Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Importance of Blogging

Below is a short video of excerpts from a speech given by American intelligence officer Robert Steele. He speaks about the ineffectiveness of much of what constitutes intelligence' work and he's also highly critical of both the American government and the highest levels of the US army.

However the main thrust of the video is what he suggests is the potential effectiveness of bloggers. He describes them as the 'Paul Reveres' and 'Patrick Henrys' of our generation. He advocates 'bottom up horizontal connections and sharing at all levels, not top down control'. One of the aims of which is to bury rule by secrecy. He recommends that bloggers self organise and attach themselves to particular issues or corporations so as, in his words, "to let no evil doing go unnoticed". He expresses his hope that bloggers become the intelligence Minutemen of this century.

He has an interesting suggestion as to what to do about the Federal Reserve but I'm not well versed enough in how the Bank of England operates to know whether a similar thing would work here. It's only a short term suggestion as his long term aim is that the Federal Reserve is put out of business. It's hoped a similar fate will befall the Bank of England.

Another interesting idea he puts forward is the idea of creating an electoral reform pledge, that incorporates the support of our constitution, and getting MP's to sign. Those who won't, for whatever reason, would then be exposed.

He talks about the ending of 'treating people as commodities and corporations being allowed to buy the government'. A government that no longer represent we the people. He may be referring to the American government but this is something that's equally required here in Britain.

Then comes a great quote: "The bottom line is that central banking is an evil cancer. These people are selling us credit they don't have so they can take profits they don't deserve out of our pockets". How very true. It describes our present financial system perfectly.

He describes bloggers as 'the life boat', which is a wonderful image and should certainly encourage anyone who is blogging.

My one small gripe is his seeming dismissal of the idea that this is all being organised as part of an agenda. He claims to favour incompetence over conspiracy. To answer his question about the Bilderbergers, they are the agenda management operatives getting their orders from the elites. Not the elites themselves.

Finally there's my favourite quote: "Orwell had it right, we are pigs being harvested for profits". We certainly are but let's hope for not much longer.


Anonymous said...

Another good post Harry. Keep 'em up. I'm reopening my blog and will be putting up more posts as well. Keep up the good work and how true is what he says eh?


Harry J said...

Cheers Marcus. Look forward to reading your blog.

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