Friday, January 15, 2010

George Carlin's Greatest Moment

The fantastic George Carlin at his best. Comedy with a sting in its tail. Just remember everything he says about America is every bit as true right here in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Simply awesome! I've been performing stand-up comedy for five years now, but when I watch this clip - and I've seen it before, it deserves repeated watching - I just think "well, he just said everything I wanted to say so I may as well quit". Except of course that would mean a job in the bank. So I'll have to write some more dick jokes.

Revolution Harry said...

He is brilliant isn't he. If only there were a few more like him. 'Comedy' is a great way of getting a message across.

A friend of mine does stand up. Her name's Susan Murray. You might know her.

Good luck with the dick jokes. We all need a break from the relentless grind this world has become under the control of the PTB and there's no better relief than a god laugh. More power to the stand up's of this world.