Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: Charlie Veitch

For most of us, waking up to the idea that a conspiracy of some sort exists was as a result of having discovered what's often described as a 'truth seeker' or 'leader of the truth movement'. This person alerts us to various things about the world around us and how they aren't quite what they seem. Following this is the discovery of other truth seekers who are speaking about similar topics. This can be as a result of links to websites or articles from the first truth seeker's website, appearances in an 'anti-New World Order' film or perhaps an interview on an 'alternative' radio station. As a result of this waking up we begin to realise that the previous 'reality' we lived in was, to a large degree, false and manipulated. What was once seen as the real world, or how things really are, slowly disintegrates and begins to be replaced by the new reality described by this truth movement leader and others.

Thankfully there are some who have managed to see beyond this and have realised that many of these so called truth seekers are controlled and/or manipulated, in some way or another and as such are serving the interests of the very ruling 'elite' they claim to be opposing. A large majority of those that think they have been woken up have merely shifted from one 'matrix', or false reality, into another carefully prepared one. 
Chris White of Nowhere to Run is one of those who has done an excellent job of exposing the likes of Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion and David Icke as well as contributing towards the large amount of information that shows the Zeitgeist series of films for the lies and deception that they actually are. There's also a large amount of convincing information purporting to show that Alex Jones isn't all that he seems. Indeed, once you realise that this deception is happening and begin to understand the reasons for it, then a critical eye is cast over many more leaders of the truth movement. It's then that a quote from Lenin springs to mind:

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves". 

Recently, I've been looking a lot closer at the British element of the truth movement with disturbing results. One of those who caught my eye was Charlie Veitch. The first thing that concerned me was his weird video about Lucifer that was closely followed by failed attempts to withdraw it because it 'caused too much confusion. This came as little surprise because he had a self confessed interest in occultism. 

Then there was his equally strange videos involving his alter ego Damien Rockefeller. He had launched a new organisation called Bluefire Corp that he said was 'going to use the powers of the universe and the occult and the force of reason to hunt down and expose… people or institutions or companies that maybe have annoyed you…' The logo for this new corporation was a blue inverted pentagram.

On one of his Damien Rockefeller videos (see above link) the inverted pentagram logo was present on the screen along with another symbol. In the comments Veitch himself said this other symbol was 'the seal of Lucifer'. At the end of the video is a quote that is supposedly from 'The Bible of Sock'. It says 'and thus he said unto me, the brightest star at dawn is within, behold the very eye of Lucifer oh brethren of the triad'. 

A later return to the Love Police in the guise of the Love Police Academy was accompanied by a new logo of a six pointed star surrounded by a laurel wreath. All of this made me realise there was much more to Charlie Veitch than meets the eye.

At least some of the above inspired the 'International Mens Organisation' to look a bit closer at Veitch (scroll down for the section on him) and they pulled no punches by describing him as 'one of them'. They discovered he was 'the son of a wealthy oil worker', that he 'had served in the army' and was 'employed by the bank HBOS in wealth management after attending Edinburgh University.' Perhaps nothing incriminating in themselves but taking into account everything else it just deepened the suspicions about him.

Charlie seems to have shot to fame (of a sort) fairly quickly. As I was digging around I found he was included in a video by 'Freedom Central' called 'The Message' that had interviews with David Icke, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot/Avalon and a Patricia Cori whose Sirian Revelations website has 'messages from the Sirian High Council'. She tells us about the increasing speed of the 'movement of the light forces' and there's a strong emphasis on the idea that humanity is 'awakening'. Icke speaks of 'setting this reality free from the control system that's been manipulating [it] for quite a while. Bill Ryan also talks about how 'volunteers from all over the universe, different dimensions, different planets' are involved. Here we can see some of the familiar themes from throughout the New Age, 2012 and Zeitgeist movements as well as much of the Truth movement. That is that there is an awakening or consciousness shift happening that involves moving from the old system (order) or reality into a new (order) one. Information about this change is being guided by entities of various sorts including aliens, spirit guides, extra dimensional beings or some sort of ascended masters. Chris White discusses this in more detail in his film 'The 2012 Deception'.

What appears to be happening is that there is a concerted effort to manipulate us into a new globalist paradigm. On the political level this is often referred to as a New World Order. On the spiritual level it's called the New Age. This agenda manifests itself in a variety of different ways from apparently disparate sources, but all, essentially, have the same aim. 

On 26th March, 2011, there was a march in London against the cuts in services that had been announced by the government. Veitch predicted that the march would be one of the ‘biggest riots’. He then tried to paint it as the beginning of a revolution in Britain similar to those seen in the Middle East. He claimed they were going to destroy the New World Order and were part of the ‘global awakening’. We've already seen how important this 'awakening' meme is to those who are trying to manipulate us into a New World Order or New Age and Veitch is yet another who regularly promotes the idea. 

Seemingly playing the role of 'agent provocateur' he eagerly describes how the anarchist 'black block' will be involved in the march. In his next video, entitled ‘The Metropolitan Police Must Lose Control of London’, he declared a ‘no fly zone’ over London and hinted that police helicopters may be bought down. I’m aware that the law/legal system is used against us and that the police have been intentionally changed from being our servants and protectors to something very different, but wishing for them to ‘lose control’ seems to be extremely dangerous to me. In conjunction with the 'awakening' meme there's also often an incitement to rise up or rebel. Although this is usually suggested to be done in a peaceful manner the example above shows how easy it is for others steer that rebellion in a more violent direction. Indeed I suspect that this is the very 'modus operandi' being pursued by the 'elites' but I'll explore this in a later post.

All of mydoubts were then largely confirmed when Veitch became involved in a BBC program that attempted to debunk the 'conspiracy theories' surrounding the events on '9/11'. From once exposing the many anomalies surrounding 9/11 himself, Veitch has now rejected all of the '9/11 conspiracy theories' and is a believer in the official story. As can be imagined, this has caused Veitch to receive widespread condemnation from right across the truth movement.

It's at this point the idea that Veitch may just be confused and muddled crosses the mind. Whilst that's always a possibility, taking everything into account, it seems to me he's much more than a little suspect and is probably just one more pied piper. 

In many respects the idea that Charlie Veitch is a pied piper or shill is old news. Especially since his 180 ˚ on 9/11. However I though it was worth writing these old notes up, if for no other reason than Charlie was just the first on the list. In the next article we'll look at another prominent member of the UK truth movement, where we'll see something of a pattern emerging.


muzuzuzus said...

Good article, and I agree with a lot of what you say including the exposing of new Age BS, but Chris White...? He himself loves to go about exposing people but he hates being challanged about his literalist belief in the christian belief system. I think I freaked him out a bit, because i would agree with his deconstruction of the New Age but also question his belief. He blocked me at Youtube! LOL

I am afraid that if you take the Bible literally you are AS much a part of the problem as the ones you expose as being also...but he doesn't see this.

Captain Ranty said...

Oh dear.

What if I'm one of those? What if I am following false trails? I could be. These people are often very convincing. If asked, I would have said my ability to detect bullshit was excellent.

But what if I was wrong?


AdamS said...

The paradox is, most prominent voices against the nwo are people who have served the system and then gone against it. Is their conversion sincere? Only they know for sure. Guess it's best to trust only people who you know in person, like, offline.

They all have to provide 90% truth to be credible. Take the 90% and run with it. Fiction does not stand for long without government there to prop it up, so I don't worry too much about alt media deceivers.

Also bear in mind that, inevitably, these more prominent people have a 'dynamic' relationship with tptb, regardless of how sincere they are.

Even the great activist MLK was plied with hookers to keep him co-operative. Didn't work though as he spoke out against Vietnam anyway and the rest is rewritten history.

I viewed Veitch's Damien Rockefeller videos as satire, very cutting satire of these people. Although with hindsight perhaps that was not the case. He did once have artwork of Lucifer/fallen angel as his youtube background.

Harry J said...

Thanks Muzuzuzs. I remember reading the Jesus Mysteries by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy and being persuaded that the Bible wasn't meant to be taken literally. However, the more I researched the New World Order the more I came to see how true Christianity was a primary target. This inspired me to investigate it more than I ever had done in my life previously. This included reading the Bible, which I'm still doing. The thing is, the idea that the Bible wasn't meant to be taken literally just doesn't bear scrutiny. The words and teachings were very much meant to be taken literally and the idea that it is just some sort of allegorical text has been effectively refuted. At least to my satisfaction.

I'd also add that far from being part of the problem the Bible is the only religious text that identifies and speaks out about the very system that plagues us today. I also can't see how true Christians are in any way 'part of the problem'. I'd be interested as to why you think this is so.

Harry J said...

Captain, the questions you ask I've also asked of myself. It seems clear to me that revealing the New World Order and all its inherent evils is to a large degree a process of associating those evils with our current system. We are then encouraged to rise up and rebel in order to bring that system down. I suspect the idea is that if and when this happens a degree of chaos and disorder will be manipulated and we'll end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. The old order, or system, is being equated with the 'evil' New World Order agenda. Once this goes the real New World Order, the false utopia or Brave New World they have been planning all along will be bought into being. Or something like that.

We are being fed truth mixed with lies and deception and simultaneously there's an attempt to steer us in the direction of this false utopia. This is most easily seen in the Zeitgeist series of films as well as Icke's modus operandi.

We shouldn't be surprised. Indeed now I'm beginning to realise this is happening it's obvious that they would have done this. If nothing else we should see that this has all been planned carefully in advance, even if the plan contains several variants depending on the success or failure of certain elements of it.

We shouldn't be deterred, it's just part of the learning curve that only becomes apparent to those who study all this with a critical mind. That's really the lesson we need to learn. Be much more discerning and realise that there is this attempt to confuse, deceive and mislead. Once we do that it's onwards and upwards, as they say.

Harry J said...

AdamS, you're right, eat the meat and throw out the bones. The problem only arises when people get stuck with one 'guru' and hang off his every word. The deceivers may not have worked on us but sadly all too many have fallen in to the trap.

As to Veitch, I too would have taken the Damien Rockefeller character as satire but taking everything else in to account my instincts tell me there's something more going on than that.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it there is many ways to look at this and to be honest I am struggling to reconcile the contradictions in my mind.

1. The truth movement is about revealing the corruption of the world and dark truths so the people will fall for the big lie and start worshipping the light/lucifer/Satan and will all fall into the spiritual deception. Any remaining survivors ones who have slipped through the net will be hunted down. This seems to be supported by revelations. The fallen angels will come back and we will be deceived into believing these are our benevolent space brothers but really they are demonic fallen angels.

There is a lot of evidence for this we see a lot of people in the new age alternative media promoting psychic-clairvoyants, astral travel, higher, spiritual beings, aliens etc.

The anti Christ will arrive and build his temple at Jerusalem on solemens old temple.

2. Its a Zionist/Aritisratic/Illuminati insert possible top controlling here. plan to take over the world and set up a world control system based in Jerusalem. The main religions are just a massive head game played on the masses by a ruling priest class. They use fear and hidden knowledge to fool the world into believing that there are higher forces at work. The strange rituals the use of 666. Basically the occult and religion are two sides of the same coin. One side uses the fear of the devil to control and the other side uses God. Really its just a game like the checker board and they are controlling the black and the white squares. There using revelations the bible and the Koran to convince both sides of the reality they want us to believe. They are able to pull off this massive game because they print the money and own 90% of everything. When people wake up and see the signs everywhere they instantly think its to big to be humanly possible then either decide to join the occult or become religious or try to pretend its there imagination they had a mental breakdown and go back to there old life. This game has been played for a long time but now there is a change going on in human conciousness and people are waking up. People are having experiences that were once out of there perception and the old paradigm is holding them back through fear.

There are many ways to look at this this is a very complex puzzle. Yes Christianity has seemed under attack but that don't make it right by default this could be calling people back to the faith by fakery trying to pull people back in by trying to put out a script that lines up with end times revelation, Or it could be different factions within NWO Zionist v Christianity.

Sorry for the rant my views are no where near complete and I have not written a tiny amount of my thoughts. I think I would have to write a whole book. Just would put a couple of my conflicts out there. Really I should write the whole lot out and go througth it with a fine tooth comb.

Anonymous said...

Just another after thought, the attack on Christianity could be part of the new world order plan to demoralise the nations. Once the people are corrupted and have no more faith in society they can be persuaded to commit acts like the riots against there own community. The social decay and corruption also serves as a way to stop people coming together to fight for what's right.

I definitely feel there is a revelations script being played out as well.

Possibility of a fake alien invasion to bring in a one world government very possible. Or a accuse to weaponise space so when the new world order is control they will dominate the highest level where they can strike down on any descenting nations or groups.

Perhaps there are space brothers or higher beings that have come to raise us up and the bible is about mind control to scare the crap out of anyone who comes across this stuff and so they will instantly think that its evil. The mental health profession is there to make you think your crazy if you hear a telepathic communication. And we are imprisoned by our fears to live in a box.

David Icke is a mystery to me, I have been following him for quite sometime. I maybe gullible but I normally spot lies after a while. I have not seen David or heard David Icke telling lies. Yes he could have been mislead but his story seems very real to me. I sometimes think he could be adding this other stuff to the truth to make a mockery of the "conspiracy movement". If he is he must be the greatest lier on earth, many people can spot Tony Blairs/ George Bushes and all these other proffesional liers a mile off. He has all the eyes of conspiracy researchers on him and no one has been able to wipe him out and show him up to be a lier. I have come across this stuff that links some of his work with Helena Blavatsky but that doesn't make it automatically wrong. A lot of this information has been occulted for a reason, to dis-empower us and stop us being able to see the big picture.

I could be a complete utter fool but I don't think David Icke is a lier. He could be gullible or have made some wrong assumptions. I know Alan Watt from cutting through the matrix and called him out as a Freemason but that didnt get very far, I respect Alan Watt and think he does good work but he never put the death nail into Icke.

This is a massive head spinner, that's why I sometimes think the best thing to do is concentrate on what we can more easily discern, I also find it hard to belive that all David has exposed can be empowering them.??

Sorry this post is probably just as disjointed as the first but I am going to press the post button anyway :)

Harry J said...

Peter, thanks for your comment. Replying to it in full, as to how I see things, with my current level of understanding, would take far too long I'm afraid. I hope to give some idea of my take on things in the next couple of posts. A few observations though.

I do think that there's a script being played to and that it is being made to appear to be in line with Biblical prophecy. That said I think it's a false interpretation but that's a whole other, very long, story. Remember this script has to also appear to be 'true' to Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. The 'religion' of the proposed world system is much more likely to be some attempted uniting of the existing ones. Indeed it is the Roman Catholic church that is leading this ecumenical uniting of the world's religions. The Catholic Jesuit Priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote"

"…a general convergence of religions upon a universal Christ who satisfies them all: that seems to me the only possible conversion of the world, and the only form in which a religion of the future can be conceived."

As for David Icke, can I recommend the film 'David Icke Debunked'.

As bizarre as it seems, at least to me, there's a distinct possibility that aliens, or something claiming to be aliens, may well play a role in the coming great deception. What that role is can only ever be a wild guess though. A modicum of research will reveal that the 'space brothers' lie and deceive and the idea that they will conveniently appear to 'save us' just doesn't wash with me. In fact all the evidence points to the idea that those who are posing as aliens are more likely, however equally strange as it sounds, demonic entities of some sort. Try Chris White's film about the 2012 hoax for more on this.

This film is also worth watching in regards to the 'alien threat'.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks for your reply you have given me a few things to look at. I will let you know how I get on and if I come to any conclusions try to break down my reasoning. I have been made aware of these possibility's and the Alien/Demonic thing has been something that's stuck in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Today on news they have reported building 7 and the fact it wasnt hit by a plane and has gone largely unreported. Is this plan swinging into action now ?

Perhaps we would be wise to try to get this Icke video out to as many "truth movement" groups as possible.

I might try and put a letter together and send it out as a warning.

Anonymous said...

Probably my shortest ever reply on here RH, but as you'll recall I wrote an article about CV in my old blog, calling him out as an egotistic narcissist. I've never agreed with his ways of 'waking people up'. His 'in yer face' attitude of loud speaker and megaphone always put me off him from day one and getting himself all over YouTube in order to promote himself as a truth celebrity, made me see a different side all together of what he promoted. And yes, his BBC stunt, well, say no more.

Good article RH.


Harry J said...

Yep, definitely the shortest ever. Surely all things are possible after this : )

Harry J said...

H, if you happen to pass by again. I seem to remember you pointed me in the direction of a very good documentary about racism. It was set in America and was narrated by the film maker. I can't for the life of me remember what it is and I haven't bookmarked it. Can you remember what it was?

Dude said...

The outward face of control?

James Higham said...

The problem is always going to be the false prophet, the one who seems the real deal until something is obviously seen to be awry with him - either he is always shouting or makes a statement which, as a leader of the movement, tarnishes the whole thing. It's a great way to undermine something.

Harry J said...

Certainly looks that way Dude.

The trouble is there seems to be a lot of them around James. The aim seems to be both to undermine and lead astray.

Bible Believer said...

David Icke teaches total luciferianism, cover under a veneer of exposure. Do not trust that guy.

Here is one of the best lists of disinformationists I've seen but that doesn't mean I totally trust this message board either.

There are TONS of gate keepers out there. Remember one thing they do is lie, and even *fight* each other to confuse you...

I wrote this too...

"There is Deception At Every Layer"

Harry J said...

BB, there's nobody on that list I'd disagree with. I see Ian R Crane is on the 'doubt list'. Perhaps someone should send them my latest post

Bible Believer said...

Glad to hear that Revolution Harry, one thing notice how so many detract attention from Rome. Years ago, I realized one of the biggies Alex Jones was up to his eyeballs in the Jesuit connected. I am not familiar with Ian R Crane but will check out what you have written about him. On my blog, I've had to deal with supposed "bible christians" who agree with me on the surface but who have marked themselves for other occultists on their websites. The gatekeepers are sneaky, and many tell a lot of truth, but then it's the lies they mix in, that are the problem.

MaryC said...

Gatekeepers, divert attention away from the Jews, not Rome. There's a very sound maxim to follow when determining who is in control. It is this: who can't you criticize? Well you can bash the Holy Catholic Church until the cows come home, but try denying the 'Holocaust', for instance, and you are destroyed.
For goodness sake take off your proddie specs, they're making you blind.

Harry J said...

Mary, 'Mystery Babylon' is comprised of rather more than just 'the Jews'. You certainly won't find me 'diverting attention' away from the ruling elite of Talmudic Judaism. All that's being pointed out is that there are others similarly involved and that includes elements of the Vatican hierarchy.

MaryC said...

Yes, there are elements of the Vatican hierarchy involved. They are kowtowing to the Jewish controllers just as Western political leaders are.
I don't know about all that mystery Babylon stuff. Personally, I believe it is just a distraction to divert attention from the simple truth: the problem is a bunch of elitist Jews who believe they have a mandate to rule the world. Heaven knows; they control politicians, the media, the banking system, academia, Hollywood, etc etc. They even control what passes for history. If we could only break this 'Holocaust' myth which the Jews use to garner sympathy, political power and financial benefit, we would strip them of their power.

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