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The Entire Humanity Must Be Reprogrammed

In an article on Nourishing Obscurity, James had written the following.
"By then, the stick-in-the-muds like us will be largely irrelevant, about 65 years old and upwards, there being no middle-class and pensions/sustenance tied to us shutting up.  Those in key roles, the young men and women will have been through the only education now being funded – the WWC, IB and many others, all globalist, all based on the false Lincoln School Wundtian philosophies, these kids having never known nation, Christianity, ethics but instead a world outlook where the melting pot is the summum bonum and the only philosophies coming down from curriculum branches of the departments of education, e.g. the NEA. being globalist/green.
Robert Muller, creator of the
World Core Curriculum
Time is very much on the side of the globalists and then the culling and sorting gather pace.  Already, in preparation for a current position, I’ve received materials I clearly disagree with, politically but I  must learn, assimilate and agree to them in order to move forward.  This is still the mild end of the process.  By 2020, it will be the one world view, hence World Core Curriculum – that word again  – Core.
I’m not sure people really fully comprehend what’s happening."

In response I wrote the following (with a few additions) which I think is worth repeating here.
It really can’t be emphasised enough how one of the key elements of the agenda is to indoctrinate the young, worldwide whilst simultaneously distracting, dividing, and demoralising the older generations. Anything to prevent organised, cogent, resistance until the older generation slowly either loses heart or dies off altogether.
It staggers me that something like the World Core Curriculum has never seriously been exposed or debated in the mainstream media. It’s worth posting again this quote from Muller’s preface to the WCC, with additional comment from Gary Kah’s, ‘The New World Religion’.
“… [t]his institution, although commonly referred to as The Robert Muller School, is officially a branch of The School of Ageless Wisdom, founded in 1974 by Gloria Crook, a[n Alice] Bailey admirer and one of Muller’s close friends. The fact that this school draws heavily from the teachings of Alice Bailey is plainly revealed in the preface of the WCC Manual…: ‘The World is indebted to Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations,…for the formulation of the World Core Curriculum in its skeleton form. It is upon that scaffold combined with the ageless wisdom teachings that this present work has precipitated. The underlying philosophy upon which The Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teachings set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul (published by Lucis Publishing Co.).’…. The Robert Muller School has served as a type of testing ground for The World Core Curriculum and the teachings of Alice Bailey…[and] has been certified as the United Nations Associated School… As difficult as it may be to believe, the U.N.’s global education of the future is being openly modeled after the teaching of a Luciferic trance-channeler and her demonic spirit guide.”
Read that last sentence again.
I had a look at the Robert Muller website. A couple of things leapt out at me.
“An educator wrote to me: ‘Through your world core curriculum, the world’s teachers can now have access to the soul of every man, woman and child on this planet.’ I hope this will be the case.”
Access to the soul of every man, woman and child on this planet. Can you believe it?
“The entire humanity must be reprogrammed through a right global inducation (Latin ex-ducare, to lead out, in-ducare, to lead into).”
Truly incredible.
In case anyone doubts that Muller and his World Core Curriculum come directly from Gloria Cook’s ‘School of Ageless Wisdom’ then listen to this where she’s interviewed about it.
Gloria Cook, founder of
'The School of Ageless Wisdom'
“The Ageless Wisdom has been progressively revealed over a vast period of time. As part of this continuing revelation, in the latter part of the nineteenth century, H. P. Blavatsky wrote a series of books, the most important being The Secret Doctrine: the Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy. These writings formed the basis of study of the Theosophical Society, a prominent, esoteric school which helped bridge the Eastern and Western cosmology and philosophy.
From the 1920′s to the 1950′s Alice Bailey wrote twenty-four books of esoteric philosophy. Ms. Bailey also founded the Arcane School, an esoteric school which serves students from all over the world through correspondence from centers in New York, London and Geneva . Ms. Bailey and others also founded the Lucis Trust which, among other services, publishes the books. These books were written in English and have been translated into many other languages. You can obtain these books online by contacting Lucis Trust.
It is now known that the true author of both the Secret Doctrine and the Alice Bailey books was in fact Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan as he is sometimes known. Both Bailey and Blavatsky produced the books through a kind of mental collaboration with the true author.”
It can be immediately noted that the logo for Alice A. Bailey's 'Lucis Trust' (a rising sun) is in the top right hand corner of the page. More interestingly it seems that the '' website is officially sanctioned by the UN. It seems that UNOL is:
'basically a virtual model United Nations sponsored by GEMUN, or Global Elementary Model United Nations, a service activity of The Robert Muller School...'. 
"... excellent hands-on approach to learning in a global context. By role-playing delegates to the United Nations, young people from varied backgrounds learn about other countries, cultures and international relationships, while developing a global perspective on real issues confronting the world community today, and acquiring many transferable skills."
Sounds so wonderful and harmless and yet this is being instigated by a group of acknowledged Luciferians. In reality it is indoctrinating young children into the globalist mindset as a precursor to the New World Order, world government, established on occult, Luciferian, principles.
“Lucifer represents.. Life.. Thought.. Progress.. Civilization.. Liberty.. Independence.. Lucifer is the Logos.. the Serpent, the Savior.” pages 171, 225, 255 (Volume II)
“It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.” pages 215, 216, 220, 245, 255, 533, (VI)
“The Celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time; for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity…but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestrial Light, ‘the Holy Ghost’ and ‘Satan’ at one and the same time.” page 539
The Lucis Trust has consultative status (roster level) with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
The precursor to Bailey’s Lucis Trust was, of course, the Lucifer Publishing Company. In the comment on Nourishing Obscurity I stated that Bailey also co-edited Lucifer magazine with the freemason husband Foster. In fact it was Blavatsky, the first head of the Theosophical Society, who originally edited it. It was then taken over by the Society's second head, the Fabian Annie Besant.
One of the Lucis Trust's off-shoots is the World Goodwill group which ‘has been recognized by the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and is represented during regular briefing sessions for NGOs at the United Nations.’
“This is a time of preparation not only for a new civilisation and culture in a new world order, but also for the coming of a new spiritual dispensation.
Bono makes Satanic hand signal
Humanity is not following an uncharted course. There is a divine Plan in the Cosmos of which we are a part. At the end of an age human resources and established institutions seem inadequate to meet world needs and problems. At such a time the advent of a Teacher, a spiritual leader or Avatar, is anticipated and invoked by the masses of humanity in all parts of the world.
Today the reappearance of the World Teacher, the Christ, is expected by millions, not only by those of Christian faith but by those of every faith who expect the Avatar under other names — the Lord Maitreya, Krishna, Messiah, Imam Mahdi and the Bodhisattva.”
Yet people scoff at the idea that there is a ‘plan’ for a ‘new world order’. Remember the Lucis Trust is officially sanctioned by the United Nations. The other important thing to understand is that this is a spiritual agenda and all political or temporal machinations are very much secondary to that.
One other organisation that is an off-shoot of the Lucis Trust is The New Group of World Servers. I’ll leave you to have a look at some of the issues of their ‘e-zine’ but it is worth clicking on their link to the ‘movers and shakers’. Bono? Michael Moore? Nelson Mandela?
You really couldn’t make it up.


Anonymous said...

"It really can’t be emphasised enough how one of the key elements of the agenda is to indoctrinate the young, worldwide whilst simultaneously distracting, dividing, and demoralising the older generations. Anything to prevent organised, cogent, resistance until the older generation slowly either loses heart or dies off altogether."

With this I completely agree. One thing missing from so many NWO blogs is the ability to think generationally or understand the enormous power of human reproduction, physical and cultural.
Hand that rocks the cradle and all.

Harry J said...

There are some who try to claim that 'globalism' is merely the aim of a wealthy 'elite' for short term financial gain. It seems to be anything but Lavender.

CS said...

"There are some who try to claim that 'globalism' is merely the aim of a wealthy 'elite' for short term financial gain. It seems to be anything but ..."

Elites always have their intellectuals to tell then what to think. Kissinger, Brzezinski, Paul Erlich, Jim Hansen, etc. But elites don't embrace ideas that take the money and the power out of their own hands.

Anonymous said...

Any British citizens should sign this immigration petition:

tomsmith said...

Why would anyone believing in this stuff (christ/antichrist, indoctrination of populace for the coming new age, etc) choose to be on the wrong team? Isn't that self defeating?

Anonymous said...

I believe most people already have (since the beginning) and also when the letter "a" was added to the number of Man. By putting in the "a", it reads as one Man when in the original it was the number of Man i.e. atheism and most people are atheist and most so called Luciferians are also atheist pretending to be spiritual.

And people cannot even see simple things like this then.

The US Con-stitution: was founded on Biblical Laws, but omitted some fine detail and also missed out some of the weightier Laws, such as Usury and how the “year of release” prevents the issuers of currency--(bullion by weight and volume; gold, silver) or credit taking advantage of it (although credit from thin air can still be issued to corrupt vested interest groups; paper, numbers on a computer screen)-- by the action of the people not paying debts or interest, as it is only a means of debit exchange person to person, so no debt is owed to the issuers/bankers.

It also missed the Law on land distribution; so even farmers would not exchange money for land, as all families would be entitled to free land with a proper title and a means of a set temporary lease for the use of excess land, but not the land itself, depending on what the families wanted to do with the land, farm it (then they could lease in more) or whatever (they could lease out a portion of their share) so long as they didn’t cause harm, loss, injury etc. To use some modern names “Permaculture” for example, the land can lay fallow (Seven; completely) all years and old “Foggage farming”, where the cattle, sheep livestock stay out on pasture all year (no hay making, no mucking out, very little work.)
High yields no chemical fertiliser/insecticides or GM.

Anonymous said...


Another excellent article Harry

Anonymous said...

The Law on “enemie foreign and domestic” was wrong, as only nemies domestic was needed and defence from invasion (to set an example for other nations to do likewise.) Some correction was attempted with Allodial title for private property with no dues or taxes payable to anyone (so it can’t be misused) but was quashed (people would have the means to pay for diligent infrastructure and or services easily if it was not for Usury; which includes taxes. Just to mention a few.

But people are quick to say oh eligion a word that is not even in biblical

And also every one has beliefs, even atheists.

And what Laws would people prefer for themselves and family?

Not this, surely:

So who would want to be enslaved to debt, be killed in many wars (Perpetua Commerce Through Perpetual Wa) and have no free land etc?

Anonymous said...


Some words wont post

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry. Bill Here.

"I’m not sure people really fully comprehend what’s happening."

Too right they don’t, most folk haven’t got a clue to what is going on, the media is doing such a good job our people are more interested in who has been voted off Strictly than why our politicians are shafting the very people who voted them into power. How is 95% of the public going to get an inkling as to what our politicians have planned for them.

People have got to start much nearer to home, in their living rooms, it's that basic. What is being discussed here online is at most 5% of the whole population, if that!

Recent election results show only too clearly, millions of ordinary folk are still investing their hopes in the democratic political process. This is a disaster. We now live in a post democratic world, democracy is a sham. David Icke is right when he advocates the mass withdrawal of public co-operation from the system.

Question! Is the new liberalism (neoliberalism) the synthesis between communism and capitalism? I think it is.

Evidence of when and how this fusion came about is thin on the (Internet) ground. Any pointers out there?

Our (Western ) politics have changed. What's the point of voting? They're all the same goes the cry. I fell for there’s no longer such a thing as left and right anymore, now I'm not so sure, but what I do know is they're all in this scam together. A deal has been struck between what we know as the left and right. They’re all globalists now.

Our main-stream political parties do not do what it says on the tin, they are deceiving everybody. New Labour is not socialist and the Conservatives are definitely not Conservative.

Until the mass of the people come to understand that the political parties they are voting for is a scam and the whole political system is a fraud, then nothing will change.

This is easier said than done, for the mainstream media, in all its guises, is a formidable instrument in its ability to continue to hoodwink the people.

The main thrust of people's faith in bringing about change lies in the democratic system, but we're not living in a democratic system anymore. It's all a lie!

No matter which party you vote for, the result is always something different from what is expected, that something different is called liberalism. Whether liberalism of the right variety or liberalism of the left variety. Both factions have linked arms in the push for world domination.

New Labour is the new Left liberalism and is a fusion of neoliberal economics and social Cultural Marxism.

Cameron’s neoconservatism is the new right liberalism and is a fusion of social neo-conservatism and neo-liberal economics.

By necessity of brevity these are very broad descriptions.

The media plays a crucial role in perpetuating this fraud; in fact it is a full time ongoing assault to keep the people ignorant. It is a huge problem for those combating globalism, (NWO-MSM) deceit, only access or ownership of mass communication can counter the lies of the MSM. I've always maintained this elite globalist agenda could not take place (or at least be severely constricted) without the omnipresence of media brainwashing.

The stumbling block of getting the word out to an unsuspecting public still remains this lack of a public voice, (other than the Internet of course) and perhaps this where Occupy is making inroads into the public consciousness. Let us hope so, even if they are in the New Age camp. The enemy of our enemy may turn out to be a useful idiot for our cause in the long term.

Anonymous said...


"David Icke is right when he advocates the mass withdrawal of public co-operation from the system."

What would he or does he advocate to replace the system, after withdrawal?

Anarchy and new ageism leaving the people prey to the NWO

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry. Bill Here.

"What would he (Icke) or does he advocate to replace the system, after withdrawal?"

I'm not all that well up on Icke, perhaps someone could tell us. but I do see the logic of his thinking. Total withdrawal of co-operation from the system would lead to societal collapse within a week.

Would it be possible? I don't think so, not voluntarily anyway. Remember the tanker drivers dispute in 2000? Supermarkets shelves were emptying within 24 hours.

To expand.

The liberal system currently in place is a system whereby minority groups have majority rights.

The speed of civilisation's progress is being governed by the slowest ship.

It is this ideology that is to take us forward through the 21st century.

It is an ideology not of altruism, but total control.

As to what should replace Icke's total withdrawal of consent (collapsed) society (or any other such scenario) is what this civilisational crisis is all about.

Icke obviously sees total withdrawal as a means to an end, (hopefully non violent) collapse and rebirth. Has Icke a ready made replacement in mind? I always assumed he is a new ager.

As for me. I haven't a clue. Civilisations are organic, they are born, have a life and then die. Our present civilisation is in its death throes, what comes next will evolve and not be planned by man. (Look where man has got us thus far)

If pushed for an anwer, I would say if man proceeds down this present path, then I don't see much future beyond this century.

Harry J said...

CanSpeccy, all too true. What I was trying to say was that for a while there was an attempt in the mainstream media to portray the globalist agenda as being driven by a sort of nouveau super rich whose aim was little more than to further enrich themselves. The evidence suggests that this is far from the truth. The agenda is much deeper and older than that.

Anon 12.02. Already signed.

Tomsmith. Good question. The first thing to realise is that They consider Lucifer to be the good guy. Apart from any other consideration, the lies and deception that surrounds Their 'plan' puts paid to that idea. It seems They think They will 'win'.

On the issue of prophecy and the coming 'avatar' or 'cosmic christ' there is an incredible amount of further lies and deception at work. Far too much to detail here. From a Christian perspective it seems to revolve around the 'futurist' interpretation of prophecy that appears to be so prevalent. Below is a link that may be a clue as to how it will be played out.

Anon 2.47. I can't pretend to be an expert of any sort in this area but I'm far from sure that Luciferians are really atheists in disguise. They really do seem to revere him/her.

The US constitution is a subject that interests me in the sense that at face value it appeared to be an advantageous system of law and government that really did have the interests of the people in mind. Like you say, they missed some important things out.

Thanks Andrew.

Hi Bill. Sadly all too true. What's perhaps even worse is that occasionally I'll talk to people and they'll read an article on my blog and then complain that it's all too difficult to understand. The only possible option then is the head in the sand.

I'm always a bit wary of Icke's 'solutions'. As Andrew indicated in his following comment, surely a mass withdrawal of public co-operation will get us nowhere unless we have formulated a clear alternative. I've said before They are trying to create a sort of chaos from which They can impose Their new system on a bewildered population. I've seen no expression of any sort of a real solution coming from the Occupy camp. Their role seems to be no more than to further disrupt and contribute to the general fear and uncertainty that is being intentionally fostered.

In an ideal world we would be in the process of creating a viable alternative vision. One that would immediately appeal to a wide range of people of both the 'left' and the 'right'. I hope to expand on this idea in a future post.

Coming back to Icke, his 'solution' is utterly rooted in his New Age/Theosophical 'we are all one consciousness' idea. It's really nothing more than a benign world system which I would argue is the real agenda all along. We are being programmed to bring down our current system as it is being equated with the 'bad' New World Order. In its place will be the 'good' New World Order or New Age which was the plan all along. Again, I'll try to expand on this in another article.

Make no mistake 'man', in the form of the ruling 'elite', very much have a plan and They intend to manipulate us into it in any way They can. The question is, can we come up with an alternative. Their hopes rest on the idea that we can't.



Harry J said...

Andrew. I've just checked the spam box and it seems quite a few of your comments ended up in there for some reason. I haven't reposted them because I can see you managed to post the contents eventually.

Anonymous said...



I think you've been reading this.

“And the continuation of this system in this country is going to have increasing numbers of people in THIS country starve and freeze over the winters. It’s broken. We need to discuss the transition to a new system"

Harry J said...

Anon, I can't answer for Bill but I haven't been reading the article you link to. I would guess that any 'new system' floated in the pages of Liberal Conspiracy will be steps along the way to the 'new system' the ruling elites are manipulating us towards. Indeed the article claims to be seeking 'globalisation from below’. Says it all really.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry. Bill Here.

There is a growing consensus among a disparate commentariat that our way of living and the way we do things has hit the buffers, the system is broke and what we going to do about it?

If one accepts this premise, then the next logical question is, with what living arrangement for Mankind do we replace it with?

Do I hear someone ask, so what? What's all this got to do with this blog?

Apparently we are told, people world-wide, in their millions are awakening to the idea (becoming conscious of) that life is not what it seems and never has been. People are waking up to the fact that human events are not random and that they are planned and scripted. I happen to belong to this school of thought, as (believe it or not) I myself, throughout my long(ish) life have had similar thoughts, but could not articulate them or join the dots, it is only in later years did this notion take shape and form.

Too cut to the chase, I came across a recent article which I thought Sat-Nav'ed fairly accurately as to how these circumstances had arisen and how they have manifested themselves in our society at the present time.

"The fog of confusion has finally lifted and people are searching for alternatives, but without political parties since virtually all of these have been found wanting. The occupations currently being staged in New York, London, Glasgow and elsewhere, are very different from protests in the past. These are actions being mounted in times of growing unemployment and where the future looks grim. A majority of young people – hysterical protestation to the contrary notwithstanding – will not get a higher education unless they conjure up huge amounts of money and will soon, no doubt, be confronted with a two-tier health system. Capitalist democracy today presupposes a fundamental agreement between the main parties represented in parliament so that their bickering, limited by their moderation, becomes utterly insignificant. In other words, citizens can no longer determine who (and how) controls a country's wealth – wealth that has largely been created by the citizens themselves.

If crucial questions such as the allocation of resources, the social welfare provisions, the distribution of wealth are no longer the subject of real debates inside representative assemblies, why the surprise at the alienation of the young from mainstream politics or the huge disappointment with Obama and his global mimics? It is this that is forcing people out into the streets of more than 90 cities.

The politicians refused to accept that the crisis of 2008 was related to the neoliberal policies they had been pursuing since the 1980s. They assumed they could get away with carrying on as if nothing had happened, but the movements from below have challenged this assumption. The occupations and street protests against capitalism are in some ways analogous to the peasant Jacqueries (revolts) of preceding centuries. Unacceptable conditions lead to uprisings, which are then usually crushed or subside of their own accord. What is important is that they are often harbingers of what is yet to come if conditions remain the same. No movement can survive unless it creates a permanent democratic structure to maintain political continuity. The greater the popular support for any such movement the greater the need for some form of organisation."

You may, or may not, approve or agree with the authors of this piece (Google Search) but I think the analysis as to where we are and how we got here is recognisable.

Read it and decide for yourselves, and having done so, try and see where this all fits in with the NWO and New Age agenda.


Read more:

Anonymous said...


Read more:

"If the welfare state is to survive, the state must find a source of income, of its own, a source to which it has a claim prior to that of … a profits-receiver. The only source that I can see is that of productive property. The state must come in some way or another, to own a very large chunk of the land and capital of the country. This may not be a popular policy: but, unless it is pursued, the policy of improved social services, which is a popular one, will become impossible. You cannot for long socialise the means of consumption unless you first socialise the means of production."

This only describes what is one of the roots of the problem and even goes as far as stating it as a solution. The state (and its few beneficiaries; at others expense) already thinks it owns the land. And that has been an occurring problem for thousands of years. For which there are very simple solutions, so as people are not cheated out of the right to land/ resources, just like we have a right to the air our body’s breath.

Anonymous said...


James Higham said...

It's a real head-scratcher just how to stop and reverse this.

Anonymous said...


"It's a real head-scratcher just how to stop and reverse this."

How to restore our wealth and land back to us and be able to grow our own food bring our own children up repeal false legislation.

Harry J said...

Hi Bill, I'm not sure if the international Marxist Tariq Ali is going to provide us with any real solutions. As a diehard leftist we can only imagine what his 'charter of demands' would contain. He makes a fair few good points but generally fails to see the bigger picture. He also takes the Occupy movement at face value rather than the controlled opposition it essentially is. Getting beyond this false left/right (capitalist/socialist) dialectic is not going to be easy it seems.

You're correct that we have to seek an alternative/replacement to the present morass. Trying to do this immediately might prove impossible, if for no other reason than the majority are completely unaware of the extent to which 'events are not random [but] are planned and scripted'. My hunch is that what we need is first a wider realisation that this is the case. Secondly, following on from this realisation, a constitutional basis for society where solutions can be debated and explored. In other words a true democracy. See my response to James below for the form that could take.

Anon, I've been aware of the Thrive film for a while now. It's been heavily trailed. As I said in a previous comment on another post, it's been produced by Foster Gamble, whose father was the co-founder of the advertising company Proctor and Gamble. The video features plenty of the usual suspects and from viewing the trailer it appears to be full of the standard new age hogwash. It's released on 11-11-11 (33 don't you know) and the artwork has the ubiquitous rising sun over the earth and one eye imagery. The propaganda is seemingly relentless.

It is James. The only solution I can envisage is the one I floated on Orphans. That is a declaration modelled on the American Declaration of Independence. What struck me about it was not only the contents of the general declaration itself but that it included a list of the reasons why this was necessary. I still mean to attempt to formulate this into a clearer idea then seek others opinions as to what a new declaration would contain. In addition would be an attempt to provide an exhaustive list as to why it is necessary. In an ideal world it would be beyond left/right party politics and have a fundamental appeal to as many as possible. The constitutional arrangement that would be aimed for would then provide the basis for exploring solutions to the many crises that currently beset us. Obviously it's most important aim would be to remove Them for power and provide a situation that would prevent Them from ever taking power again. A true democracy (or Republic?). A hopeless task? Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but we could at least try.

Andrew, thanks, I'll read your article tomorrow. It's a bit late now.

Anonymous said...

Hi RH,

Sorry for the late reply to another very good article, but I've changed ISPs and been off for over two weeks.


"It staggers me that something like the World Core Curriculum has never seriously been exposed or debated in the mainstream media."

You of all people know that the MSM is owned by those high up in the NWO and they decide what people know. Remember how Rockerfeller thanked the media for keeping the plans of the CFR quiet? It's no different here. Anything at all that may enlighten the public into understanding just what's really going on they'll keep as far away as possible from them. And those 'rogue' editors, not that there are know that the prospect of being blacklisted and kicked out of the NUJ would mean life in Shitsville, which simply isn't worth it to them. They will have families and won't want to disrupt the status quo, even though many must know the hell that they're allowing to be created.

I have to say that the more I find out the angrier I'm getting to the point that I now pretty much engage in conversation with anyone now on the bleak situation we face. I really don't give a flying pig's shit if they think I'm a nutter, which I don't come across in debate, because I'd rather know that at least I've made an effort to expose the men behind the curtain and get people thinking of the Orwellian and Huxley hell they're happily allowing to be created through their abstinence of knowledge on reality.

Two people I engaged in debate whom I'd never met before, yesterday evening. One guy was a well to do businessman whom we had an interesting debate on culture and the other an unemployed man, the same age as me, who was speaking about some of the shock jock American media, wake up callers to what's really going on with the financial markets. It was to say the least interesting, especially when I went into deep discussions on race, racism, migration, melting pot, NWO, banking and royal elites and right back to Babylon and the creation of the civilizations and moving on when the people cottoned onto the fact the elites were rogering them for all they had.

Can we reverse what is? I really don't think it's possible RH. I say so because the youth have been completely reprogrammed by the MSM. I had a heated discussion with a woman 4 years my junior about homosexuality and told her that in 15 years time, she'll be taken the same stance I took with paedophilia, to another younger human being who sees nothing wrong with it. They simply can't cotton on to the manipulation of humanity by the elites, through their sciences to create effeminate males and masculine women. They think it's 100% natural....

The problem is RH, while there are quite a few youngsters who understand a bit of what's going on, they still support much of the NWO's world melting pot of peoples agenda, the TOB scenario as I call it (Tower of Babel). Many are very much New Agers and Zeitgeisters. They may wake up but when they do it will be too late.
You cannot use the system to beat the system. It was created by the elites to rule and win. And they are and will unless people understand the full agenda, not just 10% as many do.


Harry J said...

Alright H,

You know that I know all about the controlled media. It was just a figure of speech, a cry of exasperation even.

There are days when I somehow remain optimistic but they are generally outweighed by the realisation that we face a truly diabolic agenda that is overwhelming in its scale and scope. The worst bit is, as you say, the fact that so many who think they've woken up are merely sleepwalking into the carefully prepared trap. All we can do is keep chipping away and hope (and pray) for the best.

Anonymous said...


"All we can do is keep chipping away and hope (and pray) for the best."

Chipping away?
With all due respect RH and you know I truly mean that, but how in the fuck are we supposed to make any change pissing against the Tsunami that's about to engulf us and wipe away all that was know before?

This is the reality. We have a younger generation who are 100% completely brainwashed into believing a false interpretation of what reality truly is? We have a society of globalists, who see no wrong whatsoever in the continuing amalgamation of all world cultures into one with the phrase "Why can't we all just get along and love one another?"

In my discussion with the businessman who promoted a meritocracy, which I did before until I did my homework, I said simply, "If we have a country like China, that is sending over far better qualified individuals to study and work in society that means that eventually, due to the fact that their population is some 3.5billion plus compared to the UK, there will be more Chinese living and working in the UK than indigenous Britons." He paused at this realising that I had a point. He believed he was a Scotsman but then when I went into the definition of a Scotsman and said, that we are merely English with a dialect as we follow nothing whatsoever of our original culture, he also was stumped for an answer.

You cannot have a society that is if its continually being flooded by other cultures. One culture has to give and we have, a long time ago. Scotland is now being flooded with English, whom they say they like living here better, do so because it's cheaper than England, but more importantly lacking in non whites, which none have the balls to admit.

Having lived in London for so long, I saw the melting pot and the fact that to be white was racist, in the false definition of the word, that is using the word racist to describe prejudice. My home city in Scotland is now filling up with blacks, which is now becoming reminiscent of London in the 60's. Give it another 30 years and guaranteed, the ratio in schools will be the exact opposite today with non whites.

This is merely one aspect of the agenda, total racial displacement in order to create a one world homogeneous society, one with only two races in existence, the elites of one race and the rest who all mixed in the pot, no longer having any culture to call their own.

Our society only existed, along with many others, through constant defence of our lands from foreign invasion, that is of other peoples wanting to impose their way of life on us. we, through immigration have done exactly the opposite of our ancestors and the defence our youth give today, along with the media, is you can be of the nationality if you simply grow up in it. There is no English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh people any longer. They are now the combination of thesis and antithesis (Indigenous and foreign) mixing to create the synthesis.
The elites have already won and I at least can accept that fact. This is like I said merely one aspect of the demolition agenda and its already been successful. Our youth are globalists. The dialect of the people born and living in Scotland is nothing but that of England. We, as a people were destroyed a long time ago. I can accept that, they can't, thanks to constant MSM and school indoctrination.


Anonymous said...


I don't hate anyone RH. Yet when I write people will automatically assume that because I criticise I dislike.
I write as an individual and if you do not see yourself as an individual then it means you are quite happy to be part of the Karl Marx bullshite that we are all part of the mass, a book written to further indoctrinate society as one being against the system. Oh how incredibly appropriate - "We're all the same because we're fighting against the same oppressor" - Problem, Reaction and ultimate Solution.

I remember my last article I wrote in starting up my blog before it was deleted by Blogger and it stated pretty much what I said. It was a well written article, without sounding arrogant and one I'd done a great deal of research in writing, but I mentioned much of what I've written here and more. We have as our agenda planners, the Fabians wrote (Russel, Huxley, Shaw, Wells etc), become a totally apathetic society, one that will frown on any criticism of any others, thanks to brainwashing. I don't want my country to be invaded by foreigners, whom I must automatically accept as Scottish, because their African/Asian parents dumped them here upon landing, instantly gaining habitation rights. My ancestors fought against the English, before that the Vikings and the Romans, in order to keep their lands free from alien pollution of it. Were they haters or lovers of their own culture and people? Was Wallace not educated in European language and culture? Did he not want a land to call his own, a solace of his own culture, one he could live in with the choice of experiencing others through world travel? Should that not be what this world should be, one where other cultures can be experienced and enjoyed not lumped together, resulting in their ultimate obliteration? It doesn't take a scholar to understand that does it?

I complain. I'm skeptic on much and yet these two views are frowned upon because it's the dogma of the individual, something our elites don't want and have written many times on. And yet when I try and put my views across people are totally oblivious to the simple fact that they do not realise just how much a part of the machine they are and have no individuality whatsoever.

You hope that you can change the hellish dystopia we're moving into. You can't. It's an utter and total impossibility, that can only ever be achieved through total serious draconian measures, which society will never accept thanks to their conditioning. In other words RH, it's like being stuck in a prison, there for the rest of your life and you tell the others that we'll have to take out the guards in order to be free and they'll disagree because it's too violent a situation. The conditioning of society into one that shuns violence, even to fight for their freedom was one the agenda setters, thought and solved a long time ago.



Harry J said...

We're both on the same page H. I agree with most of what you say. I can't give up though and that's what I mean by 'keep chipping away'. If we do nothing at all then defeat is guaranteed. We must do something. However hard it feels (and it's feeling pretty tough at the moment) we have to keep going.

On reflection my 'Tower of Babel' article fell short of what I hoped for. I intend to rewrite it and publish it as a PDF document so that it can be distributed in link, file or printed form. What I've found is that, yes the programming is strong but it can be undermined. The trick is to be subtle in how you do it. A straight forward, head on, left/right approach is doomed to failure. What I tried to do in the 'Babel' article was explore other perspectives from which to approach the issue. Perhaps the main aim was to establish the immorality of what was being done not just to us but to ethnic minorities as well. Those who promote, or provide cover for the promoters of, mass immigration need to realise that the moral high ground is not theirs. Quite the reverse. Ultimately we need to establish that multiculturalism is not something that can be imposed on someone against their will. There is nothing whatsoever 'moral' about it. As such the indigenous British have a right to maintain themselves as a people. Establishing this is just the first step.

It's very easy to get disillusioned. I'm feeling exactly like that today. But I'll bounce back and persevere. I have to.

Anonymous said...

"Yes its true that Foster is a distant descendant of James Gamble. The founder of Procter & Gamble, but is in no way associated with the running of the multi-national company that exists today.

Foster has spent 50 years researching & the last 8 years making THRIVE to help empower a self-creating movement that aims to create a world where all can thrive.Procter & Gamble has not funded THRIVE or any part of it. We welcome people checking the validity of this statement with Procter Gamble directly."


1. It is possible for someone with a family history of that sort to go against the grain. There are many cases where people open up to the truth and expose others about the lies and illusions they are casting on the rest of the world because it is the right thing to do, regardless if you are family or not.

Harry J said...

Anon, the problem is that it isn't 'against the grain'. Thrive, Zeitgeist, David Icke et al are very much 'the grain'. I'm surprised that you, or anyone else, can't see that.

peternolan9 said...

Nice to see someone else wide awake.

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