, what is your take on it? I promise I won't attack you either way. It seems this is a polarizing issue and many who can break their programming in other areas, can't seem to do that in this instance. I value your opinion. Thank you in advance.
Mahalo, Katja

Harry J said...

Others have mentioned they get warnings when they Google the blog. This may be country specific, I'm not sure.

I have read about the flat earth theory. In fact someone mentioned it in a comment on a different post. I remember the arguments and points raised being quite persuasive. That said, instinct tells me that of all the lies and deception out there, convincing us the earth was a globe when it was really flat would be the toughest ask of all.

On balance I'd say it wasn't proven and even unlikely. That said, the world is a strange place so It's entirely possible I'm wrong. I look at it as one of those rabbit holes you can fall down that ultimately aren't that important. There are other things to try and educate ourselves about.

Put the flat earth theory in the 'who knows, maybe' file and spend your time elsewhere would be my suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, here we go again

Complete BS distraction.

Where I am, one or two Jews have been among the first complaining about mass immigration, because they know it does no-one any damn good. Thank goodness some underlings are waking up. Just remember the Transfer Agreement for one.

Get the psychos out of government. Doesn't that have mileage?

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