Monday, January 4, 2010

British Monarchy is a Corporation/US is a Corporation Not a Country

Apart from the rather clumsy title this is a great little video. Although it's largely referring to America there's still plenty of interest for us Brits.

After the rather wonderful beginning there are many revelations including the claim (though I'm not disputing it) that the USA is a corporation and its citizens are its employees. The corporation is owned by the British Crown and as such is a British colony. Britain itself is also a corporation with its citizens having a similar status. Perhaps the most powerful claim is that since the Treaty of 1213 Britain has been owned by the Vatican. Sadly this didn't come as any sort of surprise after everything else I've read and researched.

My favourite of all though is that according to Ballentine's Law dictionary for the definition of a human being you need to 'see monster'. In doing so you'll see monster defined as "a human being by birth, but in some parts resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood and cannot be heir to any land." After all, slaves can't own property. Have no doubts at all that this is how the bloodline elites of this world view the rest of us.

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