Sunday, January 2, 2011

Piers Morgan: New World Order Sycophant

As I was reading through the Daily Mail TV supplement (I know, I should know better) over Christmas I happened to peruse the 'column' of media whore and establishment flunky Piers Morgan. The first shocker was to learn that:

"Gordon [Brown] has a massively higher reputation in the US than he does in Britain at the moment, because over here [the US] many genuinely believe he helped stop the world going into a Depression with his decisive action over the financial crisis."

Of course anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of fractional reserve banking, the role of the Crown in British politics and Brown's constant blathering about a 'New World Order' knows full well he's a willing puppet of the Satanic elite that really controls things. We've already seen what horrors Gordon Brown is willing to inflict on others in pursuit of this 'New World Order'.

We then come to the next shocker in Morgan's column. Apparently Gordon's speech (at the launch of his new book) outlined the new challenges facing both Britain and America. Morgan sums up the general theme as:

"Wake up and smell the cappuccino everyone - the Chinese, Indians and Brazilians aren't just coming, they've arrived. But let's not fear this new world order, let's embrace it."

Yet more New World Order propaganda from Gordon Brown courtesy of the sycophant Morgan. Anyone who thinks that the 'rise' of the likes of China, India and Brazil is anything other than a carefully planned strategy of the global elite is, I'm afraid, deluded. It's been said by some that China is close to the ideal model for the New World Order. Monopoly capitalism (Fascism) for the elites and socialism (Communism) for the masses. All in a carefully controlled (brainwashed) society, presumably with a future sop in the form of some sort of veiled democracy.

My guess is that Morgan is most likely a freemason just like his former employer Simon Cowell and Brown himself.

Brown's freemasonry was confirmed by another thing that caught my eye over the Christmas period. It was this article, 'A Gallery of Strange Masonic Bedfellows' where a series of images of various well known figures, mostly politicians, are seen giving and receiving masonic handshakes. There were lots of intriguing combinations (with one or two I wasn't completely sure were actual masonic handshakes) but the one that caught my eye was of Gordon Brown giving George W. Bush the master mason's grip. I'd already satisfied myself that Brown was a mason but it still was something of a surprise to see Socialist Gordon and Neo-Con Bush confirming their masonic affiliations so blatantly.

Finally, there was yet more evidence of the occult nature of the British establishment and in particular the coming Olympic Games. On December 21st (the winter solstice, which would not have been a coincidence) David Cameron switched on the floodlights in the Olympic stadium at 'a special ceremony.' The lights themselves form part of an illuminated capstone in a larger pyramid that is clearly masonic symbolism. For me this is more proof that the games themselves are just one great big occult spectacle.

For more on this subject I wholeheartedly recommend the work of Rik Clay (now sadly deceased in what some suspect were mysterious circumstances) who did some tremendous research into the occult significance of the 2012 London Olympics.

The sooner we can free ourselves of these Satanic occultists who lie, deceive and manipulate and who think nothing of crashing economies or dropping depleted uranium (amongst many other horrors) on defenceless people the better we all will be.


Johnnyrvf said...

Do not let your self get too upset by what is going on in the supposed march toward a NWO, if you read the Easter Homily of St. John Chrysostom, it puts the situation into perspective, they are not on the losing side, they are on the side that has LOST, what ever they are planning cannot come to pass; it is not the will of God.

boojahadeen said...

"Monopoly capitalism (Fascism) for the elites and socialism (Communism) for the masses. All in a carefully controlled (brainwashed) society"

Why not use the "C" word, Communitarianism?

Anonymous said...

Hi RH,

Firstly a great article again and you've hit the nail on the head with China and Morgan, the NWO shill. Why do you think his career has taken off so well after his supposed ending of his career at the mirror? He is after all the new presenter of the Tonight Show in the USA after, taking over from Larry King. My, my what a surprise there? He's not a media whore anymore but a media madam! He makes me want to vomit quite frankly but there you go.

Secondly, thanks for the kind word on my blog by the way, appreciated and replied to.

And thirdly and finally, I really can't for the life of me understand people like Johnnyrvf, (possibly John Hill of the Ripple Effect?) when they say:

"they are on the side that has LOST, what ever they are planning cannot come to pass; it is not the will of God."

It does astound me because firstly I do believe in a creator, no doubt but I'm with you on the Bible, merely a control mechanism, a blueprint for the future by our controlling elites. Roman Catholic Church anyone?
To me, it seems that the NWO's plan is moving along nicely:

They've sewn China up, turning it into what was planned - the manufacturing base of the world. They've risen India up (and soon to be S.America) from 3rd world status into another economic workhorse for them, even though, like China, we're paying for it all. They've managed to fool the public into thinking that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the breaking up of Russia was the end of the U.S.S.R. They have also managed to fool the public into believing that democracy is still alive in the west, that is a system that makes people think they are in control (electing their government) when they never, ever have been. They're destroying the culture of the west already, that was achieved easily by making people believe that the W.Indians in the 50's and the Asians in the 70's were badly needed for the UK's future infrastructure, when it was planned all along to obliterate our culture with multicultures. Hell, if you saw the Queen's speech it was one big promotion of multiculturalism and one big multiracial love in! Our younger generations are turning into narcissistic, egotistical hedonists, who see nothing wrong with abortion, multiple partners, homo and bisexuality. They've dumbed down society totally with the majority glued to 'the box' nothing but a completely indoctrinated and brainwashed society, unable to think critically relying on emotive illogic to run their debates They've also created a welfare dependent society and it will be even more so when the full effects of depression come into play, when millions more lose their jobs, because there aren't any here anymore!

Like I said it amazes me. If it's God's plan that the NWO fail then I have to say to Johnny that if that is true then there most certainly ain't no God! I said I'd pop by from time to time. All the best RH and Happy New Year!

Johnnyrvf said...

Harbinger, I believe you completely misunderstood what I was trying to say, not that what I wrote was well thought out. What I was trying to say was that what will happen has been prophesised, but not to be too dismayed as this time will pass as do all others and the ages of ages will eventualy rule supreme. As to who I am, I have nothing to do with the Ripple Effect, Johnny is an affectionate name given to me by people who hold me close and rvf stands for racing vee four, a factory prefix given to a series of particularly successful competition machines campained by Honda who proved that this internal combustion engine format is particularly relevent to motorcycle competition. I wish you a blessed new year.

Harry J said...

Johnny, I have to be honest and say I'm struggling a bit with 'prophecy'. Firstly it seems to have the effect of weakening, if not completely removing any resistance from some Christians who appear only too happy that the NWO 'plan' is occurring as it seems to fulfil prophecies made in the Bible. At the same time those behind the NWO agenda also seem only too happy for that agenda to mimic those prophecies.

The questions I'd like answering is who wrote the Old Testament prophecies? Why was the Old Testament included in the Christian Bible? Indeed who decided which books were in and which were out? The God of the Old Testament appears to be very different to that of the New Testament. I could imagine the Old Testament God knowing that lies, deceit, persecution, death and destruction were to befall humanity before he 'did' anything about it. I find it harder to imagine the New Testament God leaving us to such a fate.

All i intend to do is try and resist the 'dark side' as best as I can in any way I can. I'd love to think we could stop this agenda before all the death and destruction that has been 'prophesied'. If not then I hope God has a good explanation for why it all had to happen before Jesus could return.

Boojahadeen, you're absolutely correct. I have mentioned communitarianism elsewhere on this blog so there was no excuse for me not to have been more clear in the post.

H, thanks for dropping in. I've just read your comment on your blog. For me the issues of multiculturism and immigration are still probably the most powerful driving forces in my struggle against the NWO. It's the most 'in your face' evidence of the agenda and the one I have most difficulty with.

I do take slight issue with you on one point. It wasn't 'us' that created the Empire. First and foremost it was a business enterprise that was only later given the fig leaf of the British state. We then became the tax base and cannon fodder but we got little if any of the rewards. In short we were used by 'them' and now that they've finished with us they intend to destroy us before they move on to their next victims.

Any way good luck on your travels and future ventures. Remember to keep us posted whatever you decide to do.

Anonymous said...

Johnny RVF,

I'll reply to your email instead of on here but I agree with RH's reply to you regarding the Old/New Testament and why it was written.

Anonymous said...


Well I agree about multiculturalism and immigration as you do and that they are the main driving tool of the NWO. They want globalisation and by flooding all countries with other peoples and their cultures will certainly obliterate any indigenous people and their culture. It's common sense really. After all, if you're cooking a chicken soup and then you add tomato soup, oxtail soup, french onion, scotch broth and bouillabaise then you haven't got chicken soup anymore! You should realise that I'm very much with you on this from my previous articles and replies to you.

"I do take slight issue with you on one point. It wasn't 'us' that created the Empire. First and foremost it was a business enterprise that was only later given the fig leaf of the British state. We then became the tax base and cannon fodder but we got little if any of the rewards. In short we were used by 'them' and now that they've finished with us they intend to destroy us before they move on to their next victims."

I use the collective term of the word 'we' meaning (as you should know) the elites were 100% the creation of the Empire and the subsequent persecution of the peoples. However RH, regardless of how you may feel it was the people who were their enforcers. It was my Ancestry, especially the Scots who were the bulldogs of the British Empire in Africa and India. How many old films portrayed the many Scottish regiments thumping the crap out of the natives in India and Africa? Sure, I will agree that the penalty for not being 'part of the Empire' was severe, resulting in possible death, but again, as with today, the people are their own worst enemy. Did people think what they were doing was wrong? Did they not realise that like their anger and defense of the realm, from those foreign armies who wished to invade them, was what they did not exactly the same as what foreign armies wished to do to them? Is there not a hell of a lot of hypocrisy in all of this?

We have no right whatsoever to go to foreign lands and impose our own culture and faux democracy upon them. Worse still RH, I am very much of the thought that our elites did just this because they knew where our invasion of other lands would lead. that of course being no leg to stand on when people did exactly the same to us, with the go ahead from our own political elites. In other words 'ye shall sew what ye reap' and we have fallen victim to it.
As in the past, as we do today, we join the police force to persecute one another on behalf of our elite. We join the armed forces to do the bidding of our elite in foreign lands, eventually turning on our own people for the elites. We become teachers, professors, actors and celebrities in order to indoctrinate our younger generations on behalf of our elite. We become scientists and doctors in order to manipulate, create horrific diseases/viruses with which to kill off one another on behalf of our elites.

We have created all of the problems that we have in society because of our compliance AND NOT SAYING NO. That's the reality RH, regardless how you may want to view it I'm afraid to say.

Andrew said...

"All i intend to do is try and resist the 'dark side' as best as I can in any way I can. I'd love to think we could stop this agenda before all the death and destruction that has been 'prophesied'. If not then I hope God has a good explanation for why it all had to happen before Jesus could return."

With most of your post Harry I agree with, but "before Jesus could return" What do you expect Him to do? We all have free will, just as this bellow by Harbinger. The message is there for all to read and search for with clear thinking, and do or do not.

Harbinger wrote:
"We have created all of the problems that we have in society because of our compliance AND NOT SAYING NO. That's the reality RH, regardless how you may want to view it I'm afraid to say."

Andrew said...

Johnnyrvf Wrote:
Easter Homily of St. John Chrysostom

I have nothing to do with Catholicism or any organised religion.

And I do support the Ripple Effect.

Johnnyrvf said...

Andrew, St. John Chrysostom could not really be described as Catholic in any sense of the way the word is generally understood today and by deliberately not allowing yourself not to know the least about Judaism/Christianity I would have thought it would rather limit the relevance of your opinion in this debate. As to the ripple effect, I have no idea, apart from ripples in a pond of water, what or who it apertains to and merely stated that, it was not meant to be taken as a criticism.

Harry J said...

Johnny, I wouldn't worry too much. Andrew can sometimes be a little 'cryptic' in his comments.

H, a few points. At the time of the expansion of the Empire a considerable number of British people still did not have the vote. Even then they were lied to and deceived so their ability to fully understand what they were to say yes or no to would have been severely limited. I almost concur with what you say in terms of the army but then as now these things are couched in term of defence, protection of the nation's 'interests' etc. You and I may be able to see through the lies but it's not that easy for many who aren't gifted with great intellect (though some are).

If we are to take responsibility for the consequences of the actions of a small, criminal elite, several centuries ago then you would have to believe in collective punishment and 'sins of the fathers'. I don't believe in either. I wouldn't blame today's Germans for what happened in the war even if I thought their forefathers were truly responsible (as opposed to the machinations of the Vatican/Zionist/Masonic etc nexus). Nor would I blame all Muslims for 9/11 and 7/7 even if I thought it was followers of that 'faith' that were responsible (as opposed to the usual suspects), as tempting as it may be considering my dislike of Islam.

As for not saying no, I remember the huge demonstrations against the Iraq war. All to no avail. Anyway, you get my point, I hope.

We have to find a way of getting beyond just saying no. That assumes 'they' are still in power. we have to find a way of legally and democratically retaking power for the people. Even if many of those people don't fully understand all the issues. I know, easier said than done, but we must try.

Anonymous said...


It's not what we believe in that matters - "Sins of the father" for we are of Britain and that ancestry is ours. It's what 'others', those people whose ancestors were part of that persecution (by a small elite) that really matters. As our society becomes ever more filled with foreign peoples and their cultures so too does their contempt grow for us, as they are reminded of their past, a past that you and I had no play in but to them, they really don't give a shit about. The amount of times, while I lived in London that I'd be in company of non whites/indigenous Britons who'd whinge and moan about white persecution of peoples across this world, I'd slowly boil within, of course before saying - "How in the fuck can you blame me for that?" Of course they say they aren't but the message is said and guaranteed, if I wasn't there they'd all get into a deep castigation of bad man whitey.

More so, when I do look at History I do realise that elites are very much the Vatican/Jewish and Masonic nexus who used the ignorant Goy for their own means to persecute the world.

And as for saying no, well I still don't think you've got my point that I was trying to make. I'm going much deeper than I think you imagine. Sure we all said no on the Iraq anti war March in Feb 2003 (I was on it) but I knew that would achieve nothing. What I am saying is that had the soldiers said No; had the politicians said No etc etc then no Iraq war being fought by the British. I speak of our people saying No to joining the police to persecute the peoples along with the army of lawyers who benefit financially for the obliteration of their people's liberty and freedoms also. I'm saying No on the ground level. We create the problems because WE (collective) are the protectors of our assassins and the very people who enforce their misery upon one another. That's what I'm talking about RH.

We WILL NOT be able to take the power back legally and democratically from the elites, because the legal and democratic system is their creation, which they are rapidly shutting down. All parties are from the top down. There is no political party that isn't created by the Elites as controlled opposition from the start or infiltrated later on. When you see parties change direction (and the BNP is an example) you realise they've been infiltrated. Their support for Zionism for example, a 180 degree turn I might add, is a classic example. Nick Griffin, people may say is fighting for the British. What I see is a man, getting fat as an EUMP raking in a six figure salary that will take care of him and his family quite frankly. His opposition to the EU along with Farage's should be outwith it not within. He's merely counting his pennies, not that I'd ever support them anyway.

If we try to take on the elites democratically and legally we will be defeated at every turn. Do I promote violence? Well, I really don't know because the elite have thought of that as well. I believe that what will happen, the creation of world government/banking system is inevitable. After all, the Bible plan will merely continue until revelations and by that time the elites will succumb their power or should I say, move into the next phase of their planned future.

Johnnyrvf said...

If I may just add a few thoughts, from experience all mechanisms have a life expectancy after which for one reason or another they fail, the Universe could be described as thus but it's life span is incalculably longer than this planet and I believe humanity in it's physical form. Human politics and empire building, however are not; from what I have seen from the videos Harry has posted here is that behind the political machinations is a so called spiritual dimension of no depth or integrity, I keep refering to the writings of the early Church saints and fathers, simply because they would spend their lifetime trying to understand the reality of Chist's teachings and in doing so discovered that to be brought into the presense of the Lord required an enormous amount of humility, obedience and faith; good descriptions are given in the biography of the later saint, St. Seraphim of Sarov of his lifetime of prayer and healing. It is very easy for vain, egocentric, amoral, spiritualy un-enlightened people to be seduced into a false reality of faux spiritual existence, particularly that of Lucifer, chief of the egotists and master of flattery, I do not debate that these people are the so called elite and they are dismantling Democracy and Freedom of the world's peoples, however I believe their vapid belief that they will become godlike in the coming Age of Aquarius will have a very bitter taste when they wake up to the fact they are nothing of the sort, Hell has no power as it has been irreperably broken by the resurection of Christ.
I do not believe that we have been abandoned by God, for what ever history shows, whilst not repeating it self precisly, every empire that has ever existed in what we understand as history has collapsed and each one that followed ended after a shorter period of dominance than the last and this NWO will fail just as surely as all the others before it because it is going to be torn apart from both without and within, by angry populations with weapons and by corrupt internal politics, Satan is very good at painting a picture of despair, I cannot say what is coming, but I seriously do not believe the NWO will ever exist in the form that the protaginists are hoping for, if at all.

Harry J said...

H, I agree that the perception (that is purposefully reinforced by the PTB) is that we have collective responsibility and that we must pay for the actions of the elites in times gone by. All I'm saying is that the truth is we don't. I see explaining this to both the indigenous British and those of ethnic origin as being very important. That's why the likes of Griffin is so very important to the agenda because he keeps discussions of these issues within parameters that don't deal with them in such a way and in fact contributes to the wider 'divide and rule' policy.

I don't think we're that far apart on the issue of saying no. I agree that more should be doing just that. What I'm saying is that there is an immense amount of 'perception management' or brainwashing (call it what you will) that those that are less enlightened easily succumb to. My guess is that many ordinary men and women who join the police, for example, do want to do something useful for society. Once they've joined they are then 'trained' in such a way that many do end up being our persecutors as opposed to our protectors. I've had many dealings with the police (on both sides of the law) and come across some good and some bad.

We can forget any sort of salvation through the party system. Even a new party would run the risk of being infiltrated or diverted. My thoughts were more along the line of a movement without central control that was based around an idea(l). This would have to deal with the basics which would be constitutional. A new constitution based on our existing one that removed any of the uncertainties as to our sovereign rights as free people. All else 'political' would flow from this and would be far more easily resolved once the basics had been dealt with and the PTB neutered. It may sound impossible but I don't believe it is. All it would take would be a significant number of people prepared to rally round the newly formed constitution for it to have effect. After all what comes after the violence? A new system of some sort would have to be devised and this would be much more difficult in the sort of situation where a large degree of law and order had broken down.

Whatever plans 'they' are making I think it's time we made some of our own. A tall order but we must at least try.

Harry J said...

Johnny, 'their' spiritual dimension certainly doesn't have any sort of integrity. In my previous reply to Harbinger I mentioned the idea of a new or reformed constitution. This would inevitably have a 'spiritual dimension' of great integrity, both for it to work and for it to resonate with the majority of people who, at heart, are good. I've come to realise that any successful resistance to the agenda has to have a spiritual basis. After all, this is truly a battle between good and evil. Although I harbour doubts about both organised religion and some aspects (at least) of the Bible itself I still think there is much to learn from the words of Jesus as well as those more spiritually enlightened in the past.

You're absolutely correct that we are where we are today because many (and I include myself - at least up until recent times) have become 'vain, egocentric, amoral [and] spiritually un-enlightened' and that 'they' have both helped to create this state of affairs and sought to exploit it. Part of the solution has to be to recognise that this has happened and to then personally do something about it. One of the problems that does arise is that many of the 'religions' that are meant to help in these matters are so distorted that they end up doing as much harm as good.

I'm not sure that I truly believe we have been abandoned by God but I do sometimes despair that it seems as if we have. Perhaps that is as it should be. If God granted us dominion over the planet and we have allowed that dominion to fall into the hands of dark forces then maybe it is up to us change that. My problem is with Revelation itself which seems to remove any free will whatsoever as it has all been decided a long time ago and therefore there's nothing we can do to alter things. I'd like to think there is. Is it possible that Revelation itself is part of the deception in that it prevents a significant number of essentially good willed people from actively trying to do anything? I remember reading an article from a Christian who railed against another Christian who had proposed a solution of sorts. He was angry that the solution, if successful, would prevent prophecy from coming true and therefore from Jesus returning. He claimed the solution (I can't remember what it was) didn't involve Jesus and was therefore blasphemous. What if the future isn't as dictated by Revelation and it is down to us?

Harry J said...


As for Empires falling, my contention, based on what I've read, is that they were intentionally destroyed. Alan Watt, of Cutting Through the Matrix, suggests that the power elite have continually changed their power base over the centuries. As one country or people lose their usefulness, productivity or become too rebellious (aware?) they change their base. In doing so they always make sure they destroy the old power centre first. This is to make sure they pose no threat to the new system and are therefore more easily subsumed into it. To my eyes this is what is happening today. The UK (and possibly to a lesser extent Europe) and the USA are both being weakened ready for collapse. It may well be that the Vatican will also have a similar fate. The new centres will possibly be Jerusalem, China and it's suggested Dubhai. Of course only time will tell.

I'm not sure that the plan ever was for the NWO to exist in the form that we are being led to believe it is going to exist. I think part of the deception is that it is going to be seen to fail. At this point agents of the agenda will attempt to 'unite' the world or humanity into a sort of benign world government, something along the lines of Zeitgeist's Venus Project. This will be the Huxleyian 'Brave New World" as opposed to the Orwellian' '1984' we have been led to expect. I'm going to attempt to explain this much better at some point soon.

That said, like you, I cannot say for certain what is coming but I am trying to understand as best as I can and be prepared for all eventualities.

the new world order said...

awesome article i am going to put it in my forum, along with the very telling pix.

from what i can see about all religions and all bibles is - they were all contrived by the same entities as a tool for social manipulation. It was the perfect plan to play the bible out like a story or a movie - so that the people would actually believe the bible is true and keep faith in their religions - so it kind of is true, but only because "they" wrote it, and all their doing is playing it out like a story - they are making it all come true. It was all planned from the beginning..

Johnnyrvf said...

R.H. Revelation is the one book of the New Testament I have deliberately chosen never to read, Why? because it is considered by many commentators and scholars to be the most difficult to comprehend, I have been told it is the visions of the end of the final fallen age of St. John the Devine and it has caused enormous discontent between people who believe in the message of the Bible. I too agree there is a great difference between the old and new testaments, of which it is, from a modern point of view which has been influenced by the teachings of tolerence and compassion, very difficult to understand it from the point of view of the persons who wrote the old testament all those thousands of years ago and I think this lack of comprehension also causes a lot of problems when apertaining to the direction of modern civilisation. I agree as to the fact that we are stewards of this planet and have allowed our responsibilities of that authority to, through lack of positive spiritual awareness and an understanding of the need for humility and moderation let the exploitation in all senses of the planet run away out of control, with the NWO, Globalists et all gorging thier egos and stomachs on the frenzy of rampant consumerism with all the negative consequences that are undoubtably becoming apparent. As a cynic of modern human thinking and behaviour, I just cannot envisage billions of people being seduced into the believing the ' new messiah ' coming out of the failure of the supposed NWO is the one to follow, even if he has a few demonic slights of hand up his sleeve. As the Universe is always throwing up new reasons to change our way of thinking, e.g. the latest phenomena on the surface of the sun, which is challenging all "settled" scientific thinking, so God will continue to spoil the plans of Lucifer, in a way completely unforseen by any involved in paving the way for the age of Aquarius, because I believe, although the Kingdom of God is not at present on Earth, the world was created by Him and although we allowed satan to enter it, that does not mean that God is not striving to get it back into his Kingdom, as is witnessed by Christ when he said ' I did not enter the world to Judge the world, but to save the world.

Harry J said...

Thanks TNWO. The issue of religions and elite control is a complex one. I certainly think that there has been much manipulation where Christianity is concerned but I'd caution against 'throwing the baby out with the bathwater'. I don't think 'they' wrote all of the Bible as some sort of preconceived control system but I do think they sought to diminish the threat of the spreading Christianity by taking control of it and manipulating it to their advantage. Many very ardent adversaries of the New World agenda are firm believers of the Christian message and I'm definitely not knowledgable enough on this subject to discount their views.

My specific doubts are with prophecies and particularly Revelation which only yesterday I learned is thought by some (including the Eastern Orthodox church I'm led to believe) is a forgery. We need to distinguish between the words and deeds of Jesus (from which there is much of merit to be learned and that of some of the prophecies which indeed do seem to be being played out like a preconceived plan.

I for one intend to continue to research and investigate this subject much more in the future.

Harry J said...

Johnny, I hope you're right. One interesting theory put forward by Chris White of Nowhere To Run is that 'they' intend their coming 'World Teacher' to be revealed as the anti-Christ. They will then have another figure ready which they will falsely claim to be the returning Messiah. A Messiah who will explain where the Bible got it wrong in certain key aspects which will further explain why 'Jesus' is not quite as expected. Of course at this point we enter the realms of pure speculation. As you say, we shall see. In the meantime I intend to take nothing for granted and will to try to do all I can to help thwart their ambitions. It beats sitting back and doing nothing. That said I'm also acutely aware that part of my efforts at 'resistance' requires me to increase my own spiritual awareness.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think all these people are on his show this week? Oprah, Stern, Cloony? All Satanists.

Harry J said...

Ha, the usual suspects. No real surprises there.