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Is Nick Griffin A Freemason (Why The New World Order Needs The BNP)?

Asking if Nick Griffin is a Freemason may seem like an odd question to ask, but if the answer is yes then it seems almost certain that the BNP is what’s referred to as ‘controlled opposition’.

When I first started investigating the New World Order, or world government, agenda a few things became clear quite quickly. One of which was that throughout history the elite controllers of the enslavement system we live in have always planned very far ahead and attempted (and usually succeeded) in controlling both sides of any situation.

This is necessary in order to benefit from one of their favoured techniques known as the Hegelian dialectic. In short the theory is that a thesis results in a reaction, or anti-thesis and the resulting tension between the two is resolved by the synthesis. Those behind the drive for a NWO realised that if you  can control both the thesis and the anti-thesis then you are also able to control the outcome or synthesis. This being one of the key ways the agenda is advanced.

It is especially true of politics where it seems clear that all the major political parties are controlled to some degree. Our ‘democracy’ is little more than a charade or theatre for the masses. We have the Labour/ left/international Marxists (thesis) and the Conservative/right/globalist capitalists (anti-thesis) both played off against each other to give the illusion of democracy and to further the agenda. What it seems we actually have is a shadow government that is perpetually in power and that is controlled by, and operates in the interests of, a parasitical elite few and their acolytes. The politicians that we assume are in power are mostly either puppets or dupes.

As I delved deeper into the agenda it soon became apparent that many modern day ‘problems’ were actually created by those behind the NWO with a view to furthering the agenda. One example of this is immigration, which I soon learned had very little to do with the economy (although it did allow those who were already incredibly wealthy to become even wealthier). Far more important was the need to subvert the nation and national identity of the indigenous people of these islands. The idea being that the path towards World Government would be smoothed and nationalist resistance of any sort severely weakened. 

Mass immigration provides further benefits to the NWO agenda in the form of the age-old elite tactic of divide and rule (or diversity and multiculturism as it’s euphemistically called). Add to these things the corrosive and subversive nature of the prevailing political correctness and you can clearly see the widespread influence of the cultural Marxists of the infamous Frankfurt School, itself a tool of the globalists.

It had also become perfectly obvious that we had been, and were still being, lied to about the true nature of the European Union. A moderate amount of investigation soon revealed it as being corrupt, undemocratic and merely a stepping-stone towards World Government.

As I researched more I also began to appreciate the crucial role of the secret society networks in the New World Order agenda, in particular that of the freemasons. Establishing Tony Blair was a freemason was fairly easy but although Gordon Brown had a history of freemasonry in his family, it was a while before I got the confirmation that he too was a member of the 'craft'.

I had always been a mindless Labour voter. Like many I thought they were for the relatively poor, working class people like me. It seemed they were our best defense against the super rich, the fat cats and the upper classes who exploited and suppressed us. How wrong I was. I can see now I had been sucked into the false left/right political paradigm that had been carefully created, financed and controlled by the same oligarchical globalists behind the NWO. On top of that it was evident that control of the Labour party had also long been in their hands, particularly through the influence of those 'wolves in sheep's clothing', the Fabians.

Before I truly understood the false nature of our sham democracy I began looking for alternatives to the Labour party. The BNP caught me eye because at first glance it appeared they were the only one that had policies that were resistant to the globalist agenda. Of course, this came with a price, which was their supposed 'racism' and ‘fascism’.

As my investigations continued I began to find many more links between freemasonry, the World Government agenda and the control of political parties. It was around this time that I discovered a blog (now defunct) by a former BNP councilor who was now writing about New World Order related subjects. I ended up corresponding with him and found out that one of the reasons for him leaving the party was because he was convinced that both Griffin and his deputy, the press secretary Simon Darby, were state controlled. This got me thinking and I couldn’t help wondering if Nick Griffin could also, possibly, be a freemason.

It didn't take me long to find out that Griffin's father Edgar was a member of the Welchpool Lodge. He had been made a Worshipful Commander in 2005 and honoured as Masonry's 'longest serving brother of grand rank' in 2008 after 61 years as a freemason. In addition Edgar's father and Nick's grandfather, Edwin was also a mason. 

I was reminded of an observation made by Alan Watt of ‘Cutting Through the Matrix’. He describes the masonic practice of 'grafting' where it would take at least two generations of a family being involved with masonry before any member would be entrusted with anything of real importance.

As I dug a little further I found alleged links to masonic accountants and even a picture of Griffin (for many more images of political figures giving masonic handshakes please click on the link) apparently giving the French leader of the Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen, a masonic handshake.

Nothing conclusive you might argue. But because I was beginning to understand the way those behind the New World Order operate and the significant role that freemasonry and other secret societies have, it certainly gave me more than pause for thought.

I then came across other claims that Griffin was controlled in some way, which just added fuel to the fire. Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance, in an essay about the leadership challenge of Tory Iain Duncan Smith, said that:

“Since he became leader of the British National Party, I have taken it for granted that Nick Griffin is a controlled man. I do not know if it is details of his sex life or of his financial management that can be used against him, or if there is some other more elaborate secret that the security services have discovered and that he does not want to be revealed.”

He said this as a result of his suspicions that Griffin senior being ‘discovered’ (at just the right time) as part of Duncan Smith’s Conservative party leadership campaign was an attempt to sabotage it by the British state.

In an essay on the Truth Seeker website the author refers to his friend Dave Starbuck who knew Nick Griffin. He claimed Griffin was "in the pay of British Intelligence".

Starbuck further asserted that "Griffin ousted the former leader of the British National Party by careful manipulation and as soon as he took control of the party he altered policies and procedures to ensure he stayed in control. Anyone who disagreed with him was thrown out of the party while Griffin made a point of promoting cronies to prominence’. This was done ‘at the behest of British Intelligence ... in an effort to neutralise what may have become a genuine stumbling block to the New World Order".

A recent essay on the nationalist blog 'Griffin Watch' makes a persuasive case for Griffin being a state intelligence asset.  His presence in the party is said to be like that of a 'trojan' computer virus that's designed to destabilise and restrict the effectiveness of the BNP.

As I began to understand more about how the Hegelian dialectic worked and how it was used to further the world government agenda I began to realise that if the BNP didn't exist then 'they' would have to invent them. 

I think the thing that confirmed my suspicions was the way Griffin handled the fall out from the 2002 C4 documentary, 'Young Nazi and Proud'. The ‘young Nazi’ in question was Mark Collett, the then leader of the young BNP. As well as describing himself as 'evil' he also made several statements in praise of Hitler and the Nazis. There was, inevitably, a great deal of negative publicity. The BNP tried to deflect this by sacking Collett as the young BNP leader. It wasn't long, however, before he was reinstated as the BNP's head of publicity. A post he held up until only very recently (he has since been sacked for an unrelated matter).

This was a situation that some party members and activists resented claiming that it would be seen as proof the party was all that their opponents claimed it was. They attempted to facilitate some reforms, including sacking Mark Collett. Griffin resisted these reforms and protected Collett, even claiming he could become a future leader of the party some day. Inevitably, this culminated in a split and a number of people left.

More recently there was a furore when two young members of the BNP were interviewed on BBC radio in September 2009. One of them, Mark, was the cause of the outrage when he made a remark about Chelsea full back Ashley Cole not being ethnically British. It doesn’t matter whether you think this is true or not the point is that ‘Mark’ had succeeded in causing a great deal of controversy and bringing negative publicity to the party. It turns out that ‘Mark’ was none other than Mark Collett and it was the BNP’s press officer and deputy leader Simon Darby who had sent him. Innocent mistake, or carefully contrived set up? 

More importantly, all those ‘Unite Against Fascism’ banners that say the 'BNP are a Nazi party' are justified by, amongst other things, Collett’s presence.

I began to see how the BNP were an essential part of the dialectic that enabled opposition to mass immigration, multiculturism, cultural Marxism, the European Union and the wider globalisation agenda to be labeled as extreme, fascist, xenophobic, racist or Nazi. All very strong mind control trigger-words, which were now to be associated with any form of nationalist resistance to the New World Order.

There was also another benefit of having the BNP disparaged in such a way. Many of the issues they raise are ignored or not discussed because to do otherwise would give ‘aid to the fascists’ or something similar. Again very clever mind control tactics employed by the elites. Even if you raise concerns about issues such as multiculturism or mass immigration you run the risk of being labelled a BNP ‘fellow traveller’ and indirectly tagged with the slurs mentioned above.

I was already aware of how important 'shaping public perception' was to the overall plan and now it was clear that the BNP played a crucial role in this. The dynamics of this is illustrated in the following section taken from an essay on the Hidden Evil website. (Anthony) Sutton and (Patrick) Wood warned:

"Anyone in the U.S. who promotes unwelcome news for the elite receives some unwelcome attention in return." This attention includes the use of experts, mainstream media and anti-hate organizations for well-coordinated character assassination. According to author Perloff, a document released by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, on September 23, 1956 entitled, Propaganda and the Alert Citizen outlined the tactics reportedly used by the Establishment to discredit opposition.

Quoting from this document, Perloff wrote, "The tactic used had a prototype in a directive issued by the Communist Party... It read: When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable build-ups, as Fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic, and use the prestige of anti-Fascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them. ... In the public mind constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell.”
The BNP in its current form and leadership allow these associations to be easily made. This is absolutely essential to those shadowy, super rich, elites who want to destroy the nations and peoples of Britain in favour of a totalitarian World Government.
Many well meaning people are duped into inadvertently assisting and furthering this agenda. Even more are manipulated into thinking that any resistance to the agenda is extreme or fascist or any of the other names that ‘have a bad smell’.
This is also just one small example of the way in which our perceptions are ‘managed’. Perception management is no less than mind control or brainwashing. It is a sad fact that we in Britain are brainwashed to a shocking degree from birth to death. In fact it seems we are something of a world leader in this dark art. In the essayBrainwashing: How the British Use the Media for Mass Psychological Warfare’ media ‘expert’ Hal Becker is quoted as saying:

 The media is the most powerful weapon and ‘agent of change’ in the fight to establish a ‘one-worldist,’ neo-Malthusian order that will transcend and obliterate the concept of the nation-state.” 

Make no mistake, it is the intention of the elites to destroy Britain and mass immigration and multiculturism are two of the methods they are using.

Another example of brainwashing would be the way we are constantly told, in an Orwellian fashion, that diversity is strength. The truth is that multiculturism or 'diversity' is intentionally divisive. It’s 'divide and rule' dressed up as ‘progressive’ and ‘modern’.

Perhaps the word with the baddest smell of all is 'racist'. It’s said to have been originally coined by Leon Trotsky but it soon became one of the most important tools that the Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School would use in their attempts to undermine and destroy Western civilisation. Many people live in fear of being labeled a ‘racist’ and as such it’s still a powerful form of (mind) control.  However its overuse (and misuse) in recent times has seen it become increasingly devalued and devoid of any real meaning.

If the sorts of tactics described by Perloff are to be effective, then the thesis that is the BNP requires an antithesis. This is provided by several far left groups including one called Searchlight. Searchlight is run by Gerry Gable, who once stood for election as a Communist party candidate. This more than anything highlights the absurdity and hypocrisy of the left's accusations of Nazi towards the BNP. It seems what we are supposed to believe is Communism good, Fascism bad. What we get is Communism as anti-Fascism. Looking at the activities of the ‘Unite Against Fascism’ organization, it seems to me that the, so called, anti-Fascists are the new Fascists. We see violence, intimidation and attempts to suppress free speech, all justified by the claim that the BNP are Nazi’s. It appears that being able to label someone as a Fascist or Nazi immediately legitimizes the use of violence against them.

What’s actually happening is any form of nationalistic resistance to the New World Order agenda is being neutralized through fear and association with the mind control buzzwords such as ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’. The greatest irony is that the anti-Fascists are (most likely inadvertently in the main) helping to bring about a tyranny much worse than that they claim to oppose. 

It's the portrayal of the BNP as a 'Nazi' or 'fascist' party that  increases the vitriol directed at them and galvanises the support for far left organisations such as 'Hope Not Hate' and 'UAF'. That level of support would be a great deal less if the BNP were shown to be the moderate nationalist party that most of their policies show them to be. Instead it's the spectre of 'what they are really like' or 'what they'll really do if they gain power' that's used to scare the masses. Indeed, if it wasn't for the state infiltration of the BNP they would have done much better in the last election. The NWO know this which is why any form of nationalist resistance has to be neutralised.

As an aside, it’s also worth remembering that Communism has been responsible for many more millions of deaths than Fascism. They are two sides of the same coin and in reality there is very little difference between the two systems. Both are extremely repressive, murderous, totalitarian dictatorships. The difference is that Communism hasn’t been demonized to quite the same degree as Fascism. This is largely because Fascism has become (intentionally) associated with nationalism. Whereas Communism has been portrayed in a slightly better light as being essentially good intentioned (for the poor and the downtrodden) or not quite implemented properly. Both caricatures are wide of the mark.

In the run up to the recent European elections it seemed obvious to me that the media were using reverse psychology to build up the BNP. As well as being conspicuously anti-EU Nick Griffin has also begun talking about the New World Order agenda itself. With the EU being a component of the World Government system being implemented it seems that resistance to the New World Order itself is now to be subconsciously associated with such things as extremism, fascism, racism and the Nazis. By now it should be obvious that the war that is undoubtedly being waged against us is, partly at least, a psychological one.

Perhaps one more cause for suspicion is how the BNP have become so focused on the issue of Islam. There is a great deal of evidence that points to a ‘clash of civilisations’ being fermented between the Judeo/Christian West and the Islamic East. This is being done for several reasons.

Firstly, it will be a major contributor towards the ‘chaos’ out of which the New World Order is meant to be born. It remains to be seen as to exactly what form this ‘clash’ will take. A third World War would likely serve the population reduction agenda as well as reducing the remaining populations to a state of extreme fear. A form of global government will then be proposed so that ‘this can never happen again’. This is a trick they’ve performed before.

On a national level, if a wider war with the Islamic world did break out, it would certainly spread to the streets of Britain. This would leave the public begging for protection and so further the expansion of the already widespread, Orwellian, Big Brother style, police state. Many suspect that the newly formed ‘English Defense League (EDF) is state controlled. At the very least they are being allowed to cause unrest within the Islamic community, further stoking the fires for future widespread disturbances.

Secondly, all the indications are that a world religion is also an element of the proposed New World Order. There’s no doubt that the ‘clash’ will be used as one of the reasons why this is necessary. In a letter to Italian freemason and revolutionary leader Giusseppe Mazzini, purportedly written in 1871, the then head of American Freemasonry, Albert Pike, wrote about plans for three World Wars that would be necessary to bring about the New World Order. As well as accurately predicting World War’s one and two Pike outlined plans for a third World War that:

 “... must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the ‘Illuminati’ (a title that usually refers to the very highest levels of the secret society networks said to be behind the drive for a NWO) between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.”

The BNP are playing a central part in slowly formenting this ‘clash’. I have to be honest at this point and say I’m no fan of Islam (quite the reverse, for reasons too many to list here) but it's obvious that Muslims are being manipulated into conflict with the West. Anyone who thinks that Muslims were directly responsible for such terrorist atrocities as 9/11 or 7/7 need only do a reasonable amount of research to discover a wealth of evidence that proves otherwise.

There are a great many in this country for whom the BNP is the one remaining hope for salvation. I don’t think for a second that the overwhelming majority of these people are racists or fascists or any of the other ‘words that have a bad smell’ that we’ve been trained, Pavlovian style, to associate with them. I do, however, think they’ve been led up a blind alley, a cul-de-sac where they can be safely herded and monitored as the world government agenda progresses.

Those on the ‘left’, along with ethnic minorities themselves, need to reflect on the extent to which they’ve been duped by the dark forces behind the NWO. If any ethnic minority thinks that things such as the ‘equality’ legislation that, in certain circumstances, sees them favoured over native British people in the job market is for their benefit, they are sadly mistaken. We are constantly being told how we are ‘progressing’ as if towards some sort of Utopia. The truth is rather less appealing. We are being led like blind donkeys into an Orwellian hell.

There are numerous other hypocrisies and double standards. For example there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ethnic minority only organisations (many government funded) whereas any attempt to do something similar for the native English, Scots, Irish and Welsh would be greeted by screams of ‘racist’ or ‘extremist’. Does that seem fair? Does it make sense? This and much more is easily explained when the wider agenda is understood.

But the agenda goes way beyond the destruction of the British. Albert Pike, mentioned above, spoke of how the human race was “to be integrated into a mass of mongrelised humanity and enslaved body, mind and soul.” Ask yourself why it is that those behind the NWO feel the need for humanity to be ‘mongrelised’. The ‘left’ may villify the ‘right’ and vice versa but both ‘sides’ need to realise just who are their true enemies.

Some imagine that what is happening is recompense for things such as slavery or the empire, but both of these things were funded and implemented by the ancestors of the same elites that enslave us in more covert ways today. In truth the majority of native Britons were little more than slaves (serfs/vassals) themselves. Even when they were ‘free’ to work in the factories of the industrial revolution they worked in terrible conditions for little pay. So much so that in a speech by the Reverend J. Stephens at a church meeting in Crampton, in the middle of the nineteenth century, in reference to the awful conditions that his parishioners laboured under, stated that they “would rather be a slave in South Carolina than a factory operative in England.”

There are not many areas of life in Britain where there isn’t now an ‘equality’ or ‘diversity’ agenda of some sorts. This is particularly true of schools and colleges. Again ethnic minorities may think that this is all for their benefit when the truth is that these things are merely an excuse for a massive amount of social engineering that only advances the fascist New World Order.

In my research I’ve been pleased to note that the overwhelming majority of nationalists, including members of the BNP, realise that ethnic minorities are not to blame for what’s happening and that although there are exceptions the majority are as much victims in what is happening as the native British. The leadership of the BNP encourage the finger of blame to be pointed at politicians but even this is a, likely intentional, mistake. As pointed out above, most politicians are either dupes or puppets. Yes they are complicit to some degree but our focus should go beyond them into the shadows where those with the real power lurk.

The relentless drive for this New World Order, which can only be described as a totalitarian world government, is very real. There’s plenty of evidence for those who care to ‘wake up’ and make even a modest amount of research. If they did it would be clear that this is not in the best interests of the vast majority of humanity, regardless of their ethnic origin.

This is a war being waged against all humanity and many of the weapons used are psychological. Expect many pleas for ‘unity’ or ‘oneness’ or ‘coming together’ as a consequence of the actions of the elites. It's likely that these pleas will be coming from agents of the elites themselves. 

Don't be fooled, world government is a very bad idea whoever suggests it. Our best defense against the actions of the elites is for national sovereignty to prevail and for each human being in that nation to be personally sovereign and free. 

Sovereign nations can then co-operate freely on any genuine problems that we face.

Yes, we need to avoid the traps that have been carefully laid in order to set one racial or religious group against another. Yes, we need to work together in order to defeat the NWO. However we should resist the temptation to do anything which would destroy the real diversity of the world which is its many, varied and wonderful races, creeds and cultures. That includes the native peoples of Britain.

Once the NWO has been defeated then we will at last be able to discuss the issues surrounding mass immigration and multiculturism without the brainwashing, lies and disinformation that abound at present. After that what you do should be your own free choice. That includes those of British descent, who don’t want to be merged into a multiculturism dictated to them by government, at the least, being allowed to live in their own communities.

One area of co-operation should be the drive for a new banking and financial system. The current one is the central pillar of the elite's control system. Those on 'the left' could help to provide real solutions to the poverty seen in developing countries. This in turn would see the need for emigration from those countries disappear and even serve as an incentive for many immigrants to return to their country of origin. This would be a welcome development with Britain, particularly England, already being one of the most densely populated countries on the planet.

There’s nothing specifically moral or good about mass immigration or multiculturism. In fact, when imposed without the consent of the people and even against their wishes, it’s arguably quite the reverse. 

It's been observed several times before that the NWO follow some sort of 'occult law'  that requires 'revelation of the method'. What this means is that, however obliquely, they have to be open about what they  are doing and what will happen in the future. It's my suspicion that the BNP is one of their vehicles for this.

Just because these are issues that the BNP are discussing, or points they are making, don’t be fooled into ignoring them or mindlessly taking up the opposite position so as to ‘defeat the fascists’. The real fascists are those behind the New World Order and the sooner we all wake up to that fact the better.

They’re brainwashing us into thinking we’re progressing towards some sort of utopia when in reality it’s hell that will be the New World Order.


Anonymous said...

(Part 1)
Very Good post RH.

"One of which was that throughout history the elite controllers of the enslavement system we live in have always planned very far ahead and attempted (and usually succeeded) in controlling both sides of any situation."

I believe the Americans have a term for the above - "Make sure all your bases are loaded."

"We have the Labour/ left/international Marxists (thesis) and the Conservative/right/globalist capitalists (anti-thesis) both played off against each other to give the illusion of democracy and to further the agenda."

Yes, democracy in the UK is like watching an American wrestling match. Each opponent comes out attacking the other verbally, then physically, promoting a picture of conflict and disagreement to the public, but when the cameras are off they all meet up for barbecues and parties. It's one big play to fool the public.

"More importantly, all those ‘Unite Against Fascism’ banners that say the 'BNP are a Nazi party' are justified by, amongst other things, Collett’s presence."

You can't argue with that.

When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable build-ups, as Fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic, and use the prestige of anti-Fascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them. ... In the public mind constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell.”

And on my website: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer.

"It is a sad fact that we in Britain are brainwashed to a shocking degree from birth to death.......The media is the most powerful weapon and ‘agent of change’"

Hence why I no longer watch TV (don't have one), listen to the radio or read the newspapers.

"Many people live in fear of being labeled a ‘racist’ and as such it’s still a powerful form of (mind) control."

I no longer do RH. When in debate and someone calls me a racist I simply say "If by racism you refer to me as one who loves my culture, my people and what my ancestors did so that I could be free, as well as wanting to continue promoting this then I very much am. If however you automatically equate to me one who hates other races and cultures then you are not only exceptionally ignorant but very wrong indeed."

Anonymous said...

(Part 2)

"It seems what we are supposed to believe is Communism good, Fascism bad.....It appears that being able to label someone as a Fascist or Nazi immediately legitimizes the use of violence against them."

Ah yes the absurdity of this all. Communism, Fascism, Nazism are all merelyone side of a coin. All left wing ideologies. Nazism was running on a par with the Communists but Stalin was the one who started to disassociate communism with nazism/fascism and immediately set out on a mission to distance them with Hitler. I can only assume this so when Hitler took his stance on Jews as he did, upsetting the many Zionists controlling Russia at the time.

"The greatest irony is that the anti-Fascists are (most likely inadvertently in the main) helping to bring about a tyranny much worse than that they claim to oppose."

Hence the name anti fascist fascists. By promoting diversity and multiculturalism they actually contradict their own belief of indigenous rights, which once their belief has engulfed the UK it will set about doing the same in Africa, to which they won't have a leg to stand on in stopping it, seeing as they've quite happily (and unbelievably) allowed their own culture and peoples to be destroyed and ethnically cleansed.

"The difference is that Communism hasn’t been demonized to quite the same degree as Fascism. This is largely because Fascism has become (intentionally) associated with nationalism. Whereas Communism has been portrayed in a slightly better light as being essentially good intentioned (for the poor and the downtrodden) or not quite implemented properly. Both caricatures are wide of the mark."

It is ironic that Nationalists may seek to control the manufacturing, transport and health industries in order to better the lives of their workers work wise, yet one look at the Communist manifesto and not only does communism choose exactly the same, but seeks to control not just the public lives of its workers but their private lives also. - Manifesto of the Communist Party
I just don't think that the youngsters joining up to such organisations read the small print.

"Perhaps one more cause for suspicion is how the BNP have become so focused on the issue of Islam."

Hmm...yes quite! I still have the vision in my mind of Griffin as a youth shaking hands with Gadaffi, when they discussed the problem with Zionists. Odd how his stance has changed all of a sudden and his party starts to gain more support nationwide?

Anonymous said...

(Part 3)
"The BNP are playing a central part in slowly formenting this ‘clash’. I have to be honest at this point and say I’m no fan of Islam (quite the reverse, for reasons too many to list here) but it's obvious that Muslims are being manipulated into conflict with the West."

From being anti Islam I am now beginning to become more pro. I wouldn't convert for the simple reason that I see myself as a Christian, but when one looks at the media and society today it promotes what I can only say I've always been against:

Society promotes multiculturalism and diversity - Islam doesn't.
Society promotes feminism (misandry) - Islam doesn't.
Society promotes homosexuality - Islami doesn't.
Society promotes one parent families and demonization of the male - Islam doesn't.
Society promotes IVF for heterosexual and homosexual women - Islam doesn't
Society promotes homosexual families and marriage - Islam doesn't.
Society promotes disrespect for society and elders - Islam doesn't.
Society promotes the end of the traditional family - Islam doesn't.
Society promotes homosexual clergy - Islam doesn't.

I could go one RH, but the more I see the core principles of Islam the more I see its similarity to Christianity and the covenant. To say that I believe homosexuals and apostates should be killed I vehemently disagree but, promotion of homosexuality should never occur. Families/children for gays is also a big no no to me. They're gay. They choose to partner with the same sex, thus unable to reproduce naturally. I also vehemently disagree with IVF. If you can't have kids you can't have kids - end of. Whatever created us, I believe created infertile men and women, not forgetting homosexuality to curb population overgrowth. We're fighting against nature by promoting gay marriage, gay families and IVF.

"There are a great many in this country for whom the BNP is the one remaining hope for salvation."

Yes. Many of those are oblivious to what's really going on. Some are very aware of Zionism, but most have jumped on the Islamic hatred bandwagon, continuously being promoted on the BNP website. Many are also very aware that 9/11 and 7/7 were inside jobs yet they still support the BNP who are pro official 9/11 and 7/7 in order to support their Islamic hatred agenda.
Now, it's obvious that if Muslims continue to procreate at the rate they are then Islamisation is inevitable, as it's highly unlikely that they'll embrace (my above list) of what society promotes in our decadent 21st century, communist, multicultural and cultural and moral relative inspired state.

Anonymous said...

(Part 4)

"The truth is rather less appealing. We are being led like blind donkeys into an Orwellian hell."

And the people have no care, no interest and continue to be spoon fed the propaganda by the MSM while they become addicted to deadhead, celebrity culture and football obsession.

"For example there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ethnic minority only organisations (many government funded) whereas any attempt to do something similar for the native English, Scots, Irish and Welsh would be greeted by screams of ‘racist’ or ‘extremist’"

This is very much the agenda RH. It is making the indigenous majority feel utterly helpless and rams the message home that it is futile to even combat against it. As you said, screams of racist, extremist, fascist and bigot are widely used. The state now intervenes in removing people from jobs if they disagree with the 'offical stance' they promote on multiculuralism and minority supremacy. Their attack is a psychological one as you say. They're hoping people will just give in, whereas I'm hoping they'll fight, tooth and nail if needs be to stop this descent into a new Feudal society.

" Albert Pike, mentioned above, spoke of how the human race was “to be integrated into a mass of mongrelised humanity and enslaved body, mind and soul.”"

And it still amazes me how the supporters on both sides of the political spectrum can't see this. Divide and conquer is played out all over the UK on a regular basis.

I'll leave the quoting there RH as you've done a sterling job to which I can't fault a word. The bottom line is simple - education and knowledge will defeat the NWO, but it will mean throwing out the TV's the radios and ending the purchase of newspapers and magazines that support and promote the NWO agenda. It's tough at the start as you ostracise yourself from your peers, but the time you waste watching drivel on the TV, you put to better use reading and educating yourself. I do not miss the TV one bit and only wish I'd never started watching it, well, stopped early 80's when TV stopped being educational.

We can't take the NWO head on as they're too powerful but we have to chip away at the base of their pillar of control until it all comes tumbling down.

Let's just hope that the message gets out before they have total control of the internet which seems very soon coming.

Harry J said...

Thanks H,

I have to confess that one of the worst aspects of the broader 'New World Order' agenda is having to witness the slow destruction of this country. Of itself mass immigration is neither moral or necessary. When on top of that you understand the agenda and realise it's role in it, it becomes even harder to take in.

There have been many people I know who've said I can't investigate the NWO because it's too scary or they haven't time. They just seem content to shove their heads in the sand and hope for the best. I presume that hope is that someone else will do something about it.

Only when you study it in depth, making an effort to cross reference and look at different sources does a clearer picture emerge. It's quite staggering to be honest.

I wanted to get that post off my chest (so to speak) so I can move on to my next project. I want to do a sort of 'punk fanzine' that will involve various bloggers doing articles on NWO related subjects. The first issue will be a sort of beginners guide. The idea is to create a downloadable PDF document that 'activists' will be encouraged to photocopy and disperse. Maybe you fancy contributing?

Incidentally, I think you're correct about Africa being next on the list. I read somewhere, a while ago, that the idea is that the Chinese will move there in numbers. I wish I'd bookmarked the article.

Harry J said...

I commented after seeing parts 1 and 2 and I've just spotted part 3 and 4.

Of all the 'mind control systems' that masquerade as religions, Islam is by far my least favourite. Islam is the only one that doesn't follow the 'Golden Rule' (do unto others as you would have them do unto you).

I think there's a difference between the state manipulating a multicultural society for its own ends and just leaving people to their own devices to do as they freely wish. Of course that doesn't mean that society shouldn't have a moral code of some sort.

For years ours was intricately linked to Christianity. Although I would include Christianity as another 'mind control system' I suspect that's more to do with the PTB tampering with 'the message' so to speak. I suspect there's much truth within the Bible. The difficulty is sorting the 'wheat from the chaff'. It appears Common Law was based on Bible teachings. As you know this is under attack as well.

Feminism and homosexuality are two of the areas that are being used by the 'cultural Marxists' to demoralise and undermine society. For me this is a question of balance. Feminism, or at least women's rights, was a legitimate struggle in the age of the patriarchy. As with homosexuality the balance has gone much too far the other way. What someone does in the privacy of their own home is their concern.

It's the relentless promotion of it that causes the problems. Teaching young schoolchildren about it when they are at such an impressionable age, seems quite wrong to me. This is merely one facet of the promotion of sex to young kids which is designed to give them an unhealthy fixation on it. There's much more I could write on this subject. Have you read much by Henry Makow? He goes into these subjects in great detail.

I'm with you on gay adoption and IVF treatment for homosexual couples. Children need a male and a female parent. Obviously this doesn't happen in the case of a divorced or deceased parent but it's not for the state to mandate otherwise in regards to adoption.

I hadn't got a problem with IVF for heterosexual couples. At least with certain age restrictions. Have I missed something?

Many of the other things you list regarding Islam are of equal concern to most other religions as well as many within secular society. Yes, there are some good aspects to Islam but it's the rest that I don't like and want any part of.

In essence you could argue it's between common law and sharia law. I know which I prefer.

Anonymous said...


You're welcome.
For me, not only witnessing the destruction of the UK physically (buildings nowadays are hideous which is odd that if Freemasons are running the show you'd think they'd at least make the buildings look nice with their stonemasonry secrets being put to use) but seeing people turn into pd people, controlled, mindless automatons, completely bereft of beauty (art and music), knowledge and understanding of reality.

Taking on the NWO is almost impossible. You could very well disappear, hence getting together a party to overthrow them would be like stepping into a pool of hydrochloric acid.
The only way to defeat the NWO in my opinion is mass education of the public and I think your fanzine would be a great idea of which I may very well contribute. I've actually been toying with the idea of putting something together as well up here in Scotland and posting it through letterboxes of people with "photocopy and pass on" emboldened on the front. Of course it would be free.

Once you start scratching the surface of reality and digging deep it can be traumatising once you realise just what's been going on. At first it did screw me up but like a cold it passed and I'm digging deeper and deeper everyday, understanding more and more. It is staggering as you say, at first a blank page with a few dots that starts emerging into a picture clear for all to see.

Regarding Africa, what I heard about it was that China was moving in to take control and that Al Qaeda were getting bigger there to counter this, of course controlled by the Americans (Britain/NWO etc). Who knows, but what I do know is that the EU-ification of Africa is certain along with North and South America, until we have a series of massive conglomerated states with no borders that will all eventually emerge, with one ruling elite, no doubt in either Israel or Rome.

Anonymous said...


As I said I would classify myself as a Christian but in the manner of Christ, not the church, that is the business built up around his teachings in order to profit and control others.

I don't think anyone should be stopped from pursuing their dreams but since the civil rights and feminist movements were created by the NWO in order to destroy the family and get the other half of the population paying taxes, we find ourselves in the situation where those women who do want to be mothers cannot be for the simple reason costs are far too high and thus have to join the workforce with their partners in order to make ends meet. This as you know puts pressure on the family, just what the NWO want.

I've read some Henry Makow and he has written some very good articles. Have you read any Brother Nathanael Kapner, the former Jew, now converted to Christianity who exposes the Zionist World Order in the USA? He's certainly in a mission and does come up with some rather interesting stories.

The reason I've got a problem with IVF is because it's 100% unnatural. I come from the simple belief in that the reason we have homosexuals and infertile men and women is in order to stop population explosion. One thing the NWO does know about, which I do agree with is and is simple common sense is that if the human race continues growing as it is (Asian and Africans having large families) then eventually our population will become so large that other forms of life won't be able to exist due to loss of habitat because of humanity's expansion. Thus we kill other species to the detriment of our survival and eventually won't have enough land to sustain our growth.

When you look at the white population it's around 8% of the world population that's vastly outgrowing us every second of the day. So what do you do?
The evolving of humanity - better science, medicine etc etc has had the opposite effect. I believe that the reason we have diseases is to maintain a human population balance on earth. Thus, by inventing medicine to prolongue life and stop people from dying when they should we are creating massive future population problems.

Thus with IVF, it's unnatural and allowing people children who were simply not supposed to have them. There are children they can adopt and I really don't care what people may say, a father/mother is someone who fathers/mothers a child. That is someone who looks after them, feeds them, clothes them, educates them, protects them and loves them. Many people will sire children but never be parents while many people will be parents but never sire children.
Ironically this argument is exactly what the pro homosexual families will use, stating that as long as a parent does the aforementioned it really doesn't matter whether they're hetero or homosexual. Of course my argument is a simple one - "those unable to have children naturally, that is copulating with a member of the opposite sex and choosing to live as a mother and father simply should never be parents." Out comes the usual moral relativism bollocks and everyone should be equal crap but that's sadly the way our society has devolved.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

(Part Two)

The simple thing is that people should know their boundaries and people should know that should they choose to couple with members of the same sex, they should not choose to have families.
Were laws to be brought in destroying IVF, sperm donation then homosexuals would not be able to have children. Of course as much as I do not want to ban anyone from doing anything in life, I would make it law that homosexuals should not be allowed to be parents. Thus it means that should a homosexual woman or man choose to relax their choice of partner and couple with a member of the opposite sex until pregnant, then this would also be banned. It makes me angry, because I'm not one for restricting others anything, but I just wish that homosexuals would take the stance of Reg in his debate with Stan (Loretta) in Monty Python's Life of Brian. That is "you're a man you can't HAVE children, where's the foetus going to gestate, in a cardboard box?"

Put simply RH, I believe in the natural evolution of things. I don't really believe in prolonging life. When your number's up it's up. I don't believe in sex change operations either. I find that the promotion of homosexuality in schools to children will confuse many and turn many homosexual who are not, or at least bisexual. And I believe this also part of the Frankfurt's School's destruction of western society.

Finally regarding Islam, well I don't believe in Sharia Law either, hence the rise of Islam in the West. Common Law is part of our culture and therefore if you don't follow common law then you most certainly are not of our culture. Then again, Muslims (non indigenous) are therefore not British nor ever will be, along with indigenous who choose not to live under common law, our cultures and traditions. That however is another long story, the simple way of defining Britishness and who is and who isn't British.

Islam has many good qualities and its culture is very similar to what our culture was 50+ years ago. It is easy to look at the radicalisation of Islam in the West because of history and its global Jihad, but in all reality, it is the way it is in the west because of foreign policy. Islam is in the west because our traitorous politicians allowed them here without our permission. And I really couldn't give a flying monkey's poo what people will say about society because if you allow other cultures and peoples into your land, allow them to grow and live by their own culture and segregate themselves from society then you are creating future bloodshed. Thus, best situation is not to have any immigration, because no matter how one may want to be British, unless you have common ancestry, cultural and tribal connections with the people of the UK (and Europe) you never will be, nor will your future generations. As much as I disagree with the BNP, their policy on race and indigenous Britons is 100% correct, for the simple reason it's down right common sense.

Harry J said...


It seems fairly obvious that the PTB have a population reduction agenda. As you say it doesn't make sense to keep on increasing the world's population for a variety of reasons. Having said that I think we could do that sensibly if we weren't at the mercy of the machinations of the PTB. I'm sure we could eradicate diseases and evolve to a level where we had a sensible population policy if we were given the chance. What we definitely don't need is the PTB taking it upon themselves to reduce the population by whatever malign methods they devise.

It's a difficult one IVF. As I said, I don't agree with it for homosexual couples pretty much for the reasons you stated. On the other hand if heterosexual couples, who for some reason can't have children, could benefit I'm not as convinced as you that it isn't beneficial. Of course in these perverse times that would be classed as discrimination when it's only really common sense. A child should have a mother and a father. Doesn't it seem strange to have to argue that point.

The PTB know all about Islam. It's history and basic tenets. They are using it as a means of 'changing' (haven't we heard that word a lot recently) us, that is the native British.

Sorry H, but I'm afraid I have to disagree with you in regards to Islam, though I agree it's been manipulated in recent years and not just by those in the 'West'. You may find the link below interesting.

Although, as I said, I'm no fan of Islam and I think it's deeply flawed, I think Muslims should be free to come to their own conclusions about it and develop a spirituality that suits them and their culture. I'd also like to see a similar thing for us in Britain if, God willing, we are able to defeat the NWO agenda. I find the idea of an elite controlled and manipulated (false) religion/spirituality one of the most frightening aspects of the agenda. If only people truly understood what was happening.

Have a good weekend,


BritishActivism said...

Hi there Harry. I saw your comment and read your article earlier. I thought I would drop you a small reply to let you know I have read it and that I was not ignoring your message!

I have not got much time this evening to do a deconstruction or a reply it deserves, but in the short, I think there are a lot of valid points made in the piece, especially on how society is shaped and what some of those issues are.

I also agree that Islam is a threat, and how it is also simultaneously a tool introduced to this country for ulterior purposes.

I am not all that convinced about the BNP aspect though, but you do make a decent case for it.

Even if it was true, forgive my insolence when I question what we are supposed to have as an alternative system (or movement) and what we are to do about it all anyway.....

This is because I see little alternative at this time, and in my very shorthanded thought this evening, would it not be at least better to risk the movement gathering its own legs under the present state of affairs {despite it being somewhat controlled} than have no credible or identifiable movement emerging at all?

For example, I have done a round trip myself - starting off crudely against Islam and(at the time) being pro-race mixing 'not having a problem with blacks' etc, trying to prove the BNP wrong (dis associate myself from their views), to then actually supporting the BNP, understanding what is actually at foot, then doing an about turn on my liberal youth views, being harder line on race and such - then eventually going further to think and realise why it might be being done.....which is some of what we seem to be talking about in here.

Isn't this exact process what we need people to be doing, irrespective of party political ambitions?

This is perhaps why I see the BNP as a vehicle to set something in motion - rather than a means of 'power' in itself. If the messages are pushed out, it will become its own memento and out of the hands of those who may be guiding it presently.

Admittedly, I haven't been all that active lately, and have not got around to navigating the different pockets of your site - but have you got a workable and viable alternative to the present situation? That is often the missing component whenever such topics come around.

It is always interesting to read something different and to have different possibilities and concepts opened up.

I had not given it much thought before, and I think I would have to give some proper thought to it to understand my own views on the matter.

So, thanks for the nod, Harry.

For the most part, I do actually agree with the wider article. I also agree (and have always thought it strange) about Mark Collet being the Cheshire cat with nine lives.

I had previously put this down to perhaps Griffin seeing some of himself in his youth - and the comradeship they needed to have during being tried in court together, facing several years in custody. Misguided friendship and support at the expense of the party electability..... for the Radio1 incident, the BNP is renowned for its "any publicity is good publicity" attitude - and do not seem to mind creating controversy and "stunts" to get itself in the news media.

But then again, that might lead to more credence for the case you make lol....

Bye for now, and I have added the site to my bookmarks.



Anonymous said...


Population control and IVF are inextricably linked. I suppose we're going to have to disagree on this one as I never have, nor will agree with IVF, surrogacy or any form of artificial insemination/sperm and egg donation regardless.

It is understandable that 2nd 3rd world countries' occupants always had larger families. This as you know was down to such a high infant mortality rate. The very fact that they never had access to medicine caused this. Now what we have are 3rd world occupants moving to the 1st world, bringing their 3rd world culture/ideology with them, getting access to 1st world health-care and out populating the indigenous population, which will automatically mean that some time in the future our land turns into the one they've left!

Regarding Islam, I see the situation that they are doing what all religions so when they spread to other lands. They believe their religion is better than the one already there and will do their best to promote it. This was why you had government there to make sure immigrants left their cultures and religions behind when coming to the UK. Governments of late have done the exact opposite, all in the name of cultural and moral relativism, which any half wit knows will one day come to conflict and bloodshed.

It depends what kind of society we want to live in doesn't it? Britain is a democracy and now we are at the situation where we will be destroyed by our own invention. A democracy, as you know is all about the majority having rule over the minority and does nothing whatsoever to promote minority rights over the majority, although that went to the bin with Labour and the last 13 years.
What will happen is simple, Islam will grow, become the majority and then have the option of destroying democracy and institute a religiousocracy.
It's all about mindset and where British people are. Personally, I'd like to see Islamisation because then it will make people think and realise how f*cking ignorant and stupid they've been. They may then think about retaking back their society from the religious zealots who now control it, but it's going to be a struggle and they are the minority compared to a Muslim majority THEY IN THEIR IGNORANCE ALLOWED TO GROW TO THEIR SIZE I might add.

Some serious thinking and changes need to take place in the UK and the world for that matter. I think it's high time we removed our democracy or at least start removing those who shouldn't be there (Oooh you fascist, who do you choose? Who gives you the right to choose? This is the inevitable argument that would ensue) or else the future is one big problem and no doubt death to the caucasian peoples of the UK and Europe and then we fall to the mercy of the non indigenous. Will they have the same compassion we showed them? I doubt it quite frankly.

Harry J said...

BA, thanks for your considered reply.

As I said in the article, in researching the NWO I came to the conclusion that it was very real and it was happening now. Their 'modus operandi' was always to infiltrate and control any potential opposition. Taking that into account, if you were going to destroy the nation of Britain, including England, as one part of a broader drive for world government you would expect an attempt at organised resistance. That resistance would be nationalist, anti-EU and anti-immigration. That is the BNP.

Now I have a deeper understanding of 'the game' I can't help but view the BNP leadership in a different light. I see there's some major factional in-fighting, again. Not being a member and merely an outside observer who's also sympathetic to many of the BNP's policies, I have to view Nick Griffin's handling of the party with deep suspicion.

So what's the alternative? Well firstly I'd like to see more BNP members aware of (what I consider to be) the bigger picture. They need to hold the leadership to account. I'm sure that if the BNP were ever to be led by an articulate, knowledgeable person without any of the 'baggage' that Griffin carries they would become enormously successful, very quickly. The PTB know this which is why the BNP has to be controlled and held back (see present in-fighting). Good, well meaning people, need to get hold of the party.

Secondly, I'd say to all BNP members, don't put all your 'eggs in one basket'. Explore other avenues of resistance. Personally I think our whole political system is corrupt to the core and any attempt at salvation via that route is doomed. At least in the short term.

I'd love to see a grass roots pressure group formed that would tackle the issues of political correctness, mass immigration and multiculturism. This could be used to not only inform and educate but to hold the BNP to account in certain areas.

The reason why the 'left' won't share a platform with the BNP is that many of these issues cannot withstand serious scrutiny. I hope that my article gives you just a few examples of how these things can be exposed for what they really are.

In addition, there are numerous other reasons why mass immigration is a bad idea. Overcrowding being the main one. We should be knocking down these high rise sink estates not filling them full of immigrants. Such a scenario is bad for all concerned.

Other avenues include 'lawful rebellion' and pressure for complete reform of the (criminal) criminal banking system.

Any investigation into our present banking system soon reveals it as the scam that it is. This is absolutely fundamental to 'their' control structure and is the fuel that is driving globalism. Never a mention of any of this from Nick Griffin and no mention in the economic policy section of their website either. I don't think for one second that Griffin isn't aware of it. This should be the main issue for any politician that cares for Britain let alone a supposedly nationalist one.

Anyway, thanks again for responding. The point of the article was to try and show another perspective. I'm just as concerned with you about what's happening in this country which is why I wrote it.

Let's hope we find a way to stop this madness.

Good luck with your endeavours,


Harry J said...


As I'm sure you know, immigrants are just pawns in the game and as much victims of the PTB as us. They've been willfully encouraged here in order to create the problems that will then require 'change', which in turn will see a variety of social engineering programs ensue. The end result being their 'New World Order'.

In regards to Islam, again the PTB know exactly what they are doing. They're many things but they are not stupid. It remains to be seen what their intentions are. Perhaps this is part of a long term plan to destroy Britain. It certainly could be. Then again, if you read the link to the Albert Pike letter in the post then you'll see a suggestion that Islam is being set up for a conflict that it is intended will see them destroyed. Either way it's not a pretty picture and those in control of this country have a great deal to answer for.

As for democracy I recently saw an interview with Edward G Griffin where he explained why the elites love it so much. They feel more than able to manipulate the opinions of the majority. In terms of the overall agenda this has been made even easier by the introduction of so many immigrants.

In the same video he explained the benefits of a true republic which guarantees the rights of all. Something along those lines is where we should be headed. I'm sure it's only frustration and anger that makes you think otherwise.

The future is certainly that of minority status for the native people of Europe. The intent being, amongst other things, to suppress the greatest threat to the NWO. That people can't see that or even welcome it absolutely staggers me.

Anonymous said...


I see the Islam situation as a three pronged assault on Britain which will:

1. Slowly destroy the very foundations of Britain, Britons and their culture in order to destroy all opposition to the Marxist NWO.

2. Create serious anger and social unrest, thus enabling the PTB to introduce draconian laws in order to destroy our liberties completely thus programming future generations into believing that freedom is slavery.

3. Gain support for war against Islam, WW3 and a drastic reduction in the population, simply because of the OIL boom of the 19th Century that caused world societies to explode in numbers that an earth couldn't sustain.

I don't think the PTB are stupid, far from it. Something that's taken them this long to achieve, they've obviously looked at every possible angle in order to succeed and not fail.

Having just read Confronting Collapse by Michael Ruppert, it's put a whole now perspective upon reality for me. It's made me think of the energy situation which in reality has made me see that much of what I've written about shades in comparison and may never happen due to the energy crisis and total change everyone is about to experience that could be as drastic for the Human Race as the meteor that hit earth for the dinosaurs, or so Ruppert says.

You are very correct. Nothing at all can stop the future of whites being minorities within their lands and nothing maddens and saddens me more to see guilt indoctrinated, white aotomatons, happily helping to see this be so. There is simply no race in this world whose people's would turn against their own as whites have done. It truly staggers me, hence why I'm now an advocate of white pride worldwide, for the simple reason I do not want to see the destruction of my people, although, I must say, all these morons, I've just spoken of would be better off not here.

I now embrace the word racism and should anyone decide to lambaste me as such, I'll explain I'm proud of my race, culture and traditions, seek to promote that amongst my people and they are badly mistaken if they think I hate non whites and their cultures, because I'm proud of being white. It's about balancing the status quo and if non whites can promote their ethnicity, although worldwide far larger than the indigenous Britons, then I can damn, bloody well say that "White Pride Worldwide!"

Anonymous said...

Amazing post. I support the BNP and I do hope you are wrong. If you are wrong then I can say they are the ONLY resistance against the NWO.

I never blame immigrants of any race or culture, far from it. I am a 21st century Nationalist and Spiritualist fighting the New World Order.

Stop conforming to the NWO, this will bring it down. Don't go to work lol. In the mean time vote BNP with hope?

Harry J said...

Anon, thanks for the comment.

The BNP presently seems to be in meltdown and that's in no small part down to Nick Griffin. The one thing the elites fear is an organised resistance to their malign agenda which is why they have almost certainly controlled and weakened the BNP. I'm afraid I see no hope in the BNP in regards to 'bringing down' the NWO.

xGxHxBx said...

Come one, it's ridiculous. Have you even read historical books? All secret societys through the years since Middle Ages want to destroy Vatican, especially Bavarian Illuminati, Thule Society which made NSDAP part want to destroy Vatican, that's why Hitler need support of Protestant society, so how Vatican can support NWO or Freemasony and how Pope is Illuminati or freemason? Pope impose excommunication for belong to the Freemasons or Illuminati.

Harry J said...

xGxHxBx, the hidden manoeuvres and deception of the Vatican and its interactions with various secret societies are well documented elsewhere. Of course they openly deny this, as would be expected. The evidence for the occult and pagan nature of the Roman Catholic church, even from its very inception, is overwhelming.

Far from trying to destroy the Vatican it was the Catholic church that was instrumental in bringing the Nazi's to power. That Catholic controlled Zentrum party voted for the enabling act. Shortly after the Vatican signed a concordat with the Nazi's, essentially ensuring Catholic support for them in Germany.

As for the Vatican and Freemasonry.

"He chose to be known as Pope John Paul II. On Nov. 27, 1983, he issued a Papal Bull which legalized secret society membership for Roman Catholics.

He brought world peace through ecumenism. It was on October 27, 1986 that he gathered religious leaders of other faiths to pray for the world at Assissi… Hindus, Moslems, Shintoists, Zorastrians and African animists. Only the Evangelical Protestants declined by saying that the act is unbiblical. When the Pope visited India, he allowed himself to be given the mark of Aarti on his forehead by Shiva, a Hindu priestess."

You can see the picture here.

Remember, the attributes of Shiva are well known and sinister. The Pope apparently sees nothing wrong with accepting a mark in association with this dark Hindu god of destruction.

Here are a few more links you may find interesting.

I'll leave you with a quote from American historian, James Parton.

"...if you trace up Masonry, through all its Orders, till you come to the grand tip-top, head Mason of the World, you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits] are one and the same person."

CS said...

You say,

"throughout history the elite controllers of the enslavement system we live in have always planned very far ahead and attempted (and usually succeeded) in controlling both sides of any situation"

It seems that is the way things are managed in this era of plutocracy dressed as democracy, but I don't think such a system of control was even possible throughout most ages of history.

As a purely practical matter, it would be difficult to run a complex conspiracy without telephones, encrypted email, and multi-billion dollar security service budgets.

Certainly, none of the great historians refer to such a conspiratorial interpretation of the main pre-20th century events.

I think it is a mistake to say that communism and facism are two sides of the same coin. They are both totalitarian, but communism was always a conspiracy for global empire and as such has always sought to destroy the nations of the earth, e.g., Stalin's forced migration of peoples within the Soviet Union.

The fascists on the other hand were strongly proponents of their own nationality. The Germans under Hitler did not seek global empire, they sought Liebensraum in central Europe for occupation by Germans. The Italians, likewise, wanted space for Italian settlement in N. Africa.

However, the fact that Hitler was a nationalist does not make an opponent of the genocide of their own race a Nazi, as most of the lib-left, as exemplified by the Guardian newspaper, seem to quite stupidly believe.

The absurdity of the advocacy of diversity as a justification of mass immigration is that mass migration results in the opposite of diversity, i.e., miscegenation and a new uniformity.

If you've ever delighted in a Vietnamese girl's beautiful nose, you should be glad that when she was conceived her mother wasn't shagging a hairy big-nosed American.

If you love diversity, you must oppose mass migration and the destruction of the beautiful diversity of the nations of humanity.

Harry J said...

I take your point regarding the internationalism of Communism but really the two systems blur in many key areas.

As for the practicalities of a complex conspiracy before the 20th century it certainly didn't prevent the 'British' (the Crown/City of London) conspiring to create the Empire. Or indeed the Papacies machinations in their desire for temporal and spiritual control of the world. Things were very different then and moved much more slowly.

One of the saddest things is how the 'left' equate nationalism with Nazism. Such is the manipulation of language in the 'perception management' of the ruling 'elite'.



CS said...

"One of the saddest things is how the 'left' equate nationalism with Nazism. "

If you are a totalitarian one of the most important differences between a Commie and a Nazi is in their view on the question of nationality.

the Commies want to mongrelize the human race and dominate all as one happy, or more likely unhappy, family, whereas the the Nazis wanted to enslave or exterminate "inferior" races to make way for more Germans.

So leftists who equate nationalism with Nazism are people who view the world through totalitarian eyes.

To a democrat, things look very different. Democracies are fundamentally nationalistic because the people naturally wish the government to rule in their interest, i.e., they want the government to preserve and protect the nation.

So when the liberal left equate nationalism with Nazism, they are revealing their contempt for democracy. And their contempt for democracy has practical expression when the people indicate a desire not to be replaced by people from elsewhere.

There is nothing sad about the way in which the leftist elite abuse nationalists as Nazis, it is simply an expression of utter hatred for the democratic spirit and of a determination to impose a totalitarian regime very similar to that of the Soviet Union.

Fortunately, the whole EU project appears to be falling apart as we speak!

CS said...

Re: the 'British' (the Crown/City of London) conspiring to create the Empire.

This is not the usual interpretation. The empire, it has often been remarked was created in a fit of absence of mind!

Certainly the merchants and bankers of London were keen to make money, which is why they created the British East India Company, the South Seas Company, The Hudson Bay Company, etc. But these things would have happened with or without the elected municipal government of the City of London.

It was the monarch, not the municipal government, that dispensed the charters that gave rise to these monopoly owning trading companies.

But in fact, the rise of the empire had more to do with Britain's unique geographic position in Europe.

As an offshore island, Britain required no standing army. With no standing army, a totalitarian government was impossible. This is what gave Parliament the edge in its struggle with the Stuart kings.

Once Parliament had relieved the monarch of absolute authority, it asserted the interests of the landowning members of Parliament. Thus Parliament enacted legislation permitting enclosure of common land. Enclosure of the common land made it worthwhile to invest capital in agricultural improvements. This increased the profits of the landowners and created surplus rural population that moved to the cities and became the industrial proletariat.

The landowners invested their excess profits in canals and later railways in mines and in factories. Thus Britain achieve the industrial revolution before any continental power.

With wealth from industry and money saved through not having a standing army, Britain was able to equip the world's most powerful navy. This gave her control of the World's oceans during the age of colonization. Meantime, by making small investments in continental wars, Britain could play the balance of power game on the continent without risk of payback since her control of the English Channel made invasion impossible.

The continental powers were unable to compete with Britain in the struggle for the best colonies both because their naval power was inferior and because they had to invest so heavily in territorial defense.

And once Britain had established its Caribbean and American colonies, it generated huge revenues from cotton, sugar, tobacco and rum. Thus Britain became enormously rich, enabling her to finance industrial development throughout the rest of the world.

In other words, the empire was nothing much to do with conspiracy, just a run of luck. Until the German Luftwaffe and V weapons ended Britain's invulnerability to foreign attack, she was on a 400-year roll.

This is all explained with greater eloquence and coherence in Carroll Quigley's stupendous work "Tragedy and Hope", a history of the world in modern times.

Harry J said...

I completely take your point regarding the totalitarian nature of the 'left' in its insistence on not only enforcing multiculturalism and mass immigration against the majority's wishes but also in its wicked demonisation of anyone who speaks out against them. One of the things I attempted to do in the 'Tower of Babel' post was to show the 'left' how they've been manipulated (brainwashed) into this curious position through years of indoctrination and propaganda. It seems to me our only hope is to try and engage the 'left', as opposed to attempting to 'take them on' directly and in the process inadvertently furthering the 'divide and rule' agenda the controlling 'elite' appears to be implementing. Of course it will have little effect on some but it may reach a significant number or at least ensure they cannot claim any sort of moral high ground.

It seems from my research that those who claim that Nazism and Communism were both created, funded and controlled by the same 'elites' have a strong case. The 'left' are being played like a fiddle. Communism as anti-fascism.

We'll see how the 'problems' the EU have are played out. My best guess is the 'solutions' will be more of the same.

Regarding the 'City' I think the contention is that it is rather more than a 'municipal government'. In terms of the Empire it was the City that funded it. The relationship between the Monarch and the Crown is still something of a mystery to me and one I haven't yet solved to my own satisfaction.

Your view of why Britain succeeded where others failed certainly has merit. My point regarding the Empire and conspiracies was that it was almost certainly initially instigated by an elite few who hoped to profit from it. In that sense it was an example of how such a conspiracy (a relative few conspiring together in order to profit themselves further) was possible without the various communication devices we take so much for granted in this day and age.

The infamous quote from Quigley's 'Tragedy and Hope' was:

"The powers of financial capitalism had (a) far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland; a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank... sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world."

Always the same game, just with different methods.



Anonymous said...

"Regarding the 'City' I think the contention is that it is rather more than a 'municipal government'. In terms of the Empire it was the City that funded it. The relationship between the Monarch and the Crown is still something of a mystery to me and one I haven't yet solved to my own satisfaction."

Do you not connect that since the banking families and monarchy are all inter married and via that nepotism, that this NWO is for their own benefit and a select few who will go along with them, but at the expense of the majority of people. As corrupt as the old British Empire was, it’s become much worse with more and more influence of the bankers over the Brits and others.

Harry J said...

I can certainly see that connection Anon. What I meant was that some would have you believe that the Monarch is subservient to the Crown and little more than a convenient front. Others go as far as to say that the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's are the pinnacle of it all. Of course both are culpable but I'm just not sure what the correct pecking order is.

CS said...

"the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's are the pinnacle of it all"

Nah, Parliament rules and has done very largely since the time of George I, who spent most of his English reign not in England but in Hanover.

George III managed to piss-off the Americans, but the long reign of the simple-minded Victoria enabled Parliament, and the financial forces behind it, to gather up essentially all power.

Today the politicians are so jealous of the privileges of the monarch that they have deprived the Queen of a yacht and compelled her to pay taxes, which is an absurdity since taxes are collected in the name of the Crown, i.e., the monarch.

The role of the British monarch was well explained by Bagehot when he said that people are ruled not by their imagination but by their lack of it. By which he meant that the monarch provides a focus of national loyalty while the fellows on the back of the Clapham omnibus (this was 1851, and he was referring to the men in Whitehall, i.e., the bureaucrats who provided the brains behind the politicians) make the decisions

Anonymous said...

"Nah, Parliament rules and has done very largely since the time of George I, who spent most of his English reign not in England but in Hanover.

George III managed to piss-off the Americans, but the long reign of the simple-minded Victoria enabled Parliament, and the financial forces behind it, to gather up essentially all power."

Over banking families and royals that go back centuries? That’s like that fake John Harris saying that policies don't have royal/banking assent.

CS said...

The Royal assent (according to Wikipedia):

"The granting of royal assent refers to the method by which any constitutional monarch formally approves and promulgates an act of his or her nation's parliament, thus making it a law. In the vast majority of contemporary monarchies, this act is considered to be little more than a formality; even in those nations which still permit their ruler to withhold the royal assent (such as the United Kingdom, Norway and Liechtenstein), the monarch almost never does so save in a dire political emergency (see reserve power), or upon the advice of his or her government."

I believe this is correct. Use of the "reserve power" by the monarch would create a constitutional crisis. The reserve power might be used by a monarch who believed that there action would receive the support of the vast majority of the public, e.g., in the event the Government sought to act in a clearly illegal or unconstitutional way. But the outcome would be very uncertain and if the monarch's action failed to accomplish its intended purpose, it would almost certainly result in the overthrow of the monarchy.

But there is no other mechanism by which the monarch can affect policy. The dispensing power, i.e., the power of the monarch to make law by proclamation ended with the reign of James II.

Harry J said...

CanSpeccy, it's a tangled web that is hard to see through. The perspective of those who see the Queen et al as the pinnacle is a slightly different one. They would suggest that the 'bureaucrats' are merely in service of the 'financial forces' who in turn are deferential to the ruling 'bloodlines'. The argument is that it is this, largely European, 'bloodline 'elite', of the royal and aristocratic variety, that really call the shots. In this hierarchy the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas are at or near the pinnacle. Who knows, maybe they are. We should treat the establishment 'historians' who tell us how it is (or how they'd like us to think it is) with a degree of caution I think.

Anonymous said...

I've spent some time reading and enjoying your illuminating articles and I've little doubt that much of the content is true in respect of 'controlled opposition'.

But, it is over-ridingly negative and depressing in that the only conclusion that may be drawn is that essentially ALL opposition is 'controlled' - and that no sincere opposition, nor people, exist.

Do you have any more positive points to add, or, as in the words of the Scottish guy in "Dads Army"......."We're all Doomed, - DOOOMED, I tell you!"

Harry J said...

Anon, you make a very fair observation. I'm trying to finish an article on this subject at the moment. Sadly the conclusion is that at least most of the high profile opposition is controlled. As you say, this is a depressing conclusion. Personally I'm grateful for at least realising this much. Tying my colours to Brian Gerrish's, David Icke's or even Nick Griffin's mast was going to get me absolutely nowhere.

What we should realise though is that there are indeed many, many sincere people who are indeed 'opposed' to all that is happening. It's precisely because the PTB (or whatever you wish to call them) foresaw this happening that they've provided our 'leaders' for us.

Do I have any positive points to add? Well we're not finished yet and Their 'game' is becoming apparent. A wider realisation of this may yet spark more grassroots resistance. I have a germ of an idea that I'll hopefully float sometime soon. How about you? Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

We are the innocents, we are being manipulated. they are the the illuminated ones, the smart guys.

Why don't we make power and money to defend our ground.

Anonymous said...

In response to Harbinger:

Islam may appear good but it's persecution and murder of anyone non-muslim, violence toward women, sexual abuse of children, legal marriage to a child of 5 and so on, makes it so much worse than anything else I have ever known.

These are the sort of things that most other religions abandoned centuries ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry,

I have just finished reading your article, something which I can truly describe as very intellectual and accurate. It's gave me the same level of insight into the subject of the NWO as a well-written book which you perhaps may or may not have yet come across. It's a book written by Christopher Story in 2002 titled, "The European Union Collective, Enemy of its Member States". This book describes the EU as nothing other than a vehicle for the Leninist Revolutionary long-range strategy, which the Leninist strategists actually created as they planned for over 30 years from the late 1950s, under the leadership of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, the controlled "collapse" of the Soviet Union, which as we know was completed under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev.

The EU, which Gorbachev has more recently and accurately called the "Great European Soviet", exists as part of a global Leninist conspiracy to destroy the nation state, collectivise every aspect of human life, and create a one-world socialist (communist) government as a result of what the genuine Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn predicted to be the "Second October Revolution". If you haven't yet read Story's book, I would highly recommend it, so that you may further understand the true nature and provenance of the EU, NWO and how the West truly lost the "Cold War" - which itself was a dialectical ploy. Unfortunately, the West has been tricked into believing that they had won the Cold War when the fake "collapse" occurred between 1989 and 1991.

What we have now in our days is an insidious and unperceived enemy who are furthering Lenin's diabolical conspiracy against the nation state, and are relentlessly striving for a single European political space that stretches from the Atlantic to Vladivostok on the East coast of Siberia, with Moscow being the planned capital, and not Brussels. This, of course, is the inevitable transition towards a one-world communist government. This book describes just one facet of the World Leninist Revolution launched under Khrushchev in the late 1950s.

sjacrane said...
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Anonymous said...

One of the other facets of the Leninist long-range revolutionary strategy include drugs, especially narcotics, which had always been a Soviet-Chinese joint intelligence operation from the very start. This satanic conspiracy to destabilise the West was first conceived by Mao Tse Tung in the 1930s, who used opium against his opponents to successfully establish Marxism-Leninism throughout China, and then was eventually launched by the Soviets under Khrushchev as a worldwide covert offensive against the West from the late 1950s onwards. This is described in great detail in a brilliant book written by American analyst Joseph D. Douglass Jr. titled "Red Cocaine".

GRU (Russian Military Intelligence), are believed to be the leading covert intelligence force behind both international drug trafficking and false flag "Islamic terrorism" activities. The Soviets (and "post" Soviets) and Red China have been careful enough to use surrogate states (i.e. Columbia, Mexico, Afghanistan, etc) for their drug offensive operations against the West in order for their strategy to remain undiscovered.

Another facet of this same global Leninist long-range revolutionary strategy is mind-control drugs, as part of their chemical war offensive. Another brilliantly researched book was written by the same Joseph D. Douglass Jr. titled, "Betrayed", which details how both the Korean and Vietnam wars were nothing more than a treacherous plan by the American government to provide the Soviets with an abundant supply of American servicemen to be used as guinea pigs in the USSR, North Korea and North Vietnam for the testing of Soviet mind-control drugs, lethal poisons and chemical and nuclear weapons. How else were they going to improve upon one of their most favoured methods of statecraft to a unimaginably sophisticated degree? There had to be human sacrifice on an enormous scale, as is always the true result of the Communist cause, and the American government has simply covered up this treacherous crime against their own people ever since.

Anonymous said...

Yet another facet is the cultural hegemony of "garbage" values first conceived by the founder of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci. He envisioned the use of cultural institutions for the direct manipulation of Western minds, especially young minds, and to replace beautiful and worthy ideals with ugliness and worthlessness. This subversion of the arts and other cultural institutions seems to have the same provenance as that of the other facets of the Leninist Revolution. This is because the Leninist strategists under Khrushchev willingly took on Gramsci's idea for the purpose of their long-range strategy to subvert the West, and create a "common-mind" that would be devoid of any real appreciation for traditional values or lofty ideals.

Indeed, in light of such excellent research, it is clear that Khrushchev was certainly no less an evil monster than his predecessor, Stalin. He and his Leninist co-conspirators denounced Stalin after his death only for strategic purposes. Such monumental crimes, and those of successive Soviet leaders and generals to this day, have remained buried in state archives, never to be the subject of international condemnation or a communist "Nuremberg". This reason being that world governance has been the true agenda of Western powers since the Age of "Enlightenment", and the final triumph of world communism will fulfil that desire. Although Stalin's image is somewhat an exception, he was, contrary to conventional wisdom, a true practicing Leninist and not an anomaly of the true cause of his predecessor. The very same atrocities were committed by V. I. Lenin and his Bolsheviks.

In case this may cause some confusion to some who hold the theory that it is the Illuminati and the bankers (particularly the Rothschilds) who are behind the NWO, I will simply say that it is they who were the creators of the Marxist-Leninist agenda, and have governed it all along. The "atheist" ideology of Marx and Lenin is inherently occultist and satanist. I have come across at least one propagandist poster online of V. I. Lenin posing as Baphomet, as can be seen in the following link:

You may also key in "Lenin propaganda poster" on Google images and find it there somewhere, if the link no longer works.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, any such war against the NWO can only be a spiritual war and not a physical one, because the NWO is truly occultist and satanic. St Paul said in his Epistle To The Ephesians:

"Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places. Therefore take unto you the armour of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and to stand in all things perfect. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of justice, And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace."

So really, our struggle is against a spiritual, occult power, and against revolutionaries, co-conspirators and traitors who have sold their souls to the devil to exercise his dominion. Those include leaders of European nations who have chose membership of the EU, knowing full well that it meant selling their own people down the river of EU collectivisation that can never in truth be reversed. Therefore, any worldly or human resistance without God on our side is a fruitless struggle against this "secret power of lawlessness". With God on our side, we certainly can wage battle against this enemy and be victorious, just like at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, when the Holy League, a coalition of southern European Catholic maritime states, decisively defeated the main fleet of the Ottoman Empire in a naval battle which saw the former hugely outnumbered by the powerful Muslim fleet. The European fleet simply had Our Lady as their Patron, and used the Holy Rosary as their greatest weapon.

Perhaps the gravest error to be made by people who try to resist the NWO is that they try to adopt the revolutionary spirit, seen especially in far-left movements who see the NWO as a "fascist" regime, or see it as some sort of class struggle. Thus they fall into the same snare as the French people did in 1789, or the Russian people in 1917. This is playing into the hands of the Leninist Revolutionaries (emissaries of the Illuminati), who have manipulated the far-left movements into adopting a class struggle view that nobility and other traditional elites are the real culprits behind the NWO agenda. Revolutions have always been a top-down approach and not a bottom-up approach. But the class struggle is just another dialectical ploy. True opponents of the NWO may be better to call themselves counter-revolutionaries, as this is the more appropriate word to describe genuine crusaders who strive to counter the revolutionary tendencies and try to preserve our national sovereignties, traditions, and moral laws from being lost forever.

sjacrane said...

Good argument anonymous, but I'm not sure you will get a great deal of support for this spiritual "crusade", as we live in an increasingly secular society. Maybe this fact is all thanks to the illuminati, or whatever they call themselves, but the first thing we need to really think about is the EU. I am sure that growing public pressure will cause our leaders to bring us out of the Europe eventually. I believe they have no choice anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hi sjacrane,

I think you may be somewhat misinformed about the true nature of the EU. Since when has membership of this Babel project ever been reversible, and when have our leaders ever truly had the interests of their own people at heart since they have long betrayed us with their undemocratic decision to sell us down the river of irreversible EU collectivisation? Which European country, having already once joined the EU, ever got out of it? I honestly don't believe that any single policy made in Brussels has ever been reversed, except of course for the strategic purposes of its own collectivisation agenda. The EU has an iron grip on everyone and everything it possesses and only ever permits things on its own terms.

Reversal of EU membership is sadly unrealistic. Most people do not realise this truth. Our policy makers lie to us when they say that we are drawing closer to exiting the EU. They are just contributing to the great inverted pyramid of lies which is essential for the success of the NWO and the great march towards one-world governance. It is also foolhardy to believe that the EU is on the verge of ruin, the same tactic which the overt USSR often used to appear weak and defeated.

It is also naive to adopt the deceptive class struggle view such as "We are many and they are few", or "We are the 99% and they are the 1%", because this is playing precisely into their hands. This is just the same revolutionary propaganda that they always use to continually foster socialism and revolutionary tendencies in the hearts and minds of the population and to strengthen the far-left socialist (communist) cause. The hoi polloi are sadly easily led like sheep, brainwashed by the 'common-mind' agenda.

Even the NWO conspiracy theorists are largely deceived into adopting the wrong perception as to its true provenance, as if it is some sort of class struggle against the conspiring nobility. Nobility and traditional elites are in truth also victims of this World Revolution because they are the "bourgeoisie" which the Revolution want to destroy as they represent inequality and sovereignty (it's important to know that total equality is the highest agenda of the Revolution because they want to level and collectivise every aspect of humanity). The French and Russian Revolutionaries destroyed the throne because they did not represent the Revolution's diabolical egalitarian principles. This is not to say of course that there are or were no traitors amongst the nobility or the traditional elite, or that they haven't been greatly deceived themselves.

Anonymous said...

The other great enemy of the Revolution besides the nobility, is the Church, which is why it doesn't take a genius to work out that the Church has been subverted and corrupted since the days of the second Vatican council, the same era when the long-range strategy against the West, and the "march through the institutions" were beginning to take shape under Nikita Khrushchev. The latter is one of the many dimensions, or facets, of the long-range Leninist strategic offensive against the West.

The truth is that both nobility and the Church are enemies, not of the people (they were both established as vanguards of the common good), but of the Revolution, which rightly sees them as the greatest obstacle to the NWO. This is the reason why the many scandals of the Church have been engineered by the Leninist Revolutionaries, who have successfully infiltrated this truly legitimate institution to its very highest levels.

With regards to my thoughts on the majority of NWO conspiracy theorists being misled, I am not referring in any way to the author of this blog because he is accurate and conclusive in everything he has written, although I have to say he is somewhat in error describing the NWO as a "fascist" regime and for well-meaningly adopting the provocative and demagogic catchword "revolution" in his blog title.

It is worth noting that the World Revolution has made great success in subverting the value of the word "conspiracy" along with the integrity of the "conspiracy theorist". This is the result of social engineering in order to achieve thought-hegemony and agenda control (the 'common mind'), which is a powerful mind control strategy. This is evincively seen with the "political correctness" agenda which controls and monitors freedom of expression for the NWO agenda. Any dissent or way of thinking which does not follow this general line is greatly devalued and ridiculed by way of character assassination. This is greatly evident with the word "conspiracy", a word nowadays which our society associates with the asinine.

Harry J said...

Thanks for your comment Anon. It prompted me to reread the article for myself. It stands up fairly well although I may have to edit the part referring to Albert Pike’s ‘letter’. I’m now of the opinion it’s a fake but it’s very existence at least tells us something. I may also add some information about UKIP who appear to have replaced the BNP as the ‘bĂȘte noire’ of the ‘left’.

I’m not sure if you’re aware but Story is suspected of being an intelligence agent. His version of events appears to be the standard mixture of truth and deception. The ‘cold war’ itself was essentially phoney, which means that neither side could lose, as properly understood. The string pullers ‘won’, or at least progressed their agenda.

With regards to opium being sent to the West by Mao it would be worth studying the British/Chinese opium wars to see who introduced it to the Chinese in the first place.

There’s little doubt that much of the agenda is played out through broadly left wing channels. Gramsci and the Frankfurt School being excellent examples. I’m not at all sure the end game is intended to be outright Communist though. In many respects that would be too obvious. It’s perhaps more likely to be some sort of third way, Communist/Corporatist blend presented as a utopia. As you pointed out, they’ve played a similar trick before with the French Revolution.

I certainly agree that this is, in essence, a spiritual war. I also agree that the ‘left’ have and still are, horribly manipulated.

Thanks again for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry,

Thanks for your response. I have certainly come across the skeptical comments myself online about Christopher Story. But these comments, including the ones which accuse him of being an intelligence agent, are based upon no real evidence or any substantial argument. It goes without saying that any high profile person who publicly attempts to expose the true nature or strategy of the World Revolution will inevitably suffer both character assassination (if not physical assassination) and 'damnatio memoriae'.

I highly doubt that someone like David Icke, for example, is genuine and not an agent himself, because he has plenty of credibility, and is a prominent figure with his ongoing Web site presence and appearances at major world conferences; something unrealistic and unthinkable for those who are genuine. I believe he is a false shepherd for NWO conspiracy theorists, because he does not expose the true nature and strategy of the Revolution, and advocates revolution itself along the lines of Hegelian dialectics. All this without even mentioning his laughable theory of shape-shifting reptiles being behind the NWO conspiracy. You can always tell a tree by its fruit.

Having read "The European Union Collective: Enemy of its Member States", I cannot honestly see how Story can be anything but genuine, because there is nothing he proposes in his well-researched thesis that serves the Revolution's agenda in any way. He was a proponent and publisher of genuine Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn's "Memoranda to the CIA", which Story compiled into a book titled "The Perestroika Deception". I have also read this book myself and it is irrefutable and accurate.

I have my serious doubts that Story's skeptics have even read his book ('The European Union Collective: Enemy of its Member States') which, like Anatoliy Golitsyn's 'The Perestroika Deception', is a very urgent warning to the West which has gone completely ignored. I would still highly recommend that you read at least some of it yourself to see what you think. Golitsyn's book is also a highly recommended read even only for the vindication of Story, to understand that a treacherous person could never propagate such a book. Both these reads are easily available on the Internet for free in PDF format.

I agree with you on the point that communism is not the ultimate "end game" of the NWO. But it certainly is the chosen universal model for the future, if you are awake enough to see it. This is because communism is the vehicle for the implementation of its real agenda, which is not atheistic. The ultimate end game of the NWO is universal adoration of Satan and the perdition of the whole of Mankind. Communism has an occult provenance and is in fact an unbroken continuum of the French Revolution. When communism achieves its final world victory and triumph, atheism will then be destroyed in the same manner as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other multifarious religions.

Anonymous said...

Your point about the British introducing opium to the Chinese in the first place is a very interesting point indeed, and you are probably right. Although, I have not read anything about this myself, I have certainly heard about it, including the 'opium wars'. I do not believe however that this would in any way contradict the theory of the Soviet-Chinese narcotics offensive against the West. The communist strategy against the West has a truly Western provenance, because the Illuminati created and financed the Marxist-Leninist ideology.

The British Empire was essentially Hermetic and occultist throughout its existence. Hermetic tradition is what eventually gave rise to the "Age of Enlightenment" and the Order of the Illumimati. As I pointed about before, the overt and subsequent covert Soviet Union, and it's satellite states such as Cuba, created "narco-states" to act as surrogates to keep their long-range strategic offensive against the West from being discovered and to appear "clean" themselves. In the same way before that, the Illuminati powers of the Western Hemisphere created the Soviet Union and Red China, along with their communist proxy states, as their own surrogates for the very same purpose. It would not be surprising then that the British had this in mind if they did indeed introduce opium into China and South Asia.

Going off your point that you don't think the end game is intended to be outright Communist, "because in many respects that would be too obvious", and also that "It’s perhaps more likely to be some sort of third way, Communist/Corporatist blend presented as a utopia", this is precisely the reason why the Leninist strategists use the following dialectical cycle:

The perception of institutionalised East-West confrontation, with the threat of nuclear annihilation and indifference towards the environment. This is overt communism or the 'Stalinist' model.

Sudden termination of the perception of East-West confrontation (destruction of 'the image' of the enemy) with the apparent (but unspoken, provisional, reversible and thus false) renunciation of the threat of nuclear annihilation, and a sudden, unfamiliar global emphasis on the environment. This is covert communism or the long-planned, updated and regalvanised, Leninist World Revolutionary model. Co-operation blackmail, with the threat of a return to the Cold War, or worse, manipulates the West into co-operating with the "former" Soviet Union only on the latter's terms.

The construction of a New World Collective Social Order.

Of course, it seems communism is only one of the many dialectical methods used to construct the New World Order. But it is the chosen model, and synthesis, for the collectivisation of the whole world because all policies are based upon socialist ideals and we are all moving along socialist rails.

Harry J said...

Certainly some form of collectivism will be part of the proposed new system but it's hard to believe that the ruling classes will just roll over and become 'equal' with the rest of us. Something along the lines of China, with a bit more 'democracy' seems more likely. Collectivism for the masses with a small ruling elite controlling things including the corporations. Remember this is to come about after humanity has been traumatised and 'prepared' through various cataclysms etc.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think that Albert Pike's letter is a hoax? Isn't what is purportedly written by this Illuminist in accordance with the plan for "humanity", as you stated, to be "traumatised and 'prepared' through various cataclysms etc"? Perhaps though you are right that it is a fake letter, for who can be fully certain whether it is or isn't? But I guess the same uncertainty could be said about the so-called "anti-semitic hoax", 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.'

It is important to consider the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad as a possible catalyst to World War III, as enunciated by Christopher Story in his book, "The European Union Collective: Enemy of its Member States." This seems to be the part of the plan for Russian hegemony over Europe and the eastwards expansion of the EU, which will inevitably result in a single socialist power bloc from Lisbon to Vladivostok, with Moscow as the capital. The Russians have been moving stockpiles of nuclear weapons into this military zone since the "collapse" of its "former" regime. They have another strategically-placed military zone at Mosdok in the Caucasus region.

The ruling classes will not "just roll over and become 'equal' with the rest of us." They will be levelled by the World Revolution because they, the symbol of the "bourgeoisie", are a primary target along with the Church, as they represent inequality (which the World Revolution despises), the common good, and national sovereignty. They are incompatible with the World Revolution's egalitarian principles. It is erroneous to think that the ruling class, monarchy, nobility, hierarchy, and authority per se is the enemy. This is classic Marxist-Leninist deception to instil and arouse revolutionary tendencies.

Anonymous said...

The time will surely come when the mask of "democracy" will be lifted because this has been a socialist (Marxist-Leninist) experiment all along. Why do you think the Western powers want world democracy and socialism? Why do you think Russia became "democratised" following the "collapse" of the Soviet Union? You somehow seem to have a little difficulty accepting that communism entered into its "antithesis" stage, fooling the world that it became an outdated ideology. With all due respect, I must say that going by your vague and equivocal responses, I am not about to figure out how much of what I have said so far you understand or agree with.

In my opinion, your blog article is an intelligently and impressive written piece of work and I have been pleased I stumbled across it by chance. This is why I feel compelled to share with you the unprecedented and peerless works of Anatoliy Golitsyn, Christopher Story and Joseph D. Douglass Jr., which are urgent but sadly unheeded messages to those who have not been deceived.

In a speech in October 1987, Mikhail Gorbachev said,

"In October 1917, we parted with the Old World, rejecting it once and for all. We are moving toward a new world, the world of Communism. We shall never turn off that road."

The following speech was made by Dimitri Manuilski to the Lenin School for Political Warfare in the 1930's:

"War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in 30 to 40 years. To win, we shall need the element of surprise. The bourgeoisie will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There will be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist."

These two examples are just the tip of the iceberg of the proofs and vindications of everything I have written so far. According to Golitsyn, "Western experts [even NWO conspiracy theorists (not quoted)] fail to perceive the strategic continuity behind events. They accumulate facts but are unable to see their strategic interaction and cannot build them into a strategic picture. They lack vision and insight, which is why they are floundering in the face of the onslaught which they fail to understand."

Harry J said...

When studying the ‘NWO’ the parable of the blind men and the elephant comes to mind. It can certainly appear to be ‘communist’ from some perspectives but it’s worth remembering that both left and right, capitalism and communism are controlled and manipulated in order to further the agenda.

As for the Pike letter, read the link below and make your own mind up. Even if it is a hoax, in the sense that it isn’t what was first claimed, someone somewhere devised the ‘hoax’, which as you suggested is remarkably similar to how events are unfolding. That’s even more the case with the Protocols, regardless of who wrote them.

It seems to me that Marxism was a creation of the ruling class/money power and is just a means to an end. Oswald Spengler had it about right:

“There is no proletarian, not even a Communist movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, and for the time being permitted by money - and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.”



Anonymous said...

I understand you now Revolutionary Harry. Thanks

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