Thursday, January 7, 2010

Occult/Freemasonic/Illuminati Symbolism by Fat Lazy Glenn

Fellow revolutionary (Fat Lazy) Glenn Bullock has another great article on the Henry Makow website. This time he looks at the occult significance of two company logos. Of course many corporations and businesses both large and small have occult symbolism in their logos but Glenn's explanation of the significance of those of Westfield and Marriot are both fascinating and instructive. If you want to find out how the Westfield logo symbolises the Secret Serpent of Jerusalem and how they made a killing (literally) out of the 9/11 disaster then take a look.

It seems Glenn has been busy of late because he's also done a couple of videos. The first is a look at the occult symbolism on the twenty pound note and the second is a look at the Masonic (Illuminati) symbolism in and around the city of Derby.

I suspect there's much more to come from Glenn.

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