Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Million People Required For A Lawful Rebellion

Below is a video of a speech from Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group. Again I have to thank Captain Ranty for bringing this to my attention.

In the video Roger explains the idea behind the BCG which is 'Lawful Rebellion' as is our right under Magna Carta. He explains what 'Lawful Rebellion' actually is and gives many reasons why he thinks it's justified in the present, sorry, circumstances. I happen to agree with him which is why I'm a member of the BCG.

The plan is to garner the support of one million people. Once that number is reached the intent is to create 'self sufficient communities' who will develop their own system of banking and funding. In addition those communities can block the actions of the courts and baliffs *lawfully* in any attempt to act against us personally or against our property. This will inevitably involve the refusal to pay taxes to the current 'regime'. Sheriffs can be nominated to take responsibility for those in these new communities who break our (common) laws.
The idea isn't to come into conflict with the existing system but to implement restrictions on their ability to act against us. The numbers will give us the power to make this possible. In short we tell them their authority no longer applies to us.

Perhaps my favourite statement is that "we are not advocating the removal of this or any other so-called democratically elected government. As far as we are concerned, if you voted for them, you can have them". They envision the movement expanding exponentially as more people become aware of what is happening and take the time to understand the issues. As Roger says, truth and justice are on our side.

Some may see this as a drastic, even dangerous step. It's probably both but can anyone else see a way out of our current morass? Our democracy is a sham and it wouldn't matter how many people took to the streets they'd ignore us anyway. Riots would be both unsavoury and counter productive as this would merely give them greater reasons to ratchet up the Big Brother police state.

In fact something along the lines of the BCG's proposal is the very best course of action. We can spend an eternity complaining or even highlighting all that's wrong with the UK and the wider world but what's really needed is a working alternative. We shouldn't pretend this will be easy. There are many disparate groups out there, not all of whom are going to see eye to eye about everything. For example I see many who could be described as Nationalists and Libertarians as potential 'rebels' and they may have several areas where they differ. That's why the common ground has to be our Constitution with its basis in Common Law. All other areas of disagreement can be more easily resolved without the interference, brainwashing and manipulation of the 'powers that be'. Even then there will still be areas where no common ground can be reached but even this is alright using the communities model. As long as all communities operate within the Constitution and Common Law then the communities themselves can operate in differing ways. We already see this to some extent with one council being Labour controlled and another Conservative. It will just be a variation on that theme.

I do have a few provisos however. Firstly it, perhaps, shouldn't be a surprise that there are those that claim that the BCG and the UK Column are controlled opposition. Designed, I would assume, to gather all the 'rebels' into a carefully controlled group where they can be monitored and 'dealt with' should the need arise. It may even be that the whole plan is designed to fail so as to further the spread of demoralisation, as is the usual plan. Of course I have no idea of whether the BCG is controlled or not. The modus operandi of those behind the New World agenda is indeed to control all opposition. My feelings are that they are genuine. This comes from my correspondence with some of those involved on the UK Column forum. 'Life', who operates the site linked to, has some great information and I respect both him and his site. I don't think he suspects all involved with the BCG. In particular he appears to have a lot of time for Brian Gerrish. Brian does cover this issue in the video. It's precisely to prevent infiltration, or at least neuter it, that they are attempting a leaderless resistance. I would think it's inevitable that some form of infiltration will be attempted so vigilance is absolutely necessary. It's also why the aims should be kept as simple as possible so as to avoid grounds for dissent.

Secondly, I think we should all bear in mind that one of the seeming aims of the New World Order is to weaken and destroy the nation state. It may be that Britain, or England in particular, is a strategic target. For many years England has been one of the key centres of the controlling cabal. According to researcher Alan Watt these centres are periodically shifted. This can be because they have been drained of all resources (including human) or because they have become too troublesome and difficult. Before the shift takes place care is always taken to ensure the previous power centre will be in no position to challenge the new order and will be more easily subsumed into it. Looking at such things as the transferral of our industrial base, unnecessary mass immigration and intentional bankruptcy (massive debt/sale of gold reserves) I'd say this is a very possible scenario. It's even been suggested that 'our' Royal Family plan to retire to the shadows along with all the other bloodline families. In such circumstances we need to be extremely careful we don't play into their hands and help to create a situation that causes the break up of the country or even a potential 'civil war'. 

There's one final observation I'd like to make. Of the many researchers out there Matthew Delooze is one who I read with great interest. It may be that his theories (facts?) are a bit much for some but I take them with an open mind. Indeed as events progress his suggestions become more plausible by the day. There's one thing he's noticed. It's explained to some degree in this article. It is that, whatever the 'force' is that lies behind the dark events that plague this country and the wider world, it needs our permission to rule. Matthew goes some way to explaining how it achieves this but the point is that we have to refuse to give it permission. For me the suggestions of the BCG go some way towards achieving this. 

If you're interested in getting involved with the British Constitution Group you can find how to do so here.

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