Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lucifer Rising

The article below by Philip Jones ends with the following conclusion. Many of those in positions of power, influence and control in the world today appear to be intent on creating a "hell on earth in the shape of a diabolical One World tyrannical state, and [that] the United Nations is [to be] the international temple at which humanity, through it's political and religious leaders pays homage to … the Light Bearer - Lucifer." Like the author himself, if not too long ago someone had said such a thing to me, I too would have "raised an eyebrow or two, and politely or not, dismissed the idea." Not any more.

It is, of course, becoming obvious to many that we are being manipulated into a World Government. What's less apparent is the spiritual dimension to this enterprise. The essay below is a look at how the New Age movement is an intrinsic element to the New World Order and how both link to Theosophy, Freemasonry (and even the Fabian Society) and ultimately the worship of Lucifer. Jones asserts that "Lucifer is real, and is here on earth, in this dimension [and] is causing havoc and chaos in an attempt to seat himself, or his proxy on the throne of a World State, and to inaugurate a New Religion with himself it's sole deity." Again, a difficult thing to comprehend but who knows.

He describes the `Plan` as ushering in a "Harmonic Convergence," that is sometimes also referred to "as the Omega, Mind Convergence, Fusion or Turning Point (I'd add Consciousness Shift and the Awakening to this list)." This can occur only when nations put aside their differences in a "New World Order" of global unity. Here we see the source of the 'oneness agenda' pursued by both New Agers and leaders of the 'truth movement' such as David Icke.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alex Jones: Screaming Mad, Fluoride Brain Damaged, Joker.

There are many people who claim Alex Jones is little more than a disinfo' agent. I think it was this video that finally convinced me (note Michelle Malkin flashing the dragon's triad claw at 7:07 and 7:40 minutes which suggests to me that this may have been a set up) though I was almost certain after seeing this video.

Jones is only one of many 'celebrity' New World Order researchers whose role is to control the flow of information, steer clear of key issues or organisations, make it appear that those who believe in the 'conspiracy' are oddballs or extremists, never focus on real solutions and generate fear and powerlessness by concentrating on the day to day machinations of the global elite.

It's for these reasons I'm more than happy to post the video below. It actually made me both laugh out loud and squirm at the same time.