Thursday, November 19, 2009

Common Purpose.

The 'charity' Common Purpose is a key organisation in the subversion and subsequent transformation of Britain. It's inextricably linked to the wider New World Order agenda, in particular the European Union.

For more information on this Marxist front group that is 'training the leaders of tomorrow', the following websites are recommended. CPExposed and Stop Common Purpose.

The person credited with bringing Common Purpose to more people's attention is former naval officer Brian Gerrish. He's made several excellent speeches on this and other subjects, most of which you can find on the YouTube page. The video below has Brian giving a short summary of how Common Purpose links into the wider agenda.


Andrew said...

""The problem we face is the fact no one seems to be able to think outside the box, everything that is being presented comes out of the minds of the psychics which seem to be controlling all in the fight against the New World Order. Justin Walker is a major player in regards to the Prince Charles camp and the psychics thereof … Walker has the ear with David Icke, Brian Gerrish and thus the whole grouping making up the British Constitution Group.

The UK Column and cpexposed are under the complete influence of Lyndon LaRouch, Yet Brian Gerrish assures me time and time again that LaRouche has no hold over him personally, yet this does not pan out in real time given his two main partners in the UK Column and indeed cpexposed are Mike Robinson and Ryan aka John Morton, both of which are LaRouchian’s to the point they attack me for exposing LaRouche as a right wing high level Theosophist.

Here is the proof cpexposed supports and links to LaRouchepac : Here

Here are three links which connect John Morton via a photo to be found in three places :

To the Schiller-Institute which is Larouche affiliated as it is run by LaRouche’s wife : Here

The John Morton photo (from the Executive Intelligence Review News Service) , again LaRouche : Here

And on the UKColumn paper itself : Here

You will note the photo is signed off John Morton on the first two links, thus presenting full evidence that LaRouche is indeed very involved with John Morton, John Morton writes for the UK Column. ""

Harry J said...

Andrew, I'm aware of 'Lifeinthemix' and I like the site, it has some good information. I keep an open mind in regards to the BCG and the UK Column.

I'd be interested in seeing the evidence that LaRouche is a 'high level Theosophist'.

Andrew said...

Lifeinthemix does get carried away with the Theosophy

Bill Still of the "Money Masters" fame knows him well.

"LaRouche and I have had a very hostile relationship for over 20 years. His minons put a death threat on my voicemail on Christmas Day 1985, causing me to uproot my family and move. Every time I publish a new book/film, he grabs it, puts his nouveau communist spin on it and uses it as his own.

I'm totally sick of LaRouche and have no intent to read anything else he publishes. During the period of the mid-1970s LaRouche took control of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and then announced that he would try to fake out America by appearing to be the arch-enemy of communism. Shortly thereafter, he started his Presidential campaigns, and Gus Hall, the perennial CPUSA Presidential candidate stopped running. I wrote stories on these connections and he counterattacked with credible threats and intimidation.

At some point, the Feds busted him and he served many years in the federal prison for credit card fraud. He's out now and he's back to spouting some variation of his leftist rhetoric. I would just caution all to beware. His motives are not good."

Harry J said...

Hi Andrew,

It's certainly fair to say I do not hold Islam in any great regard. I'm always surprised when I see a Christian supporting Islam. There are many reasons why don't I like Islam. I'd be interested as to why you do.

I've no idea what you mean by 'pro counterfeit Jewish'. Could you explain?

We could debate the actual percentage of times you use Bible references. It's not actually that important. In all sincerity I found many of your responses opaque and difficult to understand. I don't think it was your Christianity that was the problem but that you often seemed to divert the focus of the thread towards Biblical matters that I and others did not fully understand. Perhaps there's a lesson to learn in that you need to express what you are trying to say in clearer terms. Even more so when using Biblical quotes that sometimes appear to have little in common with the subject of a particular thread. Learning to express myself more clearly and concisely is certainly something I continually try and do.

For the record I'm aware that there is a general attempt to subvert Christianity and denigrate the Bible and understanding more about both is one area I'm very interested in. I've been recently looking at several of the videos made by Chris White of Nowhere To Run. All of which I found very good.

I'm sad that you have been banned form the UK Column Forum. Banning people is not something that should be done lightly and although I'm not going to deny that sometimes you were guilty as charged and did divert threads, it's not something that bothered me or, I think, warranted a ban.

Anyway, keep fighting the 'dark side' in any way you can.

Good luck,


Andrew said...


The point is/was Harry, that two UK Column writers were?Are? communist ideology, Lyndon LaRouch advocates.

PS: I would like to discuss any subject with you Harry, if you would like to pick one?

Best wishes to you too Harry, as i dont believe in luck.