Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The last hurrah...

When I finished the last article on this blog back in July 2012 I never imagined that I wouldn’t write another one until over a year and a half later. The only reason I’m writing this piece now is because I’ve become ever more uncomfortable with the name of the blog. More specifically the ‘revolution’ part. It should also serve as a closing article because, after this, I really don't think I'll be adding any more to it.

All those years ago when I first started to look into the ‘New World Order’ and various associated subjects, things appeared relatively simple. There was a control system, run by a ‘ruling elite’ and their minions and they were slowly manipulating us all into a new world system or world government. Of course I’ve since learnt that there’s a little more to it than that but this was, in essence, how things seemed to be.

The solution then was to try and ‘wake people up’ and the best way I could see to do that was to try educate myself as best as I could and try and write about these things on a blog. The idea being to expose those that had this wicked agenda and try and prevent them from succeeding in their aims. What was required then, it seemed to me at the time, was a ‘revolution’ of sorts. Hence the ‘Revolution Harry’ name, which was partly just a play on words in the punk tradition, such as Adam Ant or Poly Styrene. 

Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen,
1789, from the French Revolution with Horus 'all
seeing eye' in the triangle, sun god symbolism.
Even before I understood the true (occult/masonic/illumined) nature of revolutions, such as those in Russia and France, I was contemplating a more peaceful approach. As the introduction in the sidebar of the blog stated, it seemed to me that resistance should be lawful and non-violent. That’s not quite how revolutions tend to go though and I began to understand that we were being guided or led towards something very different.

As the previous article on the blog pointed out it became quite clear that all the exhortations to ‘rise up like lions’ and to ‘unite’ to defeat the New World Order were integral elements of the overall agenda. The ‘New Word Order’ was being intentionally ‘exposed’ and the process was being used to, in part, cause demoralisation and confusion and to a large extent herd the mass of those in the ‘truth movement’ (and others) into the false utopia that defeat of the ‘New World Order’ promised to provide. A false utopia that was itself the very end game that was being worked towards. This is a rather simplistic scenario agreed and it’s explained better in the article, but the essential point is that it appeared that I/we were being deceived on a barely comprehensible scale and that the ‘truth movement’ itself was/is, to a large degree, a ‘psy-op’ (psychological operation) of sorts. As such I’ve felt more and more uncomfortable with the idea of revolution and a concern that, in some ways, I may be contributing towards this broader deception with the name of the blog. Hence the blog title change. It’s impossible to change the blog url and there are several articles that still have some relevance, I hope, so the blog is staying up for the foreseeable future.