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Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: Can We Add Ian R Crane To The List?

In the previous post we looked at the idea that a number of, so called, leaders of the truth movement are not quite what they appear. These included high profile, 'celebrity truthers' such as David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell and Alex Jones as well as those involved in the Zeitgeist movement.  A critical analysis of Charlie Veitch of the Love Police strongly suggested that he was one more to add to the list. This article will take a look at another UK based truth movement leader and ask the question, can he be added to that list as well?

An organisation called 'Truth Juice' opened a branch in Birmingham and their first speaker was Brian Gerrish of the UK Column and British Constitution Group. At that time I was a member of the BCG so I thought I'd go along to see his presentation. This was in December of last year (2010), after which we had a particularly cold and snowy period. It meant I was unable to go and see the next few speakers, one of whom was Ian R. Crane. When I later saw that a video of the speech he'd given had been uploaded on to YouTube, I immediately thought I'd watch it to see what I had missed.

Although I was aware of Ian R. Crane and had watched an early presentation of his on the subject of Codex Alimentarius, I really didn't know much else about him. The majority of the presentation largely dealt with issues surrounding the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico earlier that year. It was all fairly interesting stuff and I had no need to doubt the veracity of what he was saying. My only slight concern was when he mentioned his 'friend' Daniel Estulin and Estulin's claims that the Bilderbergs are 'trying to destroy China and Russia'. This is a highly dubious assertion for numerous reasons. It appeared to attribute way too much power to the 'Bilderbergs' and misrepresent their role in the agenda. Besides that, it seems to me that the ruling 'elite' of both China and Russia are very much a part of the broader agenda and any alleged conflict is just part of the game. I could have just dismissed this as a difference of opinion but he then spoke about how Estulin had been invited to speak to the EU parliament on the subject of the Bilderbergs. I think it's fairly safe to say that anyone who is invited to address the EU parliament would not be considered a threat to the established order.
It was towards the end of Crane's presentation where the real doubts began. He began to discuss the bigger picture and spoke about such things as the Georgia guide stones and some of the recent disinformation surrounding 'climate change', all standard stuff. However he then began speaking about how he realised that there was a link between what is happening in the 'geopolitical arena' and the belief systems and mythology of the indigenous peoples of South America, including the Mayans. He retold a story of someone telling him that he thinks that the Mayans merely evolved spiritually to another 'level of the game' or another dimension. He then goes into what I thought of as David Icke territory, by going on to say that he was becoming increasingly aware of there being a spiritual awakening of sorts as people are beginning to realise 'who they truly are'. 

The reason this caused alarm bells for me was because I was already aware that this idea of Mayan or South American Indian prophecy being married to the idea of a consciousness shift, transformation, awakening or just plain change, most often connected to the year 2012.  I also knew how very common this meme was in the New Age, 2012 and Zeitgeist movements, as well as parts of the Truth movement, as we saw in the previous post. It seemed that here was yet another purveyor of this familiar idea.

Before we go any further we should have a look at this suggestion that there is a global spiritual awakening or consciousness shift of some sort happening. The first thing to notice is how common this is. A simple Google search will bring up numerous references to this idea. It's an integral part of David Icke's message, along with many other members of the truth movement. For example, here's a video entitled 'Awakening' that Icke featured on his website. Watching the video it soon becomes apparent this is no shoestring production. There's a piece from the actor Jim Carrey as well as a section on Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey is a keen proponent of the New Age author Eckhart Tolle (who is referenced in the film) and has done much to popularise both his work and the idea that there is a spiritual awakening in progress.

The producer of 'Awakening' was an organisation called 'Live Beyond The Edge'. Visiting their website we can see many of the recognisable claims that are associated with the 'global awakening'. The tagline for 'Awakening' says:
"A spiritual shift is occurring. Many people around the world have found themselves on the verge of something vast, and their experiences can’t be explained. This film introduces the awakening and illustrates the unprecedented number of lives affected by this shift."
The other film on the site has the tagline:
"Humanity is at a time like no other. Planetary changes, social changes, personal changes ~ We are being served with a great opportunity… Now is the time for humanity to come together."

These are exactly the same sentiments wherever the 'awakening' is mentioned, Ian R Crane included. Both films feature the 'spiritual master' Panache Desai. Quite what qualifies him to be described in that way is never really explained beyond the suitably vague biography on his website. A click on the 'store' link and then the 'latest recommendations' allows us to discover, 'what is Panache reading'. Top of his list of book recommendations is 'The Secret Teachings of All Ages' by 33 degree freemason the 'illustrious' Manley P. Hall. The charge against many high ranking freemasons is that they are Luciferians. Part of the evidence for this is found in Hall's book 'The Lost Keys of Freemasonry or The Secret of Hiram Abiff'. He states:
“When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands, and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy.”

Hall was also an early proponent of a one world government. In his 'Lectures on Ancient Philosophy' in 1970 he said:
“The New Atlantis sets forth an ideal government of the earth. It foretells that day when in the midst of men there shall rise up a vast institution composed of the philosophic elect — an order of illumined men banded together for the purpose of investigating the laws of life and the mysteries of the universe … The age of boundaries is closing, and we are approaching a nobler era when nations shall be no more; when the lines of race and caste shall be wiped out; when the whole earth shall be under one order, one government, one administrative body.” 

Note the 'co-creators of our future' line. This
is the Luciferian 'we are all gods' deception
Hall was described as 'my good friend' by Jordan Maxwell. Maxwell, although a little more reticent on the idea of there being an 'awakening', is still very comfortable with the idea. He contributed to a conference based around the subject of the 'Awakening' that was organised by Project Camelot. In the introduction we hear that there's an evolution of 'awareness' and a 'shift' and a 'huge time of change'. Again all common buzzwords that are associated with this idea. It seems Project Camelot are yet another element of the elaborate 'psy-op' that constitutes much of the 'truth movement'. Their role is to give a voice to the various 'change agents'' such as Icke, Maxwell, Tsarion and David Wilcock, all of whom feature heavily in their films.

Maxwell also discusses this 'awakening' meme with David Icke, again facilitated by Project Camelot. Just as Icke was given much of his inspiration and information from spiritual entities he called 'the guys', Maxwell openly states that he considers himself to have been bought to earth by 'Pleiadians', as an emissary that they can channel and speak through. As we'll see this connection with the awakening, the consciousness shift, the New Age and 2012 and 'spiritual entities' or aliens is also very common.

This claim that the Mayans predicted some sort of awakening, consciousness shift or major cataclysm is heavily disputed by researcher Chris White. In his film '2012 Debunked' he did an excellent job of debunking the various theories surrounding 2012. On the subject of Mayan predictions, he said:

"So were the Mayans predicting the end of the world …definitely not. In fact the entire reason as far as I can tell for this hype is that the Mayans restart their calendar, much like we do on December 21st on a solstice. We are responsible for this 2012 fever, we have put a lot of words in the Mayans mouths, we have thrown pole shifts and planet x and solar flares and everything else into this mix, all of which have no connections and not only weren’t suggested by the Mayans, it would be impossible to predict any of these things using the any of the methods we are told they used to make such predictions."
This observation, from the website 'The Foundation For The Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies', is also worth mentioning:

"Maya Scholars, in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and North America, have been watching with amusement and dismay as self-styled experts proclaim that ancient Maya prophets foretold an earth-shattering happening to occur December 21, 2012. This predicted phenomenon gets described in contradictory but often cataclysmic fashion ... as an ecological collapse, a sunspot storm, a rare cosmic conjunction of the earth, sun, and the galactic centre, a new and awesome stage of our evolution, and even a sudden reversal of the Earth's magnetic field which will erase all our computer drives. One even predicts the earth's initiation into a Galactic Federation, whose elders have been accelerating our evolution with a "galactic beam" for the last 5000 years."
In addition, White also has a video entitled, 'The Interesting Origin of 2012 Theories'. As with the idea of there being an awakening of some sort many, if not all, of the originators of the 2012 theories appear to have got their information from non human sources. 

José Arguelles is said to be the person who is:

"...accredited with coming up with the Dec. 21 2012 date from the Mayan calendar [and] in many ways he is the father of 2012. He said that this revelation came from 'Votan' and even  claims to now to want to be called 'Valum Votan'. This 'Votan' he says he receives 'prophetic messages from, is said to be a 'dead Mayan priest named Pacal Votan (AD 603-683)". 

David Wilcock, a regular on Project Camelot, claims to have channelled his information about 2012 and the coming 'shift' into a 'Golden Age', from an entity called Ra. 

Daniel Pinchbeck says that his information on 2012 largely from an 'intense ayahuasca trip in the rain forest' where he was spoken to by the feathered serpent deity,  'Quetzalcoatl'. 

Another proponent of the Mayan 2012 awakening meme is New Age author Barbara Hand Clow. She also claims contact with the 'Pleiadians', who she says will 'lift their quarantine of earth' in 2012 and will help usher in the Age of Aquarius on earth.

The 'spirit realm' certainly appears to be playing a significant role in this 'awakening'. The curious thing is how all these disparate and various 'gods', 'ascended masters', 'entities' and 'aliens' not only say the same thing but also mirror the real New World Order agenda. We can see why Chris White suggests that the source of this information is actually demonic. That may seem like a difficult idea to comprehend but it's one that perhaps we should at least remain open minded about.

Crane then tells us that a couple of years ago he was trying to come up with a phrase for what was occurring and he decided upon 'Homo Luminous'. He then says he found out that somebody called Alberto Villoldo had already used the phrase. Villoldo actually uses the term to describe, what he calls, the 'new human', of the 21st century. We then get a story about a South American tribe who had been chased into the mountains by the Conquistadors but who have now come down into the 'lower world' to share their prophecies with humanity. We're told he'd got this story from some books he'd read by Villoldo and decided he wanted to meet them. Googling the term 'Homo Luminous' brings up scores of references to it and it seems implausible to me that Crane should just happen to think of it independently. What we're being asked to believe is that not only did Crane come up with the same name as Villoldo for the 'new human' that was supposedly being 'born', but that both of them had similar interests in the same South American Indian culture. Villoldo also happened to be running trips to meet these Indians so of course Crane went off to meet them. 

It should be remembered that the whole idea of a sort of spiritual evolution into a new human being is rooted in the New Age, Theosophic and Freemasonic Luciferianism that is the real New World Order. Luminous - light - Lucifer, you get the idea. In the 'Mass Immigration And The New Tower Of Babel' post, the Luciferian and Theosophist Alice A. Bailey said:

"…the present world order (which is today largely disorder) can be so modified and changed that a new world and a new race of men can gradually come into being." 

In the same article we looked at Lady GaGa, whose songs, videos and public persona are replete with occult symbolism. She is clearly yet another puppet of higher, darker, forces and some suggest a victim of the sort of mind control that is rife in the entertainment business. One of her major roles is the indoctrination of the young. In a recent song called 'Born This Way' she 'narrates the birth of a new race within humanity'. It seems this 'new race' is Homo Luminous'.

The trip is complicated by Crane breaking his ankle but he claims fate was determined that he meet these Indians. Despite not being able to talk their language he meets three of them and finds that one speaks excellent English. He asks them why they came back down to the lower world and he's told it's because they have to share 'the prophecy', that being '90% of people have to leave the planet'. Asked why this has to happen he's told it's because 'we're raping the planet'. It seems to me that this is just more 'psy-ops' that it's us, as in all of humanity, that’s the problem rather than a small and incredibly evil, criminal, occult, 'elite'. The twist, though, is that in their language a prophecy is a sort of warning that need not necessarily come true.

The Indians then say they came down because that was the start of 'the awakening'. Crane tells them that he thinks that the awakening isn't happening quickly enough but is told that it will and that people like him are just the advance party who are training in order to help the others wake up quicker. Of course this makes all the people in the room listening to the lecture and possibly watching the video, feel that they're one of the special advance party as well. Laughably the Indians then say that 'there are people who know this, who are not on your side' and simultaneously pictures of Barack Obama and Zbigniew Brzezinski are shown on the screen. Recently Brzezinski has spoken of a 'global political awakening' around the world that are a threat to the 'elite's' plans for a one world government. Crane makes a great effort to equate this with the 'spiritual awakening' that he and the Indians are discussing. My feeling is that Brzezinski's statement is just more 'psy-ops' with perhaps one of its main aims being to encourage us into a false unity in order to to overthrow the 'bad' or 'evil' New World Order, so that the (real) ‘good’ one, the false utopia, can arise. 

We then get another bit about what becoming 'Homo Luminous' entails as he speaks about opening chakras and the pineal gland. Again, this is a common meme in the awakening movement. We also learn that the catalyst for this 'great awakening', according to the Indians, will be solar storms that begin in 2011. He adds a bit of fear by mentioning that NASA have predicted these storms and warned they could shut down all communication, disrupt energy supplies and even affect the combustion engine. Apparently this is to be welcomed as the Indians tell us that part of the 'awakening' will be an opening up to a completely different relationship with our environment and the planet. This sounds exactly like the agenda that the Club of Rome and the environmental movement have been pursuing for many years. 

In 1993, the Club of Rome published a book called, 'The First Global Revolution'. According to this book, divided nations require common enemies to unite them. They state that this can be 'either a real one or else one invented for the purpose'. Traditionally these 'enemies' would have been other nations or ideologies such as communism or fascism. Because these no longer exist, or are less suitable for the purpose, 'new enemies must be identified'. The book then states:

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill....All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."
Of course it's all too obvious that the global warming/climate change scam has attempted to fill this void. It's my contention that much of the 'New World Order' agenda has been deliberately manufactured in order to create an 'enemy' that serves as a catalyst to 'unite' all of mankind. That's not to say that the main aims of the New World Order agenda aren't, to some degree, true but that it's 'evil' nature is being deliberately 'revealed' so as to create this catalyst. The real agenda is the false utopia that is meant to result from this 'uniting' of humanity. The so called 'global awakening' is an essential element of this attempted false unity.

It seems that although everyone will be able to take advantage of this 'awakening' some will lose the opportunity because they'll say, 'I'll just go back and get my phone or my computer' and the chance will be gone. The Indians then tell Crane that everyone on the planet is experiencing some type of upheaval but this is merely the opportunity to embrace the change. This idea of change has been used extensively by the 'elites', most noticeably in the political campaigns of both Obama in the USA and Cameron in Britain. 'Change you can believe in', indeed. As we saw in the last post, we're being psychologically manipulated in to the new global system, which is what this 'change' is all about. 

Crane then asks us to wonder if those who are behind the pernicious (New World Order) agenda aren't doing us a huge favour by helping us prepare for the massive changes that are going to occur. I've seen this thinking, or suggestion, on plenty of New Age and 2012 'awakening' related sites. According to them we have to ignore all the upheavals and chaos as they are just the old order dying away and the birth pangs of the new system that is destined to take its place. Indeed we have to embrace all this rather than fear it and we certainly shouldn't try to resist it or do something about it. No surprise then when Crane gives us the exact same New Age/2012 'awakening' meme I just mentioned. He quotes Steiner as saying that 'he who would create the new must be able to endure the passing of the old in full tranquility'. More subtle brainwashing.

It seems to me that what's actually happening is that as those behind the New World Order attempt to move us into their new global management system, they are trying to minimise resistance to it by attempting to disguise it as a consciousness shift or transition to the New Age and homo luminous that the Mayans and others have, allegedly, been predicting. As we've seen, in reality it will be the false utopia the 'elites' have been manipulating us into all along.

Things then get a little more ominous when, in so many words, he tells us that those who are unprepared or unwilling to embrace these changes will die. Again, this is an often repeated idea among the New Age and 2012 awakening movements. As Chris White points out this is likely to include Christians who won't go along with this false utopia. I'd possibly add nationalists to that list as well. 

Perhaps a good example of this thinking is seen in a statement by the New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard. She said:

"Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend… One-fourth is destructive… they are defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a ‘natural death’.… Now as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human – the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers – the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body.… Fortunately, you are not responsible for this act, we are. We are in charge of God’s selection process for the planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death. We will use whatever means we must to make this act of destruction as quick and painless as possible to the one-half of the world who are capable of evolving...
Those of you who know what is happening - the one-fourth who are now listening to the higher self - are to be guides for the rest who will be panicked and confused."

This idea of being a 'guide for others' is exactly what Crane was also proposing. Hubbard continues:
We, the elders, have been patiently waiting until the very last moment before the quantum transformation, to take action to cut out this corrupted and corrupting element in the body of humanity. It is like watching a cancer grow; something must be done before the whole body is destroyed... the self-centred members must be destroyed. There is no alternative. Only the God-centred can evolve.
This act is as horrible as killing a cancer cell. It must be done for the sake of the future of the whole. So be it, be prepared for the selection process which is now beginning."

In the film David Icke Debunked, Chris White showed the many parallels between what David Icke says and that of the Theosophist and Luciferian, Alice A. Bailey. In her book, 'Education in the New Age', we can see how similar her words are to the sentiments of Barbara Marx Hubbard.

"Let us never forget ... that when a (life) form proves inadequate, or too diseased, or too crippled ... it is from the point of view of the hierarchy no disaster when that form has to go.... Death is not a disaster to be feared; the Work of the destroyer is not really cruel or undesirable.... Therefore, there is much destruction permitted by the Custodians of the Plan and much evil turned into good."
Remember the 'hierarchy' are 'ascended masters' and much of Bailey's writing was inspired, or dictated to her, by her 'spirit guide', the Tibetan, Djwal Kuhl. As we saw earlier this appears to be a common thread amongst those involved with the New Age, consciousness shift or global awakening.

It seems to me that what Crane and others appear to be doing is mentally preparing 'the awakened' to the idea that some people will (have to?) die as this alleged awakening takes place. 

Apparently the Indians have told Crane that there's two things that we must do in order to find our way through this 'change'. The first is that we have to try and find ways to contribute, on a physical level, to bringing about the sort of changes we'd like to see 'in this realm'. The second thing we have to do is to dream or visualise the type of future we would like to see. This seems very reminiscent of the New Age propaganda tool, 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. Then to finish, we get a suitable New Age fuzzy feel-good quote, which is 'what we do in life, ripples through eternity'.

Some may argue that the above proves nothing, that Crane is welcome to his opinion etc. My argument would be that when looked at carefully a clear pattern emerges. Crane's 'solution' is more or less the same as Icke's and so many others involved with the 'truth movement'. In turn we see the same agenda being played out in the Zeitgeist movement, much of the New Age movement and especially the 2012 movement. 

We can see why the author of this piece said:

"The biggest reason that the entire 2012 deception is happening is to implant into our minds this particular idea of a 'new beginning of enlightenment' … this brainwashing technique is pointing to the acceptance of the New World Order…"

New Dawn, New Age, New World Order, it's all the same thing. The very occult agenda of the Satanic 'elites'. It's this that all this talk of an awakening, consciousness shift, change or transformation is attempting to mentally prepare us for. He adds:

"All the different ideologies, the uncovering of 'conspiracy theories' the totalitarian mind set, the military style enforcer police, the environmental issues, and the terrorist saga is pointing to one situation and that is to unite the world as one."
The 2012 'awakening' meme is a deceptive 'psy-op' or brainwashing technique designed to bring about the real New World Order. It seems to me that Crane is yet one more in a long line that is pushing this deception. It's for that reason that my suspicions tell me that he should be added to the list.

Some people might say, but he's revealing the New World Order. We'll take a deeper look at why this is an essential part of the agenda in the next post.


Johnnyrvf said...

Just a point Harry, the latest scientific studies of the sun show that the next sunspot cycle is 3 years late, is already affecting the planets weather systems ( this has nothing to do with the global warming scam ) and may well not occour at all, thus completely debunking the so called prophesies of solar storms. The last time this occoured was the Maunder Minimun and resulted in the little ice age of about 300 years ago when the Thames iced over for several years consecutively amongst other events. I really do feel that you cannot beat the Creator and being on Lucifers side is to side with a defeated adversary.

AdamS said...

Great exposure RH. It's obvious when it dawns on you (excuse the pun) that when they talk about 'self centred' people they want to 'cut out', they are referring not to the psychos in power, but to individuals who do not subscribe to luciferian/borg mentality. ie you and me.

Bible Believer said...

Good article. By the way the New Agers have been pushing the new conciousness for decades. I remember all these messages in the UU, and via the Theosophists. The spiel back then was the planet would come together as "one", of course back then I did not realize it would be the "one mind" of the beast. One can see they are pushing the 'alien' agendas heavily, and even I have pondered the deceptions that could be brought via that, a sort of project "blue beam" event to deceive, even many of the false evangelicals are pushing the entire Nephilim [aliens are coming] 2012 themes. You nailed things here:

"It seems to me that what's actually happening is that as those behind the New World Order attempt to move us into their new global management system, they are trying to minimise resistance to it by attempting to disguise it as a consciousness shift or transition to the New Age and homo luminous that the Mayans and others have, allegedly, been predicting. As we've seen, in reality it will be the false utopia the 'elites' have been manipulating us into all along."

Thanks for the article. Oh when you see the eclipses, always an occult marker, [the whole sun, and eclipse of light over the earth]. That's a marker even used on so called 'christian' blogs I've seen, and there is one website full of supposed exposers of Rome, where they have the sliver of an eclipse hanging over a barren moonscape.

Notice the "horus" eyes on the Project Camelot poster? Hey on that one at least they are honest, basically writing out "controlling the human race".

Anonymous said...


Fremen: ex poster from the UK Column forumn.

Some great work Harry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry. Bill here.

Another interesting piece, I must say I admire your stamina for output.

Here's a few thoughts that go through my head as I read through.

The new consciousness is to be neo Liberalism. (Already here) Multiculturalism, tolerance, non discrimination, relativism, anti hate legislation, affirmative action, group rights, victim hood, feminism, gays, minorities. Removal of boundaries, obstacles, moral absolutes, any restrictions that fetters human progress.

Remember, these freedoms are only allowed within the confines of the prison state of liberal ideology. Do what I say, not what I do.

The new religion is to be neo Liberalism Consumerism, and pursuit of pleasure. (Already here)

The old ways led to nuclear warheads, industrial pollution and concentration camps.

The new way is to liberate mankind from the ways of the old. New liberal man is to progress to the sunny uplands of the new age.

The message for the NWO is being beamed out 24/7 from our television screens.

Oddly, this is not so for the New Age. Why?

The narrative for the new 21st century is all things racial, manifesting itself in the form of mass immigration of third world non whites into white nation states.

From this, all else follows.

Historical political dichotomy of red team versus blue team have conjoined, and are pushing for the destruction on of the nation state and the NWO.

The carbon emission scam is to replace failing monetary system capitalism - nothing more. A new economic system of control.

The NWO and New Age are one and the same.

These things I see with my own eyes, it is the only way I can deal with this alphabet soup.

All else is strictly for the birds.

If I think of anything more, I'll give you a shout.

BTW, LaRouche is increasingly talking about galactic energy currents, solar energy forces acting on human conscienceness. Funny that!


Anonymous said...


Harry please, have you done any research on the venus project or is that Project Camelot. Thanks in advance if you have and thanks anyway for your research.

Harry J said...

I didn't know that Johnny. It's likely that They are going to manufacture natural disasters of some sort. Indeed, they probably already have. Could that include the after effects of what is alleged to be a solar storm? I'm not sure to be honest.

I see the sort of 'prophecies' that Crane and others speak about as just softening up exercises so that if and when these manufactured disasters happen, people will equate them with what's been 'prophesied'. All part of the deception.

All too true Adam. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered that the likes of us will become targets. I'd also be lying if I tried to pretend I wasn't concerned about it. What else can we do though. Certainly not sit back and say or do nothing. All we can do is plough on and hope for the best. Or pray.

I think they're still pushing the 'all one consciousness' meme BB. It's an integral part of the 'awakening' or 'shift'. Do you know, I hadn't spotted the eye on the Camelot poster. I know their logo is that of a tiger with only one eye showing. It's all there when you look for it.

Andrew, I was only wondering the other day, what had happened to you. I haven't heard from you for a while. I've got some notes on Brian Gerrish and the BCG I might work into a post. I'm afraid I've come to the conclusion that they're on the list as well, though I'm sure you'd already worked that out.

The Venus Project and Project Camelot are two separate things. I have done some research on the VP but I haven't written much about it. It's mentioned in the 'New Age Communism: The 'Zeitgeist Agenda' post which is worth a read.

Thanks Bill. Many of the things you list are just the preparations for the 'New Age' that they are trying to manufacture. It's amazing how many of those things are made to appear deceptively 'good'. At least to some people.

When you say 'oddly, this is not for the New Age', if I understand you correctly, then maybe that's because that is what is to come. That is, that all that's happening now is just preparation for it. As you say the real New World Order is the, so called, New Age, the false utopia.

I'm afraid that someone as high profile as LaRouche is almost certainly one of Them.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Harry.


So The New Age theosophy utopia meme (even atheist meme) is then. That if we all come together, that is the only way to spiritually get off the planet, “spiritually” and those that don't go along with it will prevent those that don't go along with it and must be rid of, and are dangerous to those that do go along with it. Also people who won’t connect to that “spiritually” part, are told that the planet can’t support 6 billion people because of all the pollution that we are causing and the old new world order are intentionally causing it with unnecessary industrial use to show people that it can’t continue. The so-called green movements I know buy into this atheist line and say there are to many people on the planet and “they the people” are to blame for this over industrial pollution, wars and such. So both groups are supporting the depopulation agenda and are sold the idea that it is necessary that some/many will have to go. Only half a billion left, so they will have all those resources, natural and/or some industry for sustainable use in abundance.


Where there is NO individual spiritual salvation (or divine retribution.) And that there is plenty to go around for 6 billion people if we don’t pollute and waste, like most all do now and encouraged/forced to do now.

Anonymous said...

Corrected for some typos,

So The New Age theosophy utopia meme (even atheist meme) is then. That if we all come together, that is the only way to spiritually get off the planet, “spiritually” and those that don't go along with it will prevent those that do go along with it, and those that don’t must be rid of, and are dangerous to those that do go along with it. Also people who won’t connect to that “spiritually” part, are told that the planet can’t support 6 billion people because of all the pollution that we are causing and the old new world order are intentionally causing it with unnecessary industrial use to show people that it can’t continue. The so-called green movements I know buy into this atheist line and say there are to many people on the planet and “they the people” are to blame for this over industrial pollution, wars and such. So both groups are supporting the depopulation agenda and are sold the idea that it is necessary that some/many will have to go. Only half a billion left, so they will have all those resources, natural and/or some industry for sustainable use in abundance.

Where there is NO individual spiritual salvation (or divine retribution.) And that there is plenty to go around for 6 billion people if we don’t pollute and waste, like most all do now and encouraged/forced to do now.

AdamS said...

RH, that logo isn't a tiger; it's a jag-, it's a jag-, it's a jag-u-ar.

I like LaRouche, anyone who Bush Sr threw in prison can't be that bad.

Harry J said...

Looks like I've got my big cats mixed up.

Crikey, that was pretty painful. Kerry should stick to the day job.

LaRouche is a bit of an enigma to be honest. There are some pretty damning pieces about him and his 'cult'. The last time I listened to him properly he seemed to be suggesting that China, India and Russia were the 'good guys' and that America should dump the evil British and join up with them. Or something like that. It just doesn't stack up I'm afraid. The jury's out.

Harry J said...

That's there or thereabouts Andrew.

Anonymous said...

With the publication of The Enemy of Europe in Germany in 1953, primarily as a manual in foreign policy for the Socialist Reich Party, Yockey talked openly of a “new Europe-Russia Symbiosis,” with the occupation of Europe by Russia not resulting in the Russification of Europe, but in the Westernization of Russia.[22]

Of course the world situation turned out radically different from what Yockey and others expected, with the implosion of the USSR and the emergence of a unipolar world under the USA. However, Yockey correctly understood cultural threat of the USA to Western Civilization, and this is his continuing relevance for analyzing the geopolitical situation.

One might say that Yockey underestimated the strength of Western culture distortion vis-à-vis Soviet military power. What is crucial to keep in mind that, like individuals, entire states and Civilizations will turn to the soft option, rather than face hard choices. The method used by the culture distorter is what Aldous Huxley describes as control by “pleasure,” an intoxicant that is rotting the soul of the entire world, with militant Islam as a vestige of resistance from a Fellaheen Civilization, and Great Russia the nearest remainder to an unsullied people that might yet break “the dictature of money.”

The US ruling stratum is conscious of its anti-Western world revolutionary mission and deliberately promotes cultural degeneration as part of its agenda. To call the USA the “leader of the West” or any other such term, is not only a misnomer, it is a travesty; the USA is the Anti-West par excellence, the Great Satan, as many Muslims refer to it.

That the Soviet bloc, with its Spartan values, its martial and patriotic ethos, its “socialist realism” in the arts, was in ruins several decades after Yockey’s death, while the decadent USA emerged as the unchallenged super-power, attests to the tendency of nations – like individuals – to opt for the soft option, rather than face hard realities, despite the expectations of Yockey and also the staff of Common Sense, who closed up shop in the 1970s, convinced that it wouldn’t be long until the Soviets vaporized New York, thus the time for writing articles was past.[23]

However, if we accept Spengler’s theory of the cyclic course of civilizations, one might reasonably expect a renascence of Russian authority and religiosity that will confront US hegemony and force Russia to face new realities and forge new alliances, especially given the scenarios for conflict that can easily arise vis-à-vis China and all Asia.[24]

However, for the moment, the US stands victorious, as the harbinger of cultural death throughout the world, spreading the “ethical syphilis of Hollywood,” the “spiritual leprosy of New York,” and the “Bolshevism of Washington,” which outlasted the “Bolshevism of Moscow.”


Harry J said...

"...control by “pleasure,” an intoxicant that is rotting the soul of the entire world..."

How very true Bill. It's an almost impossible task to assess the veracity of the various 'geo-political' claims that are made. America is controlled by Them so anything done in America's name is ultimately in Their interests. I'm sceptical of any claims as to a 'conflict' between America and Russia, or China for that matter. My hunch is that all three serve the interests of Them and and any 'conflicts' are manufactured to further those interests ie global governance aka a New World Order.

James Higham said...

I'd be very careful about being associated with Icke.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry.

My instincts that postmodern liberalism is the basis for the New Age spiritualism received a boost when finding this.

Postmodernism,New Age and Fascism.
G. A. Morrison



Parallel aspects of Postmodernism, New Age and Fascism

World view determines social reality

Decline of Classic Christianity; a brief history of Christianity


Demystification of nature

Transition to postmodernism: aspects (fear of evil spirits, etc)

New Age Popular: New Age and Churches, and Science, narcissism, and UFO sci fi religion, and radical environmentalism, animal rights.

Postmodern academics and relation to New Age.



National Socialism and Nature Religion

I've pick'n mixed bits that took my eye - as follows.

....."We have today an emerging force known as the New Age movement.

Neopaganism is another name for the New Age

New Age is an eclectic blend of the belief systems of the ancient world; Vedanta, neo-paganism, New Thought, Theosophy, the Romantic movement of the 1960s counter-culture.

Theosophy introduced compatible ideas from the East: Reincarnation, karma, spiritual masters.

Secularism, thought to be the final destination of the modern world, is now seen as merely a bridge to New Age.

The New Age is a re-emergence of Gnosticism, a new Hellenistic age. Historically, receiving Gnosis, the individual is awakened and knows that he is divine. [at first] disenfranchised upper class Jewish intellectuals were the most common converts to Gnosticism. Later it became Hellenized. Gnosticism is individualistic. They believed that the soul of each individual has a spark of the divine. Inner illumination, spiritual elitism, libertinism, asceticism, and anti-institutionalism were typical of Gnosticism.

NA is as much political as religious. The "hundredth monkey phenomenon", a central myth of the New Age, leads us in the direction of manipulation by totalitarian forces, a world dominated by the persuasive and the powerful. Once the "critical mass" is reached, the whole world is supposed to convert to the new world view or paradigm. From that point on, curiosity, doubt, criticism become subversive of the New Order. We become a herd. "Linear, left brain, Western science" is the putdown used by the NA-Postmoderns.

New Age ethics: since every person, animal and thing is of equal worth, everyone's point of view is equally valid, regardless of how it affects others

To a New Ager, we ourselves construct reality. If this is the case then there can be no external criteria for quality, truth, or objectivity......"

Read all


Anonymous said...

Good article. I think its pretty clear that the World Order will infiltrate and indeed even lead in any particular movement.Personally I see there being willing,unwitting dupes and downright agent provocateurs.I certainly have doubts about some truthers but taking David Icke I believe him to be pushing a "New Age" message but does that mean he's one of them?
If we are seeking the truth then it makes sense to have some sort of checklist, do they meet certain criteria? I was listening to Field Maconnel (i think i have his name right) and he spoke of 9/11, never once mentioned Mossad or Zionism ? Same goes for Jones.I have attended meetings and some things said have concerned me
for instance one well known speaker on the circuit spoke of an hierarchy of life, no God and humans came well down on the list, very dangerous. Going back to Icke my concern he talks as though he's the only one whos been warning mankind !
I could go on and name names but use you own logic and criteria.
Lastly for what its worth I believe the World Order is like the Mafia. Its made up of competing criminal gangs ie; City of London,Khazar bankers, Zionists, Illuminati,Fabians,Communists,Secret Societies etc,etc.They are all held together by a Babylonian/baal/Luciferan ideology (just like a Mafia oath) From time to time family fueds break out but all the while the crime syndicate stays firm.There's no doubt in my mind Cabalistic bankers have the ascendancy, if you take the recent troubles in Libya a major blow has been dealt against China to strengthen the bankers hand.We'll soon see how china replies.
Bill Cooper gave some good advice, be prepared to admit you may have had it wrong.

Harry J said...

Hi Bill,

Looks like a good article. I've put it on my reading list. Looking through your excerpts I recognise most of the points being made. The thing with the 'New Age' movement is that it's a pick and mix approach to spirituality. There's something for everyone and if you don't like one bit then there's plenty else to attract you. Overall what we call the New Age today is probably just preparation for something more tangible later. If the aim is to truly unite humanity spiritually then there will obviously be many elements of 'New Age' beliefs in the mix. The curious aspect is the already established religions. The ecumenical movement is in the process of attempting to unite them in some way, which again is just preparatory work whatever is meant to come later. Just what mechanism will be used to undermine the existing religions. Bizarre as it sounds the smart money is on some sort of agenda involving, so called, aliens. There has certainly been an awful lot of effort put into 'predictive programming' via Hollywood and TV in particular. I've also noticed a lot of discussion regarding this on supposedly anti-NWO sites that I'm pretty sure provide disinformation. I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

As you say postmodern liberalism and its associated doctrines of multiculturalism, diversity etc, along with the New Age movement, are merely methods of preparing humanity for a false unity in a false utopia that is the real New World Order.



Anonymous said...

Harry. Here's some more. I think Auster is laser sharp when it come to liberalism.

VFR on Gnosticism

To liberals, as to gnostics, the real world is variously senseless, meaningless, random, weird, off-putting, alienating, false, and malevolent. To end the alienation, they must take control of the world and reconstruct it into a new world of which they are the masters and gods, controlling all, knowing all. They end their alienation by becoming themselves the all-powerful embodiment of all truth--again, a classic gnostic operation." Dec. 2009]

This is here right now - in yer face!

Auster's VfR has a search facility. He really does have some good stuff tucked away.

Harry no comment is asked for. Just offering to anybody whose interested.


PS. I'm taking it as read the New Age movement is cognisant of the dots to liberalism or is it just me? I can't say I've ever heard the word liberal pass Icke's lips.

No mention of moon talk here either, or has it been dealt with elsewhere?

Harry J said...

Thanks Nick,

David Icke is a curious character. The film David Icke Debunked did a great job of exposing his true agenda and its clear parallels with Theosophy. It also noted that he admits he's channelling 'spiritual entities' he calls the guys. He also freely admits he doesn't know who or what they are and say he doesn't care. It's possible then that, strange as it may seem, his 'control' is other worldly. All I know is that he is clearly playing to the agenda. If you haven't seen the film I highly recommend it.

A friend of mine knows someone who is a freemason in the York rite. He's reached the 13th degree, supposedly the highest in the York rite. Without prompting he told my friend that it's the Catholic church that runs everything. There certainly seems to be a lot of evidence to suggest that is correct. At least in the sense that it's the Vatican hierarchy and their agents.

My own instincts and research tells me that the NWO is likely to be run in a pyramidical fashion with all the disparate elements you mention controlled from the top. There appears to be plenty of fake conflicts and I wouldn't doubt there are also real ones. That said the 'Babylonian/Baal/Luciferian' hierarchy would step in and stop things from getting out of hand should they need to.

I've already had to admit I had some of it wrong but to be honest it didn't take me long to have grave reservations about many of the celebrity 'truth leaders'. The problem is the more I delve into this the more I see an interconnected network of false prophets. The ramifications of this are only just hitting home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply Harry. Yes i've heard this one about the catholic church, I agree its been infiltrated the Jesuits are obviously a Masonic Society. But sorry I've said before I don't buy it. However without wishing to offend devout catholics it is not the true word of Jesus.Christianity is about personal salvation.
Regarding your friend well as the saying goes "he would say that"!I know a speaker on the truthjuice circuit says its the Knights of Malta well? i've never heard him mention Zionism, Cabalistic Bankers and speaking to someone they've tried to corner him with no luck.You soon suss people out.
By the way I think we were at the same Truthjuice meeting ! Finally, remember a Roman Judge said "ask who benefits" I think its a question Truthseekers should always ask. So going back to the Occult attack on the twin towers (pillars) how did the catholic church benefit ?
Thanks Nick

Anonymous said...


I expect you are fully up to speed on the impending battle of Dale Farm. I made a short comment over at MR, my header was, New World Order come to Britain.

Rather than go into the long story myself here, I find this version (below) encapsulates my views fairly accurately.

Here's a sample.

"All sorts of moral opportunists are descending on Dale Farm, in pursuit of the self-serving fantasy that they are on the side of Good in a massive, real-world battle between Good and Evil. So the UN, not content with poking its increasingly long hooter into the affairs of Third World states, has effectively made this corner of Basildon into one of its colonial-style protectorates too. Making good use of the moral smugness it has honed during decades of intervention into the Heart of Darkness, the UN has called for a ‘peaceful and appropriate solution’ in the Heart of Essex. It wants the British state to override the decision taken by Basildon Council and ‘suspend the planned eviction’. It is not yet known if the UN plans to send blue-helmeted troops to police the peace in Dale Farm, but already the UN flag is being flown at the Gypsy camp and the Twitterati are beside themselves with joy that the supranational cosmopolitans of the UN have put the podgy rulers of Basildon Council in their place. If liberal armchair-colonialists love it when the UN reprimands black-skinned war criminals, they love it even more when it tells off fat white Essex men."

When I first heard the UN were meddling in the affairs of the British people in their own sovereign country my radar pinged alarmingly.

It is clear (to me) that the UN (NWO) is up and running and actively meddling in sovereign state affairs. This is ssign of things to come and what we can increasingly expect from now on.

It is also clear to me that there will be no official opening ceremony of cutting the ribbon "I declare this NWO officially open"

Like everything so far connected with this business, it will be cloaked in smoke and mirrors.

What will be the result of Dale Farm? I'd say our government will be overruled and not one traveller will be evicted.

Whether our people will even notice is anybody's guess.

Let's see how Cameron will spin this one away.


Harry J said...

Great article Bill. I would differ slightly with VFR's interpretation though.

Essentially I see it as Them, the ruling 'elite', operating through the 'left'. Although there is much of the agenda that also operates through the 'right' (for example the capitalism that the author refers to is invariably the cartelism or monopoly capitalism that results in the huge corporations we see today, not to mention the banking and finance element), invariably it's the 'right' that is maligned as uncaring or even 'evil' so as to further encourage the acquiescence of the liberal left. In short it's Them who are the Gnostics not the 'left'. Regardless, there seems to be some good information in the article.



Harry J said...

Nick, I've done an immense amount of reading on all this and all I can say is it's an extremely tangled web. There are those who swear it's the 'Zionists and (Talmudic) Cabalist bankers' and others who say 'all roads lead to Rome'. Regarding the Knights of Malta they are certainly an element in the bigger picture but as an organisation they are subservient to the Pope. As such they are but one of many tentacles of the Vatican and certainly not in overall control.

As you'll probably agree, the tie that binds is the occult, pagan, Babylonian, Luciferianism. Evidence suggests that the present 'High Priest of the (Babylonian) Mysteries' is the Pope. A title, Pontifex Maximus, he inherited from the Caesars. In this respect it's worth quoting the Bible, John 19:15.

"But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar."

It's probably worth thinking of the Vatican hierarchy as Babylonian occultists rather than considering the agenda as benefitting the Catholic church as such. As to why Zionism benefits them, it's my hunch that it revolves around a false and deceptive interpretation of (futurist) prophecy, but that's another very long story.

If the agenda truly is controlled through the Vatican then 9/11 was just one more step along the road towards spiritual and temporal control of the world by the occult, Luciferian, 'elite'.

Generally speaking I try to not get too hung up on who controls who. We can focus on all of the obvious suspects and worry about that later.



Harry J said...


I haven't taken too much notice of the Dale farm thing but I am aware of it. I'd heard the UN were involved but for some reason I hadn't put 'two and two together'. Of course it's our prospective World Government' flexing it's muscles and the usual left, liberal, suspects will be whooping with joy I suppose. It's incredible, it really is.

It's hard to say what the outcome will be but I suspect it could still be eviction.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry.

Looks as though the NWO schedule is moving up a gear, the media too. The alarmism emanating from the MSM is reaching hysterical proportions, Batman Dave is right up there doing his bit, apparently we're looking straight down the barrel. Well waddaya d'ya know?

Not much longer to go, only another three months to 2012, gotta-getta shift on.

I was surprised when skimming down the comments in the Mail this morning, quite a few were calling out the current crisis as a false flag. Maybe the words got out.

I often wonder whether these useless idiots in the media really have a clue as to what's going down.

Is it just me, or are things gathering apace?


Harry J said...

No, it's not just you Bill. Hold on tight. It could be a bumpy ride.

Anonymous said...


Posted this on No One to Vote For:

It would be a good Idea to let him know about the “Rob my life force meme”

Ian has some integrity, but remember the Codex none debate about false vitamins where I was banned by limited hang out Tony for months. I think Ian may have made amends to that but I’m not sure as I haven’t bought his DVDs, and has been very quiet about it as far as I know.

I think he has some integrity, although he would never debate the now deceased poster thermate911 on his quoted illuminated meme from Ian’s site, I couldn’t say much as Tony would have just banned me, because Ian does some great work and on geo-politics.

It would be a good Idea to let him know about the “Rob my life force meme”

The New Age theosophy utopia meme (spiritual and/or, even atheist meme) is then. That if we all come together, that is the only way to spiritually get off the planet, “spiritually” and those that don't go along with it will prevent those that do go along with it and must be rid of, and are dangerous to those that do go along with it. Also people who won’t connect to that “spiritually” part, are told that the planet can’t support 6 billion people because of all the pollution that we are causing and the old new world order are intentionally causing it with unnecessary industrial use to show people that it can’t continue. The so-called green movements I know (Friends of the earth, for example) buy into this atheist line and say there are to many people on the planet and “they the people” are to blame for this over industrial pollution, wars and such. So both groups in their varied and mixed types, are supporting the depopulation agenda and are sold the idea that it is necessary that some/many will have to go. Only half a billion left (Example: Georgia guide stones) so they will have all those resources, natural (Gaia types) and/or some industry (Techno Venus project types) for sustainable use in abundance.


Where there is NO individual spiritual salvation (or divine retribution.) In this New World Order awakening, consciousness shift, and change or transformation meme.

And people have to be convinced this is not possible:
That there is plenty to go around for 6 billion people or so, if we don’t pollute and waste, like most all do now and encouraged/forced to do now via false legislation.

Anonymous said...


I don’t know if it will be posted (as in published) on, No One to Vote For, but at least some more will be aware of it. Hopefully Ian will see the danger of this meme and let others know publicly.

Anonymous said...


[“I have known Ian for some time. I would call him a trusted friend. Like the rest of us he can get things wrong occasionally but I think you should read Michael Hoffman's follow-on comments to this article on his latest blog:”]

There is an irony with that if you look at that blog, at the end. I do hope Kev and Ian consider it very seriously.

[“If we despise everyone who does not doubt everything that we doubt, we will end up supporting an inquisition in reverse -- of true believers. Exhibiting a Pharisaic pride in the fact that we don't believe what those "compromised Publicans" believe (Luke 18:9-14), doesn't help advance the cause of truth; more humility might.”]

Although a case of the blind leading the blind the inquisition witch trials were not about true believers per se. But about witch craft i.e. the intentional poisoning of people similar in that of Pharmacy and Codex Alimentarius and the poisoning of peoples minds witch craft/sorcery, New Age, Rob My life force meme etc etc.

And usury etc, but the Roman Church wasn't that great with that its self, even at that time, or any time. Just a lot worse since being taken over by the conversos.

Harry J said...

Andrew, what is the 'rob my life force' meme?

Anonymous said...


"Andrew, what is the 'rob my life force' meme?"

As it's all over the so-called Truth forums.
Some that I have been trying to talk with have said I'm robbing their Life force.

Same as this:

"and those that don't go along with it will prevent those that do go along with it"

Anonymous said...

At least trying to force you to go along with it or else and don’t rebel against it.

Anonymous said...

It’s a bit like the Roman persecution for the first 300 years or so.

Anonymous said...


Those who believe themselves to be the Rightful Rulers of a Planetary Fiefdom are becoming increasingly desperate to establish their One World Corporation. Their vision is for total control of all planetary resources including the Human Resources, which they intend to reduce to a more 'manageable' 500,000,000!

For the past 66 years, Western governments have successfully kept the people locked into selfish consumerist materialism, preventing them from realising who they truly are and from seeing what is really going on. However, things are not going entirely to plan as 'THE SHIFT HITS THE FAN' and accelerates the awakening of the masses at an exponential pace."

But beware of this Ian, the whole 2012/Mayan/New Age/New Earth/New Man/Consciousness shift thing? Homo Luminous?


The New Age theosophy utopia meme (spiritual and/or, even atheist meme.)

That if we all come together, that is the only way to spiritually get off the planet, “spiritually” and those that don't go along with it will prevent those that do go along with it and must be rid of, and are dangerous to those that do go along with it. Also people who won’t connect to that “spiritually” part, are told that the planet can’t support 6 billion people because of all the pollution that we are causing and the old new world order are intentionally causing it with unnecessary industrial use to show people that it can’t continue. Some so-called green movements (Friends of the earth, for example) buy into this atheist line and say there are to many people on the planet and “they the people” are to blame for this over industrial pollution, wars and such. So both groups in their varied and mixed types, are supporting the depopulation agenda and are sold the idea that it is necessary that some/many will have to go. Only half a billion left (Example: Georgia guide stones) so they will have all those resources, natural (some Gaia types) and/or some industry (Techno Venus project types) for sustainable use in abundance.


Where there is NO individual spiritual salvation (or divine retribution.) In this New World Order awakening, consciousness shift, and change or transformation meme.

And people have to be convinced this is not possible:
That there is plenty to go around for 6 billion people or so, if we don’t pollute and waste, like most all do now and encouraged/forced to do now via false legislation.

And if people were responsible, even spiritually responsible, having to many children would be a responsibility with wisdom sort willingly and population would not be a problem IF it became a problem.


more on the 2012 and so forth meme Ian"

Anonymous said...


ianrcrane wrote:
Thanks Andrew ... but it is apparent that you are completely unfamiliar with either my work ... and have little or no awareness of my underlying philosophy.

Right now, the only issue that should truly concern us, is whether the underlying philosophy of any individual (or group) is benign and benevolent towards Humanity ... or not. All else is mere detail that can be debated from here to eternity!

If the workshop doesn't resonate with you, simply treat it like any other 'product' and move on ... !!

Kind regards,

Ian R Crane

I am very aware of your work Ian as are others and many people can see that it is not benign or benevolent spiritualy. "Humanity" Just human?

So I thought I would make you aware of it. It's prevalent right across the New Age/2012/Zeitgeist/gaia movements. It is fundamentally all about the false Spiritual evolution of mankind or just humans no Soul/Being.

from here to eternity

No, not if people continue to follow lies.

Anonymous said...


ianrcrane wrote:
As was witnessed at the 'Conspiracies' Event a few weeks ago, the 'Left Brain Tyranny', which keeps people locked into the orthodox construct of reality, is still very much dominent in Western society.

The 'Spiritual Narcissism' which is associated with such 'Left Brain Tyranny' is a massive issue ... and a major contributor to the prevailing construct.

As someone once said, "Minds are like parachutes ... they work best when they are open!"

All I endeavour to do, is to encourage the development of this principle by encouraging people to take responsibility for their own knowledge and awareness ... by utilising the full spectrum of capacity and capability at their disposal.

If that be detrimental to the orthodoxy of Humanity's spiritual subjugation ... then I am indeed 'Guilty as charged'!

Ian R Crane

As was witnessed at the 'Conspiracies' Event a few weeks ago, the 'Left Brain Tyranny', which keeps people locked into the orthodox construct of reality, is still very much dominent in Western society.

That’s precisely what others and I are saying, left brain right brain, Humanism.

And mixed up spiritual confusion here for example.

Videos on youtube:
Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened -- as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding -- she studied and remembered every moment. This is a powerful story about how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another.

May 26, 2009
The astonishing New York Times bestseller that chronicles how a brain scientist's own stroke led to enlightenment

On December 10, 1996, Jill Bolte Taylor, a thirty-seven- year-old Harvard-trained brain scientist experienced a massive stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain. As she observed her mind deteriorate to the point that she could not walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of her life-all within four hours-Taylor alternated between the euphoria of the intuitive and kinesthetic right brain, in which she felt a sense of complete well-being and peace, and the logical, sequential left brain, which recognized she was having a stroke and enabled her to seek help before she was completely lost. It would take her eight years to fully recover.

For Taylor, her stroke was a blessing and a revelation. It taught her that by "stepping to the right" of our left brains, we can uncover feelings of well-being that are often sidelined by "brain chatter." Reaching wide audiences through her talk at the Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) conference and her appearance on Oprah's online Soul Series, Taylor provides a valuable recovery guide for those touched by brain injury and an inspiring testimony that inner peace is accessible to anyone

Part quote:
But what really annoyed me about this book was that, in the last few chapters, it turned into a sappy, shallow, self-help book of the "learn-to-love-yourself-and-think-happy-thoughts" variety; and includes what has to be the single corniest sentence ever written in the English language: "When my bowels move, I cheer my cells for clearing that waste out of my body." (p. 156) In these later chapters, the book even delves into "New Age" stuff like "energy dynamics", Feng Shui, and "Angel Cards". I felt that this seriously compromised the integrity of the valuable information that Dr. Taylor presented about brain science and stroke recovery. This information is so valuable that I would still recommend the book in spite of its many shortcomings; but I would encourage you to take the last few chapters of the book with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

ianrcrane wrote:

you are clearly the fount of all knowledge ... so when is your Workshop?

... or are you just intent on posting de-bunking BS which only serves to indicate a limited perception of reality ... and an attachment to a narcissistic 'spiritual construct' which serves to keep Humanity in slavish subjugation to an 'Elite' who consider themselves to be the rightful rulers of a planetary fiefdom?

As I have stated previously, if the Workshop doesn't resonate with you ... treat it as you would any other 'product' and move on.

Meanwhile, it is evident from the increasing numbers attending my presentations and the responses received following the recent Edinburgh workshop, that the content resonates with an increasing number of people.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to expand on the topic.

Kind regards,

Ian R Crane

you are clearly the fount of all knowledge ... so when is your Workshop?

There is no need for that Ian, others and I are just making you aware of the dangers.

Meanwhile, it is evident from the increasing numbers attending my presentations and the responses received following the recent Edinburgh workshop, that the content resonates with an increasing number of people.

It's prevalent all over the TV, Media, web, etc, this New Age meme. New Age/2012/Zeitgeist/gaia movements. It is fundamentally all about the false Spiritual evolution of mankind or just humans no Soul/Being.

... or are you just intent on posting de-bunking BS which only serves to indicate a limited perception of reality ... and an attachment to a narcissistic 'spiritual construct' which serves to keep Humanity in slavish subjugation to an 'Elite' who consider themselves to be the rightful rulers of a planetary fiefdom?

"for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against wicked spirits in high places " Eph.6 v 12
Evil minded human Beings. And its in all of us to some degree.

Anonymous said...

ianrcrane wrote:
Hi Andrew,

it is very apparent that 'The SHIFT' workshops are NOT for you! LOL!!

Kind regards,

Ian R Crane

But is this for you.

"It's prevalent all over the TV, Media, web, etc, this New Age meme. New Age/2012/Zeitgeist/gaia movements. It is fundamentally all about the false Spiritual evolution of mankind or just humans no Souls/Beings."

And should you exercise your free will, you could tell your workshop about the dangers of it and that it's not benign or benevolent.

Harry J said...

Interesting exchange Andrew. £25.00 for one of his workshops, plus a £2.50 'booking fee'. Incredible. He even uses the same gambits as Icke such as the 'left brain' canard.

Anonymous said...


Thanks Harry.

Short and to the point, so consideration to ("pluck motes the size of boulders out of my eyes on occasion.")

It’s like exchange workshop for church, and any reprove is met with false blasphemy of it. And the priest preacher wants his easy money as a talented public speaker. And the big secret about the left/right brain will most likely be about the pineal gland “Shift” nonsense.

It was the same with the codex, when help was given about the many fake vitamins.

Similar with 2012, when help was ignored and a continuation of all sorts of nonsense.

And now the New York best seller left/right brain meme, and any reprove is met with don’t be negative.
“Indeed we have to embrace all this rather than fear it and we certainly shouldn't try to resist it or do something about it.” And won't it seems consider out side help that doesn’t fit the modus operandi.

As a big picture guy it was hard to see that he was unaware of all this “obvious psy-ops present in the whole 2012/Mayan/New Age/New Earth/New Man/Consciousness shift thing? Homo Luminous?”

And now he can’t be unaware of it.

Anonymous said...


More on the Lizard and Icke meme.

The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis, conarium or the "third eye") is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions.[1][2]

Third eye (so-called)
The lizard-like reptile tuatara has a "well-developed parietal eye, with small lens and retina".[2][3] Parietal eyes are also found in lizards, frogs and lampreys, as well as some species of fish, such as tuna and pelagic sharks, where it is visible as a light-sensitive spot on top of their head. A poorly developed version, often called the parapineal gland, occurs in salamanders. In birds and mammals the parietal organ (but not the pineal gland) is absent.

René Descartes

Descartes in his Passions of the Soul and The Description of the Human Body suggested that the body works like a machine, that it has the material properties of extension and motion, and that it follows the laws of nature. The mind (or soul), on the other hand, was described as a nonmaterial entity that lacks extension and motion, and does not follow the laws of nature. Descartes argued that only humans have minds, and that the mind interacts with the body at the pineal gland. This form of dualism or duality proposes that the mind controls the body, but that the body can also influence the otherwise rational mind, such as when people act out of passion. Most of the previous accounts of the relationship between mind and body had been uni-directional.
Descartes suggested that the pineal gland is "the seat of the soul" for several reasons. First, the soul is unitary, and unlike many areas of the brain the pineal gland appeared to be unitary (though subsequent microscopic inspection has revealed it is formed of two hemispheres). Second, Descartes observed that the pineal gland was located near the ventricles. He believed the cerebrospinal fluid of the ventricles acted through the nerves to control the body, and that the pineal gland influenced this process. Finally, although Descartes realized that both humans and animals have pineal glands (see Passions of the Soul Part One, Section 50, AT 369)
The religious beliefs of René Descartes have been rigorously debated within scholarly circles. He claimed to be a devout Roman Catholic, claiming that one of the purposes of the Meditations was to defend the Christian faith. However, in his own era, Descartes was accused of harboring secret deist or atheist beliefs. Contemporary Blaise Pascal said that "I cannot forgive Descartes; in all his philosophy, Descartes did his best to dispense with God. But Descartes could not avoid prodding God to set the world in motion with a snap of his lordly fingers; after that, he had no more use for God."[24]
Stephen Gaukroger's biography of Descartes reports that "he had a deep religious faith as a Catholic, which he retained to his dying day, along with a resolute, passionate desire to discover the truth."[25] After Descartes died in Sweden, Queen Christina abdicated her throne to convert to Roman Catholicism (Swedish law required a Protestant ruler). The only Roman Catholic with whom she had prolonged contact was Descartes, who was her personal tutor.[citation needed]

Anonymous said...

Harry, i have been both in the truth movement and the new age but they are only distractions to keep you away from the only truth that matters in this temporal world. This is why both the new age and the truth movement are anti true Christianity. I am not talking about the fallen and apostate modern churches but the true ecclesia of Jesus christ.
"Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me"
Satan does not care if you follow Brian Gerrish or David Icke. Satan is already judged and doomed as is this wicked world which is why true christians love not the world or try to change it. I remember you from the UK column forum and know like i was, you are very close to seeing the truth of this world and why both the truth movement and the new age will do anything to keep you from Christ who is the only truth and light in this evil age.
See my site.

Anonymous said...

sorry that should be

Anonymous said...


"which is why true christians love not the world or try to change it."

While working on our own selfishness is of the most importance, this copy and paste is too.

"Ephesians 5:11
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them].

Kev is working against the blindness and hypocrisy of judeo christianity.If you have no problem that antchrist judaism goes hand in hand with today's christian establishment you will also have no problem that they are killing innocent people right on the doorstep and that they trying to abolish the remembrance of Jesus Christ.If they reject LOGOS they rule in full force in the near future over america.And it would have been your ignorance,your silence that the synagogue of satan will rule,persecute and kill even the very elect if possible.But wait it is your silence that will lead to a silence in heaven also.

Revealation 8:1
And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour."

Harry J said...

Thanks Christiansojourner. This really is a time of tremendous deception. Thankfully I've managed to see through a great deal of it but we all need to stay ever alert. The deception is prevalent as much within Christianity as it is in the New Age and 'truth movement'. No more so than with Biblical prophecy. I'm beginning to realise that a distortion of prophecy is a key element of Their plan.

Anonymous said...

Really good article you have uncovered some intresting stuff. This is what we need a new breed of researchers ones that dont just mindlessly repeat and follow.

Healthy sceptism and following up on your hunches has uncovered some intresting connections.

I think all genuine people trying to find the truth should be greatful for the work you have been putting out.

This is what I call healthy skeptisim not like the people who claim to be skeptics and just follow the official account of things unquestionly.

I feel cutting througth all this crap will certainly help those on the same path to find out whats really going on.

I think the lies these people have been exposing could be the hook. The people behind the scenes may have suspected people might figure out what was going and rebel. So they brought there people in first to give them maximum credibility as the original exposers of 9/11, NWO,

From a strategy point of view it seems like perfect sense. If you pull a stunt like 9/11 you have know way of knowing if the masses are going to swollow it or not.

And if not then you would be wise to channel these people and regain a certain amount of control. If there is anyone who becomes influential and is not part of the agenda I am sure they will be smeared,threatened,bribed or murdered.

darrens guitar box guitars said...

Harry you are horned the mighty crane at least bother to reply to you. He did a workshop down hear in a Rudolph stiner school! I asked him some questions about all this on his face book page.Stuff about alice baily and theosphy (stiner was once the head in Gernany) Fat fuck defriended me LOL

darrens guitar box guitars said...

Sorry I meant to say andrew was lucky getting a reply the mighty Crane

Harry J said...

De-friended you eh? Says it all really.

matthew delooze said...

Hello Harry?

I apologise twice, one for not being on the net for a long while and the other for making comments. (I should know better)
You try to say Ian R Crane is a con man pied piper in '2011'? What took you so long 'Harry'? You seem to be jumping on a debunking band wagon. I wrote about this conman in 2008 whilst on one ball Which i believe you knew about.

Mr Crane is nothing but a 'businessman' that likes to sound intelligent, and whilst claiming to represent his business associates threatened me with the police and legal action for my articles back in 2008.

Ihe hyocritical Mr Crane demanded I remove certain comments from the ONE BALL site or the police would be informed and legal action would take place. I did so immediately (as it was not my website) but in return i demanded Mr Crane do the same about info both he and his business assocaites(Red Arse Radio and Edge TV) had on me.

He didn't. The silent hypocrisy was deafening. Mr Crane proved to me that he was a liar, a hypocrite and a conman. (not that i didn't know that already)

It was made clear to me in 2006/2007 that ian crane used dubious (hyping) marketing techniques to initially appear on the new age conspiracy scene. He was obviously helped to infiltrate the conspiracy movement just as it was starting to grow. The conspiracy clique will only promote certain members and crane is one of them.

Indeed not only does this clique promote its members, it also demonises anyone that speaks up about its methods and hypocrisy. This is simply because the 'punters' are programmed to blindly protect their messiahs no matter what cult they are in.

Mr Crane also enjoyed hyping up the death of Rik Clay,suggesting,that he died because he openly mentioned 'Crane's theory' (stolen no doubt) that there will be staged alien invasion at the olympics next year.

I wrote an article 'Sucking on the Bones of Rik Clay'in 2008. (which is soon to be republished when i get a base to operate from)

I can only say again Crane is a 'businessman' that will change his ideas and behaviour to suit the situation.

Crane's associates are also 'businessmen'. Red Arse Radio being well known (and they like to recruit young male bloggers to their stable). Also The owners of Edge TV, in which Crane was involved with along with RAR(at least back in 2008/9) was a company making money through sex phone lines etc)

Hey i'm no prude and obviously the conspiracy biz will sell anything it can just like any other business. Crane will even sell special expensive 'cocktail with the messiah speaker' tickets, as you know. (Where were you harry when that was going on?)

where has this chris white / revolution harry debunking bandwagon sprung from?

anyway at the end of the day Crane and his business associates are free to do as they wish. Their 'customers' are also free to support them and buy what they like. Good Luck to them.

But i was demonised in 2008 for speaking my truths. Surely that is not right, and surely if someone has experienced the hypocrital truth movement behind the scenes, like i TRULY have then surely i have the right to speak on it without being demonised (which i will but obviously not on a webite that i am not legally responsible for)?

I shall be writing on this subject myself in detail, based on direct experiences.. But for now i say to anyone out there that believes the likes of Crane, and the red arse boys at red arse radio, are here to help the masses then please wake up. They want your cash and you to applaud them.

I see on your blog that a few (based on comments) start to see the real ian r crane.

So lets hope that after sucking on the bones of Rik Clay to hype his own theories, that Mr Crane's information regarding the staged alien invasion come true.

Yours sincerely
E M Delooze

Harry J said...

Hello Matthew, I had to rescue your comment from the spam box. Thanks for dropping by. I do indeed have you to thank for sewing the seeds of doubt where Ian R Crane is concerned. My original draft of this article made reference to your 'difficulties' with him. I didn't include them in the final piece because I remembered you'd had to delete a lot of stuff so firstly I couldn't link to it and secondly I wasn't sure I wouldn't be opening that can of worms again. Possibly causing both of us problems where the litigious Mr Crane is concerned. I'd be more than happy to add an updated link to your 'Sucking on the Bones of Rik Clay' article when it's republished.

I'd also be very keen to hear more details on the links between Crane, Red Ice Radio, Edge Media TV and their 'sex line' backers if you have it.



matthew delooze said...


Spam Box is the story of my life :)

I was first made aware of Ian Crane in 2006/7 when i suddenly started getting bombarded with emails from strangers 'to go and see him'. I thought where has this hype come from. I never heard from the people sending the emails again.

Obviously looking at the reaction of the audience at Blackpool the hype had worked. I've seen the hype grow and grow.

I will explain the red Arse /Edge Tv stuff in detail, but basically the sex lines business was the main business being run by the edge tv owner at the time. Crane and Red Arse invested in Edge TV to get in strong position (quote) 'for the upcoming market'. E.G broadcasting material from the AV conferences and to place materialistic sc-fi puppets on the show, like Philip Gardener.(A man who willingly admits to kissing his own ring!)

The vast majority of activity is simply based on the welfare of a back scratching clique where the need for clicks on a website or viewing figures matter far far more than the actual info going out.Sadly this one face for the public and another face behind the scenes is the norm in other areas of the truth movement too.

Obviously i do not wish to leave you open to Crane's legal threat. Hence me firstly not being anonymous and secondly trying to watch my words. You may need to edit my comments if you feel i have said too much but my email address is provided should crane wish to say anything.

I will be saying my piece in 2012.

On a lighter note...

I was also interested in the story you mentioned about Crane going to talk to Indians in South America (If i got that right)

Cos I heard (This is only gossip) that he took them some cheap (Made in China) mirrors and plastic trinkets and swapped it (conned them) for the ancient information they had. (To put out as his own of course) but these indians were not as daft as the regular AV conference/ Edge TV drones and they sussed him right out in no time at all (A bit like you did Harry). Anyway they broke his ankle as a warning not to thieve off them again. If he does his knee caps are next.

You may think that the my Indian story regarding Crane is all bullshit, and i have to agree, but come on boys and girls, it sounds far far feasible than Crane's version. Well doesn't it?

And Harry feel free to put me up as a 'Failed Pied Piper', (Due to blackballs in the conspiracy clique and my background... no wonder jesus got dumped and blackballed... he was working class too :))

But let me please assure you the entities (Demonic or not) that i may be being directed by would have put a more direct title to your article. They'd have said Crane is a conman Sucking on the Bones of Rik Clay and is top of the phony Pied Piper list. But that may be the demonic entities making me say that :)

Obviously the only thing you'd have to think about if indeed I am directed by demonic entities is that they 'agree with you' on several of your articles. :) now then Harry what would Chris White say about that? And what does that make the entities that direct me? The same ones as Moses maybe? Noah? Jesus Himself? I look as old as Noah so i'll settle on him, and lets face it there's only me daft enough to build an ark. Who else in the darling conspiracy world would get their hands dirty?

In a nut shell I believe Crane is full of shit along with his greedy business associates, but who am I to say that? I said it in 2008. I might as well as pissed down my own back.

I will gladly send you the link to the article when its done.

Keep smiling

Harry J said...

Ha, Matthew you nearly had me there with your version of Crane's story about his meeting the Indians. You're right though it sounds more feasible then the one Crane tells.

The issue of being directed by 'demonic entities' is a long and difficult one. In short though, it seems to me that many aspects of the 'New World Order' are being deliberately revealed and broadly associated with the current systems of government, mainly in the 'Western' world. We are at the same time being encouraged to 'unite' (into one) and 'rise up' against this evil NWO. It's role is really to put in place the apparatus for the real NWO which is the false utopia that will be presented after whatever cataclysms they've got lined up and the evil NWO has been defeated. As well as being constantly fed with information about this evil NWO many are at the same time being simultaneously steered towards a sort of new age/masonic/theosophic way of thinking.

Alice A. Bailey (who herself channelled the 'ascended master' Djwhal Kuhl) hinted at this when she said:

"The New World Order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience...  [It] must lay the foundation for a future world order which will be possible only after a time of recovery, of reconstruction, and of rebuilding."

I intend to try and write about this in some more detail in my next post, whenever I get the time. The point I'm trying to make though is that just because an 'entity' appears to be guiding you and revealing things about the NWO or whatever, doesn't mean to say that there isn't a hidden deceptive agenda at work. That's the trouble with demons, you just can't trust them : )

In a nutshell, I think you're right about Ian R Crane and look forward to your articles in the future.



Anonymous said...

Just found you. Enjoyed the article too. When I first encountered Ian Crane I thought he was pushing some very good ideas. They seemed well thought out and well presented (apart from his annoying habit of saying 'liddle' etc) until I was about to buy a ticket to go and see him on his tour. What is it he is actually doing? For all his words about the dreaded NWO, and some 2012 mince, what is he actually doing to make this world a better place?


Anonymous said...

Ian Crane has now teamed up with your other Pied Piper Brian Gerrish, in the new AV Event, Financial Terrorism Exposed.This event would not look out of place if it had been organised by Lyndon LaRouche himself.

muzuzuzus said...

This will have to be in parts apparently lol:

Part 1In your article you mention Chris White: "The 'spirit realm' certainly appears to be playing a significant role in this 'awakening'. The curious thing is how all these disparate and various 'gods', 'ascended masters', 'entities' and 'aliens' not only say the same thing but also mirror the real New World Order agenda. We can see why Chris White suggests that the source of this information is actually demonic. That may seem like a difficult idea to comprehend but it's one that perhaps we should at least remain open minded about."
I have had dealings with Chris White, who also had the youtube handle Nowheretorun1984. This guy likes to interrogate other people, and expose them, which I am all for if they are New Age shysters, and I congratulate him for exposing them. BUT if his belief is questioned --his literalist belief in Christianity--he doesn't like it, and he blocked me. So what does this mean?

muzuzuzus said...

part 2: This is important so bear with me while I try to explain: We could summarize the situation we are in thus: Solar mythology includes BOTH the occult elite and their 'rebel MALE god' 'Lucifer/Satan/Prometheus/Baphomet, etc etc' AND Christianity, and all the Abrahamic belief systems. They all stem from solar cults which is also patriarchal. You ask Chris White if he believes an actual 'son of God' was in historical time born in Middle East 2000 years ago, and was crucified and Resurrected, etc etc he will very much agree, and has also made videos where he tries to show there is actual evidence for this, but he is wrong. And this is his major blind-spot which undoes all the good research he has done exposing the New Age and NWO intentions. IE he believes a myth is historical. But in reality Christianity is a solar mythology which has appropriated older solar pagan symbolism. because Chris White refuses to look into this he is choosing to be blind, and there's an old saying: there's nowt so blind as them that won't see
So what am I saying then?

muzuzuzus said...

part3: THAT far more ancient than the solar mythology that came with invasions of militaristic groups who worshiped sky-gods there were was a very ancient Lunar mythology which deeply respected Earth and other species and community and the body and our nature as sacred, and understood that reality was cyclic and involved life, death, and regeneration, and how this was symbolized by the Moon which changes and from the Dark Moon comes the sliver of light whereby the cycle begins again. In this mythology Earth and Cosmos were not psychologically divided, and nor was male and female, nor light and dark, visible and invisible, good and bad, life and death and so on. But the solar mythology DOES divide and it creates this fragmented sense of reality where light battles with darkness, and there is a wanting to escape nature and the body which in its myths are said to be evil and fallen.

muzuzuzus said...

part 4: A good example of a more modern version is David Icke and his theory--as supposedly told him via an Ayahuasca experience--that the Noon was a false illusion concocted by evil entities who also have a base on it and try to negatively effect our minds! So we have this chap who pretends to know so much but seems to (or deliberately) denigrate this VERY ancient symbol of the Great Cosmic Mother? So what I am saying is that if you want to get to the cusp--the very dangerous toxic life-hating game being played is that you have these supposedly antagonistic belief systems, like Christianity, Luciferianism, and Scientific Materialism (which also is a myth) but in root they are all coming from the same place---and sharing fear and utter disrespect for nature. So this can only surely serve the elite, right? They want to divert attention away from us re-member-ing our interelationhip with this sacred Earth.
A GREAT book I so much recommend you read which goes into this in depth and exposes the New Age and their solar mythological and patriarchal roots is Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon? Towards a Feminist Vision of the Future

muzuzuzus said...

part 5: we are deep wondering being living in the most wonderful world and universe. Mythology began preliterally--the invention of writing coming fairly recently, and therefore was IMAGE-full. We dream in images, and people can have spontaneous visions which this oppressive culture deems 'mental illness' which is the mental illness myth, and then they demand to suppress these visions with toxic pills instead of encouraging these processes,. So mythologies are stories we tell ourselves and which form our experience of nature, reality, animals, and ourselves and the universe, and they can be benign and beautiful and healing and fruitful. BUT what I call toxic myths are those which a small elite devise to divide and enslave, and I haven't got enough space or time to go into it but a good example of their dirty toxic myth-making can be seen in the biblical genesis story of the Garden of Eden where all the very ancient symbols/IMAGES belonging to Lunar mythology are subverted and denigrated by the patriarchal elite who also use the 'word' or text to continue the abuse.
We are blamed, guilted, and nature is made to be an evil place and so these are the images pushed on us by these oppressive myths.

Harry J said...

Muzuzuzus, thanks for your comment.

What evidence do you have for Christianity being in any way connected to solar mythology. I've seen these claims before and subsequently investigated them. I found no sun worship in Christianity. In fact the Bible expressly states that to do so is a 'greater abomination'.

'Then He said to me, "Have you seen this O son of man? Turn again, you will see greater abominations than these."  So He brought me into the inner court of the Lord's house, and there, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty five men with their backs toward the temple of the Lord and their faces toward the east, and they were worshipping the sun toward the east'  Ezekiel 8:16

What there is evidence for is solar worship within Catholicism but that is far removed from Biblical Christianity. This is where those that claim that 'Christianity is a solar mythology which has appropriated older solar pagan symbolism' get their ideas from.

I have to say that Chris White is far from 'wrong' with regards to the historical evidence for the existence of Jesus. Again, this is something I've researched for myself and came to the same conclusion. Indeed the evidence is conclusive. Even historian Bart Ehrman, who wrote a book on the subject, agreed that a living, breathing, Jesus walked the earth and he isn't a Christian. The divinity of Jesus has always been debated but his existence was never in doubt until recent times.

Feminine lunar worship goes hand in hand with its male, solar, counterpart. Both drink from the same occult well. The rest you describe seems to be an accurate account of the, androgynous, Luciferian ideology. No good and bad? No difference between male and female? Goddess worship has been around since at least Semiramis. Of course her latest incarnation is 'Mother' Mary of the Catholic church.

I'm surprised you're not aware of the 'elite's' enthusiasm for 'Gaia' the 'earth goddess' and the use of environmental concerns in their desire for world government. Have you never heard of the Luciferian Maurice Strong's 'Earth Charter'?

“The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments.”

Maurice Strong

Harry J said...

Where is your evidence that Christianity has an 'utter disrespect for nature'? Surely you've worked out that the 'elites' game is earth worship. Worship the creation rather than the creator. It's one of the many weapons in their arsenal. God gave us dominion over the earth and told us to take care of it and be good stewards of it. The earth is God's creation so of course Christians should respect it and treat it properly.

By 'toxic myths' devised by 'small elite' I'm assuming you're including Christianity. The idea that the Bible was written and create by the 'elites' is another canard without any evidence.

A 'feminist vision'? Return of the dark/light mother? The familiar Luciferian ideas at work. Remember Lucifer appears in both masculine and feminine forms.

"The Celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time; for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity...but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestrial Light, 'the Holy Ghost' and 'Satan' at one and the same time."

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

I haven't come to Christianity lightly. I've long looked into various forms of occultism including the 'moon goddess' aspect and found it badly wanting. We are obviously not going to agree on these matters. All I will say is that you seem badly misinformed with regards to Christianity. If I could recommend one thing it is to read the four gospels, the words and teachings of Jesus. There's nothing 'toxic' there. Be cautious of 'organised' 'churchianity', particularly the Catholic church but don't confuse that with what Jesus taught and did.

I disagree with Chris White on a few things and I really can't defend him if he did block you.



MaryC said...

Harry, the only true Biblical Christianity IS the Holy Catholic Church. The Church decided the canon of the Bible. Deny that if you wish, but you are deceiving no-one but yourself.
As for Catholics worshipping the sun and Mary being some ancient goddess or other, that is just protestant lies. Stop spreading disinformation, if you wish to be taken seriously as a truth teller.

Harry J said...

I'm afraid I have to disagree with you Mary. The case against the Catholic church is overwhelming. I'm more than happy for others to make their own minds up. When I cam back to Christianity and began reading the Bible again one of the things that struck was how little of it was reflected in Catholicism.

I suspect the obelisk sacred to the sun god Ra, standing in St Peter's square in the middle of an eight spoked sun wheel aligned to the equinoxes speaks volumes.

MaryC said...

Sorry, Harry. The Bible proves the truth of Catholic doctrine time and time again.
As for the obelisk in St. Peter's; you fail to mention that it has a cross on top of it, signifying the triumph of Christianity over paganism.

Harry J said...

Well, clearly we're in disagreement with regards to Biblical teaching and catholic doctrines.

As for the obelisk don't you think it's more than a little blasphemous to have a Christian cross on top of what is symbolic of the sun god's erect phallus? The idea that such a great deal of effort would be put into something that would simultaneously be in the centre of the feminine circle (symbolising the sex act) and an eight pointed sun wheel aligned to the equinoxes, merely as the 'triumph of Christianity over paganism', is at best naive in my humble opinion.

Of course that wasn't the only obelisk erected at that time, the others similarly aligned to the various equinoxes. Again, we'll have to agree to disagree.

Harry J said...

'Mystery Babylon' was a reference to Revelation 17:5 which in turn is descriptive of the religious and political system that is in power during the 'end times'. My general point being that it doesn't only consist of the 'Jews'. As I said, I don't disagree that there's a powerful Jewish (Talmudic) element involved or that the 'Holocaust' is a central component of the end times deception being played out. We both appear to agree that there's also a Vatican element but disagree only the scale and scope of it.

Unknown said...

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Hilary said...

They'll give us any bullshit as long as it doesn't look into Dr Judy Wood's 9/11 and Richard Hall's 7/7 evidence. Now that is meat and bones evidence to go with. We already know who did 9/11 from Dr Wood's investigation so go with that and you have two big corporations involved in the production of DEW's. We can listen to all the Icke and Crane poppycock all day, but it's a waste of time. Read Where Did The Towers Go? for real irrefutable evidence.

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