Saturday, September 18, 2010

Proof Pope Benedict is a Freemason: Facilitating Masonic Ecumenicalism for the Third Temple


Anonymous said...

Have you read AA-1025?


Harry J said...

Lavender, is that you? Lavender Luck? I meant to reply to your last email but my main computer (the one with the Revolution Harry email account) has shuffled off this mortal coil.

As for AA-1025, I haven't read it but I suspect it's at best a diversionary tactic. Many claim that the book is fictional and it does appear to be highly doubtful in many respects. The Catholic church didn't need infiltrating. It was already pagan and occultic and almost certainly the ultimate source of communism anyway.

Anonymous said...

I hope the address still works because I just sent a message. Lavender.

Anonymous said...

Another fanatic protestant!!! Are you Neo-Nazi as well??

Anonymous said...

I remember how many handshakes like these I have studied in Psychology for my PHd. I thought it was a sign of I have to change my whole mentality...this is a grandmother was a Mason, my 5 year old nephew is a Mason...I'm surrounded by Masons!!

-Nate the Great

Harry J said...

Ha, I'm neither a Protestant or a Neo-Nazi.

I take it you watched the video. If so, which bit did you disagree with and why. Making lazy and incorrect accusations isn't going to get us far is it?

Anonymous said...

Bwaahahahaha, what a load of crap. I suppose you think NASA faked the moon landings, and they have aliens at area 51 too. Get a life, loser.

Anonymous said...

And learn the difference between the words 'too' and 'to'.

Harry J said...

Thanks for a well argued critique of the video Anon. It's comments like yours that make me realise how humanity has been enslaved and subjected for so long. Let's hope you wake up soon for all our sakes.

I'm well aware of the difference between 'too' and 'to', thanks. I can only assume you think I produced the video. I didn't. I just posted it here because it clearly showed the Pope giving and receiving masonic handshakes. Only a blind fool would fail to see them.

James Higham said...

Quite a man, insulting you, Harry, behind the epithet Anonymous. Shows great courage.

Harry J said...

Insults seem to go with the territory James.

Anonymous said...

I am no blind fool, but I think it is funny how someone has spent time making a video to show handshakes. you say humanity is enslaved because people do not see the video the way you do. So arent you and whoever made the video trying to enslave people to think that masonry is bad? I mean looking at the video and diagram that is said to be masonic handshakes they do not match... i see their thumbs not on but actually above the nuckle, so why is the handshake in each scene different? If you think masonry is so bad then good, stay away from it but what have you done for your community lately? i bet your answer is nothing i am so sick of people having so much time on there hand and they go off hear say about something they know nothing about. if Masons are so bad why were the forefathers of this country counted as members i guess they had destruction in mind when they were trying to make this a nation... ignorance is truly not bliss. Just imagine how much better of a person the maker of this video and anyone with all these theories would be if they actually invested their time into something worth wild, were are in a recession and all you guys are worried about is who is a mason and who is not, females gossip about hear say i didnt know so many males had tucked their balls just to gossip:.

Harry J said...

Anon, can I refer you to a previous article on this blog entitled 'Freemasonry: Two Organisations, One Visible, the Other Invisible'. I think it will answer your questions.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Perhpas you can brake it. But can YOU make it?

Harry J said...

Sorry Anon. I've tried to work out what I think you're trying to say and I can't.

Anonymous said...

freemasons should be attacked by all people

Alan Jardine said...

Just to clear this silly blog up.
I'm a Freemason of many years standing.
I am also a teacher of Masonic Ritual and I can categorically say that only one of these handshakes looked remotely Masonic.
Firstly, there is only ONE method by which Freemasons greet each other, not the hodge-podge of various ways the video shows.
Secondly, a true Freemason would NEVER allow himself to be photographed giving a Masonic handshake.
The only remotely, reasonable explanation for these strange handshakes (certainly not Masonic) is some weird political/religious protocol i.e. don't shake hands properly with the Pope, just use the fingers....or such other strange custom.

But trust me guys, it isn't Masonic.

Alan Jardine said...

And anyway......there is absolutely NO WAY would we allow the Pope to join the Freemasons!!!! The very thought is hilarious!
There would be more likelihood of the Pope having 4 wives (all moslem) than him being allowed to join the Brotherhood!!!!

Harry J said...

Nice try Alan. The majority of the handshakes in the video involve the sort of knuckle pressing that is clearly masonic. Here's an example provided by the Grand Master of UGLE, the Duke of Kent.

There are scores of examples of mason's greeting themselves with masonic handshakes. Here's a good example of the 'master mason's grip' provided by Gordon Brown as he greets his partner in crime George W. Bush.

When you say 'we' wouldn't allow the Pope to join the freemasons I have to ask exactly where in the hierarchy of control and decision making are you yourself? As you well know the masons have a pyramidical control structure. How far up that ladder are you? As you may also know, Albert Pike, in his book Morals and Dogma' clearly states that 'lesser brethren' are deliberately kept in the dark.

Are you sure you know absolutely all there is to know about masonry?

The claim isn't that the Pope is merely a member of freemasonry, it's that, as the head of the Babylonian mysteries, he is the true head of freemasonry as that is the root from which masonry has grown.

Anonymous said...

Yea Anonymous is definitely a lower tier freemason in which doesnt know all the secrets the highest degree masons know.

Any though on freemasons and fraternities revolution harry?

-Topsy Krets

Anonymous said...

*i meant alan jardine not anonymous

-topsy krets

Harry J said...

Not really Topsy. I would presume they serve as an opportunity to assess those most useful to the hierarchy. It may well also be that youthful follies, that can be later used for blackmail or control, are recorded.

Anonymous said...

The Bilderberg Conference is coming up in Switzerland.

That's where the Masons, the Crypto-Nazis, and the Bavarian Illuminati (among others) get together to plan the NWO.

The model they're working towards is Burma: 7 billion people ruled by hypercapitalists and the military.

BTW, I've heard of people who've sneaked into the Bilderberg, but never of anyone who was ever seen again.

Draw your own conclusions...

Anonymous said...

i recently read an article that explained how 2012 is not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. North america will eliminate the borders between canada and mexico and become one large country with a new currency called the amero. This will then mark the victiory of the illuminati in controlling eveything..... Any thoughts on this theory?


Alan Jardine said...

I'm loving this!!!!......keep going please!!!

Harry J said...

Anon 12.39, I suspect 'the plans' are made at a higher level than the Bilderberg meetings. If anything that is where those plans are explained to lower level operatives in the political, media and economic world. Not sure about the missing people. I've never come across anything that supports that claim but then again who knows? I suppose it could be true.

The model may well be based on that of Burma or China but I suspect there will be a veil of some sort of fake democracy.

Anon 10.55, there's a great deal of disinformation surrounding 2012. The best assessment of it I've seen was by Chris White.

The creation of a North American trading bloc involving America, Canada and Mexico has been touted for quite a while now. As with the early development of the EU this was seen as a precursor to a later federal union. It's not something I've investigated in any great detail to be honest. If they were going to do that I'd have thought they'd have made their moves before now but I can't say for sure. Who knows how the end game will play out?

Glad you're enjoying it Alan.

Bible Believer said...

Yes lots of Masonic or other "brotherhood" handshakes in the mix. Realize the Pope is the leader of ALL the Masonic orders, even if there is propaganda about Rome being against Freemasonary. He runs all of them, not just Knights of Malta who are obviously his foot soliders but the deceived Protestants who run down to the local lodge. Who do you think all those NWO 33rd degree types answer to?

Harry J said...

Very true BB and thanks for passing by. In case you hadn't noticed you're site is linked to in my side bar.

Very good article as well. I have to concur that the Pope, the High Priest of the Babylonian Mysteries, is indeed the overwhelmingly most likely candidate for the antichrist.

Anonymous said...

Pope cant be antichrist. Antichrist has only 1 eye

Harry J said...

To be more accurate it's the Papal system that the Pope is the figurehead for that is seen as the antichrist. The reference to 'one eye' comes from Zechariah 11:17 where it says:

"... and his right eye shall be totally blinded."

Taking the 'futurist' interpretation of Biblical prophecy then this may yet happen (although it would probably be the next Pope).

Prophecy throughout the Bible is written in symbolic language. For example water or a sea is a nation or nations, a woman is a church etc. As such this reference shouldn't necessarily be taken literally.

There are other interpretations of prophecy. In particular some see the time in 1798 when Pope Pius VI was dethroned by Napoleon as the moment when the Papacy (antichrist) received a mortal wound.

One possible candidate for the symbolism of the 'one eye', or even better one that is blinded, is that of the eye of Horus. Taking the Pope as the High Priest of the Babylonian Mysteries he is also said by some to be the Priest of Horus. There is a wealth of 'one eye' occult symbolism in modern culture. Here are a few examples.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! I don't think so!

The anti-Christ is aiming to close DOWN the Catholic Church, not keep it going. Are you quite positive that you are not merely uninformed about what the Catholic Church teaches due to poor tuition -and consequently being led astray by the propaganda of the enemies (some Freemasons et al) who seek to destroy her?

The Bible states quite clearly that those with the Spirit of anti-Christ are persons who deny that God came in the flesh...... No Papal authority has EVER done that.

Try to research what the Church REALLY teaches - for instance watch "Hand of Peace" a documentary on Pius XII. If you remain blind - you will just continue to permit the REAL Anti-Christian forces to delude you as to who the real enemy is. Evil has always sought to destroy Christ's Church - with your attitude - you are merely helping him do it.

God Bless! Beware the Comet Elenin - at Garabandal and Akita there were prophesies given visionaries about a Comet striking the earth as a global Chastisement resulting in "3 days of darkness" - which is ANOTHER much prophesized event in the History of Catholic Tradition.

Harry J said...

Nice try Anon. Refuse the evidence of your own eyes if you wish. When I began my investigations into all this I certainly didn't do it with an axe to grind against the Catholic church. I merely followed where the evidence took me. When I say evidence that's exactly what I mean. There's more than enough to place the Vatican hierarchy at the apex of control in this attempt at a New World Order. Similarly there's ample evidence that exposes its true pagan, occult, nature. As for Biblical prophecy regarding the woman riding the beast, the man of sin and the antichrist himself no organisation or person fits the description better than the Papal system and the pope himself. Have you ever considered that maybe it's you that's being misled?

I don't say these things lightly and I have studied what the Catholic church teaches. One thing's for sure it isn't, in many important ways, true Biblical Christianity. You only have to consider the political, earthly, intrigues of the Papacy over the centuries; the vast wealth and power it has wielded and continues to wield; the innumerable deaths of true Christians at the hands of the Inquisition and much more, to know that this is not the Church of Jesus Christ.

The verse you're referring to actually says:

"For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist."

This article explains the context of this in terms of prophecy and the Catholic church.

Harry J said...

Here's another blatant masonic handshake by Paul VI.

Anonymous said...

the holy coran is the last book sent by god so islam is the key

Anonymous said...

What a load of shit. I´ve accidentally handshaked people like that a million times.

Harry J said...

A million accidents? Both you and the Pope seem particularly accident prone.

Anonymous said...

sorry chaps, the pope a mason not even maybe.not if the llluminati has anything to do with it. #33

Harry J said...

Who exactly do you think the 'Illuminati' is? I think you need to do a bit more research Anon.

Anonymous said...

The llluminati are, whatever they want you to believe they are. Bit naive if you think the papacy would be allowed to sit as apex.Keep your friendS close, BUT KEEP YOUR ENEMIES EVEN CLOSER....! #33

Harry J said...

In a letter written by the author Charles Sotheran, addressed to the New York Press Club, dated January 11, 1877, he said:

"It is curious to note too that most of the bodies which work these, such as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the Rite of Avignon, the Order of the Temple, Fesslor's Rite, the 'Grand Council of the Emperors of the East and West Sovereign Prince Masons', etc., etc., are nearly all the offspring of the sons of Ignatius Loyola. The Baron Hundt, Chevalier Ramsey, Tschoudy, Zinnendorf, and numerous others, who founded the grades in these rites, worked under instructions from the General of the Jesuits. The nest where these high degrees were hatched, and no Masonic rite is free from their baleful influence more or less, was the Jesuit College of Clermont at Paris."

The American historian James Parton had similar sentiments:

"…if you trace up Masonry, through all its Orders, till you come to the grand tip-top, head Mason of the World, you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits] are one and the same person."

The 'Black Pope' himself is subservient to the Pope.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jardine said...
And anyway......there is absolutely NO WAY would we allow the Pope to join the Freemasons!!!! The very thought is hilarious!....You are hilarious!!!! your sun-worship masters kneel before the pope!!! servants of the supreme bishop of the sun-god. Get to study. Freemasonry is not gonna get you a good job anymore.

Anonymous said...


Harry J said...

Anon, the video is not in any way meant to denigrate Jesus Christ. In fact quite the reverse. It serves as a pointer towards the idea that the Vatican and the Papacy are not at all what they seem. The Catholic church is a long way from true Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Call me 'Anon 2' - so that those of intense mental and spiritual need can vent their comments in the correct direction, and not to others (with possible similar viewpoints)
Very interesting threads... and a lot of very seriously confused Freemasons out there - I have no axe to grind against good Freemason acts within the local community - great work guys, but with all Freemasons above 3rd degree or so (I can't be arsed to check out the actual level) are being totally deceived (hood-winked) into thinking that they are making their binding oaths to The Living God the living creator of mankind, The Lord of Lords, King of Kings - BIG mistake... they are making oaths to the 'all seeing' Osiris the pagan Eqyptian god and Satan. So Jesus Christs death was "a dire calamity" - not a very respectful / complimentary term to use for someone that Freemasons are supposidly making an oath of allegiance to. Albert Pike changed a lot of things within Freemasonary - none were good, but all were satanic. You doubt me? check out the oaths that white witches make at the different levels of witchcraft, then line them up against the oaths taken by Freemasons at the differing degrees - they are so similar that an 'outsider' would think they came from the same source, well they do - the pit of hell. What of the Generating force 'G' encompassed by the female Set Square and the male Dividers on to of them, Osiris the all seeing eye looking down, the serpents and snakes, these have no place in true Christianity and are from the pit of hell, as is Roman Catholisism. I feel so sorry for the poor lemmings (no offence to real Lemmings) that get sucked in to Freemasonary - and they think that they can't get out of the strangle hold of the 'cable tow' around their necks... but they can..., ...just renounce Freemasonary all it stands for and all its satanic / anti Christian Freemasonary rituals and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord over all. Freemasonary - it's all Jah-Bul-shit. AVOID it.

Just to confuse things further...., for all you Orange Lodge (anti Catholic) Protestant bigots, the (Protestant) King William (King Billy) of Orange was sponsored by the Catholic church in Rome to carry out his little games in Northern Europe. - Feeling confused? - you should be.

Zoompad said...

Anon 2 - Well spoken.

The Vatican appears to have been placing Jesuit priests in charge of Protestant church with the consent of the leaders of the Protestant church. There was one called Michael Hayes in charge of St Mary's Church in Market Drayton a few years ago. I complained to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the Bishop of Lichfield about him. The only thing that was done about it was that his photo on a website was cut out and replaced with the face of another man.

Anonymous said...

To All,

I suggest all of you on this blog to read "Alta Vendita" – concocted by the Carbonari in 1818.

I have been a practicing Roman Catholic all my life, and after considerable soul searching about 5 years ago, I realized something was terribly wrong in the Vatican church and I began doing some serious research. Freemasonry has been condemned by this church all along, because it is a mortal enemy to church teaching and threatens its' very survival. In 1958 after the death of Pius XII, they elected John XXIII who had previously joined a Masonic lodge in Paris in 1935 (ROSICRUSIONS) when he was a Bishop, effectively excommunicating himself and subsequently making him ineligible to become a "TRUE" Pope. This is where all the trouble began since he was the one who initiated Vatican I and II which eventually "liberalized" the R.C. Church over a period of time. All so-called Popes and at least a third of the Cardinals in the Vatican belong to V-2 and P2 which are Masonic Lodges, and they are therefore excommunicated "ipso facto" and unable to hold any office OR elect anyone to any office, including a Pope. The strange anomaly here is that Good Pope John did something no Pope had ever dared; he took the exact same name as the Anti-Pope that abdicated the chair of Peter in the Catholic Church in 1415.

Yes, the Church in Rome has been infiltrated by Freemasons, and therefore no longer represents the True Church of Christ, which was the only thing that previously stood in the way of this sort of abomination. All of this nonsense started in serious at the time of the “French Revolution”, and it continues today.

My mother was a devout practicing Roman Catholic and my father was a 32 degree Mason that went both the York and Scottish rite, and he was a Shriner as well. He told me many things before he passed away, and left me many of his books, so with the combined knowledge of both sides, research, and in particular, Gods’ blessing, I was able to figure out just what had happened. As for myself, I went back to the Traditional Catholic Church as it existed before Vatican II. There are very few of them now, but they still exist as a witness to the real truth, and to the consternation of the false church in Rome.

Make no mistake, we are in a lot of trouble, and I don't just mean the USA, I mean the world. America has been “liberalized” just like the Catholic Church, and we are on our way out as a force on world affairs. We have a Marxist and an “Anti-Colonialist” for a President surrounded by other evil people intent on destroying America. The NWO is a fact. It will be the worlds’ second attempt at “World Government”, as the first one was Babylon – GENESIS 11, VERSES 1-9 – “The gathering together as opposed to Gods’ plan in GENESIS 1, VERSE 28 – “Increase and multiply and cover the earth”

You can’t make this stuff up, it’s too bizarre. But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Any derisive posts directed to or at me will not be answered. I will help anyone on their search for the truth, but I will not enter into any “dialogue” or “pi__ing contests on this blog. I did my research, and I now know the truth, but I don’t feel the need to defend my position with anyone.

Et vidimus gloriam ejus, gloriam quasi Unigeniti a Patri, plenum gratiae et veritatis. Deo Gratias.

Zoompad said...

That link doesn't work so I am posting this one to a PDF of Alta Vendita.

I am reading it thoroughly, but there's something about it that is puzzling me. I don't want to go into detail, just want to encourage others to have a look and see what they think of it.

The Catholic Church. Well, I don't want to be rude, but I did think that the Church was supposed to be the body of Christ? I didn't think the Church was meant to be a big load of stone buildings attended by men in opulent gowns. I also thought that Jesus told the people not to worship any man, but only to pray to God, asking God for whatever we need, and thanking God for what he provided? I didn't think the Lord wanted the Church to be all about rituals and lording it over other people.

Sorry if that sounds disrespectful, but thats the way I see things.

Harry J said...

Me too Zoompad.

"Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me."

John 14:6

"And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven"

Matthew 23:9

Zoompad said...

My son has Asperger Syndrome, which he was diagnosed with after 2 weeks of tests by a specialist in Autism after his pre school examination at the baby clinic.

My son was at mainstream school but kept getting sent home because of his disability, NOT naughtiness, but he was being treated like a naughty boy because of it, he was doing things like invading other peoples personal space, kissing teachers, saying "I love you" to complete strangers, spinning, flapping, running round and round, in the end we got LEA to provide extra help (after a battle, I had to fight for the extra help, other mums of disabled children will know exactly what I went through) and so he continued at mainsteam, but when it came time for middle school the headmistress there told me they didnt want him because the LEA would not provide the funding for the help he needed, so advised me to send him to Special School for disabled children, which I did.

He was happier at Special School, as the classes were smaller, but we were going through the secret family courts - I was accused of having PAS (which was invented by paedophiles) and I discovered that a lot of other mothers were in the same boat, either accused of PAS or MSBP, which was also invented by paedophiles

Zoompad said...

At Marshlands, he had a bad experience from a taxi driver (and ex policeman) who couldnt cope with my son having an "Asperger episode", basically because he and the escourt hadnt been trained, so he dealt with it by threatening my son with a lazer pen, which terrified my son so much he refused to get back into the taxi, and my son was left without transport to school for nearly 3 months.

He went to Walton Hall special school, and although some of the teachers there were lovely, especially the music teachers, he was being taken without my knowledge or consent to Drake Hall prison for PE lessons, the whole class was being taken in a mini bus driven by his teacher Mr Dale. My son didnt tell me about this because he didnt realise he was being taken to a prison, he had no idea it was a prison, another child told me what was happening, and from what I have been able to piece together it had been going on for 2 years.

The freemasons have close links to Walton Hall school, they make no secret of it, my son even had a fishing trip with them, I knew it was the freemasons because at least they were open about that, and he has a certificate from the Masonic fishing club, but at least they sent a letter to us parents asking permission to take our children to that, they did no such thing with the Drake Hall prison visits.

I knew the Freemasons of Stafford were involved at Walton Hall special school, but whilst very unhappy about it I had no idea what the hell to do about it. For 7 years I was in terror, being dragged through the secret courts, and felt as I had nowhere to turn, I was threatened in those courts - Stafford Wolverhampton and Walsall, threatened with jail, psychiatric hospital and the removal of my son.

My son can speak, and some of the children at that school cant speak, so he was relativly safe, because he was coming home every night, but they had a residential unit there which had problems, there were several incidents there which the staff tried to hide from the parents, it was horrible being a mother of a child in special school, I was terrified most of the time, I felt like I was walking on a tightrope most of the time.

A lot of the staff have either been sacked or left, including the last two headmasters, Mr Goldthorpe and Mr Gorewood. I am frightened to think what was going on at that school - which was a lovely school in some aspects, but there were things going on there which should not have been going on. I am angry my son was being taken to Drake Hall prison for PE, there was no need, they made the excuse that the equipment was better at Drake Hall but that was nonsense, as Walton hall was well equipped, also they were only allowed to use balls and benches at Drake Hall and they already had those at Walton Hall. I think they were abusing some of the children at Drake Hall prison, not all, my son wasnt abused sexually, but I think some of them were being abused, the ones who were more vulnerable than my son, some of the children were very helpless and couldn't even speak or walk

Zoompad said...

Bill Cash my MP knows all about this and he's done nothing about it, so do Stafford Police, again, nothing, its all been pushed under the rug.

My sister knows something about all this, but she wont tell me, she knows about skeletons in Mr Goldthorpes closet, her husband is a social worker and I think the reason she wont tell me is because she wants to protect her husbands job, but Ian Parry is going to make them all reduntant anyway so her covering up for them is all a waste of time. Personally I'd be ashamed to stand by and see your own sister and nephew dragged through the secret courts threatened and smashed up and not even lift the tip of a little finger or raise a whisper to help, but she evidentaly thinks its ok, and that is that!

I feel betrayed and very angry and upset, and very worried for disabled children in Staffordshire.

Zoompad said...

Sorry, the reason I wrote all this, not trying to go off topic, but trying to expose the masonic wickedness in Staffordshire.

The Freemasons are like ugly demons dressing themselves up in virginal wedding dresses, they were at Walton Hall school quite openly, dressed as charity, "lets help these poor disabled kiddies", but at the top of the masonic organisation its nothing to do with nice benign charity.

I suppose a lot of people in the masons really think its just a nice benign club they are involved in. They probably have no idea about what is going on, they cant do, I hope not, because if they do they would have to be really very evil and I think most people are not psychopathic plotters and liars.

Walton Hall was closely attached to Eccleshall Church, but I dont know if they have anything to do with the taking of them to Drake Hall prison. I know Mr Goldthorpe used to go there, and his wife was knocked off her bicycle and killed. Mr Goldthorpe was a Jew but he liked to go to that church.

One of the taxi drivers (not the one with the lazer pen) told me he was a Freemason and that most of the taxi drivers were and on Wednesdays they go to 16 MU in Beaconside, theres a Harrier jump jet outside the entrance, for their masonic meetings, that was when my son was at Marshlands about 7 or 8 years ago. Surely its not even appropriate for military headquarters to be hosting masonic meetings? There is a Freemason building in Stafford near Stafford SGI the old hospital. I have to be careful going anywhere near that area, I have to avoid it if I am in a panicky mood as I have had panic attacks in that area, so I have to be really careful, I find that area of Stafford scary.

gustin alison said...

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