Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Communist Takeover Of The West

In this video we see Russian and former KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov discussing the four stages of a Communist takeover of a country.

The four stages are demoralisation, crisis, normalisation and destabilisation. It's argued that a similar process is currently being undertaken in the United States. It's worth remembering that Communism was funded by the international bankers, both being controlled by the global oligarchy attempting to inflict a New World Order or world government on humanity.

The video sees things from a US perspective, specifically the Obama administration. From our perspective in the UK we appear to be on the cusp of the demoralisation and crisis stages. 

Of course this is but one element of the false left/right dialectic but it is the one that captures and dupes those of a 'left wing' leaning into pursuing the 'internationalist Marxist' (NWO) dream (nightmare). For any Marxists or other enthusiastic 'lefties' who think all this will turn out in your favour you'd better watch the video. It won't.


Anonymous said...


It's a great video. There's also a series on Youtube of him doing a lecture to people, circa early 80's. It's incredibly interesting. I saw this particular video a while back.
Most people should watch it and learn as you correctly state, the very plan of destroying a nation is being done 'the communist way.'

Regarding Marx, well, the problem with the left and all his followers is that many look at him as though he were the Messiah. His visions of freedom for all, equality for all, they all certainly appeal to the feminists and the lesbians and ironically most of the second wave feminists in the USA in the 60's were all Jews and lesbians and of course, wait for it MARXISTS - YAY!

It was interesting reading of his life. Born into a Jewish family, converted to Christianity, got deeply involved in it, decided he hated it, became an atheist and then ultimately a satanist. It's just a pity many of his followers can see where he's taking them all, into the Abyss that he fell head first in.

Interesting man Yuri Bezmenov.

Harry J said...

Alright H,

I've seen all of Bezmenov's videos. I posted that one because the author had linked Bezmenov's words to Obama's presidency which seemed to give them an extra impact.

From what I understand Marx was also a freemason which makes sense when looking at things from a broader perspective. It's incredible that people still revere him and think his philosophies have some merit.