Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The last hurrah...

When I finished the last article on this blog back in July 2012 I never imagined that I wouldn’t write another one until over a year and a half later. The only reason I’m writing this piece now is because I’ve become ever more uncomfortable with the name of the blog. More specifically the ‘revolution’ part. It should also serve as a closing article because, after this, I really don't think I'll be adding any more to it.

All those years ago when I first started to look into the ‘New World Order’ and various associated subjects, things appeared relatively simple. There was a control system, run by a ‘ruling elite’ and their minions and they were slowly manipulating us all into a new world system or world government. Of course I’ve since learnt that there’s a little more to it than that but this was, in essence, how things seemed to be.

The solution then was to try and ‘wake people up’ and the best way I could see to do that was to try educate myself as best as I could and try and write about these things on a blog. The idea being to expose those that had this wicked agenda and try and prevent them from succeeding in their aims. What was required then, it seemed to me at the time, was a ‘revolution’ of sorts. Hence the ‘Revolution Harry’ name, which was partly just a play on words in the punk tradition, such as Adam Ant or Poly Styrene. 

Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen,
1789, from the French Revolution with Horus 'all
seeing eye' in the triangle, sun god symbolism.
Even before I understood the true (occult/masonic/illumined) nature of revolutions, such as those in Russia and France, I was contemplating a more peaceful approach. As the introduction in the sidebar of the blog stated, it seemed to me that resistance should be lawful and non-violent. That’s not quite how revolutions tend to go though and I began to understand that we were being guided or led towards something very different.

As the previous article on the blog pointed out it became quite clear that all the exhortations to ‘rise up like lions’ and to ‘unite’ to defeat the New World Order were integral elements of the overall agenda. The ‘New Word Order’ was being intentionally ‘exposed’ and the process was being used to, in part, cause demoralisation and confusion and to a large extent herd the mass of those in the ‘truth movement’ (and others) into the false utopia that defeat of the ‘New World Order’ promised to provide. A false utopia that was itself the very end game that was being worked towards. This is a rather simplistic scenario agreed and it’s explained better in the article, but the essential point is that it appeared that I/we were being deceived on a barely comprehensible scale and that the ‘truth movement’ itself was/is, to a large degree, a ‘psy-op’ (psychological operation) of sorts. As such I’ve felt more and more uncomfortable with the idea of revolution and a concern that, in some ways, I may be contributing towards this broader deception with the name of the blog. Hence the blog title change. It’s impossible to change the blog url and there are several articles that still have some relevance, I hope, so the blog is staying up for the foreseeable future.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: Where Exactly Are They Trying To Lead Us?

Several of the previous articles on this blog have looked at the possibility that at least some of the high profile, celebrity, anti-New World Order researchers or campaigners are not quite what they seem. Others have also written on this subject as more people come to suspect that many of these 'truthers' are either shills or controlled opposition or at the very least deceived themselves into furthering the broader 'New World Order' agenda. Although it can't hope to be a definitive summary of what it is happening in this regard, this article will try to look at just a few of the conclusions that can be reached from this realisation. 

The first and perhaps most obvious conclusion we can reach is that a degree of disinformation is being purposefully disseminated. It's not hard to see why this should be occurring. As the real agenda is being pursued it serves to confuse and divide those alert enough to know that something very wrong is taking place. Confusion is created by offering differing points of view as to what is happening. In the process any real truth tends to get lost in the haze of disinformation. That's not to say a deeper understanding can't be achieved but just that it's a much harder task.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eric Phelps And The 'Pleiades Sector Flight Command'

This article is the last one of its type I plan to do. I don't want to make a habit of these type of things. I'm only doing it for the record, because the research has already been done and it sort of fits in with the last few posts. In part it's also because it provides a fascinating glimpse into the strange world of the burgeoning 'anti-NWO' movement around the end of the 1990's. A world that the subject of this article, Eric Phelps, was only too happy to associate himself with.

Phelps is the author of the book Vatican Assassins. It's a detailed and exhaustive account of the role of the Vatican, the Papacy and in particular the Jesuit Order, in world affairs. In essence, Phelps points the finger at Rome as being the apex of the 'New World Order' pyramid and the driving force behind it. The evidence he provides is largely very good although some of his assertions appear to be based on little evidence. It seems clear that the Vatican is, at the very least, an important player in the 'New World Order' if not the controlling force. The point of this post isn't to review his book, or the evidence he provides within it, but to to investigate its publishers and their connections to a new age magazine called 'Spectrum'.

Eric certainly portrays himself as what could only be described as a devout Christian. He was a regular commenter on a UK based forum called the Unhived Mind where his contributions were more often than not heavily laced with Biblical quotes and verses. He even goes as far to promote the idea of seceding from the United States and creating a white only Christian nation called 'ProBaptical'. His exposure of the Vatican and the Papacy is very much from his perspective as a Bible believing Protestant Christian. It's the disconnect between Phelps' ardent Christian beliefs and the nature of his book publishers and distributors we'll be looking at in the rest of this article.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Entire Humanity Must Be Reprogrammed

In an article on Nourishing Obscurity, James had written the following.
"By then, the stick-in-the-muds like us will be largely irrelevant, about 65 years old and upwards, there being no middle-class and pensions/sustenance tied to us shutting up.  Those in key roles, the young men and women will have been through the only education now being funded – the WWC, IB and many others, all globalist, all based on the false Lincoln School Wundtian philosophies, these kids having never known nation, Christianity, ethics but instead a world outlook where the melting pot is the summum bonum and the only philosophies coming down from curriculum branches of the departments of education, e.g. the NEA. being globalist/green.
Robert Muller, creator of the
World Core Curriculum
Time is very much on the side of the globalists and then the culling and sorting gather pace.  Already, in preparation for a current position, I’ve received materials I clearly disagree with, politically but I  must learn, assimilate and agree to them in order to move forward.  This is still the mild end of the process.  By 2020, it will be the one world view, hence World Core Curriculum – that word again  – Core.
I’m not sure people really fully comprehend what’s happening."

In response I wrote the following (with a few additions) which I think is worth repeating here.
It really can’t be emphasised enough how one of the key elements of the agenda is to indoctrinate the young, worldwide whilst simultaneously distracting, dividing, and demoralising the older generations. Anything to prevent organised, cogent, resistance until the older generation slowly either loses heart or dies off altogether.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: How About Brian Gerrish?

I thought long and hard about writing this piece for several reasons. It should be remembered that the title of this post is in the form of a question. I may have grave suspicions but I do welcome other people's opinions and perspectives on this.

What triggered those suspicions was an incident involving the British Constitution Group, in March of this year, at a court in the Wirral near Liverpool. A group of several hundred BCG supporters attempted a civil arrest of a county court judge as part of a process of enforcing the Common Law and exerting their rights under Magna Carta.

Several day later some YouTube footage of the event appeared which I watched with interest.

It soon became clear that the person who seemed to be playing the central role in the event was a large gentlemen called Ray. Only a few weeks earlier a friend had been telling me about, what they described as, a dubious character involved with John Harris' TPUC organisation, called Ray St. Clair. I somehow instantly suspected that the person in the Wirral videos was the same person. Further investigation not only proved this to be correct, it revealed some alarming information about this Ray St. Clair.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: Can We Add Ian R Crane To The List?

In the previous post we looked at the idea that a number of, so called, leaders of the truth movement are not quite what they appear. These included high profile, 'celebrity truthers' such as David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell and Alex Jones as well as those involved in the Zeitgeist movement.  A critical analysis of Charlie Veitch of the Love Police strongly suggested that he was one more to add to the list. This article will take a look at another UK based truth movement leader and ask the question, can he be added to that list as well?

An organisation called 'Truth Juice' opened a branch in Birmingham and their first speaker was Brian Gerrish of the UK Column and British Constitution Group. At that time I was a member of the BCG so I thought I'd go along to see his presentation. This was in December of last year (2010), after which we had a particularly cold and snowy period. It meant I was unable to go and see the next few speakers, one of whom was Ian R. Crane. When I later saw that a video of the speech he'd given had been uploaded on to YouTube, I immediately thought I'd watch it to see what I had missed.

Although I was aware of Ian R. Crane and had watched an early presentation of his on the subject of Codex Alimentarius, I really didn't know much else about him. The majority of the presentation largely dealt with issues surrounding the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico earlier that year. It was all fairly interesting stuff and I had no need to doubt the veracity of what he was saying. My only slight concern was when he mentioned his 'friend' Daniel Estulin and Estulin's claims that the Bilderbergs are 'trying to destroy China and Russia'. This is a highly dubious assertion for numerous reasons. It appeared to attribute way too much power to the 'Bilderbergs' and misrepresent their role in the agenda. Besides that, it seems to me that the ruling 'elite' of both China and Russia are very much a part of the broader agenda and any alleged conflict is just part of the game. I could have just dismissed this as a difference of opinion but he then spoke about how Estulin had been invited to speak to the EU parliament on the subject of the Bilderbergs. I think it's fairly safe to say that anyone who is invited to address the EU parliament would not be considered a threat to the established order.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: Charlie Veitch

For most of us, waking up to the idea that a conspiracy of some sort exists was as a result of having discovered what's often described as a 'truth seeker' or 'leader of the truth movement'. This person alerts us to various things about the world around us and how they aren't quite what they seem. Following this is the discovery of other truth seekers who are speaking about similar topics. This can be as a result of links to websites or articles from the first truth seeker's website, appearances in an 'anti-New World Order' film or perhaps an interview on an 'alternative' radio station. As a result of this waking up we begin to realise that the previous 'reality' we lived in was, to a large degree, false and manipulated. What was once seen as the real world, or how things really are, slowly disintegrates and begins to be replaced by the new reality described by this truth movement leader and others.

Thankfully there are some who have managed to see beyond this and have realised that many of these so called truth seekers are controlled and/or manipulated, in some way or another and as such are serving the interests of the very ruling 'elite' they claim to be opposing. A large majority of those that think they have been woken up have merely shifted from one 'matrix', or false reality, into another carefully prepared one.