Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alex Jones: Screaming Mad, Fluoride Brain Damaged, Joker.

There are many people who claim Alex Jones is little more than a disinfo' agent. I think it was this video that finally convinced me (note Michelle Malkin flashing the dragon's triad claw at 7:07 and 7:40 minutes which suggests to me that this may have been a set up) though I was almost certain after seeing this video.

Jones is only one of many 'celebrity' New World Order researchers whose role is to control the flow of information, steer clear of key issues or organisations, make it appear that those who believe in the 'conspiracy' are oddballs or extremists, never focus on real solutions and generate fear and powerlessness by concentrating on the day to day machinations of the global elite.

It's for these reasons I'm more than happy to post the video below. It actually made me both laugh out loud and squirm at the same time.


Anonymous said...

You're correct RH,

It was the last video where he interrupts the demonstration in Austin against Cointelpro, that did it for me when I saw it not so long ago.
Then again, he has admitted he's a Zionist also and always moves the conversation out of the way for criticism against Jews/Zionism.

The following video shows what an arsehole the man truly is. Watch it and see how he thinks that Arabs control Hollywood and the Stock Exchange etc..then he loses it when 'Mike from Wisconsin (2:00) comes on and mentions Benjamin Freedman and Jack Bernstein. Alex Jones is like erm..."Benjamin Freedman and Jack Bernstein".... Then the caller mentions he's from and listen to Jones rip in and truly attack him out of nowhere in order to take away from the information of two former Jews who warn the west of what's going on. It's a fuck up.
See it here

Revolution Harry said...

Crikey, another eye opener courtesy of Alex Jones. He really is something else isn't he. Exactly who we need to lead the resistance against the New World Order.

Remember it's not only Zionists he won't talk about, he's very reticent on the subject of the Vatican as well. The Arabs? Do me a favour Alex.

Anonymous said...

All Alex Jones goes on about RH are the Illuminati, the Bankers, the Fed, the Bilderbergers and the NWO. He ignores Zionism and as you rightly say the Vatican. He just sort of misses out the two biggest. How on earth can he say Saudis and Arabs? What a twit, when the evidence is there to show that the Zionist lobby is the most powerful and they control the government and the Media. Jeez.....

I mean really, how can he sit there going "Erm....Benjamin Freedman..... and Jack Bernstein......." Anyone who's done anything remotely into understanding the bigger picture has listened to Freedman and Bernstein for goodness sake. I mean how did it slip the Jones' net? But notice how he just waits as he hasn't a clue what to say, then BOOM, off he goes into full bulldog attack mode.

Anonymous said...


You'll also find this video most enlightening:

Alex Jones - "I Support Israel Its Their Land" Zionism

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my video. What are we to do about this problem. It's not just Jones you know, he is just the most obvious. I am sad to say that a large part, and likely the most popular of our 'movement' is controlled by some facet of the intelligence agencies. It does beg the question why. . . It sure seems that through their 'help' we are more 'educated' than we were, but there must be some catch. My best guess is this -

A) Gain trust and gather followers while
B) Gatekeeping the info, to
C) Eventually herd their followers into some pen

Once they have everyone eating out of the palms
of their hands for long enough, they become tame and will accept anything. I already have video of Jordan Maxwell seriously trying to convince people of the reality of Nibiru, and claiming that our true fathers are there. Strange choice for them to make (our fathers) to hang out on some remote planet that spends 99% of it's time nowhere near the sun (like it actually exists, haha) so it must be a really cold and crappy place to live - but no matter - Jordan actually wants us to believe this now.
You see he has gained trust through giving us some facts (not all true either) but now just watch out, I bet he spins further and further off course. Let's band together, and:

Expose False Flag Patriotism!

Revolution Harry said...

No problem Anon', well done for making it.

I'm with you in regards to Jordan Maxwell. Have you seen the video of him giving Zacharia Sitchin a masonic handshake?

michael said...

Good one! Unlike Jones - Maxwell, Freeman and others are here to initiate us into the mystery schools. Maxwell even praises the NWO and says how it is necessary. I plan to do one on him as well, so thanks for the handshake clip - crucial.
Sorry for posting anonymously.