Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mass Immigration And The New Tower Of Babel

Pieter Bruegel's 16th century painting of the Tower of Babel
A New World Order

This article will attempt to shine a different light on the reasons behind mass immigration and multiculturalism. As relatively long as the article is it still can do little more than give an overview of what is a difficult and sensitive subject. One thing's for sure, as with most other things, the official reasoning as to why they have been enforced on a largely unwilling public is a long way from the actual truth.

 If we are to get a better understanding about why such things as mass immigration and multiculturalism are occurring we have to realise one fundamental thing. That is that there is a clear and identifiable agenda to create a one-world government and religious system sustained and supported by a global currency and financial system. This world government is an essential component of what its proponents often refer to as a New World Order. In it, the world is to be completely restructured and national boundaries and sovereignty are, at best, to become secondary if not obliterated all together. This new paradigm is often sugar coated as 'planetary citizenship' in the 'global village' but the reality will be anything but.

This New World Order has both a temporal and a spiritual dimension to it. The temporal or political aspect is best described as a form of 21st century feudalism where a self styled 'elite' few intend to extend their current control over the individual nations of the world into a global system of enslavement over all of humanity. This 'elite' consider themselves to be 'philosopher Kings' who know what's best for the rest us, who they consider to be human cattle in need of management and control. It's strongly suspected that the main vehicle for this temporal control is to be a reformed United Nations operating through regional governments such as the European Union. Those who are the very ones responsible for the innumerable problems in the world are now in the process of offering the solutions. Solutions that ultimately serve Their needs and interests rather than that of the rest of humanity.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The 'We Were Created By Aliens' Deception

Michael Tellinger
Several days ago an anonymous poster left a link to a series of videos by someone called Michael Tellinger. I'd never heard of him before but watching the videos a familiar story emerged. It's one I've come across many times before and the themes contained within them appear to be very popular with many in the New Age and 2012 movements. 

Tellinger's theory on the origins of humanity appears to be that we were created by aliens who then used us as slaves to mine for gold. I could attempt a highly detailed discussion but with other things limiting my time I'll instead just make a few observations.

Firstly Tellinger claims that God, that is the God of the Bible, seems obsessed with gold. The verse he uses as a reference is Genesis 2:11. In that verse God does indeed mention that there is 'gold' in the  'land of Havilah' but this hardly reveals an obsession. Much more importantly it also has to be remembered that this is part of the Genesis story of creation. In this context the gold mentioned is part of that creation which seems to completely contradict the idea that this is the same god who has created us to mine the stuff on his behalf.