Friday, June 17, 2011

The 'We Were Created By Aliens' Deception

Michael Tellinger
Several days ago an anonymous poster left a link to a series of videos by someone called Michael Tellinger. I'd never heard of him before but watching the videos a familiar story emerged. It's one I've come across many times before and the themes contained within them appear to be very popular with many in the New Age and 2012 movements. 

Tellinger's theory on the origins of humanity appears to be that we were created by aliens who then used us as slaves to mine for gold. I could attempt a highly detailed discussion but with other things limiting my time I'll instead just make a few observations.

Firstly Tellinger claims that God, that is the God of the Bible, seems obsessed with gold. The verse he uses as a reference is Genesis 2:11. In that verse God does indeed mention that there is 'gold' in the  'land of Havilah' but this hardly reveals an obsession. Much more importantly it also has to be remembered that this is part of the Genesis story of creation. In this context the gold mentioned is part of that creation which seems to completely contradict the idea that this is the same god who has created us to mine the stuff on his behalf.

Next up is the issue of slavery. This is a long and complex matter and I can hardly do it justice here. Suffice to say that the slavery mentioned in the Bible has little comparison to what we in the West would commonly consider slavery today. That is the slavery of forced labour that was largely seen in America, the Caribbean and elsewhere around the 17th and 18th centuries. The 'slave' of the Bible could be more easily described as 'servant' and was more often a voluntary affair. From this website we read that"

"Freedom in the ancient Near East was a relative, not an absolute state, as the ambiguity of the term for "slave" in all the region's languages illustrates. "Slave" could be used to refer to a subordinate in the social ladder. Thus the subjects of a king were called his "slaves," even though they were free citizens. The king himself, if a vassal, was the "slave" of his emperor; kings, emperors, and commoners alike were "slaves" of the gods. Even a social inferior, when addressing a social superior, referred to himself out of politeness as "your slave."

Neither was 'slavery' a lifetime affair as many, if not most, in this position could be released (if they wished) after a period of time.

From the same article we read that:

"There were not supposed to be any poor in Israel at all! (Compliance with the spirit and letter of the covenant would have produced a society marked by righteousness, compassion, and prosperity)."

However, there should be no poor among you, for in the land the LORD your God is giving you to possess as your inheritance, he will richly bless you, 5 if only you fully obey the LORD your God and are careful to follow all these commands I am giving you today. (Deut 15.4)

But God is a realist (Deut 15.11!); hence He made a wide range of provisions in the Law for the poor {and the protection of 'slaves'}. 

The point being that the sort of forced, economic, slavery Tellinger alludes to is both very rare in the Bible and specifically regulated against by God. At the very least it didn't prove that God created us as his slaves.

He then mentions the winged serpent that many disparate cultures think of as their creator god. This was, along with winged solar discs, representations of the sun god, which is symbolic of Lucifer rather than aliens. Lucifer being the solar deity who was the fallen angel and was often represented with wings and/or as a serpent or dragon. No evidence of aliens here.

He speaks of evolution's 'missing link'. In fact this is one of many gaping holes in the theory of evolution. His solution is that aliens came down and manipulated the DNA of Neandertahl man and in the process created Homo Sapiens. Of course there's zero evidence for this. More interestingly is Walter Veith's observation in his series of lectures on Creation. Despite being initially sceptical I found Veith's evidence far more compelling than anything Tellinger provides. He states that far from being a precursor of modern man, Neandertahl remains are found in the same strata as that of Homo Sapiens suggesting they were always contemporaries. 

The pyramids are mentioned as evidence of extra-terrestrial involvement on planet earth. The Bible speaks of a pre-flood civilisation and it is likely that they were the source of the pyramids. Regardless the pyramids themselves do not offer any evidence of alien intervention.

Tellinger boldly states that there is overwhelming evidence of alien visitations. If there is I've yet to see it. There's a great deal of conjecture and speculation but little, if any, hard evidence. We often hear that there is evidence of this in ancient artworks. This is easily refuteded in this video, UFO's in Ancient Art Debunked, by Chris White.

What we have seen is an overwhelming degree of predictive programming by the 'elites' in regards to aliens. I wouldn't be surprised if the 'aliens created us' idea doesn't go mainstream in the 'end times' confusion they appear to be planning. Anything to undermine the idea that we were created by God. I looked at this idea in the post 'We Need World Government Because of Space Aliens', where I quoted researcher Bill Cooper saying, "the UFO phenomenon ... has all the hallmarks of the most successful, most sophisticated, mind control operation in the history of the world." 

We then hear a claim often made that all wars were caused by religion. This doesn't really bear any scrutiny at all. All wars were caused by the ruling 'elites' who used religion as a convenient foil. Chris White, again, has made an excellent video on this subject entitled, 'Religious Wars, Fact or Fiction?'. One point that should be made on this issue is that although any wars pursued in the name of Christianity were specifically against the teachings of Jesus the same, sadly, can't be said of Islam. That said the majority of muslims probably want to live a peaceful life just like the rest of us. Unfortunately for them the religion they adhere to happens to be particularly warlike and their prophet himself was a warlord. Something that Chris White does his best to gloss over in the video.

We then have the claim that the Annunaki of the Bible were really aliens. Although Tellinger doesn't refer specifically to Zacharia Sitchin, it was his work that popularised this theory. Much of that work has now been debunked effectively.

On the website 'Sitchin is Wrong' we read:

"As I noted in my open letter to Zecharia Sitchin, I have challenged him and other ancient astronaut researchers to produce one line of one cuneiform text that demonstrates his ideas about the Anunnaki are really in the Sumerian texts. I want to see one line of one text that says things like the Anunnaki inhabit a planet or inhabit Nibiru, or that the term "Anunnaki" means "people of the fiery rockets, that sort of thing."

Other evidence seems to suggest that the Anunnaki may have been fallen angels who came down with Lucifer but I have no way of proving that for certain. It's suffice to say that what evidence there is does not *prove* the Anunnaki were aliens.

Similarly the claim that the Bible was taken directly from Sumerian texts has also been proved incorrect, although the two do draw from some common ideas.

One other observation about Sitchin is that he is clearly a freemason, as evidenced by the masonic handshake between him and Jordan Maxwell clearly seen in this video

Tellinger also states that Biblical dogma has enslaved people. There was a time when I might have agreed with him. I've since come to realise how the pagan, occult, system of control, that had been developed in Babylon eventually found its way to Rome. This same system then cloaked itself in a paganised version of Christianity in order to deceive, manipulate and control. It is this, rather than the Bible itself, that has enslaved people which is ironic seeing as it's also the source of much of the  New Age philosophy that Tellinger espouses.

At one point Tellinger starts off talking about proof of alien visitations (which he doesn't actually give) then he veers off into an entirely unrelated story about Nikola Tesla. Whilst the Tesla story is interesting and likely to hold some truth it in no way proves anything at all to do with aliens.

Next up is the disappearing gold claim. He makes this without one shred of evidence that gold is disappearing. The inference here is that our alien creators are still using us to mine gold on their behalf and are then removing it from the planet. A far more likely scenario is that the real controllers of this world are cornering the market in gold prior to an engineered financial and banking crash. It may even be that they manage to persuade us that returning to the gold standard is a good idea (it isn't). Either way, we get no actual proof that aliens are sending our gold to some distant planet. 

After all this wild conjecture we're told we have to 'embrace the truth of who we are'. What 'truth' is that exactly? Closely following on we get to the standard New Age/2012/Jesuit (Teilhard de Chardin) evolution of consciousness stuff. This meme is being propagated from a variety of different sources. It all feeds into the idea that we are about to experience a 'consciousness shift' into 'oneness' in or around the year 2012. I've discussed this before but essentially it's a clever psy-ops designed to create a false unity prior to the coming false utopia they are trying to tempt us with. This would be a post all on its own so I'll leave it there for the now.

Then we get to perhaps the craziest bit of all. It seems the aliens created us but when they did they switched off the DNA that is responsible for telepathy and so instead we had these horrible voices and ears. Bizarre to say the least. Personally I don't think voices or the ability to hear sound is a fault of any kind. Nor am I convinced that telepathy would be any sort of improvement. Quite why we would want to manipulate our DNA so that we didn't have to speak or hear is beyond me. On a more serious note what this and the whole 'aliens created us' theory feeds into is the transhumanism agenda. We've seen hints of this in the Zeitgeist films. Essentially what They want to do is tamper with our DNA and make us better slaves. They'll obviously dress this up with suitably fluffy language and make it look 'progressive' or something similar but the bottom line is They want to change us into something more suitable for Their purposes.

Just to top this off we get yet another wild claim that our thoughts are leaving this planet and being picked up by advanced civilisations. And the proof for this is? Similarly remote viewing is discussed as if it were a proven phenomenon. I remain open minded on things such as remote viewing but I do know that it has nothing to do with aliens creating us as slaves to mine for gold.

Finally and inevitably, we get to the Mayan 2012 stuff which has been dealt with effectively elsewhere. True to form we're told that their information was given to them by advanced beings without any sort of evidence being produced. Then we're told that the Mayans, along with other South American Indian cultures, were wiped out by the Catholic church. The easy inference here is that this was those nasty Christians again when in reality it was Babylonian paganism masquerading as Christianity that was the culprit. 

Tellinger then tells us that mankind cannot continue along the path it's presently following. Of course we then discover that the changes need to come from outside intervention. Presumably from 'good aliens'. This is exactly what all the alien predictive programming has been preparing us for. As such I wouldn't at all be surprised if 'aliens' don't play some sort of role in the great end times delusion as the elite make their final moves towards world government.

I'd wanted to find out some more about Contributionism, his solution, or vision of the future. This led me to watching another series of videos that were supposed to explain the meaning of this concept.

In both videos there were hints that the changes required were only like to come after some sort of apocalypse. At one point he said that 'a new era (age?) will rise out of the ashes' of the old, hinting that he may know more than he's letting on. A major symbol of the freemasons is the phoenix rising out of the flames or ashes, supposedly creating order out of chaos. Although it's impossible to tell whether Tellinger is a freemason or not is, the possibility is there based on his use of masonic code words .  

Tellinger's statement reminded me of a quote by the theosophist Alice Bailey. She said:

"The New World Order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience. The New World Order must lay the foundation for a future world order which will be possible only after a time of recovery, of reconstruction, and of rebuilding."

In the Contributionism videos Tellinger actually says he likes to call his vision of the future a New World Order so as to, in some way, steal the thunder of the 'Illuminati'. To me, this is highly suspicious to say the least. A clever bit of psy-ops perhaps? The thing is, his New World Order is exactly the same as that of the Theosophists, Masons and assorted occultists that comprise the Illuminati. A false utopia and hive minded conformity (oneness) in service to the sun god Lucifer. We're actually told at one point that we have to get over the idea that we're unique individuals because, he brazenly states, we're not.

The videos on Contributionism aren't particularly enlightening but we do manage to glean a few things, the first of which is it's a close parallel with the Venus Project. I would have been more surprised if it hadn't of been. Apparently money is the root all evil (it isn't it's the love of money) so we have to imagine a world without it. Not only that we have to take the value out of things which removes the possibility of barter. We won't need any of these things because everyone works for a 'common purpose' (another suspicious turn of phrase), follows their passions and we can have everything we need for free. 

In a previous post we saw the Venus Project described as 21st century communism and I can see little difference between it and Contributionism.

There are numerous faults with the present system, which it seems has been designed to eventually fail, but as with the Venus Project the only way that Contributionism would be possible would be a totalitarian world government where all dissent was suppressed. In my opinion any sort of world government would be a disaster, but particularly so at the present time, but I'm still open to new ideas and thinking. As another commenter said elsewhere, let those behind the Venus Project go and buy some land and live out their utopian dream for 25 years so we can assess the merits of the scheme before committing the whole world to it. Exactly the same can be said about Contributionism.

In my humble opinion, Contributionism and the Venus Project are utopian carrots being dangled in front of those in the New Age and 2012 movements, as well as many so called 'truthers' who have also fallen for this line. The aim is to get a world government by any possible means. The elite don't care, they know they'll get to control it eventually. Whether it's Zeitgeist or a Michael Tellinger video the solution always look similar.

This was only a brief look at these videos but it was enough to recognise many New Age themes that are so prevalent at the moment. One of the fundamental aims of these themes seems to be the undermining or discrediting of the Bible and the idea that there was a loving God that created us all. I remain open minded and willing to look at any information but I'm afraid these videos didn't stand up to any sort of scrutiny and were sadly lacking anything that remotely looked like evidence. 


AdamS said...

Nice post. Funny that he brought up Tesla since to me Tesla fills a lot of holes re UFOs and other technology, in that their existence is not necessarily proof of aliens. Even some of the creatures people have claimed to have seen could be GE.

Harry J said...

Thanks Adam and good point about Tesla and his advanced technology. I have to confess I'm not sure what you mean by GE. I'm sure I'll kick myself when you tell me.

AdamS said...

genetically engineered. spider goats have to be the tip of the iceberg there. lol

James Higham said...

Fine post.

He then mentions the winged serpent that many disparate cultures think of as their creator god. This was, along with winged solar discs, representations of the sun god, which is symbolic of Lucifer rather than aliens.

Always interwoven, is it not - every which way we turn?

Anonymous said...

Interesting read over at LaRouche's EIR

A Confluence of Crisis:
Our Job Is To Manage the Universe

...."We find that mankind also has a higher form of intelligence, as even some animals do. But mankind's intelligence is such that it's our creative intelligence, our creative powers to make discoveries of principle, to change the character of man's existence, by raising man from a lower level of ability to exist, to a higher level!

And this drive, to always go to a higher level of scientific progress and development of mankind, is the basis on which mankind depends for success of the human species. Every other type of animal life, other than man, is ultimately doomed, because it becomes outmoded. Only mankind, which has the ability to change mankind's own nature, to improve mankind's own nature, is capable of overcoming the challenge of the requirement. You would never have a monkey be able to invent a nuclear fission program. You would never have a monkey, which could develop thermonuclear fusion. We need those, now!...."

Lengthy-ish read all @


Anonymous said...

I remember there were some Reagan quotes about how a hypothetical alien invasion would bring the planet together. I believe he was a covert globalist..

Harry J said...

Ah, genetically engineered. Thanks Adam.

Yes James, it is.

Bill, I struggle to take LaRouche seriously any more. His focus on the 'British Empire' just doesn't hold water when considering the dominant role that Rome plays. The 'British Empire' is merely one arm of the 'Holy Roman Empire'. He also acts as if China and India were independent countries following their own paths rather than controlled elements in the grand global game.

Lavender, I have seen that Reagan quote and it seems to sum up the game that is being played with all this alien stuff.

Anonymous said...

Harry. What are your thoughts on Francis Cricks view on directed panspermia

Harry J said...

I haven't read Crick's article. So many things to read and so little time I'm afraid.

As I understand it the idea is that life arrived here from on this planet from outer space. It still begs the question where it originated from and the answer is still either intelligent design or pure random chance.

Anonymous said...

Another good article RH.

Interesting that Tellinger should state that God was obsessed with gold when one realises that the Bible was written a lot longer after it was stated to have been and more so, why would a deity be interested in gold, when if it can create the universe and man, would it be interested in a product of its own creating? More rubbish but then we grow to expect this. You and I now are both coming to the realisation that the bible was written for purposes with which to control and seeing as gold is used to control then I rest my case.

Regarding slavery I agree with you analysis, however to add that slavery already existed long before the 16th through 19th centuries with blacks as the indigenous Brits made slaves from the Scots, English, Irish and Welsh, not forgetting that in Africa, slavery was common place for thousands of years!

As regards to modern man and neanderthals, not forgetting destroying the 'Out of Africa' rhetoric that we're all fed you'll enjoy the following:

Keep up the great articles RH. Now that I'm no longer blogging, it's good to come around and read articles from yourself, questioning the status quo.



karasu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
karasu said...

i am from italy,sorry for my bad english.

Harry J said...

Hi Karasu and thanks for commenting. Your English is much better than my Italian.

I am aware of alien abduction theories and much of what I've read seems more than a little questionable. I remember reading a very good article that detailed the similarities between people being abducted by fairies or hobgoblins or the like in years gone by and todays stories of alien abductions. In both cases these entities were malevolent. Assuming there's some truth to the stories it may well be that these entities are demonic.

I know that sounds as far fetched as aliens but in many ways it makes more sense. Many in the New Age and 2012 movements speak of being contacted by entities. David Icke is one example. Although they all have a similar message they make contact using different identities. Sometimes they claim to be aliens, sometimes ascended masters and other times Egyptian gods. This seems to me to be suggestive of them being deceptive and therefore more likely demonic.

Of course this is only speculation but I'm afraid I can't see the use of hypnosis and NLP to discover 'memories' of alien abduction as being actual clear proof.

Anonymous said...

The Bible is the Word of God, it's written there about the Beginning and the very End, and the power of God is shown in the conversion of men and women enabled by the Holy Spirit to receive new life in Christ.
Don't believe in lies. Satan wants to confuse humanity through lies (he is the father of the lies, because he lies from the beginning). Please investigate this precious Book (the Bible), the Gospel of
Jesus Christ to receive new life and the real wisdom. Jesus Christ saved lives and even mine, and He has authority to forgive sins and save from eternal death and He can rebuild your life instantly.
I beg you to turn away from tales and turn to the Word of God.
An Italian servant of God

Bible Believer said...

aliens are the new modern age shape shift of demons...[just like water sprites, gnomes, etc of days of yore]

muzuzuzus said...

I first discovered this site when researching occult fingerprints all over 9/11, 7/7 etc, and was real glad to find out about William Ramsey and his book connecting Aleister Crowley with 9/11 which I have on order, but I do NOT gell with his Christian beliefs.
I think there is a vast misuderstanding coming from many researchers who embrace either Christianity or the New Age. I realize saying this wont suddenly or at all change your belief systems, however I would like to express about this because it is not much spoken of in my knowledge.

The Abrahamanic belief system come way after the Goddess. The metaphor of the Earth, universe, and cycles of life and death and regeneration are far more ancient than the concept of the biblical 'God' and his history.

As your article shows the New Agers are trying to promote the myth that we have been engineered by aliens. This will sut the occult elite and their transhumanist agenda and future flase flags where they can play us with this myth, and thi si why I want to open your eyes about what I am saying.
Please read this book which exposes the patriarchal occult and New Age and Christianity and secualr world: Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon? by Monica Sjoo

Basically and fundamentally the Earth, nature, is sacred. As you know Christinaity has created the myth that nature is fallen, and thus any kind of ecstatic exploration of nature with entheogenic vegetation is DEMONized, and they have gone round the world demonizing indigenous peoples, but also torturing them and killing them en mass, as they did to their own indigenous women, and men, etc!

Anonymous said...

UFOs, Aliens, Abductions, Hybrids, Angels, Nephilim And “Gods”


Harry J said...

Thanks Anon 7.35am, you'll be pleased to know that I'm already investigating the Bible.

Thanks for the link to your article BB. It was an interesting read and pretty much sums up my thoughts on the subject.

Muzuzuzus (can I call you Muz?) I googled the book you referred to. Of course it's impossible to comment in full without reading it all but the few synposis (not sure what the plural of that word should be) and reader reviews gave me some idea.

Firstly the author's 'feminism' immediately rang alarm bells. This in itself is a false division created by the 'elites'. The problems of the world have never been solely caused by men. Indeed the major victims of the 'patriarchy' have been other men.

As for goddess worship, it has never gone away. The idea that the occult hierarchy is patriarchal doesn't bear scrutiny. The goddess has always been central to their beliefs whether it be Semarimis, Astarte, Isis or any of the other names 'she' has been given over the centuries. Indeed the false, pagan, Roman catholic church has revered this pagan goddess in the form of Mary. Far from returning to the goddess they are merely hoping to externalise what they have always worshipped.

The dark/light element is pure Luciferianism. This is how they justify the doing of evil. They claim it's because they have to balance the dark and light energies.

We see more goddess worship promoted by the occult 'elite' in the whole Gaia earth thing. This is worshipping the creation rather than the Creator. A clever Satanic trick that has fooled many. The idea that Christianity somehow doesn't value or wish to preserve or live in harmony with nature is pure deception.

In my misspent youth I did plenty of 'exploration of nature with entheogenic vegetation' with very mixed results. I'd be very cautious of placing any great value on the results of that.

The organisation that has been the most prolific in terms of the genocide and murder of indigenous tribes has been the catholic church. It is not true Christianity, not by a long way. As you correctly point out perhaps those that have suffered the most at the hands of the church of Rome have been true Christians.

The papal system is the modern day inheritor of the Babylonian mysteries. It seems to me that it wants to keep those 'mysteries' a jealously guarded secret. That's why any other tribe or group that used similar occult methods, that wasn't subservient to Rome, was wiped out.

Thanks for dropping by though.


I'll give that video a watch over the weekend.

Harry J said...

Five informed opinions about the alien/UFO deception.

Anonymous said...

Your post in italian blog

Harry J said...

Grazie Anonimo

Anonymous said...

War was against the teachings of Jesus, eh? The very same JC who said "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."
As for the alien intervention theory on human evolution, there is no proof, although possibly circumstantial evidence ie stone-age to modern cities almost overnight. Not to mention the differences between us and other ape species; number of chromosomes, bone and muscle-fibre densities etc.
Lloyd Pye has an interesting take on this subject.

Harry J said...

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."

Anon, you're not the first to clutch at that particular straw. It is the one statement by Jesus that comes anywhere close to, apparently, promoting violence. A Jesus who, elsewhere, preached against violence and for whom there is no historical evidence of him ever actually committing any violence.

Once read in its full context it becomes rather more clear what that sentence represents.

I've watched several Lloyd Pye videos. His theory is similar to that of Tellinger's. His explanation for the differing number of chromosomes between primitive man and other apes is alien intervention. We're then right back at the fundamental flaws in the evolution theory that would presumably explain all life, including early man, the apes, other animals and everything else on the planet. We also have the question as to how the aliens were created.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."

I believe this refers to the fact that the new covenant would divide families and people, the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, the stony ground from the deep soil, the thorns from the vine.

Mark 13:12

"Brothers will turn against their own brothers and give them to be killed. Fathers will turn against their own children and give them to be killed. Children will fight against their own parents and find ways for their parents to be killed."

Anonymous said...

Harbinger - you seriously need to learn the true history of Britain - the Welsh Britons were the indiginous 'brits' as you put it. Remember also that before the end of the last ice age Britain was connected to Europe and most of Europe was a Celtic continent said...

Awesome subject matter;wanted to share the following....

Why Those Many Call Ancient Aliens Mine for Gold and Other Minerals

Advanced beings spend a great deal of their time mining because the technology they depend on to keep them alive and “other dimensional” requires a great deal of raw minerals mined from the earth. In ancient times, people at the bottom of the pyramid were miners for those at the top of the pyramid but I don’t like to refer to them as aliens; they were from earth and were as human as you and me.

We read a lot about aliens from other planets but this theory is wrong; these advanced beings do live on other planets but they don’t live on planets outside of our solar system as the ancient alien theorists would have you believe. In fact, some of them are quite close to earth. The most astounding thing about these beings is that their origin is from earth! [more….]

Anonymous said...

So one paragraph in and I know you dont know what your talking about. Slaves in the bible were treated way worse than how you put it. It was NOT something people would just agree to be. There is actually a verse in the bible that talks about how you can beat your slave to near death! And not be punished for it, unless he does die. Now you tell me people back then were stupid enough to jump into something like that. Learn before you post shit trying to discredit someone, because someone will jump up and discredit you. In short you spewing bs.

Harry J said...

The part where the issue of slavery in the Bible is discussed is rather more than one paragraph in. Did you read the article linked to in the piece? It explained the situation regarding slavery in the Bible better than I could and answered all of your doubts and questions. However, if you want to think that Biblical slavery is on a par with the modern understanding of the term then there’s little I can do to persuade you otherwise.

Similarly the verse you refer to regarding ‘how you can beat your slave to near death’ is regularly misinterpreted and misunderstood in a number of ways. There are plenty of very good articles to be found on the net explaining that verse in greater detail if you’re so minded to search them out.

I wrote this article nearly five years ago and had pretty much forgotten about it. Tellinger’s ‘theory’ appeared to be deeply flawed then. It seems even more so today.

Unknown said...

Would it be any less a miracle or any less deemed by the creator if modern day humans were genetically modified earlier with alien DNA? I have faith in my creator that all is as it should be at this moment. Will I advocate for peace, love and harmony? Yes, I will. Life is a miraculous gift and so very precious and brief. I do not as much care exactly where my origins began (although the different theories are captivating) all I do know is that I am blessed and thankful to be here now and my creator is the source of all things and is unlimited...and I mean absolutely unlimited. I personally believe that the source of ALL is ultimately benevolent. I wish for myself and everyone else a great adventure and a wonderful life for as long as we are manifest on this little awesome planet.

Unknown said...

Would it be any less a miracle or any less deemed by the creator if modern day humans were genetically modified earlier with alien DNA? I have faith in my creator that all is as it should be at this moment. Will I advocate for peace, love and harmony? Yes, I will. Life is a miraculous gift and so very precious and brief. I do not as much care exactly where my origins began (although the different theories are captivating) all I do know is that I am blessed and thankful to be here now and my creator is the source of all things and is unlimited...and I mean absolutely unlimited. I personally believe that the source of ALL is ultimately benevolent. I wish for myself and everyone else a great adventure and a wonderful life for as long as we are manifest on this little awesome planet.

Unknown said...

"debunking" is a fancy way of saying that someone has "proved a negative," and that quite simply is not possible. Anyone claiming to have done so is not a scientist or anyone I would care to take seriously.

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