Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mark Cocking Interviewed On A Starship High Above The Planet Earth

Yes, you read that correctly. Richard D. Hall beams his interviewees up on to his starship as it orbits planet earth. At first glance his site seems to be mainly concerned with the subject of UFO's. It's not one I've studied in great detail so I can't really comment on it too much. Signs from elsewhere indicate that the PTB may well be about to reveal the existence of extra terrestrials. Whether this will be genuine or yet more manipulation in the pursuit of the World Government agenda is anyone's guess.

Anyway, what caught my eye and made me visit the 'Rich Planet' was that he had interviewed Mark Cocking. For anyone who doesn't know Mark Cocking has many years experience in the finance industry and is also a keen researcher of esoteric knowledge. He has some good things to say about both the current banking system and what he refers to as the sacred geometry that forms part of the knowledge kept hidden from us by the 'elites'.

The Richplanet show is slightly quirky with several additional elements that include a rather painful 'music' section. That said the interview itself is worth ploughing through the rest for.

One more interview that may be worth watching is that with historian Alan Wilson. It leaves you in little doubt that the history we've been taught is little more than a lie. I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised.



Anonymous said...

I keep hearing that there is no political option to spreading the word of the banking scam.ufo disclosure, all the corporate horrors of eugenics,the big pharma....the list goes on! I'm sick of everybody saying there is no point! it costs 500 pounds to run for parliament,which is peanuts and would give PEOPLE the option of spreading the word legally... we live in a stupid system full of brainwashed PEOPLE, if you are seriously interested in waking up the masses, then surely this avenue is worth a try,to get ATTENTION, unless we unite we have no chance! WAKE UP!

eddy said...

YEH! 10 CANDIDATES 5,000,100 CANDIDATES 50,000 DO YOU KNOW 50,000 PEOPLE WITH A QUID???? NO YOU DON'T ! HOW MANY HAVE YOU GOT HARRY? only one or two need to wear the suit....think about it,let's get things moving...all I see is a fragmented mess which won't do anything in these critical times. most respectfully why not send one of those 'e' mails and get PEOPLE on board? the mind boggles