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Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: How About Brian Gerrish?

I thought long and hard about writing this piece for several reasons. It should be remembered that the title of this post is in the form of a question. I may have grave suspicions but I do welcome other people's opinions and perspectives on this.

What triggered those suspicions was an incident involving the British Constitution Group, in March of this year, at a court in the Wirral near Liverpool. A group of several hundred BCG supporters attempted a civil arrest of a county court judge as part of a process of enforcing the Common Law and exerting their rights under Magna Carta.

Several day later some YouTube footage of the event appeared which I watched with interest.

It soon became clear that the person who seemed to be playing the central role in the event was a large gentlemen called Ray. Only a few weeks earlier a friend had been telling me about, what they described as, a dubious character involved with John Harris' TPUC organisation, called Ray St. Clair. I somehow instantly suspected that the person in the Wirral videos was the same person. Further investigation not only proved this to be correct, it revealed some alarming information about this Ray St. Clair.

A Google search of the term 'Ray St Clair conman' brings up a bewildering number of claims about him. As well as claims of being a conman, amongst other things, he's suspected of being involved in dubious multi-level marketing scams, operating fake religious (largely 'Catholic') websites and selling fake aristocratic titles. He even has his own section on This subject was bought up on the UK Column forum and Mike Robinson of the BCG agreed that they knew his real name wasn't Ray St Clair and that it was a pseudonym he'd adopted when trying to sell fake Knights Templar titles. This seemed to confirm at least some of the above claims. It also appears he has had many different names and 'titles' over the years. It's said that Ray St Clair's real name is Gary Beaver though it's hard to discern the absolute truth. The person that it is claimed is Gary Beaver certainly looks exactly like Ray St Clair.

You can read through all the available material and make your own mind up but it seems highly unlikely that there isn't at least some veracity to all this. Taking that into account I found it hard to understand why the BCG would use such a questionable person in what was their first high profile 'event'. If this was about establishing common law jurisdiction then surely the people involved in the enterprise should be of the highest moral character. In addition, if I could find out this information about Ray St Clair then so could the media. This would instantly undermine any good work done by the BCG.

The debate continued on the UK Column forum until several of us received messages asking us to stop discussing the issue and to take down our previous comments as it was an aid to our enemies, or words to that effect. I refused but told them that if they felt that strongly about it they could take the information down themselves. That was the last of my involvement with the BCG.

Book title with obvious sun symbolism
This issue was also being discussed on John Harris' website. What exactly is the nature of Ray St Clair's involvement with John Harris and the TPUC is unclear, at least to me. Some say St Clair financed it and still owns it but I've no idea if that's true or the extent of the influence of him over John Harris. What was clear was that John Harris, who was by now calling himself 'Sion', didn't take kindly to his friend being discussed in such a way and he not only closed several threads he also banned several members. It seems John claims that his use of the word 'Sion' is because it's the Welsh for John. It's worth noting that he could have used either Ioan or Iwan and that in Welsh SiĆ“n it is written with a circumflex above the letter o. Sion also happens to be a transliteration of the word Zion. It's also claimed by some that 'Sion' means 'sun'. 

This only added to the unease I already felt about John after listening to one of his lectures where he spoke about the need, or desirability, of removing national borders and how he'd like to demolish every single church. Removing national borders is a key globalist/New World Order aim as, it appears, is the destruction of Christianity. This uneasiness increased that bit more when John's eagerly awaited book came out. It certainly wasn't what many were expecting. It was entitled 'The Prophecy of Sion' and the main subject of the book was a character called Akhenaton, an obvious reference to the Egyptian pharaoh of the same name. Akhenaten had attempted to do away with the polytheism of Egypt by focussing on the worship of 'Aten', another word for the sun god Ra (we'll come across Ra again later in this piece). I read as far as chapter 2 and gave up. This is worth mentioning only because of the close, symbiotic, relationship between John Harris and TPUC and Brian Gerrish and the BCG and it seems, Ray St Clair.

One more extremely odd thing I discovered in my research into Ray St Clair were the claims that he was posing as somebody called Tim Rifat on the American alternative radio show hosted by Jeff Rense. I remembered listening to a few of these interviews several years ago and then looking into this Tim Rifat character. He was said to be 'Europe's leading civilian expert on Remote Viewing and Psychic Warfare' who was also a sort of geopolitical and military commentator. He turned out to be a 'Psi-Lord' from Brighton (Ray St Clair lives in and around the Brighton area) whose website(s) offered a bewildering choice of 'technologies' in the 'field of Psi'. This included 'Psycrystals' for, amongst other things, anti-ageing and psychic protection, for $355, 'soul rescue' to 'pull your soul out of archon hell' for $600, a 'Psi-master service to 'make your energy body free from attack by Archons' for $600 and a correspondence course to teach you 'remote viewing' for $240. That's just a small example from what is a truly bizarre website. Tim Rifat also claimed to be being pursued by pretty much all of the world's secret service agencies because they were scared of his technology. This might be because, according to his website, '17 Psi-Masters are the critical mass to free man from the Matrix [and] to use the Matrix as fuel for total freedom for man needs 34 Psi-Masters wedded in single purpose'. At the time I dismissed both Tim Rifat and his site as complete nonsense, yet here he was being linked with Ray St Clair. There is YouTube footage of Tim Rifat's involvement in a TV discussion hosted by Jon Ronson (he's the first person visible in the video). That person's voice and the one on numerous videos talking to Jeff Rense are not one and the same. In fact the person tasking to Jeff Rense does sound as if it's Ray St Clair. Strangely, this is addressed on the Tim Rifat website (towards the bottom of the page) where there is a message stating that:

"YouTube run identify theft of Tim Rifat's Rense programmes calling himself Gary Beaver am (sic) apt name for some NSA sow bull dyke beaver running the site. It shows YouTube is a CIA/NSA front organisation. Tim Rifat is the name of the Rense speaker not Gary Beaver a NSA bull dyke operator at Fort Meade."

Remember both the real Tim Rifat and the 'Gary Beaver/Ray St Clair' posing as him, live in the Brighton area. A fact that a simple internet search could have confirmed. Considering this it seems highly suspicious that Rifat should claim that Gary Beaver is American and works for the CIA or NSA. Is this just a bit of smoke and mirrors? Could it be that the various websites operated by 'Tim Rifat' are just one more money making scam operated by Ray St Clair? It certainly seems very possible when taking the voice evidence into account.

By now I was beginning to feel a bit unsure about the BCG. That uncertainty only increased when I watched a video that was announcing something called 'Save Britain in Concert'. It was was made by Brian Gerrish of the BCG and UK Column and was in the form of an interview of sorts with someone called Alin Karna.

I'd actually seen the video elsewhere a few days earlier but saw it again when it was posted on the UK Column forum (since writing my notes for this article the UK Column forum has been down for 'maintenance' for several months and by all accounts seems to have disappeared) by somebody calling themselves 'Rcoones'. From a Google search he appears to have lots of video accounts and as well as posting on the UK Column forum he's also a registered member on David Icke's forum.  On several of the accounts he's listed as a 60 year old male from America. 'Rcoones' has had around 13 posts on the UK Column forum with three of them being about the same thing, that is the video we are discussing. There were also several relating to Anthony J. Hilder and one promoting the Love Police and Charlie Veitch. There was also one about a conference called 'Conspiracy Con' where our American friend says he and his wife are taking a stall to show videos of the Love Police and Brian Gerrish. This may well be all innocent stuff but I mention it anyway. It just seemed strange that an American be so keen to advertise 'Save Britain in Concert' and promote Britons such as Charlie Veitch and Brian Gerrish, perhaps even more so now that Charlie has been so thoroughly exposed as a shill.

One of his posts on the forum included an advert for a BCG meeting last year. On that post there were four links. One was to 'Free World Film Works' which seems to be primarily a vehicle for the sale and promotion of books and DVD's by Anthony J. Hilder. I know very little about him but I did notice two of his videos were done in conjunction with Jordan Maxwell and there was also a prominent link to Jesse Ventura (the mainstream media's Mr Conspiracy). Hilder's MySpace page has videos by Jordan Maxwell as well as one that seems to be a mainstream 'conspiracy' TV documentary revolving around interviews with Hilder and David Icke. Icke is also one of his MySpace 'friends'. In a previous BCG conference in London Hilder was a guest speaker. Not long after that there was a video released of himself and Brian Gerrish in discussion, entitled 'EU, Hitler's Dream Come True'.

As we've already seen, Icke has been effectively exposed in the video 'David Icke Debunked' and elsewhere. He's yet another who is in contact with 'entities' that he calls 'the guys'. A good deal of Icke's original information came from Jordan Maxwell, who was also responsible for 'launching' Icke in America. Maxwell himself is also in contact with 'entities', though in his case they are Pleiadians (aliens). He too has been effectively exposed with perhaps the most telling piece of evidence being the masonic handshake he was seen giving to Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin being the source for much of Icke's information regarding the 'reptilian bloodlines'.

The second link is to a site called 'Our England UK' which is said to be 'a cross Atlantic site dedicated to retrieving the sovereignty stolen from America and England'. There's more Anthony J. Hilder stuff as well as an advert for 'Conspiracy Con' in Santa Clara, California. It's worth taking a quick look at 'Conspiracy Con'. It seems guest speakers this year include Leonard Horowitz, Anthony J. Hilder, Ted Gunderson, Sherry Kane and Stewart Swerdlow. There are a few of these characters that I know are suspected of being 'cointelpro' or something similar and I did notice that one of last years speakers was Michael Tsarion who is another that has been exposed effectively by quite a few people. Jordan Maxwell has spoken there several times as has Eric Phelps, the author of Vatican Assassins, in 2008 and 2002. The first Conspiracy Con in 2001 featured Jordan Maxwell and David Icke. This may all seem very circumspect but I did feel as if something of a pattern was emerging. It also seemed as if there might be a huge clue in the name, Conspiracy 'Con'. We'll look at this organisation and Eric Phelps in a bit more detail in another post.

'Former' FBI operative Ted Gunderson and his 'good
friend' the 'former' CIA operative Anthony J Hilder
Ted Gunderson was a speaker at Conspiracy Con in 2010 and there's also a video of him, on the 'Our England UK' site, promoting a 'freedom tour' of the UK and Europe. It features himself and Anthony J. Hilder speaking about sovereignty issues. Gunderson is said to be the former head of the Los Angeles and Memphis FBI who is now a 'whistle blower' against government crime and corruption. Now this sounds more than a little suspicious and unsurprisingly there are claims that Gunderson is 'cointelpro'. Time and again so called 'retired' secret service agents are anything but. According to Barbara Hartwell he admitted he *used to be* cointelpro when he was with the FBI in an interview on Alex Jones' show. Jones himself is very likely himself to be 'cointelpro', indeed there's plenty of evidence to suggest that this is the case. It seems he's a regular guest on Jones' show which, again, raises many questions for me. I find it impossible to believe that the FBI would let one of their agents become such a high profile whistle blower revealing many valuable secrets. Just for balance there are some who claim that Hartwell herself still works for the CIA and her attacks on Gunderson are a smear. It's likely that they're both still agents just creating a bit of smoke and extra cover for Gunderson.

Hartwell also makes claims of being 'cointelpro' against Gunderson's 'good friend' Anthony Hilder, as does Dr. Leonard Horowitz's research partner Sherri Kane. It seems he's also 'retired' from the CIA. In a response to these claims Hilder made a video entitled, 'Concerning the Attacks Upon my Friends Ted Gunderson, Alex Jones and myself by Dr. Len Horowitz's Lady, Sherri Kane'. This direct association with Alex Jones, considering his widespread exposure, merely makes me even more convinced that Hilder isn't all that he seems. He then gives 'a glowing report about Ted Gunderson's FBI  credentials, and states that Ted is an old friend who has 'joined with me in many ventures". It should be noted that Horowitz and Kane themselves are also alleged to be controlled opposition. Indeed Horowitz has admitted to being made a Knight of Malta. This itself caused a great deal of accusations and counter-accusations that connects with the Eric Phelps post I plan to do next.

Of course all the above proves nothing definitive but it did add to my growing suspicions. This was particularly true regarding Anthony Hilder who the BCG had bought over from America to speak at their London conference and who then went on to make a video with Brian Gerrish.

The first thing I did when the video finished was to see what I could find out about Alin Karna. It turns out he's a muscian who has a website called English Riviera Productions (complete with the standard sun symbol in the header) and his first 'project' is called 'ExtraterrestrialUK'. The logo for this 'project' is an alien with a symbol in the 'third eye' position. On closer inspection this symbol is a heart shape containing a Christian cross, the Islamic moon and star and the Hindu 'om' symbol. Overlooking them all is a sun symbol. It's not clear what this is meant to represent but considering the prevalence of sun symbolism used by the occult ruling 'elite', along with the subtle reference to Ra, the Egyptian sun god, it's a little disconcerting. The title 'ExtraterrestrialUK' is written in such a way as to highlight the letters 'ET UK' in one colour and the words 'RA' in another.

In the video he mentions a track he's written and recorded under this moniker called 'Lizards in the Bathtub'. A fairly obvious reference to David Icke's claim that the ruling elite are shape shifting lizards/reptiles. Also on the site is a link to an internet radio interview with a David Wilcock where the interviewer tells him that the person behind the 'lizards' track 'loves your work and knows Bill and Kerry [from Project Camelot/Avalon]'. Bill and Kerry of Project Camelot appear to feature heavily with many of those exposed as shills, particularly Icke and Maxwell. Project Camelot seems to be one of the vehicles for these 'researchers' to get their 'information' out to the masses. David Wilcock is another who is regularly featured on Project Camelot, where he talks about things including issues surrounding the coming '2012 consciousness shift', colonies on Mars and the fact that he's the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. He's a very popular figure in the New Age and 2012 movements. Chris White, in his film 'The 2012 Deception' describes Wilcock as:

"… one of the earliest proponents and popularisers of 2012 theories [who] also received his information from channeled sources, in his case it was the Egyptian god Ra”.

That perhaps explains the 'Ra' reference hidden in Alin Karna's 'ExtraterrestrialUK' logo (remember also the indirect reference in John Harris' book). It turns out that Alin Karna is listed as a member of the 'Avalon Round Table', which is an offshoot of Project Camelot. In the context of the suspicions of it being controlled it's worth noting that the original Project Camelot was a US army 'social science research' operation in the 1960's. I also couldn't help remembering a video that appeared on the internet purporting to show David Icke and Bill and Kerry from Project Camelot exchanging masonic handshakes. Icke supporters all quickly pointed out that this was due to him having arthritis in his hand. That seemed like a plausible answer and yet the video didn't clearly show how Icke gripped Bill and Kerry's hands but it did show them purposefully touching Icke's second knuckle with their thumb. This is a recognised masonic handshake and it was an action that wouldn't be affected by Icke's arthritis.

Album artwork by La Boca
During the 'interview' Brian says that there's been a meeting where they have been discussing ideas for something called 'Save Britain in Concert'. It seems the idea is to mix the anti-NWO message with music and to try and get into major concerts and music festivals so as to educate young people. Then there's another odd bit about keeping the language simple, not confusing people and only talking about 'the control system'. On second viewing it seemed a little contrived and pre-prepared, no more so than when they're discussing bands that are already doing this sort of thing and Muse gets a mention. Considering the large amount of masonic and occult symbolism that surrounds this band, this was yet another thing that gave me cause for concern. Alin couldn't remember the name of the track and is later reminded by Brian which also seemed a bit odd. The track is called 'Uprising', from their album entitled 'The Resistance' and a cynic would say that it is a transparent attempt to try and instigate a revolution of sorts against the 'NWO'. Exactly the sort of thing I'm beginning to suspect that the BCG, UK Column and others have been tasked to help bring about. The artwork for the album contains a symbolic representation of the pyramid and capstone that can also be seen on the reverse of the American dollar bill. It was created by a company called La Boca that appears to have a history of occult symbolism in their work.

I suppose I should point out that I'm very well aware that the name of this blog appears to be also inciting revolution. All I can say is that seemed likely to be the inevitable outcome when I first started looking into 'New World Order' stuff, though it was mostly influenced by the name of a club night I used to do when I was a promoter, many years ago. Anyway, I now know better, both about the 'New World Order' and revolutions in general. They are rarely what they seem and are either instigated by or later usurped by the very powers the 'revolution' is supposed to be against. It seems as if the 'Occupy' movement is a case in point. I live in hope that They can be bought down but merely 'rising up' or creating a revolution without a clear set of aims seems to be fraught with danger and doomed to failure.

In the video, Brian gives us, what seems to me to be, the ridiculous idea that the NWO's back is against the wall and that all it will take is a 'final push' and 'we can get the job done'. He then goes on to associate this with parliament and our present system of government which fits the theory that the NWO is being intentionally associated with the Western system. This is what it seems they wish us to destroy and out of the resulting chaos, the phoenix rising from the flames, will be the false utopia that was the real NWO all along. We are then told that 'people are coming together' and doing joint shows and radio interviews. The examples given are Ian Crane, who we looked at in the previous post and Alex Jones. As stated earlier, Jones has long since been exposed by many on the internet as 'controlled opposition' so, for me, any mention of him is just one more red flag. Brian also says words to the effect that he's aware that we (as in the various 'truthers' coming together) won't agree 100% but we're all seeing the same picture and if we can agree on 90 to 95% then it will be really powerful. To me this is Brian saying he's happy to align himself with Jones, Crane or anyone else as long as they are 'against the NWO' and regardless of their 'solutions'. Is this Brian being naive or something else? Remember Crane's 'solution' is similar to that of David Icke's. Essentially we have to unite because we're 'one consciousness' and that this will become apparent as there is a 'consciousness shift' about to happen, probably in 2012. In essence the false 'new age' utopia that They have been manipulating us into all along.

In the Club of Rome's book, 'The First Global Revolution' they speak of 'searching for a new enemy to unite us'. The enemy they decided upon was 'the threat of global warming'. Previously the spectre of Communism was used as the 'enemy'. It seems to me that They are playing this well worn trick yet again. This time the enemy being used to unite us is the evil New World Order. That's why Brian and others are claiming that all it will take is a final push and the NWO is finished. The 'evil' New World Order is largely a construct (of part truth and part deception) created by the innumerable 'anti-NWO truth leaders' such as Icke, Jones, Crane, Hilder, Maxwell, Gunderson and others. It's this construct that will be used to create the false unity that will lead to it being 'defeated' and eventually replaced by the real New World Order or New Age that was planned long ago. I'll try and elaborate on this in another post.

One final thing that added to my suspicions. The subject of David Icke came up on the UK Column forum many times. On every occasion a significant number of posters would point out the numerous shortcomings of Icke and evidence of his role in the agenda, including linking to the David Icke Debunked film. There was always a blanket refusal to countenance any of it. No surprise then that in a recent email from the BCG entitled, 'The Great British Lawful Rebellion Has Begun' (more incitement to 'rise up' and 'rebel') there is a list of several links at the end of the message, one of whom is David Icke. Apart from any considerations of Icke being 'controlled opposition' he's a controversial figure with his claims that the ruling elite are 'shape shifting reptiles'. It seems odd that the BCG would want to associate themselves with him in any way. Other links were to the TPUC and Sovereign Independent, an Irish newspaper in a similar vein to the UK Column, that exposes the New World Order. There have been suggestions that the Sovereign Independent has been bought by or is heavily funded by Ian R Crane. I can't confirm this but a look on their 'shop' page reveals that the only other thing they sell, apart from back copies of the paper, is various Ian R Crane merchandise.

Thinking back to the Ian R Crane article and the first Truth Juice lecture that Brain gave I remembered that although he didn't seem to sit in on the lecture Charlie Veitch was there on the night. In the Charlie Veitch piece I quoted Lenin as saying, "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves". Is that what we are looking at here? Is there an interconnecting network of 'controlled opposition' on both sides of the Atlantic? It seems the 'exposing' of the New World Order is part of the plan. Researcher Alan Watt speaks of how they 'give us our leaders' for us to follow. There's certainly enough to suggest that this is a distinct possibility but I'll leave it to you to make your own mind up.

Update 4.2.2012

More on Anthony Hilder from the enigmatic, though interesting, therr.posterous.


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Anonymous said...

This article is the VERY BEST

AdamS said...

I don't think that the exposing of the NWO is part of 'the plan'. That is a form of confidence trickery on the part of our overlords, who are not all powerful. Certainly these people have lost on a lot of things, it just doesn't get publicity. Look at people all over the place demanding fluoride be removed from their water (and usually winning) for instance.

Definitely our banker fiends are experts at steering the rabble round in circles.

Liberty, equality, fraternity - establish totalitarian state - kill the intellectuals and counter-revolutionaries. Oops something went wrong somewhere between stage 0 and 1.

It's nothing more than sheer audacity, just like how they send their minions into Occupy Wall St, Tea Parties etc, to 'lead' the crowds (astray).

As for Sion, don't forget about the Priory of. Holy blood, holy grail, wholly lies.

The last time I listened to Harris was an interview with him on TNS radio maybe six months ago. He wasn't in a good mood and repeatedly frothed with hatred about "the myth of Jesus Christ" and how it was central to our slavery. his words not mine.

Harry J said...

Thanks Anon, let's hope others think the same.

Adam, surely 'exposing' the 'New World Order' has to be part of the plan. We can look at Zeitgeist, Icke, Alex Jones et al to see this is the case. At least they're 'exposing' Their version of it and using it to lead us in Their desired direction. I'll have to work harder at explaining what I mean in another post.

I hadn't heard Harris be so blatant as that but it does chime with what I had heard him say. It'd be interesting to hear him explain his thoughts on 'the myth of Jesus Christ'. Would it be very different from the Zeitgeist/David Icke position? I somehow doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter if Maxwell, Icke, Cassidy etc are Freemasons? There's nothing wrong with being a Freemason, in fact completely the opposite!

The elite are far too busy controlling the 99.9% so they're not interested in the BCG and the minority which is the truth seeker movement. They already think they're home and dry! Yeah, they'll keep an eye on the major players and i'm sure there's some shills involved - Veitch etc - but not to the extent you seem to be making it out to be. I just feel you've got bit too carried away with the investigative work here!

Harry J said...

Of course it matters if they're pretending to be something they aren't. So if they're deceiving you, in your world, that's ok. The manipulation of the 'truth movement' seems to be an important element of Their plan. Hence the reason they've put so much time and effort into it.

If you think I've got 'too carried away' please provide some specifics.

As for freemasons being the good guys, again provide some evidence. I take it your a freemason. If so can I recommend reading this.

Anonymous said...

It all seems to be intertwined, to confuse and bewilder those who listen and read these peoples words, without investigating for themselves. Few will do this, and absorb this twaddle, without a thought of questioning.... My heart sinks at times RH.

The best way as I know, you know, is to be on the inside of a society to control it. That has always been the way.

Those that take oaths do not do so flippantly. Its important to those who take them, and lasts for a lifetime. The knights of malta oath is something to behold. The members past and present was a bit of an eye opener also. Once in, never out, as the saying goes.

The NWO are far advanced to their goal I fear, and, no matter what happens they have counter plans to cover any criteria. (That is just my humble opinion)

Went to see Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan in Nottingham. At the end of Dylans set the all seeing eye was lit up in the background.I bet not many even noticed it. What can I say....Sure burst my bubble.

Be well, stay safe.


Social Network said...

Hey Its really good job buddy you are giving the clear cut ideas on Social Network Analysis which has become the backbone of our society .
Its also giving the opportunity to create communities and through this people are increasing the memberlist of their community

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry,
In general my fear is ´if you`ve heard of them, they`re fake.´

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry - Bill here. Another opus to plough through. How do you do it?

Every time I think I've got a handle on this thing you go and write another essay, and then I'm back where I started. GRRRR!

You say, "They are playing this well worn trick yet again. This time the enemy being used to unite us is the evil New World Order. That's why Brian and others are claiming that all it will take is a final push and the NWO is finished. The 'evil' New World Order is largely a construct (of part truth and part deception) created by the innumerable 'anti-NWO truth leaders' such as Icke, Jones, Crane, Hilder, Maxwell, Gunderson and others. It's this construct that will be used to create the false unity that will lead to it being 'defeated' and eventually replaced by the real New World Order or New Age that was planned long ago. I'll try and elaborate on this in another post."

Could you briefly define the difference/s between this sham 'evil construct' New World Order and the real 'New Age' World Order.

I haven't seen anywhere here (I could have missed it) where you spell out the difference between the two.

My apologies if my question is naive.

And another thing. I've been tracking this conversation now for over 5 years. Who, when, where did did this rash of information come from? Who started it all?

The same can be asked of the OWS movement, apparently it was discussed as far back as the beginning of 2010 but it's only within the last few weeks has it gained public traction. The BBC is blanking the OWS events. (lol)

Where have all these truthers sprung from they seem to grow exponentially, along with their websites and expensive videos?

Harry J said...

Thanks Morgan,

Confusing and subsequently demoralising seems to be part of the agenda. My heart sinks as well. As I began to see things from the different perspective I've begun to outline it became obvious that of course this is what they'd do. Their agenda is advanced and carefully thought out. Hopefully, at least more of us can realise that this is the case.

Your point about the oaths taken is, I think, an important one.

Harry J said...

Lavender, that's not a bad way of looking at things. At the very least we should view any 'celebrity, anti-NWO truth leader' with extreme caution.

Harry J said...

Bill, I'm going to try and give my humble opinion on 'the difference/s between [the] sham 'evil construct' New World Order and the real 'New Age' World Order' in the post after next. I doubt it will be definitive, I suspect that would be an impossibility, but I hope to at least give a few pointers.

Your question, 'where did it all start and by whom' is a very good one. That would be an excellent subject to research though I'm not sure I've got the energy to even think about that one at the moment.

The 'Occupy' movement apparently sprung up from a magazine called Abbusters. It has all the hallmarks of being controlled so I view it with caution. On the subject of 'truthers' and expensive videos, the next one due to hit the internet is called 'Thrive'. It's been produced by Foster Gamble, whose father was the co-founder of the advertising company Proctor and Gamble. The video features plenty of the usual suspects and from the trailer is full of the standard new age hogwash. It's released on 11-11-11 (33 don't you know) and the artwork has the ubiquitous rising sun over the earth and one eye imagery. The propaganda is seemingly relentless.

Captain Ranty said...


A staggering piece. Thank you for the sheer effort it must have taken to try and bring all the threads together.

I really need to lose my naivety. I took most of those you mention at face value. My fault: I should have investigated more thoroughly before promoting their work on my blog.

The trouble is, and I really mean this, they sound so sincere.

RSC always worried me. I saw the character assassinations on TPUC before his lordship stepped in and made sure that all negative comments (or the commenters themselves) were removed. I could not fathom how or why "Sions" new friendship with RSC blossomed as fast as it did. I distanced myself from the pair of them from that point on.

For what it's worth, I think Brian is solid. I have spoken with him and I reckon he is the genuine article. Same for Roger Hayes. No evidence for this, just my gut.

If there is a message in any of this, it appears to be: be very careful who and what you believe.

But that has been true since time began. We just forget the golden rule from time to time.


Anonymous said...


Another very well written article Harry.

I believe Brian is sincere, but in finding people to work with as we all have to in such endeavours, he does seem so gullible. It’s is hard to say because it sounds conceited,
but there is just so much evidence clearly to see. I have been on the tpuc forum for a while where you can actually give some criticism of the BCG, UK Column. Strangely enough after about only a week the UK Column forum went down and no one at the tpuc who were members of the BCG would give any debate. Particularly about Roger Hayes and his lattes video about the so-called Lawful bank which is totally flawed. Most of the moderators at the tpuc are in to the so-called New Age stuff. Many posters are signing in with multiple accounts, lots of ridiculous at times false stories of success in court situations. The latest video of Harris with Roger sat there is very revealing because it’s a complete 180 on his stance against the crown which they all seem to be protecting rather than effectively trying to bring to Justice the whole crown system.

Anonymous said...

Dear Harry, your comments and opinions are a reflection of yourself.....maybe it's you that needs investigating...."distraction agent" springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry, i used to post on UK Column. just before it closed down i emailed the site warning BG about his association with the new age, anti christian, alien and occult promoting agents who have infliltrated the so-called truth movement mentioning Ian Crane and Redicecreations in particular as he was due to appear with him at the time and was the darling of redice. Surprise surprise i got no reply. There was just too much expsosure of BGs friends and associates and their real agenda i feel so this is why it was pulled by either BG or at the the request of some of his associates. It was clearly proven on the UK column that David Icke with his luciferian new age garbage was singing from the same new age hynm sheet as the lucis trust controlled UN for example. Not to mention doubts and exposures regarding Crane, Red ice, John Harris and Ray StClair. Knowing all this it would be difficult to fully trust BG ever again and wolves do appear in sheeps clothing.

Harry J said...

Thanks CR. It just slowly crept up on me until I felt I had to investigate further. I'd already realised that there were some who weren't what they seemed but I wasn't prepared for how widespread it was.

The issue of sincerity is an interesting one because this was a barrier for me as well. What we'd have to know more about is the motives behind what they do. Perhaps in their own warped way they think they're doing the right thing. Ends justify the means maybe (not that I'm saying their ends are in any way desirable)? Who knows?

My gut told me Brian was ok but then the more I dug the more I doubted. I'm still not sure, but even if it's a matter of poor judgement or naivety it tells us something.

It was so easy for us all to think we were discovering something truly revelatory and incredible in many cases that the idea we might be being deceived or led astray to some degree never entered our heads. It still hasn't for an alarming majority. I'm far more cautious now, as I always should have been.

Harry J said...

Andrew, as I said to the Captain, the jury's still out for me where Brian is concerned. Even if it was a matter of gullibility (we've all been there) that should make us cautious of placing too much stock in Brian and the BCG.

I'd love to see the John Harris and Roger Hayes video if you've got a link.

Harry J said...

Anon 6.33, comments such as yours were to be expected I suppose. A reflection of me? How about able to think for myself and unwilling to blindly follow before investigating first?

If there's anything specific you have an issue with or if you'd like to discuss your reasons why my article is factually wrong or my conclusions were incorrect that's fine. I'm not 'distracting' you or anyone else just asking you to reflect on what I've written and discuss accordingly.

Investigate all you like.

Harry J said...

Anon 7.44, I've seen lots of people attempt to raise these issues on the UK Column forum with little or no joy. We've both drawn our own conclusions it seems. I think that's something that's easier to do if you were a regular on there. Trust is an important thing and I think you're quite correct in that regard.

Anonymous said...


02:50 mins: John on the Magna Carta.
John Harris - It's an illusion Part 5/5: 11 Feb 2009 ... re=related

“I know a lot about the Magna Carta it certainly wasn’t written for us.”
John Harris.

Which is correct like the bill of so-called rights, it’s a load of nonsense.

UK column: 22nd October 2011 - Kings Hall Stoke On Trent
5th November 2011 - Friends House, London ... nstitution



John Harris - Undermining Democracy: 5 Aug 2011

045: 045 onwards.

With Roger Hayes sat there, and a 180? On the Monarchy about Royal accent which is completely wrong. Quote 48:00 and onwards.

A Bill MUST have Royal Assent before it can become an Act of Parliament (law). ... al-assent/

Also with a/the proper defence, there is also other evidence and proof of Royal Assent since 1910 and onwards, which confirms the above and in fact does have Royal Assent. Which should be obvious, and many don't fall for the ruse by some.

Anonymous said...

Really great stuff harry!!

I think this makes a lot of strategic sense. If you was going to pull off a job like 9/11 you always run the risk of people not buying into the official story.

If you put people out there exposing aspects of the agenda before its happened then people would flock to them once they start to see it themselves. It would give them credibility and would also make them an unofficial authority on the subject.

I went to a few BCG meetings and I must admit I felt a little uneasy. We was talking about serious subjects like Agenda 21, Corruption and politics. Then we watched a dubious video on crop circles.

One other event I felt chilled me a little was the rally in London against child abuse. There were people who had been abused in the care system giving out there story etc.Then Icke grabs the mic and gives a good speach. Then at the end he starts shouting about people from another planet(the reptilians).

I felt I could ignore a lot of icke's stranger beliefs but really these people are muddying the waters.

Using heart power and meditation, waiting for aliens to come and save us or the big shift into another dimension is a big distraction.

I must admit I fell for some of this crap, the 100 monkeys syndrome. Millions of people can drive cars but that don't mean you don't have to learn.

Anonymous said...


"Using heart power and meditation, waiting for aliens to come and save us or the big shift into another dimension is a big distraction."

The only ones I have heard of are along the line, that the aliens are a danger meme and all powerful so don't try and resist but the big shift will save us, so you must go along with it or else and even a false Messiah.

Which is the opposite to God and Christ's teaching of individual salvation on your own merits. And at the end of the day if ever there were as it were aliens and who knows. There is a difference of a blue beam projection and real solid objects up to 1500 miles in proportion, and if ever I saw any thing like that, I certainly wouldn’t run away from it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrew, I am in agreement that project blue-beam is a real possibility and the technology is available.

I am looking at it from more of the perspective of practicality. I don't think this wishful fluffy thinking is going to help us.

I also agree that it could be quite subversive and sinister. From this point of view studying it and trying to find out where this meme is coming from and why is a worthy and meaningful effort.

I am not a 100% paid up and convinced Christian but I do see Christianity constantly under attack through the media. It really does make me wonder with all the evils in the world why this religion and its moral teachings are so often demonised.

Anonymous said...


Thank you too Peter.

I suppose the way I look at it is about morality, because without that every thing breaks down in all aspects of society, the laws we should follow, how we should treat other people. Not a utopia because there are always some people, even if every one is well provided that are going to hurt others, so that’s what all the moral laws are for. Unfortunately this society has turned them upside down for the gain of money, power, at others expense.

And another way I look at it is Spiritually. The Good and the Evil and if they are real concepts or even entities, what part do I have to fulfil to have salvation Spiritually.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry, to quote:
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, EPH 6:12"
We should not be distracted by people who try to focus our attention with the problems of the world, Genesis explains why the world is fallen and the Bible tells us satan is the prince of the world. The tentacles of the beast are many and deception runs deep, all working from different angles for the same cause. The Godless new age, Godless evolutionists, Godless truth movement Gurus all working toward the same NWO by different paths. Satan can appear as all things to all men. Satan is already judged but he wants to take as mnay of us down with him. We cannot change the world as its fallen and satan is the prince of it but we can save oursleves from it. You have to consider that God is allowing the NWO to be built in the end times for his purposes as hinted at in Revelations so to oppose it is futile as the world is already judged and God is charge not us. The truth movement is one huge distraction in my view so we dont focus on the only real important thing in this fallen world, the Bible and salvation. I would beg you all to come out the empty path of the truth movement and come back to God.That's the only thing the NWO leaders and satan would hate you to do, they are happy to see us following truth movement gurus and not God.

Anonymous said...


"You have to consider that God is allowing the NWO to be built in the end times for his purposes as hinted at in Revelations so to oppose it is futile as the world is already judged and God is charge not us."

Totally wrong.

We are all responsible for our thoughts words and deeds. People can only go two ways: towards good and moral behaviour of their own free will or the opposite of that via their own free will. Which is why it says in the Bible to keep all the Morrol Laws, but all have free will to do so or not.

But how many will return to The Law, or even want to? Very few.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, we are not saved by the law, good morals or works but by grace through Jesus Christ. We all have inbred sin and the law could save no one but put all men under its curse otherwise Jesus would not have to died to cover our inbred sin and his righteousness imputed into us. The word moral is not even in the Bible. Revelations certainly suggests the NWO Beast system we see unfolding before our eyes and if so then its part of God's end time plans as prophesised. We are not here to change the world but have been called out of it.

Anonymous said...


"Andrew, we are not saved by the law, good morals or works but by grace through Jesus Christ."

That is the opposite of what the Bible says many times, but what all the organised religions wrongly say.


"We all have inbred sin and the law could save no one but put all men under its curse otherwise Jesus would not have to died to cover our inbred sin and his righteousness imputed into us."

That is from the Old Covenant and The New Covenant gives all, a further test, all the moral Laws still stand.


"The word moral is not even in the Bible."

Luke: In the full Bible, not the many fake ones.

"It is because of [our] lack of character that we fail to urge our moral support where it is needed."


"Revelations certainly suggests the NWO Beast system we see unfolding before our eyes and if so then its part of God's end time plans as prophesised."

18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT of her, MY people, that ye take not part in her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues (punishment).


"We are not here to change the world but have been called out of it."

5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them].

4:4 Remember ye and return to The Law of Moses My servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, [with] the Statutes and Judgments.
4:5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful Day of the "I AM" (Sura 43:61):
4:6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

43:61. And (Christ the Mahdi) shall be a Sign (for the coming of) the Hour (of Judgment): therefore have no doubt about the (Hour), but follow ye Me: this is The Straight Way.


But how many will return to The Law, or even want to? Very few.

"Strait" Gate (note well - NOT the straight gate)

13:23 Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them,
13:24 Strive to enter in at the "Strait Gate": for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.
13:25 When once The Master of the house is risen up, and hath closed the door, and ye begin to stand outside, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not nor where ye are from:
13:26 Then shall ye begin to say, We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets.
13:27 But he shall say, I tell you, I know you NOT nor where ye are coming from; depart from me, all [ye] workers of iniquity.
13:28 There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the Prophets, in the Kingdom of God, and you [yourselves] thrust out.
13:29 And they shall come from the East, and [from] the West, and from the North, and [from] the South, and shall sit down in the Kingdom of God.

Seek that place, what will be expected of you and when and if it gets that bad, and no one marks their own card.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what Bible you got that quote from but its not in the KJV which does not contain the word moral and that quote is not in the KJV and thus not the word of the holy ghost.
"1John 2:15-17

15Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. 17And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever"
""You are not under the law but under grace" (Romans 6:14)
""The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law" (1Corinthians 15:56)
""For freedom Christ has set us free; stand fast therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery" (Galatians 5:1)
"Not guilty!" No longer can the law declare us transgressors, for the record of our sins has been blotted out. The curse of the law has been removed (Galatians 3:13)
""Why then the law? It was added because of transgressions, till the offspring should come to whom the promise had been made . . ." (Galatians 3:19)
""Now before faith came, we were confined under the law, kept under restraint until faith should be revealed. So that the law was our custodian until Christ came, that we might be justified by faith. But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a custodian" (Galatians 3:23-25)
"For I through the law am dead to the law, that I might live unto God (Galatians 2:19)
""Yet, if it had not been for the law, I should not have known sin" (Romans 7:7)

The holy ghost in the new covenant circumcises the heart and we walk after the spirit not the flesh. This is justifaction and sanctification.If you live still by the law you will judged by the law under which no man is righteous as the law gives the knowledge of sin.

Anonymous said...


(Romans 6:14)That’s conditional on:

6:11 Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
6:12 Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof.

And the same with the other quotes.

1:22 But be ye DOERS of the Word, and NOT hearers only, BEING DECEIVED BY YOUR OWN "SELVES".
1:23 For if any be a hearer of the Word, and NOT a DOER, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass (mirror):
1:24 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was ("Self" deception).
1:25 But whoso looketh into the Perfect Law of Liberty (the true mirror), and continueth [therein], he being not a forgetful hearer, but a DOER of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

"If you live still by the law you will judged by the law under which no man is righteous as the law gives the knowledge of sin."

All the moral Laws still stand, no animal substitution and no priests etc. Which should tell us something about all those religions.

"God explained to you, via Moses, that those of you who will not LIVE by those Principles and The Law will DIE by The Law, and, contrary (the opposite) to what you have been told by priests of all denominations, He always says what He means and HE MEANS EXACTLY WHAT HE SAYS.

Perhaps now you can see why God abolished the and all priesthoods except for The High-Priest, for all time, after the order of Melchizedek."

Harry J said...

Thanks Peter, you're quite right. Wishful fluffy thinking is of no use to us at all. It seems to me that at some point we have to try and not be purely reactive to all the revelations we're currently being exposed to. We should be actively trying to articulate an alternative to the agenda They are seemingly manipulating us towards. This is where the potential danger of the likes of Icke, Crane or even the BCG or TPUC lies. We see these people or organisations as working towards our salvation or defeat of the New World Order (or however you want to put it) when potentially they are merely holding pens at best or leading us wildly astray at worst. I hope to look at this issue in the next few posts.

Harry J said...

Hi ChristianS, it's still very early days for me where Christianity is concerned. I do feel however that attempting to fully understand and oppose the 'NWO' is advantageous even from a Christian perspective. Firstly its exposure could be the catalyst that brings someone to Christianity. Secondly from my modest level of research in this area it seems that the subject of Biblical prophecy is itself full of deception, or at least disagreement. I'm wary of saying too much because I'm still in the process of trying to make sense of it all. An understanding of the nature of the NWO can therefore be an aid towards potentially avoiding becoming one of the 'very elect' that could be deceived.

I've bookmarked your blog and I shall be reading some of your articles. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Another blinding piece RH. You really are putting MSM journalists and truth journalists to shame in your articles.

It's all very interesting.
It seems very much to me that the TPUC is really just a New Age Movement organistion, filled with hippies and socialists, who aren't too happy with the Labour Party as they believe that the socialism they're promoting isn't the socialism they believe it to be. I think it's full of manchurian candidates. It also seems that it's full of Zeitgeist die hards as well, promoting Blavatsky's Theosophical, Age of Aquarius beliefs and new age philosophy.
Oh how easily led the people are.

I don't like organisations as they're easily infiltrated. More so we should be acting as arch enemies of the NWO and that is as a large group of individuals not large individual groups, which very much seems to be the case. What I also notice is the promotion of multiculturalism and globalism. As you said, John Harris doesn't see himself as any nationality. He wants a world without frontiers and is no doubt against anyone who thinks otherwise, that is as people who want to live with their own people and respective cultures. This ultimately makes one wonder, just whose side is he on? If he's going around deleting threads on forums and members, then he's obviously the antithesis of liberty. It seems those who preach most about one thing are nothing but hypocrites. The World government will be built ruling a people with no identity or individuality. This is the very thing the New Age Movement preaches - We're all the same......

The more I traverse down the rabbit hole though RH the more I see it's all just a piece of shit really. Everything I have been led to believe is a lie and that therefore makes me question everything around me and I mean everything. I see myself soon to be away from all kinds of technology. All of it is just there to control more and more and worse still, I want to simply break away from the whole system completely because it's depressing watching the reprogramming of people into mindless androids who are oblivious to everything around them as they become immersed more and more into the growing world state.

Do I think Brian Gerrish is part of the system? Well, I don't know. I think he's trying to make a change but I think that there are many around him who possibly are. He's old school, Rule Britannia and all that. After all he was in the Royal Navy for a good whack wasn't he? I think much of his past he still holds onto, but he's waking up no doubt the more he learns.

However, he maybe a pied piper, you just don't know, but it's good that there are alternative articles like this to make the non thinkers think a little more. My advice to everyone is to question everything and I mean everything. If they become unsure on anything question it that little bit more. This is what we should all be doing RH, if not writing massive articles like yours, at least thinking as long in our own minds. I know I do, but that's no use to all the sheep out there.

Well done again RH. Keep 'em coming.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous October 21, 2011 6:33 PM wrote:

"Dear Harry, your comments and opinions are a reflection of yourself.....maybe it's you that needs investigating...."distraction agent" springs to mind. "


I'm not going to rally to a defense of RH because he doesn't need me. He's more than capable of defending himself.
However, I've replied simply because RH is doing what everyone should be doing - questioning everything and everyone. Ok so you don't believe that Brian Gerrish is a Pied Piper? Well maybe I don't either but then I don't know. I certainly have many doubts about many involved in TPUC and the BCG, nothing but hippies of the New Age Movement, Liberal luvees and of course disgruntled Socialists, pissed off at the true face of Socialism they don't think is.

RH writes some blinding articles. It shows a great deal of investigative journalism and research, far deeper than most MSM journalists put together. He brings up issues that many people don't want to think about. Much of what he exposes should be slap bang on the front of every MSM outlet possible, but that will never happen for obvious reasons.

I'm not attacking you in any way whatsoever, merely trying to make you realise that this new organisation you've found may not be what it's all about.
My issues with organisations such as TPUC, UK Column and the BCG is when it comes to them promoting liberty. Removing threads, warning people about their free speech and eventually banning them, should make all people realise that liberty is the exact opposite of what they are actually promoting.

The New Age Movement was created by the elites as another of their many safety nets, should plan A, B,
The truth movement has been infiltrated and the only way people are ever going to free themselves from the chains being wrapped around them is by seeing through the bullshit and not being part of organisations, but leading themselves as individuals.


Anonymous said...

Hi harry,
I left TPUC after RSC gate i made comments on the forum at the time a mod was banned. She was/is very well liked and respected and is still fighting for us all.Brian Garish i agree with CR he is solid especially his work highlighting child abuse/common purpose but the BCG I'm not so sure so not involved and his lawful bank idea scares me i have visions of RSC counting the cash.

Harry J said...

Alright H, thanks for your comments. I can empathise with your desire to break away from technology. If I'm right, then what I think you're getting at is it's not so much the technology itself, it's what that technology is used for. I can barely watch TV or much 'cinema' these days. I can't think of a single newspaper or magazine that's really worth reading. Even the internet has to be viewed with a health warning. The temptation to switch off from it all and lead a simpler quieter life is very strong.

I don't go on TPUc's form very often but when I have I've been quite surprised how 'new age' it is at times. Organisations are fairly easily infiltrated but what seems to have happened here is that certain organisations were already controledl from their inception. On reflection we shouldn't be at all surprised. Considering the mentality of what we appear to be up against it was to be expected. I suppose the lesson to learn is we have to think smarter.



Harry J said...

Hi Anon, another casualty of 'RSC gate' I see : )

As I've said before, the jury is out on Brian as far as I'm concerned. I want to believe he's genuine but there are just too many unanswered questions for me I'm afraid. That said it's for each to come to their own conclusions, which is how it should be.

Anonymous said...

Hi RH,

This should be in the other article on Charlie Veitch, however, you inquired about the short film on racism in America. It's called a Conversation about Race by Craig Bodeker:

I've tried to find a place that has it up but most have been taken down. I don't have to tell you how to get it though. All the best


Harry J said...

Thanks H. I've now forgotten what I wanted it for but it'll be useful for future reference.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you ring Brian Gerrish and have a chat with him. The number is on the ukcolumn website.
I was at the court in Birkenhead, and had no idea that Ray Sinclair was involved until he turned up, he surprised a lot of people with his appearance there..
It was a good day though.
Nice website Harry, I know most of the good people you mention above, it isn't as bad as it seems here.

Harry J said...

Thanks Anon. He wouldn't have surprised the decision makers at the BCG. In the forum thread I referred to in the article Mike admitted that they had decided to use him beforehand.

Believe me, I'd be happy to be proved wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Harry,
Mike is a very busy man and obviously omitted to mention his decision to those who would have shown an interest. Communication can sometimes be a problem. I can assure you that our beady eyes are working overtime.
No argument with anything you say as you are also keeping an eye on events, very necessary in present times.
The hearts of those who work hard at the centre of things in the BCG & the ukcolumn are in the right places, but no-one can afford to let their guard slip..
Reading between the lines!

Anonymous said...


Well I finally got banned at the tpuc, loads of posts going over and over the same things, no sense of direction, when any sense of direction is agreed a flurry of posts and back to the same old going over old ground, no data base for new members to see any sense of what they are about, keeping everyone going around in circles.

Harry J said...

Ha, you do seem to have a habit of getting banned from forums Andrew. I am a bit suspicious of some of them though. Keeping everyone going round in circles is just a small part of it.

Anonymous said...


It's only a short term ban thus far and many are aware now, your blog has gone towards that too so thanks Harry.

Anonymous said...

Is there actually a connection between BCG and TPUC? I would find that so very very strange...

Harry J said...

Not a direct connection but there seemed to be a symbiotic relationship between the two in their early days. John Harris in particular was a speaker at a few of the first BCG conferences

Anonymous said...


The tpuc say they are a community, but posts go missing without any explanation, if you get banned it doesn’t show up and people still reply to your old posts and no moderator has sent a reply to emails of why I was banned. It’s no more than anarchy there, and a dictatorship by site admin.

Mike Robinon said...

This is an interesting article, but sadly reminiscent of the Life Of Brian. The factions fight while the Romans watch.

Let's get some facts right:

1. There is no connection between the BCG and TPUC, except that we speak from time to time and the BCG invited John Harris onto the stage at a couple of our early events. We thought people would benefit from hearing what he had to say.

2. There is no connection whatsoever between BCG and Ray St Clair. Never has been, never will be.

3. The first time I spoke to Ray St Clair was in 2008. *I* exposed him then as Gary Beaver, and made that information available to the BCG and TPUC. The BCG and the UKC decided then to have nothing to do with him.

4. The Birkenhead event was a public event. Roger was there to defend a court case, and people were asked to come and support that. We had no idea who or how many would attend, however we had some prior warning that Ray St Clair would come. We decided that there was no way to prevent that. The idea was to give him some rope to play with. We felt that despite what we knew about RSCs past, that we should find out if he had changed and was willing to "do the right thing", since some of what he was doing in court on his own account *seemed* to be of value.

5. In the event, Ray St Clair took the rope and hung himself. He can be clearly seen in one of the videos assisting the police in the arrest of Rusty. Now we knew the truth about him. But this is key - we knew *through his actions*, not through some speculative connection to this or that masonic symbol which may or may not be real but which is ultimately unprovable.

6. Harry took major umbridge with me over RSC's participation in the Birkenhead event. But what really did it for Harry was when he asked for details about all this that at the time I could not give him. Harry could not grasp the idea in a war, sometimes information has to be kept quiet, or is on a need to know basis. I told Harry that at that point in time, he did not need to know. Well, as usual, I was short of time and should perhaps have been more tactful, and Harry hasn't spoken to me since. I regret that.

7. The video with Alin Karna was not made by the UK Column or the BCG.

8. A lot of this article runs something along the lines of so-and-so is speaking to so-and-so and they use masonic symbolism in what they do, so they're on the other side, and therefore so is everyone.

What is the point? How does it bring forward the fight?

Perhaps Harry's answer would be that he is exposing people who claim to be one thing, but who are really something else. Does this article constitute proof, or is it mostly speculation and conclusion jumping?

The truth is, you cannot know what my agenda is. *Any* conclusion you come to is incorrect. It cannot be anything else, unless you can see inside my head and have lived my experiences.

So with that in mind, my final point to everyone reading this - what are you doing to take us forward in this fight? Whose side are you on? Why are you focusing so much time and effort discussing what Brian Gerrish or I or the BCG or TPUC or even Ray St Clair may or may not be doing, while all around you the world is going to hell? What positive contribution are you making to prevent that and making the world a better place?

If you don't like what I, or Brian, or the BCG are doing - IGNORE US and do something better! That'd be brilliant.

Slagging us off from the sidelines is just stupid. Unless *you* are working for the other side.

You see where we are now? You say we are working for the other side. I say you are. Brilliant. Now, we're all suspicious; no-one is working together on anything. The other side is wetting themselves in glee.

Guess what folks, we are all on the same side. We may have different views of the world, and may not agree on the best approach. So what?

The enemy is in full view now, and he’s right there in front of you.

Fight the enemy.

Anonymous said...


"Mike Robinon said...

This is an interesting article, but sadly reminiscent of the Life Of Brian. The factions fight while the Romans watch."

Oh, and the “Life of Brian” how ironic in that film one of the most popular clips is the part about “you have to think for yourselves” (Seek and you will find)

The problem I see is the BCG keeps going on and on about the Magna Carta nonsense. How is anyone supposed to learn anything about Laws from that and other Talmudic nonsense, more and more case law, adding error-to-error, providing cushy corrupt ponzi scheme quango jobs for the boys making it up as they go along. You can’t win using their legislation and the Magna Carta or the bill of so called rights on your site, an indoctrinated high school kid could see that much.

Harry J said...

Thanks for the comment Mike. It's a shame that you had to describe the article as being reminiscent of the Life of Brian but there you go. I'll deal with your points one by one.

1.  I stated that there was a 'close symbiotic relationship' between the BCG and TPUC. I knew there was no direct connection beyond what you yourself have stated which is that you 'speak from time to time' and that John Harris has spoken at several of the early BCG conferences. That said the article highlighted what appears to be another possible, indirect, 'connection', namely Ray St Clair.

2. The only connection I claimed between yourselves and Ray St Clair was that he was seen to be leading events at the court in Birkenhead.

3. There's nothing in point 3 that is contradicted in the article. All I stated was that you knew that his real name was Gary Beaver which you have now reconfirmed. What you also stated was that the name Ray St Clair was a pseudonym that he used to 'sell fake Templar titles on the net'.

4. There's a huge difference between someone attending an event and actually taking a direct role in procedures. As well as the footage of Ray in the court room itself he's seen addressing the crowd with a megaphone outside beforehand. I find it hard to believe this could not have been prevented. You say 'the idea was to give him some rope to play with' which seems to suggest that you knew of his role beforehand and that it was slightly more than just 'attending'. The whole point is that the lead role was taken by someone of a highly dubious character which you confirm you knew all about.

5. There was rather more of concern detailed in the article than a 'speculative connection to this or that masonic symbol'. In fact I purposefully avoided the masonic accusations about Ray precisely because the evidence was sketchy at best.

6. Others may have 'taken umbridge' over the lack of details but I certainly didn't. I didn't mention it in the article because I'd actually forgotten all about that. The time I became disillusioned was when I (and others) was asked, in a private message, to remove all my comments from the UK Column forum. The whole point that both myself and others were making was that if this is a war then why give the enemy an own goal in the form of Ray St Clair. I did find your 'you don't need to know' comment a little worrying but if I remember correctly it upset others far more than me.

7. I never stated that the video was made by either the UK Column or the BCG. What I said was that it was made with Brian.

8. Again, there's much more to this article than just references to symbolism, let alone masonic symbolism.

Harry J said...

The point Mike was to ask a question. Your reply could have gone some way towards answering that question but sadly it hasn't. It was in the form of a question because there was always the possibility that the answer was that Brian had showed some naivety and a lack of understanding of the dynamics of what we face. Time and again many of us on the forum attempted to engage you (the UK Column in general) on the subject of Icke and his deceptive role. This itself would have proved to be a good example of what we face and how things are not what they seem. The fact that in a recent email from the BCG Icke was linked to as a good source of information shows that this lack of awareness is still prevalent.

If the BCG and the UK Column are setting themselves up to play a leading role (and one in which they make decisions we 'don't need to know about') then surely you should be open to criticism and examination. In turn any questions raised should be answered directly as opposed to your reply here. At the very least Mike, yourself and others at the BCG and UK Column are clearly showing a failure to fully understand the 'enemy' and the deceptive agenda they are pursuing. It's not a matter of whether I like what you're doing or not, what I'm concerned about is whether you are leading people astray, intentionally or otherwise. I follow the evidence as I see it and write about it accordingly. Having realised that there is a great deal of deception at work and seeing how that operates with the likes of David Icke, Alex Jones, Ian R Crane, Charlie Veitch and others, I'm afraid I had no choice but to write the article as I did. Your choice was to reply to the points made and show me where either I'd misread or misunderstood something or that you were now aware of things you hadn't previously fully understood. Unfortunately you did neither.

It seems to me that at the very least Brian needs a better understanding of how things really are. It really isn't as straight forward as 'us and Them'. There are plenty of people pretending to be 'with us and against Them' who aren't what they seem. Just because someone claims to be against the New World Order, or whatever, doesn't necessarily mean they are. We (as in all those who say they are anti-NWO etc) are not all on the same side. This is what I and others were trying to explain to you on the forum and it's what it seems you still don't fully appreciate.

I'll leave it to others to decide if what I write on my blog in any way suggests I'm working for the 'other side'. If anyone does think so and raises valid questions then I'll take the time to address those questions. I'm one person with no money doing the best I can to get to grips with what is happening in the world. That involves a great deal of research and reflection which I'll continue to do.

I'd like to think that this article has been of value and given you pause for thought but I'm not sure it has. Good luck with all your endeavours with the BCG and the UK Column.



Anonymous said...

I had a row with Brian Gererish today. He had a conference in Stoke in October, and I was the lady called Zoompad who shouted at John Hemming MP. Brian Gerrish had invited him to the conference. I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse victims. Brian Gerrish pretended to be helping people like me, all he's done is take money off us, and John Hemming and his Fathers Rights friends (one of whom is the convicted paedophile Nigel Oldfield) abused me verbally for 2 years on the grass roots Mothers For Justice website, because I posted about twp American psychologists who openly advocated paedophilia, Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. As far as I am concerned, Brian Gerrish is a cruel fraudster who takes advantage of people who have had a rough time.

Thank you so much for doing this post. It explains a lot to me. I have been such a mug!

Anonymous said...

As for Brians secretary MIKE, well all I can say is I hope he's got rid of that cotton wool he must have put in his earholes, when he pretended that he could not hear me talking to him on the telephone (even though he could, because I said WAIT! WAIT and he hesitated in his speech while he was telling me he couldn;t hear me talking any more. He just wanted to hang up on me because he didn't want to answer my awkward questions. Mike, if you are reading this, I'll give you a word of advice - DONT try to pull a stupid trick like that on a middle aged woman, we women are expert phone natterers, and we can spot a stupid mind game like that even while we are knitting and watching Coronation Street at the same time we are on the phone!

Zoompad (Barbara Richards)

Mike Robinon said...


You are upset because we had John Hemming on stage at our recent conference. It has been explained to you why that happened, but you don't want to listen. If you can't, or won't, understand what was achieved by having him there, that's not my fault, or Brian's.

When you phoned, you were cut off. I could not hear you, and I asked you to call back if you were able to hear me. It is not my fault you did not call back.

Barbara, you can go through life thinking everyone is against you if you like. We are not against you, and we will continue to offer you support if you choose to accept it. Your choice.

Mike Robinon said...


In your first post:

Point 4: You're right, there is a difference. But lets look at what happened. Roger, accompanied by John Hurst attend court to defend a case. Several hundred other people attend including me, Brian, and RSC. Lots of people enter the court room, including RSC, but not including Brian or me. Roger arrests the judge, the police rescue the judge. Roger and John leave the court and go to the police station to lay charges of Treason against the judge and the police who rescued him. In the court room RSC acts as leader and the only people who could have stopped him from doing that are either outside or are being arrested themselves by the police, assisted by RSC.

We, outside had no idea what was going on inside after Roger had left the court. What do you think we could have done about RSC at this point. As I say, we got what we needed out of it, because RSC demonstrated what he is.

Point 6: Harry, this is a little disingenuous. What I said to you was:

"It would be really great if you had a think about this and decide whether or not you might like to remove your posts. I'm not going to censor you - you decide. We are in a war. We have a single enemy. And right now, they are delighted we are fighting among ourselves."

That is a direct quote from the PM. Its a little ironic that its exactly the same point I've been trying to make here.

As for your second comment above:

"what I'm concerned about is whether you are leading people astray, intentionally or otherwise."

Why? What does that achieve?

Harry, if you think we are leading people astray, do a better job than we are and show people the right way.

The enemy is there, right in front of you, now fully exposed. But instead of directing people to it, and saying "there it is, fire!" you point them at us and say, "these guys are working for the other side".

Let me tell you, even if I were working for the other side, it won't be me that comes along and drags you off to the camps. I'll be there with you. Because this beast that we are fighting, eats its own just as often as it does its enemies.

So stop nit picking and fighting us. FIGHT THE ENEMY!

Anonymous said...

Usually I do not believe in getting involved in any discussions in regard to the genuine persecuted or their groups. However from much, much research, personal experience and the time we have I came up with the following shortest lawful route for the people by the people
On sending this petition to be turned into lawful document to Brian Gerrish and Roger Hayes it has once again been maliciously ignored. Why, if they are really fighting the injustice for the good of all?

Harry J said...

Come on Mike. You said in your last comment that, 'the idea was to give him some rope to play with.' On the forum you said this was because he had a good knowledge of Common Law, or words to that effect. That doesn't quite square with the claim that he just acted as leader in the court room on his own accord. Besides he was seen to be acting as leader before the event. He even updated the crowd outside, on a megaphone, on events in the court room. Presumably while you and Brian were present. See this video.

On the issue of removing posts off the forum. You have access to the actual words written. I don't as the forum is now down. You may not have directly asked us to remove our posts but from the quote this was obviously what you wanted us to do. To pretend otherwise is pure semantics.

I remind you again of why I and others raised the subject on the forum. In the post I said the following:

"If this was about establishing common law jurisdiction then surely the people involved in the enterprise should be of the highest moral character. In addition, if I could find out this information about Ray St Clair then so could the media. This would instantly undermine any good work done by the BCG."

That was our concern at the time, that the good work of the BCG would not become undone by the use of Ray St Clair. If the response to our concerns had been handled better then there wouldn't have been a problem. As it was it culminated with being told that there were reasons for what you had done that 'we didn't need to know about' and then being indirectly asked to remove our comments. Are you surprised that this upset some people? If what we face is going to be defeated it will only be done with truth, openness and honesty. Anything else is destined to fail.

I should also point out that this issue alone wasn't what made me write the article. It was only when other things came to my attention I feared I *may* be seeing a pattern emerging. As I said you had a choice as to how to respond to it. If the roles had been reversed I would have taken the issues raised on board, addressed them and tried to learn from them and so developed my understanding of things.

Mike, David Icke is clearly leading people astray. Do you think that those who are pointing this out aren't 'achieving' anything? This is a psychological war as much as anything and deception abounds. Attempting to understand this is paramount if we are to succeed. Own goals like the use of Ray St Clair or association with David Icke are not going to help your cause. If you're going to fight the enemy then you at least should try and understand how it is operating. Pointing this out is not 'nit picking'.

Anonymous said...

Mike Robinson, you are a bare faced liar! You pretended not to hear me - you said "I CAN'T HEAR YOU ANY MORE SO I AM GOING TO PUT THE PHONE DOWN", but I interrupted you before you had chance to finish the sentance, I said "WAIT! WAIT!" and you hesitated, you COULD hear me, me blurting out WAIT! WAIT stopped you in mid sentance, I HEARD you Mike, so don't you tell me you could not hear me!

Whats this "support" then? You haven't given me any support at all! You explain what this support you are supposed to have given me then! I've given Brian Gerrish plenty of money, perhaps he's getting a bit muddled up about who is actually giving the support and who has recieved it?

Brian Gerrish invited that wicked man John Hemming to Stoke, knowing full well what Hemming and his Fathers Rights cronies (one of whom was the convicted and utterly depraved and shameless ex History teacher Nigel Oldfield) had bullied me for 2 years because I was posting explosive stuff about 2 American paedophile psychologists on Mothers for Justice. I was shocked at the barrage of abuse I got for that and at the time I was going through a secret family court case, being accused of one of the syndromes that one of those creeps had invented!

Brian knew all that, he knew I had gone to Hell and back, and he invited that scumbag to Stoke without saying a single word to me!

I think Brian Gerrish is a yellow bellied cowardly nasty creep and I think you are one as well. I feel such a mug now. You can tell your friend that I want all those documents back, he can use some of the money I gave him to pay for a stamp and envelope, he's had enough off me!

Zoompad / Barbara Richards

Anonymous said...

And Mike, you and Brian Gerrish can quit trying to blacken my character, as it wont wash.

I am not aggressive, I don't "pick fights" and I don't think that everyone is against me.

I simply do not like being led up the garden path and I certainly do not appreciate being lied to!

And I cannot abide paedophiles, or anyone who defends or covers up for them.

Zoompad/ Barbara Richards

Anonymous said...

"We are in a war. We have a single enemy. And right now, they are delighted we are fighting among ourselves."

Exactly the same manipulative reasoning tactic that was used on the Mothers for Justice website. They used that on me, tried to, to stop me posting the truth about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. I would have none of it! My dad always told me I was as stubborn as a mule, good job I reckon, the stunts that I have had played on me over the years.

Mike, while you are here will you explain to all these good people why my posts were removed from the UK Column forum - the ones about Gardner and Underwager? The elusive Welsh Messenger took them down. Martin, isn't it? (Martin who?)

Why was he offended by my posts Mike? Can you ask him to come here and explain please? Surely the UK Column would be obverjoyed for someone to come on and expose two wicked paedophiles who influenced the secret family courts all over Europe, Australia and America? Why cover that up?

Ask Martin or Brian tgo come here and explain that please Mike, because I do not understand.


Anonymous said...

Yes Mike while your at this why not also answer why you Brian or Roger never got back to me in taking the PM to court?
This compiled with much other evidence gives me cause to ask is the UK column and its associate groups really fighting injustice for the good of all, or are they just exploiting it????????

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose Mike or Brian will come back to answer these questions?

I would email Brian again, but I darent. lest I get Stafford Police set on me again, banging on my door falsely accusing me of sending malicious emails. It's as much as I dare do posting the questions on my blog!

I really would love to know what this support Brian and co are supposed to have been giving me was. I've racked my brains and can't think of a single thing he ever did to support me. Funny thing is, that he is so reluctant to defend his name by posting what he did for me. If someone was asking me so many questions I would want to straighten things out straight away!

Zoompad/Barbara Richards

Anonymous said...

Still waiting patiently for Brian and Mike to comment on these issues. Can't understand the long silence.


Harry J said...

Hi Barbara. I've no idea if they'll respond to your messages I'm afraid. It's difficult for me to comment on what you've written because I know so little about the subject matter. At the very least it seems as if you've been dealt with insensitively.

There are so many varied issues requiring attention that it is impossible for all of us to attempt to deal with each and every one. Sometimes a particular issue becomes prominent for certain people and is usually one they feel passionate about. We should all be grateful that people like yourself are trying to deal with such a difficult subject as pedophilia.

All I can do is wish you well with your campaign. Keep up the research and don't be afraid to blog about it. The truth will out.


Anonymous said...

Harry thank you for the kind words, they're much appreciated. I will carry on blogging, I know theres a lot of good people out there, who deserve to know the truth. Theres Stuart Syvret in jail, and other people have gone to jail or suffered loss, good people who have been persecuted for blowing the whistle on child abuse. I am very angry about getting taken in by people who pretend to be something but turn out to be something else, but very philosophical about it at the same time, after all what goes around comes around.

Thank you for those kind words. xx


Anonymous said...

I've been reading through this post properly, I'm sorry but I didn't read it through properly before, but the name JORDAN MAXWELL jumped out at me. At Brian Gerrish's conferences he always has a book and dvd stall, and I bought several of his dvds, one of which was by a man called Jordan Maxwell, I cant remember what the DVD was called now, but it might have been Zeitgest, as I have had that sent to me to watch on Youtube, and I did watch it there, but without the bit at the start, if its the same film, it seems the same. Anyway, at the start of it there was people in an audience, and a stage, just like the Brian Gerrish set up, and a man gave a big build up to Jordan Maxwell coming onto the stage, like he was working the audience, like warm up people do to radio show audiences. He made Jordan Maxwell out to be some kind of god - he even called him the Messiah. I was really shocked, because I am a Christian and I thought Brian Gerrish was also a Christian, and its wrong to call another man the Messiah. Anyway, I carried on watching for a bit, and the film was all about how Jesus is not the son of God, but that the Bible was taken from Egyptian ideas about the sun. I threw the DVD in the bin, I just thought it was blasphemy. I was going to ask Brian Gerrish why he was promoting Jordan Maxwells stuff, but I never got the chance and probably never will now.

But I just thought maybe Brian Gerrish hadn't had time to watch all the DVDs being promoted at his meetings.

Theres another thing I have been wondering. The CHILD STEALING BY THE STATE meeting at Stafford got onto Russian Television (RT) I am on it for a brief moment, I am the lady in the orange dress holding the Magna Carta. I was really pleased about being on RT at the time, because I went through a dreadful time in the Secret Family Courts and as a child in care when I was young - thats how I got involved with Brian Gerrish. But I just keep wondering why RT showed that video, it seems strange that they are showing stuff that other channels wont, and not getting persecuted for it, like the rest of us do. Then I found out that Max Keiser's real name is Timothy Maxwell and I wondered if he is related to Jordan Maxwell? Also he hosts ON THE EDGE, and Brian Gerrish uses EDGE MEDIA, and it looks all so professional and very similar to the RT production, the way it's done. Sorry if I am jumping to conclusions and putting things together that are unrelated, but I have been wondering about RT for some time, I just cant understand how they can broadcast what they do without Max Keiser getting attacked like the rest of us do.

Zoompad /Barbara

Harry J said...

Hi Barbara,

I can't remember if Jordan Maxwell features in the Zeitgeist films. They do both promote the false idea that Jesus is no different many other so called messiah's such as the Egyptian god Horus. If you're interested you can see this and more debunked in Zeitgiest Refuted.

As for RT it is just one more element of the heavily controlled 'alternative' media. The idea that Russia is our 'enemy' doesn't hold water. RT's role is to destabilise through the careful release of selected information (and disinformation) that the Western media is unable to.

Looking at Keiser's Wiki page it seems he also works for Iran's Press TV and has previously done shows for the BBC's Radio 5 live and World News. Tells you all you need to know really. He's Their man. I doubt he's related to Jordan Maxwell though.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Maxwell was in the film I bought from Brian Gerrishs conference. It was one of those he sells for £2 on a table. I threw it in the bin because I didnt like Jordan Maxwell letting them call him the Messiah and I didnt like what the film was saying about Jesus.

Max Keiser works for Iran's Press TV?

I used to live in Hopton, Stafford, and right next door to where I used to live was a big military place called 16MU. I know itsw where the freemasons have meetings, at Beaconside, theres a spitfireoutside the entrance.

Did you see the post I did on my blog about that Iranian General who was in charge of MiG Productions doing creepy shows at Stafford Gatehouse theatre?


Anonymous said...

Hi Harry, not been on your site for a while but your article really caught my eye. I've heard Brian Gerrish speak a number of times and i've always come away thinking he was sincere. But as i've posted before i have my checklist and i judge people by that.Certainly i have major doubts about Harris and i do not attend Truthjuice anymore.The agenda is quite simple and most truthseekers know what it is and it appears to me that Gerrish and Hayes are against that.I get their paper and i think its quite good but only time will tell and the truth will always out. Incidently do i have it right that Hayes's banking idea intends to use fractional reserve money creation ? very strange? Anyway thanks for the article and the truth will always stand scrutiny.

Harry J said...

Thanks Nick. You're absolutely correct, the truth will always stand up to scrutiny. I have to confess I haven't studied Roger's bank proposal in any detail so I can't really comment.



Anonymous said...

Harry, I hope you don't mind, but could you help me with something, is this the same John Harris that you are talking about on this thread? I want to know because this one is friends with Tom Watson.


Harry J said...

Hi Barbara. That is a different John Harris from the one mentioned in the article. The one in the link is a music writer who also occasionally does TV stuff.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother you again Harry, and thanks for that, but do you know where I can find a picture of the other John Harris, as I want to see what his face looks like. Thanks


Harry J said...

No problem Barbara. This is the John Harris I'm referring to.

Anonymous said...

Harry, I could hug you! Thank you so much for that! xx


Anonymous said...

Mike Robinson from the UK Column interviews EIRs Jeff Steinberg

The UK Column interviews Jeff Steinberg

Cant seem to find this video on the UK Column/CPexposed website or BCG’s that had been uploaded on 28th October 2011.

Associate Websites
· UK Column
· DWP Corruption
· NHS Exposed
· The People's United Collective
· Stop Common Purpose
· Campaign For An Independent Britain
· David Icke
· Rodney Atkinson
· World Finance Report
· LarouchePAC

Didn’t Mike Robinson also say he attended Lydon LaRouche 85th birthday party in 2007. How much influence does Mike Robinson and his LaRouche chum Ryan who also writes for the UK Column under the guise of John Morton really have ?

When did they appear on the scene and what influence if any do they have over Brian Gerrish and the UK Column, is this really a LaRouche outsource, would be interesting to know whose funding the UK Column ?

LaRouche Warns Against Hot-Heads Starting World War III

January 14 / 3PM

Interesting that they use the exact same picture that the UK Column had on their recent front page.

Harry J said...

Anon 7:10, I was aware that Mike had attended Lyndon LaRouche's 85th birthday and his and John (Ryan) Morton's links to LaRouche's organisation. I decided against mentioning it because I have no real evidence of the extent of those links. I do view LaRouche with a great deal of suspicion though.

Great spot regarding the same picture being used by both the UK Column and LaRouche. I wonder what the odds of that happening by chance are? If nothing else it suggests those links may be stronger than suspected.

The question of who is funding the UK Column is a very good one. It's not from sales of the paper that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Article by John Morton.

"To this end, we hereby publish a great challenge to our readers, and to future auditors of these, perhaps soon to be darkest ever days in the chequered history of these Islands. The challenge is framed by means of the response we received to our call for national economic recovery, from the great American economist and statesman, Lyndon LaRouche Jnr, the man who foresaw and predicted the events we are now living through over 30 years ago."

Anonymous said...

Check out the link above to see where Brian gerrish will be on Saturday 20th January 2012.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting, watch the video from about 8 mins. 13 secs. where John Hurst,appears to be nodding the police in.

Anonymous said...

I have previously contacted B Gerrish and R Hayes in regard to their intended bank and the issuing of commercial liens against the government.
They do not seem to care their bank is not lawful or that they could be persecuted by other banks? Neither will they supply any guarantees that they are not taking all the lawful rights away from all in issuing the liens. For if the government decide to pay them on liens say issued against the justice department then how can one refer to an issue they say will already be dealt with? Should not any compensation be going to those such as families who have had their children stolen by the state to help them find their children? What about those who have had their homes and/or businesses stolen or deliberately ruined? - Should any compensation not be for them to help rebuild their lives? These lists are endless and no lawful right should ever be deprived where if it is then what are we all lawfully fighting for? So what is the intention of B Gerrish and R Hayes in continuing this same deprivation to society and for which we are all lawfully fighting?

steevTat2 said...

if you`ve heard of them and their still alive, they`re fake

Anonymous said...

Fuck Knows !

It all gets so bleedin' confusing!

Harry J said...

It can be but it was never going to be simple and straight forward Anon. Once you reflect on it a bit it actually starts to make more sense. It was always going to be like this.

Harry J said...

More on Anthony Hilder from the enigmatic, though interesting, therr.posterous.

Anonymous said...

The reason that the word 'moral' may not be in the bible is only because it did not come into useage until around the 14th century.

The bible therefore instead uses words like righteousness, goodness etc.
To split hairs about the word moral does not mean that the same concept was not included in the bible.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article, first time I've seen your website Harry. Have been interested in the subject for over 30 years and there is no doubt there are wolves among the sheep. Apart from the naive it appears there are two schools here. The first are Christians who are aware of how this all fits with prophesy. The second is the false religion of New Age. It is this second group whose leaders pose as sheep but are indeed wolves. Icke. Maxwell, Tsarion, Crane, Red Ice etc. are but some of them. Observing the command to "listen" in Revelation 3.9 we can see there is much truth that it is a Jew World Order but that of fake Jews descended from Japheth and not Semites as descended from Shem (Genesis 10). I first spoke with Brian back in 2006/7 and I recently chatted with him over a pint discussing the 7 trumpets of Revelation 8-9. He was observant and had valid comment to make but I do question some of those around him. At Jan 16 above following the UK Column is his link to DWPCorruption. Such was 100% independent of any of the other groups you refer to and I say was because the site was sold and taken down earlier this month simply because Martin was spending his life answering calls for help from people, mostly single mums, having benefit issues. Frankly I do not rate TPUC, I don't believe the freeman movement has a chance but I do believe Brian like Robert Green and others do want to blow the whistle on corruption as did we. For the record, I have tried to revive the core original site at wordpress but so far can't locate it. It existed to let people know that both the DWP and the Lower Tribunal/Upper Tribunal/ICE/Ombudsman service are political and have little respect for adherence to law.

Harry J said...

Thanks DWPC. Sadly it seems it's not quite as simple as the first group, the Christians, being aware of how this 'all fits in with prophecy'. The 'wolves in sheep's clothing' are every bit as active within Christianity as elsewhere, particularly with regards to prophecy. From my modest research into the subject it appears the broadly 'futurist' or 'dispensationalist' prophetic interpretation holds sway. This is one where the antichrist is in the future, makes a covenant with the 'Jews' and a third Temple is rebuilt. This appears to me to be a false interpretation, relying heavily on the idea that 'Daniel's seventieth week' has yet to be fulfilled. Of course prophecy is a difficult area and many interpretations abound but this one in particular seems to favour the occult/Masonic (however you wish to describe it) force behind the New World Order that also appears to want to rebuild 'Solomon's Temple'.

I'm also not so sure it is a solely 'Jewish' New World Order. My own take on things is that it is (Luciferian) Mystery Babylon at work. It is a many headed beast and those heads would include Talmudic Jews, elements of the Catholic church, bloodline royalty and aristocracy and their occult/Masonic/secret society minions.

As I said, I reserve judgement about Brian but at the very least he can only be naive in the path he's chosen. I agree that there are some around him who are questionable.

We have a mutual friend who speaks very highly of you so never for one minute did I think badly of DWPC. I know you've tried to do good work. I'm afraid I have similar doubts and reservations about the Freeman movement. While many within it are indeed sincere I've a strong feeling that there are some who aren't.

Thanks again for passing by,


Anonymous said...

Apart from brief Mike Robinson words, your open debate is one that “Truthers” of any note shy away from – question is why?

Ian Crane for instance, is perhaps THE, controlling influence via Edge Media TV channel . He launched a begging campaign so as to Rescue Edge Media, with the preposterous claim that his tiny operation - requiring of little more than a spare room and a camera - needed £30,000:00 per month. He is also the one pushing the latest conspiracy magazine at £7:50 per issue. His bedazzling of the public will fail since it is not sincere and has no long term future.

Looking at another on that platform, ‘Richard D Hall’. He readily admits that he uses a dis-used building and Blue screen. His morals are thus far greater than Crane’s but, he too now seems to be attempting to cash-in

Back to BG, he appears an engaging man too but, fails to provide any evidence of his assertions. The latest is that Robert Green has been jailed for distributing leaflets in Scotland.

Yet, BG takes the ‘opt-out’ that although he has Documents in these regards, he is “Banned” from disclosing them. However, if such documents are truthful, then under what grounds might he be prevented from disclosing them? . He may not be lawfully prosecuted for Slander if his documents are truthful since, under law, Truth is the complete and ‘Perfect Defence’

Although BG and MR are back-footing about their close friend “Ray St Clair” AKA “Gary Beaver”, it must be noted that BG knew that his now oft-quoted “Victory” at Merseyside was spear-headed by this 'Ray St Clair' conman as and before it went down...Hardly inspires one with confidence does it?

See here......
and here....

What is patently missing here is any consideration of impartial law.

Our law does not mean Justice for “Just-us” at the top. If it is to mean anything, it means that it’s
applicable to ALL within our society.

If for instance, I began touring the land and selling DVD's claiming that there is a “Senior Editor” of the UK Column that is actually a Paedophile and a dirty old man in a rain coat ‘kiddy-fiddler’ then the law would protect BG from my untrue assertions. Why then does BG think that our law must presumably, only apply to him - but not them?

If BG is as he presents himself in these talks all over the country, then who is funding it?.
Perhaps this may be the explanation...

If BG is truly being prevented from disclosing genuine documents by ‘court order ‘ – as he claims – then that would mean we have already descended into a far worse nightmare than was the case under the Soviets.

If BG is sincere in what he says, then he would fully disclose and publish these documents despite the fact that he might be jailed for it. If he was so jailed for simply speaking Gods truth, then I would be the first to be there and banging on his jails walls, and I’m sure that there would be many 1000’s – indeed, MILLIONS joining me to tear down those walls.

But, will he?

Mike Robinson said...


It's amazing how much utter crap is spouted here by people who don't even have the guts to come out from behind their anonymity.

"The question of who is funding the UK Column is a very good one. It's not from sales of the paper that's for sure."

Really? Do you know that? I know that you do not, and this is a simple lie. The Column is funded by sales of the paper primarily, and by small regular donations from individuals.

"This is interesting, watch the video from about 8 mins. 13 secs. where John Hurst,appears to be nodding the police in."

No. John Hurst is attempting to leave the premises. The police woman is in the way. He invites her to get out of the way.

"Great spot regarding the same picture being used by both the UK Column and LaRouche."

Oh look:

Perhaps the Daily Mail is also controlled by LaRouche? Perhaps LarouchePAC is funding the Daily Mail?

You guys are pathetic. As I have said before, the enemy is in front of you in full view now. But none of you have the guts to attack the enemy. If you don't like my associations with this or that other group, or you don't like what I or Brian or anyone else is doing, then do something better. Whining amongst yourselves really is just pathetic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

“It's amazing how much utter crap is spouted here by people who don't even have the guts to come out from behind their anonymity” (M Robinson Feb 25. )

Well, Mike, since you instantly reveal swivel-eyed aggression toward what are after all, merely somewhat critical yet entirely fair and justly composed questions; you then, are the finest proof of all that Harry’s allowing of anonymity was essential.

This is probably why this blog is fast becoming widely known as a haven for fair, impartial and intelligent debate about this whole “Truther” movement in general rather than having to express the blind obesiance of unquestioning 'disciples' which YOUR ‘truth’ so aggressively demands. Clearly now, you express your belief that anyone that may dare simply raise a question must be hounded and stupidly insulted and harassed into silence. Rant and childishly insult all you like but, it will not happen here

Clearly, if anyone working for you wished to expose underhand tactics at play then clearly, you have now shown that anonymity is an absolute MUST . God help any employee of yours that dared to raise a fair question, let alone blow the whistle. No doubt, he\she would be dragged across the coals to your hysterical shrieks of , “utter crap” and “Pathetic” and “Whinging” and “gutless”

“You guys are pathetic... “(M Robinson 25 Feb)

Really?. That is just more of the same “Iron Fist” insult response to fair criticism and is just increasingly tiresome the more that you do it. It’s not worth intelligent response.

The enemy is not what you simply point me at. Do you think we’re all some sort of dumb Rottweillers at your beck and call?. No, the enemy are firstly, liars, any liars, that do not honestly answer fair questions openly put to them. Why do you respond to such fair and honest questions with shrieking insults like this?. The more you rant, the more you indicate to all of us that you have a great deal to hide and you demonstrate beyond all doubt that we have correctly identified and touched a very raw nerve here.

It is not a matter of us not “liking” your associations, as you call them. Harry (and I) have exposed your associations with your pal, “Ray St Clair”, the conman AKA “Gary Beaver”; it is simple fact. Are you so arrogant that you thought we would never eventually find out for ourselves??. You and BG must now defend your ‘association’ with that conman

And, if you’ll but look, you’ll see that no-one said they don’t like what BG is doing but that there are simply Questions that surround YOU and him as well as those you allege to be paedophiles. You can’t call people such names all the time without showing proof – and rightly so.

Please re-read my last 2 paragraphs above and respond intelligently whilst dropping your swivel-eyed aggression. Then we may all get somewhere in our shred wish for justice and become better informed all round

Harry J said...

Mike, a few things may miss the mark but unfortunately not everything does and certainly not the main thrust of the original article. Did you read the piece about Anthony Hilder I linked to as an update?

That both yourselves and LaRouche post a story with similar content with the same accompanying picture at around about the same time does, at least, suggest the two are linked. That the Daily Mail also does the same thing wouldn't make me think that LaRouche owned the Daily Mail but I might reflect on the possibility that they all come from the same source. Pure speculation of course and zero evidence but that is the result of the many questions that many people have. Questions you do little to assuage with your aggressive responses. As I said before, if you'd have calmly responded and pointed out where people had made innocent mistakes and addressed the issues raised I and others might be more inclined to give you (the UK Column) the benefit of the doubt.

The 'enemy' is very deceptive and is decidedly more than the 'big bad New World Order' we're spoon fed by high profile 'celebrity' researchers and 'truth leaders'. I'll fight Them in my own way thanks.

Anonymous said...

I would like to address a point by Mr. Robinson: "As I have said before, the enemy is in front of you in full view now. "
For me personally, (I used to blog under the name Lavender Luck but I got a bit overwhelmed..) this is the problem. Is that statement at all true? I am absolutely 100 percent not being snarky here: who or what is the enemy? Have you ever said? Have you actually identified the enemy and his goals? I am a fan of simplicity and there is so much clutter in the truth movement.
Who is behind the NWO?
We spend a lot of time on the how...
I am being completely sincere here. You are RIGHT that I am a pathetic coward for hiding anonymously. I certainly held back a lot..and there are a couple pieces I am not sure of. I never gave the answers I am asking for here. Life is complicated. Some of us are careful slow thinkers, and it does sting to be accused, but can you blame people who have been lied to their whole lives or being suspicious of truth tellers? especially when they still feel something is being held back?
yours respectfully,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If you want an explanation for the "LOOPY-Da-LOOP" David Icke,
I suggest you see here ....

$123 a tcket!...and many of the fruit loops brigade actually PAY it!!

Need we say more?


Harry J said...

Ha, no we don't Anon.

Anonymous said...

This is the Captain speaking (TheCaptainSlappy over at YouTube)-

An excellent all around article, and I wanted to chime in, (as an American, and however late to this article comment section I may be) that I enjoyed Mr. Harris of TPUC's original work, before I started my own a few years ago. I respect Mr. Harris, Mr. Gerrish and Mr. Hayes...however, that does not mean a man should proscribe to philosophies, ladies and gents.

Mr. Harris has quite frankly, followed Chuckles the Vetitch (Charlie Veitch), Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones, Bill Cooper, David Icke, amongst others, into the deep end of the kook pool.

Mr. Gerrish has the problem of the "Kidnapping Ghost", a white rabbit that nobody seems to ever catch onto, with no solid leads or names on "evil paedophiles". A common tactic is to provide a circular game that nobody can ever finish...better if it is vague on "who" (I term it the "Alex Jones Effect").

Mr. Hayes and the BCG I know only a little about, but find their work very interesting...and highly suspect in many cases. You will find they play (like the con-artists Robert Menard and Dean Clifford) "super vague legal law" when it comes to courts at any rate, and never specifically mention anything but "social contracts", the first and best of scams, especially here in America, your best of colonies (Treaty of Paris).

I caution everyone when dealing with Menard and Clifford, or possibly Tim me kids, I have drop-kicked them time and again. They refuse to provide documentation of any kind, and have now backed off the UCC and Birth Certificate scams as if they never pandered them for money to begin with.

Mr. Clifford and his "Trust Law" scam has been known to do nothing BUT fail, yet he is the new "Menard", being promoted as if he has ever won, or accomplished, anything. Even that con-artist Ben Lowrey is figuring it out. All of the above are now ripping off my work in chunks, and attaching it to their very poorly constructed paper ships.

You will find some will be system agents, but some are simply 2-bit carpet-bagging shysters and hucksters, out for the quick buck. The easiest way to fix to show everyone how little they know of anything at all.

That and the fact that they never win, and never do anything.

So in the end, while I might have respected Mr. Harris, and Mr. Gerrish at one time...I never did subscribe to any of their work, other than for entertainment value. As for Mr. Hayes, and other "Rebellion Leaders"...they don't seem to know near as much law (even the legal kind) as a year 2 BAR Associate (which I find very odd, though their "Lawful Bank" would be great until it failed and everyone got scammed...though mind you it COULD work).

There are not even a handful of men out there that I would stop walking past, to listen to.

NONE of them would get near any of the gentlemen I mentioned, nor any of the other so-called "Paytriot Leaders", no matter the country.

You will find normal folk with actual experience in law (not Attorneys nor BAR Associates, not system agents either, just folk trying to hold onto what is theirs for one more day) want nothing to do with them.

We go do our own work, our own way.
Remember kids-
Just because a shyster is on your doorstep pandering pots & pans...don't mean you gotta buy them.

-Captain Slappy
(formerly of YouTube)

Anonymous said...
A rivetting 3 hour talk with questions and answers.

Harry J said...

Thanks Captain.

I'll certainly watch with interest Anon.

Anonymous said...

"Why do you respond to such fair and honest questions with shrieking insults like this?. The more you rant, the more you indicate to all of us that you have a great deal to hide and you demonstrate beyond all doubt that we have correctly identified and touched a very raw nerve here."

Well said, Anonymous. The question of the funding has not been answered to my satisfaction. I've seen their plush, well-appointed offices, I can tell you they would have to get an awful lot of donations and sell a whole mountain of papers to pay for that lot.

Anonymous said...
The Battle for Britain--Past Traitors
Anthony J.Hilder

Anonymous said...

I weas at B'Head too and I know that RSC certainly did NOT "just turn up".
RSC was the leader and organiser at all times. The man was even giving interviews to local residents and press!
He then marched off to the court at the head of a mass procession of supporters whilst still giving interviews as he walked so it's nonsensical to claim that he "surprised" anyone - he was always known to be there; and anyone that claims otherwise was either sleepwalking or is being "economiocal with the truth"

Chris said...

Hi there Harry, i have to agree with Mike Robinson on this one - this article is well written and put together but ultimately relies on rather sloppy assumptions, speculations and hearsay. Mike Robinsons point is a good one;if you dont like what others are doing ,start your own campaigns and do your own thing rather than whinging on the sidelines anonymously whilst attempting to look clever. This is pointlessly fidgeting while Rome burns

Harry J said...

Hi Chris,

I think the article has a lot more facts than you give it credit for. It also contains some observations that I invited you to make your own mind up about. We seem to have reached different conclusions, which is fine. Whatever the article was it was most definitely not 'whinging'. It was also not about 'not liking' anyone or what they were doing, nor did I decide to write the article to 'look clever'. In fact quite the reverse, I hesitated for quite a while before finally doing it.

Thanks but I am 'doing my own thing' and in my own way,


Chris said...

Hi Harry,

Thanks for replying

The quote "Mike Robinsons point is a good one;if you dont like what others are doing ,start your own campaigns and do your own thing rather than whinging on the sidelines anonymously whilst attempting to look clever. This is pointlessly fidgeting while Rome burns" rhetorical and speaking about people in general,not singeling you out specifically.

Your obviously a good writer but i think the assumptions, speculations and hearsay in this specific piece did a dis-service to yourself and creates rather pointless in fighting, thats all. Keep up the otherwise good work that you do

Anonymous said...

Your post Chris, is meandering and has no specific point - other than to give rise to still more unnecessary "in-fighting" that you claim you want to avoid

Anonymous said...

"By their fruits ye shall know them" I think this is a biblical quote and whilst I'm not a Bible basher, I think it fits the bill here.

Keeping my ear to the ground I am reliably informed that those who distribute the UK Column are in future not going to recieve the paper for free, but are going to be asked to pay and are invited to make a profit for themselves.

Ok you might say, but so what?

Well the letter by which they were informed of this change, is a blatant use of NLP.

Now to use what they openly condemn against their own supporters tells me all I need to know.

Zoompad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zoompad said...


Stafford Police have told me twice now that I have to stop blogging. I dare not disobey. God bless you xx

Chris said...

Anonymous 04.36: "Reliably informed" is yet more hearsay and assumptions. You should supply real proof before making accusations based on assumptions. Can you show this proof with your observations to support these claims please? Then people can make their own mind up based on proof

Anonymous said...

Chris, Everyone who received one of these letters hold the proof themselves.I'm sure that before too long one of them will be produced for all to see.

Anonymous said...

It is quite true,I have a letter.
They require donations of £25.00 each 100 delivered.The paper is set to come out every month,you'd have to be quite rich to support this plus your petrol costs and leg work.You can however ask for donations of 50 pence and take half.
It could be a way of winding down the paper,time will tell

Chris said...

It's pretty reasonable to charge a fee for a paper if it relies on donations and volunteers -I dont see the big deal in that at all. It would be good to see actual proof of this but also of the 'blatant use of NLP' that anonymous 04.36 claims are used in the letter. I'd like to see the exact examples of these so i can make up my own mind. This hearsay buisness is no good to anyone

Anonymous said...

How’s that song go “its all about the MONEY MONEY MONEY “

Mike’s comment “The Column is funded by sales of the paper primarily”

Didn’t think they were allowed to charge for the paper only take donations ?

Anonymous said...

Chris may be the question would be better addressed to Mike and he should post up what the letter says for all to read so everyone can make up their own minds.

Anonymous said...

I am the Anonymous of 04.36. I understand Chris's scepticism. Thanks to the Anonymous who confirmed existence of the letter. I agree that it would help us all to see a copy of this letter, then those of us who recognise NLP when we see it can point it out.Anyone who has a copy please put it out for all to see.

Chris said...

Glad we can agree on that Anonymous 04.36 - i look forward to seeing a copy.Does anyone have a copy? I have to say though ,i think the UK column have slightly more pressing issues than wasting their energy and reputation on using NLP on such a petty thing as trying to get a few ten pences for a newspaper...does it really matter if they are good at marketing and selling their paper when what they say is relevant to everyone?

Anonymous said...

More important than this is the question of why Brian Gerrish makes every excuse in the book not to show the Bournemouth talk by Albert Burgess,despite a long chain of e mails on the subject.
We all want to view this banned video,please Brian.

Chris said...

Why? What assumptions are you making now? Is this site full of people making unsubstantiated accusations? I'm afraid if no one can show any clear indication or proof then they are only showing themselves up

Anonymous said...

It's not an assumption at all it is a fact.
You can find out quite easily.

Chris said...

Why should i want to find it when i dont even know what your point is? You brought it up-provide the evidence to back up whatever your claim is. It would also help if you explained why you think Brian Gerrish does not want to show the talk. There are plenty of videos of Albert Burgess on you tube so whats your point?

Anonymous said...

Are we talking about the meeting where Albert gave his unvarnished views about the BCG, BG's direction and Roger Hayes's Lawful Bank?
If so what about asking the organisers?

Anonymous said...

Try the BCG group Bournemouth

Anonymous said...

If you saw Albert Burgess on Edge Media TV, interviewed by Theo Chalmers on Tuesday 27th March, when asked his opinion about The Lawful Bank he replied that he believes it to be a fraud.
I think you'll find that is why they don't want anyone to see a video of the Bournemouth talk.
Furthermore Albert who was one of the founders of the BCG has publically and privately stated a number of times that he is no longer associated with the BCG because he believes them to be "rabble rousers".

Chris said...

Jeese,so what? First it was the apparent disgrace of people charging for newspapers (shock horror) and now its individuals having differing opinions and views. You provide no proof once again and once more rely on speculation and hearsay. go and try to upset some other apple carts

Anonymous said...

You seem awfully defensive, I merely provided the views of Albert Burgess, which was relevant to the other poster's query about the Bournemouth talk. The proof of what was said by Albert is available via watching a repeat of the show. There is no speculation or hearsay involved. Methinks you have an axe to grind here and don't like an open interchange of information and ideas. I'm sorry if you applecart is being upset.

Chris said...

Not at all - i love an open interchange of information and ideas but i'm no fan of non evidence based accusations and assumptions whoever and whatever their directed at. BCG might indeed be naive and have flaws but being rabble rousers is hardly a crime, and a video of a guy on you tube is not proof of anything

Anonymous said...

Brian will not allow my talk at Bournemouth to go out over the net the reason is because in it I rubbish a number of things the BCG are doing, like getting people sent to prison for no better reason than Roger Hayes vanity. I also said I would never put any off my money in any bank RH had anything to do with. I ask questions about the Hollie Greig case like how over an 8 year period did Anne Greig Hollies' mother not notice anything wrong with her daughter when she was allgedly being abused by 24 grown men? Are we being asked to believe Hollie showed not one change over that 8 year period? and we are asked to believe that not once in that 8 year period did Anne Greig ever ask Hollie where she went with daddy or what she did with daddy whilst she was out with him. We are told Hollie does not know how to lie, so if she was asked why did she never say daddy took me to some men who laid on me or something like that.I have been married twice and whenever I took my children out my wives always without fail asked them what they did with daddy.Yet we are asked to believe that not once in 8 years did Anne Greig ask the question. Brian in the email thread mentioned threatened to expose me as a racist and a sexist if I did not shut up, my reply was that he should put up the dvd on utube put up or shut up were the words on a number of occasionsI used. Instead I received an email from Anne Greig threatening me with legal action if I continued my armchair anylising of her daughter, (Brians words exactly from his earlier posts) and accusing me of saying Hollie was a sexual deviant. Something I did not say, I have only ever considered Hollie a victim of serious crime. Albert Burgess

Anonymous said...

Brian Gerrish makes threats to effectively 'destroy' Albert Burgess by releasing Alberts truly Blood-curdlingly "Horrific" and "disgusting" character in this video.....

Albert says, "You are a liar!, Go ahead and 'release' it - and thus prove yourself as the liar"

What has been Brian Gerrish's consistent response to this?....Silence!

May all note then that Brian Gerrish's NLP attack against Albert Burgess has now finally and ultimately been proven as dismally failed
and must remain failed until such time as Brian Gerrish provides even the slightest evidence to back up his claims

Chris said...

Unfortunately ,anonymous /albert burgess 6.06 and anonymous 2.52 still provide no evidence to back up any of their accusations and their insistence on going on and on about it beggars the question: if its of such real importance to you, why dont you release your own you tube videos with your claims against 'evil cat stroking Doctor Gerrish'?

Anonymous said...

There is a simple solution to all this,Brian does as Albert has asked, over and over again,put the video up on u tube. I wouldn't say any of these facts are accusations,simply truth.It surely is the funniest thing to happen,you give a talk which is video'd and then you can't even have a copy of your talk,come off it,it's a joke.I want to see it so I can judge for myself.
Truth Conquers All

Chris said...

but wheres any evidence or proof and why dont you 'anonymous' commentors stop whining like teenage girls and put out your own stuff. I'm inclined to think Mike Robinson was right in his reactions above

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Albert for coming along to clarify your position.I'm Anonymous 3.12 who explained what I know. I think we both know something is seriously amiss in BCG world.

Anonymous said...

For God's sake phone one of them up if you want proof.DO YOU THINK PEOPLE ARE LYING?

Anonymous said...

There is a clear common thread here, which is that Brian Gerrish, Roger Hayes and some of their supporters and hangers on do not like to be questioned and disagreed with. Instead of respecting the views of others and being comfortable with the fact that not everyone marches to their tune, they revert to "swivel-eyed aggression" as one poster said of Mike Robinson. I think it applies to more than Mike Robinson.I agree with Anonymous 03.40. Truth Conquers All.

Chris said...

mmm yes i'm sure that would prove everythnig

Chris said...

The common thread here is that there are whiners out there that for whatever reason, prefer to whine and insist on finding fault with other campaign groups rather than start their own campaigns and put accross their own messages and views. If your no fans of any of the above mention then leave them to it and do something yourself - or are maybe you're more intereseted in creating confusion and pointless arguing?

Chris said...

Mybe someone could 'illuminate' me what 'Brian Gerrish, Roger Hayes and some of their supporters and hangers on' are set to gain from all this apparently dishonest rabble rousing that they do....any suggestions anyone?

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read the title of this article for a clue as to what they are set to gain."Pied Pipers of The Truth Movement"
And btw we are putting across our own messages and views. It seems you just don't like them.

Harry wrote an excellent article and some of us are contributing from our own experience and sharing our views. I applaud Albert for coming forward to contribute from hs own direct experience and hope we hear more from others who have fallen foul of BG et al.

Chris said...

Anonymous 03.34 - i have read the article and like i mentioned it seems to me to contain many unproven accusations and assumptions - remember that this is said in the first sentence; "It should be remembered that the title of this post is in the form of a question" least Uk column reports are based on evidence and tracable sources. Its not that i dont like your messages - like i said, i have no problem with opinions and open discussion - however there as of yet is no proof of anything,merely speculation.

I wouldnt say that putting across your own message and views in blogs mean that you're doing anything of any significance - neither am i by the same argument.

It would be great if Brian Gerrish responded here to what i believe are unfounded lazy allegations - i would be gladly proved wrong in the quest for truth however.

Anonymous said...

Is HMS larouche really a tug pretending to be a truth aircraft carrier with captain John Morton aka Ryan and 2nd in command Mike which leaves the junior seaman to clean the heads whilst trying to find the golden rivet ?

Anonymous said...

That certainly sounds about right LOL.The junior seaman has a couple of loyal ship mates who clean the heads with him and engage in the odd spot of piracy too.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for all the families that attended their child stealing conference and were invited to the BCG conference in London to hear Guy Taylor speak about the lien process as a solution to getting their children back . Why encourage all these families to trust them if they were going to let them down ?

Anonymous said...

The 2 hour talk given by Albert Burgess at the BCG Group in Bournemouth will be going up on u tube as soon as Albert is given the copy he is entitled to have.He has been promised a copy by a friend.
This should solve all the guesswork and rumours and clear Albert's name.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 9 @8.15 pm,are you at liberty to give us a little more detail?How is the lien process supposed to get children back ?

Zoompad said...

Right, I am the one to reply to this "Chris" as I am one of the people you are calling a "whiner".

When we set up grass roots groups we get them hacked and attacked by people involved in the Brian Gerrish road show who offer to "help" run admin ect so that they can smash up the site. That is exactly what happened to the excellent Mothers for Justice website AS YOU WELL KNOW "Chris".

The reason Mothers for Justice was targetted so persistantly was because I was on there posting the truth about RICHARD GARDNER and RALPH UNDERWAGER, and your people didn't like it, and I was bullied to hell and back.

Zoompad said...

Well "Chris" Gerrish conned over £100 out of me. I thought he was anti child abuse, and when he invited John Hemming MP who was on the MFJ website while I was being bullied for 2 years (because I kept posting the truth about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager) I knew that something was seriously wrong. I thought Brian Gerrish was a good man, but now I think he is a fraudulent rascal, at the very least.

What really upsets me about all of that is how that woman and man came out after me, after I gave Hemming and Gerrish a tongue lashing and stormed out, to brainwash me into trusting Gerrish, and telling me that Gerrish can't stand Hemming and what he really thinks of Hemming and how he only invited him to trick him. And they took the donation I had decided not to give, plus my social service records that Gerrish had asked us for, and that is the last and cruelest punch in the face. Why didnt they just let me go, why did they have to come after me and con me out of the money and documents?

That really upset me, and the telephone conversation the next day, with Gerrish trying to use that slow talking brainwashing stuff on me. Gerrish knows I have had so much trouble, and talk about booting a dog when he's down!

I totally believed in the Hollie Greig stuff, and if I find out that I have been led a merry dance about that as well I am going to be furious. I have been writing to politicians about that stuff, because I just thought it was true, I thought no-one could ever lie about stuff like that. I never even thought until I read what Alfred Burgess has said above of the possibility that it could have been a pack of lies.

Chris said...

Hi Zoompad - I honestly don't know anything about Richard gardner or Ralph Underwager - I only know of Brian Gerrish and he seems like a decent and insightful chap from what i can see on You tube. All i'm saying is that i have seen absoloutely no evidence of any wrong doing regarding any of the UK column people- only rather pointless speculation

Chris said...

But i still see absoloutely no evidence of any dodgyness whatsoever-only speculation!! Debunkers are also allowed to be debunked you know!

Zoompad said...

None of the Brian Gerrish/John Hemming people ever want to talk about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, or the British False Memory Society, or Colin Tucker. Those subjects are taboo as far as the UK Column people are concerned.

Zoompad said...

I told Robert Green what they did to me on Mothers for Justice and what the Welsh Messenger (Martin) did on the UK Column, because of me posting the truth about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. I was really upset that Robert Green didn't seem that bothered about what Hemming and his friends did to me. I have been accused of self pity, but it's isn't just that, of course I feel sorry for myself (who wouldn't?) after the horrible things that they did to me, but it's not just self pity, I feel horrified that good seeming people can ignore really monstrous bullying of people that are already really smashed up, because I might look all right and strong in that yellow dress with that big cross round my neck but I feel really ill some days because of all the persecution, and I feel like I have had a big fight with giants. If I saw someone who was being paraded round as some sort of public benefactor being cruel and spiteful to some little guy I would have a right go at them, and not want anything to do with them ever again.

They had me weeping and screaming on the floor at Stafford Court when I was being persecuted and they called 999 and two ambulence men came and joined in the threatening of me to force me to go into the court to be cross examined, and I will never forget how cruel they were, and Jack Straw and Lord Falconer knew how they were treating me at the time, I was begging them please stop bullying me, but they wouldn't. YOU WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO TREAT A DOG LIKE THAT! John Hemming MP was fully aware of the horrible way I was being treated, and I begged him to help me, but he was dead nasty to me, as he was to all the PAS accused women.

I told Robert Green what they did. If I was Robert Green I would have had a showdown with all of them for doing that. Robert Green was in the audience the day that I shouted at John Hemming and Brian Gerrish, at Stoke, I know I will get accuused of self pity again, but I dont care, and that horrible Matt Quinn can mock me as much as he wants, he's not going to gag me. Why shouldn't I tell people what happened? I can't help it, I do feel sorry for myself, anyone would if they'd had that done to them. They made me feel like I wanted to curl up and die, it was really really horrible and dead cruel what they did.

Zoompad said...

Who are you Chris? What's your real name? Because if you are going to just bob up out of nowhere with just one name you could be anyone!

Zoompad said...

I will tell you what "Chris", I am really so angry now, because I have gone to hell and back because of the horrible relentless persecution. I gave the people at the desk a big donation, as well you know. You know I did. So to have people calling me a whiner who didnt even pay to go to the conference makes me just so mad!

I can't do anything, you are a load of scummy trickers, preying on people who are already so knackered up by bad stuff. That man and that women didnt have to follow me out of the meeting when I stormed out, they could have just let me go. WHY DID THEY DO THAT??? That was the last nail in the coffin.

I can't do anything about you people, I think you are like Dracula, preying on already knackered uip people, with no shame and concience, no pity at all. sHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

The one thing I can do (and am doing) is pray to the Lord God that the money I was swindled out of burns a great big hole in all of your pockets. You lot should be ashamed about what you have done, but you laugh about it, SHAME ON YOU, and I pray that the Lord God will wipe all the nasty cruel smirks off all your faces for all your horrible wicked cruelty!

Zoompad said...

I don't know if this is true or more disinformation, but this message was left on Facebook by a man called Andrew Peacher.

Update 4 skegness conference ian joseph confirms attendence

ladys and gentlemen skegness child stealing by the conference sam edwards Brian gerrish ian josephs mis justice and the theartre in skegness has confirmed things the date will be around late june 26/27th john hemmings confirms skype chat and dr carley usa please join us on our radio show for parents by parents one voice for the families in conjuction with one voice for the kids The surprise guest will be revealed at the conference its hopefully david cameron lol

Zoompad said...

I am sick of being lied to! You people always pretend that you don't know anything about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, COME OFF IT!!!

But, just so that you can nevcer again pretend not to know anything about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, read this blog post and pretend to be enlightened.

Chris said...

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences zoompad.In the hope that it helps i am nothing to do with any of the people or organisations you mention - i'm just an individual from Cardiff who has seen some Brian Gerrish You tube videos and quite like the guy and his articulacy, as well as the way he bases his opinion on fact,evidence and verified sources as far as i can tell

Zoompad said...

Well I think it's funny, "Chris", because from the comments you have made anyone would have thought that you were one of the inner circle of the Brian Gerrish roadshow!

Well, I used to like Brian Gerrish as well, because I thought he was fighting against corruption and child abuse. Now I am furious about being taken for a mug.

By the way, I don't want your sympathy. Keep it for yourself, and for all the other two faced scumbags.

Zoompad said...

Is this the same Guy Taylor that you are talking about?

If it isn't, can someone tell me who Guy Taylor is?

Chris said...

Can i just ask Zoompad, what do you think Brian Gerrish could gain from 'making stuff up' and misleading? I know hes involved with the UK Column newspaper but selling a few papers is hardly a grand scheming plan. I would be interested to hear your take on this

Zoompad said...

I don't know. That's what is puzzling me, I can't see why he is doing this. Just as I didn't know why so many lawyers gang up against people who have never done them a scrap of harm in order to systematically destroy them. People asked me "Why are they doing this to you?" and I couldn't answer them at all, because I didn't have a clue at the time.

What I do know is that Brian Gerrish is playing some very nasty and cruel mind games with some of the most vulnerable people. I think it is downright wicked what he's doing.

I also know that you know, "Chris". You know damned well why he is doing this, and you needn't come the innocent with me - I can smell your insincerity from here.

The only thing I can think of is that Brian Gerrish has ingrained himself with any old Tom Dick and Harry in order to try to get rid of the Government. I though Brian Gerrish was a Christian, but he isn't. Christians are forbidden from sedition and treason - in the Bible David the shepherd boy didnt try to kill King Saul, even though he had been anointed, even though at one point Saul was in his power. David didnt do it out of respect for God, because he really really respected that God had made Saul king and he or any other man had no right to sieze power from Gods anointed. Also Jesus always said that his kingdom was in heaven, and even though King Herod thought that Jesus was a threat toi him, he was no threat at all, because Jesus was gentle and meek and didnt hurt anyone but just healed them, anyone who wanted to be healed by Jesus could just go up to him and be healed and he was very very kind.

I thought Brian Gerrish was kind as well, but now I think he is a rotton stinker. I feel such a fool for being made a mug of. I thought Brian Gerrish was trying to help all the people who have been smashed up in the Secret Family Courts and Pindown but he's hurt me so bad, that day that I shouted at him and Hemming I sat on Stoke Station so numb and so hurt inside of me, I was in shock afterwards, because I never thought Brian Gerrish would do that to anyone. Its terrible what he did, and you can tell him that I think he is a rotton stinker.

Chris said...

Believe it or not i was being sincere and i don't 'know' anymore than anyone else! I'm afraid that you have failed to convince me that Gerrish is an evil cat stroking mastermind but rather an inquisitive and articulate type that is trying to expose wrondoing in government. I'm sure your right that there are some undesirable members involved with Uk column though but isnt that the truth of all organisations?

Zoompad said...

Why don't you invite Brian Gerrish over to this thread and ask him to clear all this up? Let him explain why he had John Hemming at the Stoke conference last year and has invited him to another conference this year.

Here is a few tasters of what Brian Gerrish has said about John Hemming:

"John Hemming who has not bothered to read, view or understand any of this evidence, is another person who will not get anywhere whilst he tries to 'change', 'reason with' or 'negotiate' with individuals who have had their core beliefs changed by applied psychology.

"John Hemming, who has failed to sit down with me and study evidence, who has no background or training in these areas, arrogantly dismisses what I am saying. Meanwhile I see many good people chasing their tales trying to protect our children and families"

"I understand that John Hemming is to run training course for the Family Courts etc. I am sure he will train people very well in NOT understanding what they are really up against."

29th June 2011

"It is now apparent to me from my recent court experience and earlier court attendance as a McKenzie friend that our judicial system is being used to protect child abusers. This includes abusers within the courts. An independent third party observer to these events would conclude that paedophiles and child abusers are now plying their trade from within the very public services and bodies charged with protecting families and children. I understand that John Hemming MP now has some 1500 similar cases on his books. This represents a tremendous body of evidence, for which he is to be congratulated, but which if properly presented to the general public would ensure that Westminster could not possibly ignore the scale and nature of the abuse taking place in the name of the State."

So where is the answer to this question about these 1500 secret family court cases? Hemming can't say he cares about breaking gagging orders, he broke the Ryan Giggs story that no-one really gave a toss about anyway, but people do care very much about familes being broken up in secret courts!Because from where I'm looking what I can see is John Hemming MP pretending to help families, but not actually doing anything at all to stop the abuse. I know that if I were John Hemming I would be bringing this up in every Parliamentary debate, how the hell can you have families being dissected in secret court hearings, and especially bearing in mind the child migrant scandal! But I would like John hemming MP to answer a few questions about Colin Tucker as well!

Chris said...

John Hemming and Gerrish seem to be fighting for the same thing - clashes of ego etc do happen - and Hemming is probably worried about keeping his job too...

Zoompad said...

Which one? The one as an MP or the one as a member of the secret services?

Zoompad said...

"Chris", get Hemming to come on here and tell everyone who his dad is.

Zoompad said...

He won't, because that is TOP SECRET innit?

When all this comes out into the open, perhaps Hollywood (or Bollywood) will do a film of it. They could call it "To Coventry With Contempt". The 007 character could be done great by Peter Kay, and his sidekick Miss FunnyPenny could be played by Kathy Bates, innit.

Zoompad said...

"Chris", is that your real name? You sound like a lawyer to me.

You're not Chris Saltrese are you?

Zoompad said...

Chris Saltrese was one of those who worked with MI5 to stop police investigating institutional child abuse, they lobbied Parliament, with the BFMS and FACT




Zoompad said...


Anonymous said...

BCG VI -- Guy Taylor -- Commercial Liens -- a tool for the people

Zoompad said...

Hemming and his merry men are like vultures. Every time a new grass roots website pops up, of ordinary people trying to help themselves and other ordinary people who are being persecuted in these freaking secret courts, up they bob, latching themselves onto the site like a herd of swine latching onto a sows teats.

Every time the secret family courts are mentioned by a new reporter in what is left of the free press, up they bob again. Ordinary people get blocked out of telling their side of the story, it just ends up into the John Hemming Roadshow, the ordinary people who raised the alarm in the first place are kicked into the long grass,dismissed as "nut jobs" or "Loose cannons" or something. Like the time I was blocked from talking to Teresa May, because they said I was a "loose cannon". I only wanted to show Teresa May all about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, and they wouldn't let me, they left me out of the meeting they had with her. THANKS A BUNCH JOHN HEMMING, MICHELLE, LISA, JOHN, NIGEL AND THE REST OF YOU SCUM!

So calling people like me a whinger and saying set up your own site then is a massive kick in the teeth. We DID have our own website - AND YOU LOT TRASHED IT!!!

I used to think Brian Gerrish was a good man, but now he has, KNOWING WHAT THESE SCUM ARE, united himself with them, and so I can only come to the conclusion that he is a scum bag as well. But I should not have been so half soaked, because only a selfish scum bag could take a big chunk of money from a lady with mental health problems (PTSD caused by years of abuse to cover up child abuse) knowing full well that lady doesn't really have much money. Only a scum bag could do that.

I am not going to be ashamed of having PTSD, because its not my fault, and you lot calling me a nutter just shows how nasty and evil you are, and doesnt reflect on me at all. I might have mental health issues but at least I dont go round ripping other people off and persecuting them!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Zoompad,this may be of interest to you

Zoompad said...

I think they have blocked me, because this is what has come up when I tried the link:

You are not authorized to access this page

Zoompad said...

That is a very interesting video. What I noticed first of all is how enthusiastically the audience clapped when he said how he had gone to prison for counterfeit money offences.

My mum always used to say to us as children "TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT"

It is very interesting what he has to say about Fred West's solicitor Tim Robinson at 15.50.

Thank you very much for posting that link, it's very useful. The solicitor who pretended to represent me but was in fact batting for both sides when I was dragged through the secret family courts for 7 years was doing pretty much the exact same thing as Tim Robinson seems to have been doing. I did contact the Legal Aid board several times, also the police - local and MET and my MP but nothing was done about the fraud.

Zoompad said...

What a pile of self pitying drivel. I think someone needs to remind him that he legally represented one of the most evil and depraved men in Britain. I think that is not something that I would be proud of.

Anonymous said...

This is what it says.

I have asked Brian to help...

If you read my thread titled Fanny by Gaslight, you will know why I have asked for his help.

However, never had a single answer from the man!

Anonymous said...

Don't use the link given to the above quote, just go to the UK Column forum and access it that way. You should be able to read it for yourself then. You don't have to be able to log in either.

Zoompad said...

YES! I have found it and been having a read of it - I have saved it just in case it dissapears from the UK Column forum.

I have skimmed it, and little bits have jumped out at me. The police helecopter bit - I had one of those Shenooks fly so low and slowly over my back garden one day that I thought it was going to crash! I had them regularly low flying over my garden, and felt furious about it, because there is absolutly no reason whatsoever for the air force to be flying those things so low over a residential area so far away from the RAF headquarters. Also the strange people coming round - I had a spate of them that seemed to be obsessed with getting into my loft. I had two call round that said they had come to do loft insulation, and they argued on the step with me for ages, wanting to come in, they looked like a right pair of crooks so no way were they getting their feet over the door.

I will read the fanny By Gaslight thread properly later, thank you very much for sending it, it sounds very similar to the malicious vindictive persecution that I have been subjected to, and I would like to see if any of the people who persecuted you are involved in persecuting me, because I DO have rock solid evidence of malicious persecution and they know I do - but it is safely buried at a wood near me, so they can dream on if they think they will obliterate it by burglary, or setting fire to my home (as they have threatened to do)

Zoompad said...

I had the neighbours from hell moved in next door to me. They pulled up the floorboards at 3.00 am one night, I could hear them doing it, but had no idea what they were doing until they had been moved out, and the lovely neighbours that I now have had moved in. The new neighbours had to keep calling the council out to put right all the damage these people had done, and found drug paraphanalia under the floorboards. I am quite sure that these people had been handpicked to move in next to me. They had a massive row one night and two girls and a man banged on my door, this was on Christmas day in the early hours, and I had to call the police, because the man had been threatening and yielding a knife. The police asked me to put those three up and said there was nothing they could do, but I frogmarched the police next door and forced them to arrest the knife man, and told them I was not Social flipping Services! After all this a short time later the police came round, it turned out one of the two girls was only 15 and had gone missing! Thank God they have gone now, because it was awful living next door to them. The council MUST have known what they were like, so why the heck did they move them next to me?

People spying on you on facebook, yes, I have had that as well. I was having the judge spying on me on a self help group for victims of child abuse called Safeline (which is funded by the Freemasons of warwick according to their accounts) and when I complained to Safeline they booted me off the site and allowed other people to write horrible comments about me - I logged on on another computer and saw what the moderators were allowing, bullying, so much for them helping child abuse survivors!

I was also getting people who were released from prison banging on my door, the Probation office was sending them round, and when I complained and said I didnt want them round as I was a victim of abuse the Probabtion officer was dead nasty to me, that I wasnt giving these people a chance in life, but I argued with him, I said, let them have a market stall or somnething but dont send them knocking round peoples huses, its not fair on them or on us. It stopped in the end though, because I was telling all the young men who were being sent round all about the secret family courts and Pindown and masonic abuse, which seemed to put a speedy end to that nonsense, I dont suppose the Masonic probation officers were too pleased about the youngsters they were trying to train up as masonic pawns were too pleased about them having their eyes opened to masonic abuse!!!

Yes, it sounds very similar to what they have done to you. Keep fighting, brave lady. xx

Anonymous said...

Why did Roger Hayes & co stand up and give these families false hope if they have no intention of helping ? One wonders if raising child stealing was really just for self publicity rather than for helping families who have had their children stolen ?

Lets hope theses families are not going to be sold out to the other side to Hemming & co.

Anonymous said...

Not doing to badly for pied pipers ?

darrens guitar box guitars said...

You cam put alan watt in the list of theosophical agents too
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Harry J said...

Anon, it seems only Brit Constitution Ltd is still active.

Thanks Darren, I suspect you may be right for several reasons, some of which are in that document.

Anonymous said...

Albert Burgess that is me is still waiting for a copy of the film, they will not let me have a copy, and because I trash BCG policy they are never going to release it.It would never do to release just how dangerous to peoples liberty the BCG has now become. Abert

Anonymous said...

Greetings Albert, Thank goodness for people of integrity like you. Gerrish is being analysed by others now who are seeing he has an agenda that is not what he claims. His back is against the wall methinks!

Here are a couple of links and here

Anonymous said...


"Albert Burgess that is me is still waiting for a copy of the film, they will not let me have a copy, and because I trash BCG policy they are never going to release it.It would never do to release just how dangerous to peoples liberty the BCG has now become. Abert"

Really, then post another video outlining the faults and why.

Zoompad said...


Director Summary

Mr Brian John Gerrish BSC HONS has 11 company director or secretary appointments.
Short name - Brian Gerrish
Director ID : 904317562
Month/Year of Birth: 08/1954

(For security reasons we only show Month/Year)

25 Market Street

Company Summary

Company Name

Company Status





(Director Resigned 05/07/2004)



(Director Resigned 15/09/2004)













(Company Secretary Resigned 12/05/2005)



(Director Resigned 29/07/2006)



Zoompad said...

One of the companies Brian Gerrish was Director of is Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 22 Lockyer St. Plymouth, Devon, PL1 2QW. A woman called Anna Kennedy who was the Casting Director for the documentary When Boris Met Dave also works for the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Look at this!

Zoompad said...

It's getting even more interesting now! Look at this!

According to Wiki "The Plymouth Chamber of Commerce & Industry is the third oldest Chamber in the UK[citation needed] and has been at the forefront of Plymouth’s local economy for over 190 years. The Plymouth Chamber of Commerce was formed originally under the presidency of the first Earl of Morley whose successors in the title have continued at its head."

Don't know if this man has got anything to do with the set up.

Zoompad said...

I'm not at all surprised that you want to remain anonymous Mr Backstabbing Lying Coward.

Anonymous said...

Exactly - stop whining and do another video outlining the previous points you made - you can put it out for all to see on a little thing called "the internet"

...the mind boggles

Anonymous said...

Dear Supporter

Bulk Copies of the UK Column

As you know the UK Column has been in production for over six years,and we have published well over 1 million copies.This has only been possible because of some very generous donations and the hard work of all our volunteers,distributers and subscribers.

The paper does generate money,but now,because we are printing monthly in order to provide more up to date news,and because of the rising costs of printing,delivery and postage,we can no longer provide bulk copies free of charge.

From the May issue we therefore need to ask for a donation of £25 for each hundred papers. If you could get a donation of 50 pence per paper you would make £25 profit for your own hard work,so we will be sending your usual order of the April issue to give you the opportunity to raise the money for the next one.

Please note YOU CANNOT CHARGE FOR THE PAPER only ask for donations.

Many of you will not be able to get donations or be in a position to donate £25 per hundred,as much as you might want to,if you are one of those people we apologise,but you will receive a copy of each issue of the paper for yourself (free of charge) as a thank you for all your hard work in the past.

NB.Should you need papers for a special event or initiative,please call us and we will try and help.

All of us at the UK Column are very sorry that we have to do this,but we know a lot of you will want to continue to spread the truth and will be happy to pay to continue receiving the papers,especially as we know the UK Column is now having an effect,including with the main stream media.

Anonymous said...

Its a great pity that the paper didnt keep the name the Battle of Britain and remain in the capable hands of David Noakes. The ukcolumn seems to be fighting an international battle covering every country other than Britain and is barely worth reading.And people seem to be treated like discarded tissues when no longer of use.

Zoompad said...

Why did David Noakes stop running the UK Column? I have never heard of him before, but just found his blog, but it stops on 19 April 2010.

Mike Robinson has put this on the UK Column:

"We liked Martin. On the occasions we met him, we found him to be a quiet man, ill equipped to deal with the full force of “the system”. We believe he was never really able to understand what had happened to him."

What happened to him, according to his daughter, is that he started lusting after his own kids. Thats why Social Services were sniffing around - and for once, they were right to do so! And his daughter says that her mother knew about it and did not protect her, and that makes her just as guilty in my eyes as her pervert husband. Her daughter was the one who shopped her Martin Smith to the police, because she was scared that her siblings might be abused by him. I find it sickening that Lianne Smith is blaming her daughter that she allowed to be abused by that perverted bully for the death of the little ones.

Mike Robinson has nailed his colours to the mast good and proper now as far as I am concerned. What do they care about children, when they can doggedly ignore the fact that Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager were dirty filthy perverts?

"This is why, after Martin’s arrest, and unable to think clearly, Lianne Smith ended the lives of her children. She could see no other way, for with her knowledge of the care system, to her it was better than seeing them placed in that system."

What the heck??? NOTHING justifies a mother or father murdering their children. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMay 4, 2012 12:35 PM

Is HMS larouche really a tug pretending to be a truth aircraft carrier with captain John Morton aka Ryan and 2nd in command Mike which leaves the junior seaman to clean the heads whilst trying to find the golden rivet ?

more like Captain Pugwash Seaman Stains and Master Bates

Zoompad said...

Brian Gerrish has gone quiet. I would like him to explain what he feels about what his man Mike Robinson has said about Martin Smith. He's basically accused Sarah Smith of lying about being a victim of child abuse. WELL DON'T I JUST KNOW WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE, DON'T I JUST!

Zoompad said...

Brian Gerrish has now made this statement:

I am trying to equate his version of events, his portayal of the UK Column as an organisation which cares about the fate of mothers who are being pursued in the secret family courts with my own experience of the non existant support which was not offered to me (unless that support took the form of having my purse emptied to lighten my burden!)

The woman who we were told was responsible for the UK Column Stafford conference has my social service records, she was the one who set the police onto me by telling them lies, that I had sent her malicious emails, and Stafford Police didn't even bother to check if it were true or not by asking to look at the emails, they just came thundering lickerty split round my house.I tried to show the police that there had indeed been malicious emails, but from her, because she had called me a liar over my 40 year long complaint that I was abused as a child in Pindown and threatened to post all my social service records online. I dont want all my social service records posted online, just in case they are ever needed in a court case, thats why I have only posted up online a few pages from the records, but its laughable that this woman was making such threats as the records themself, albeit that they have been illegally altered to try to cover up the abuse, are a record of the actual abuse themselves!

Brian Gerrish, I know you will read this page, so I will talk to you here - don't you DARE to pretend that you give a damn about mothers in the secret family courts. What have you ever done about PAS? I told you ages ago that Martin (The Welsh Messenger) had taken down some of my posts regarding Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager and that I was made to feel bad for posting them. You had the Orees on the UK Column, they hate and detest anyone mentioning the Ralph Underwager stuff, it's not hard to understand why!

You invited that bloody scumbag MP to the Stoke conference. Have you ever asked him about the Colin Tucker affair? Have you ever asked him about the Kensington Institute and Eagle Associates (part of Lockheed Martin) inviting Gardner to the UK to give subtle lectures on child protection, or should I say, disguised as child protection?

By the way, how are Sam Hallimond and James Moore? Are they still getting unsuspecting victims to send them their case notes and money? Oh didn't that pair of rascals just have me fooled!

Brian, you might as well face it, you are busted!

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