Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eric Phelps And The 'Pleiades Sector Flight Command'

This article is the last one of its type I plan to do. I don't want to make a habit of these type of things. I'm only doing it for the record, because the research has already been done and it sort of fits in with the last few posts. In part it's also because it provides a fascinating glimpse into the strange world of the burgeoning 'anti-NWO' movement around the end of the 1990's. A world that the subject of this article, Eric Phelps, was only too happy to associate himself with.

Phelps is the author of the book Vatican Assassins. It's a detailed and exhaustive account of the role of the Vatican, the Papacy and in particular the Jesuit Order, in world affairs. In essence, Phelps points the finger at Rome as being the apex of the 'New World Order' pyramid and the driving force behind it. The evidence he provides is largely very good although some of his assertions appear to be based on little evidence. It seems clear that the Vatican is, at the very least, an important player in the 'New World Order' if not the controlling force. The point of this post isn't to review his book, or the evidence he provides within it, but to to investigate its publishers and their connections to a new age magazine called 'Spectrum'.

Eric certainly portrays himself as what could only be described as a devout Christian. He was a regular commenter on a UK based forum called the Unhived Mind where his contributions were more often than not heavily laced with Biblical quotes and verses. He even goes as far to promote the idea of seceding from the United States and creating a white only Christian nation called 'ProBaptical'. His exposure of the Vatican and the Papacy is very much from his perspective as a Bible believing Protestant Christian. It's the disconnect between Phelps' ardent Christian beliefs and the nature of his book publishers and distributors we'll be looking at in the rest of this article.