Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Rise Of The Financial Empire

Below is an excellent series of videos that manage to perfectly encapsulate what is really going on in the world today. As is often the case they are largely from an American perspective but the subject broadens to take in the rest of the world as well. Besides, the system that's described as operating in America is based upon that in the UK. The central banks work in a slightly different way but apart from that the rest is pretty much the same.

The author is a Damon Vrabel who once served the financial empire he describes but now works as a writer and 'post-neoclassical economic philosopher'.

The subjects covered include the disastrous banking system we currently operate under, the myth of free enterprise and how society is structured in a pryramidical fashion. The great mass of people being the servants (slaves) of a parasitical elite.

As he points out this is no 'conspiracy theory'. What he gives you are hard facts based on mathematical calculations. This should convince even the most sceptical out there that, at the very least, all is not what it seems. I can't recommend these videos highly enough.

Video two

Video nine

Video ten


fellist said...

Thanks for this, Harry. I saw Vrabel a coupla weeks ago on Max Keiser’s show and made a note to check him out online when I could -- looks like you’ve done it for me.

Revolution Harry said...

I'd never heard of him before but this presentation is pretty impressive. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.