Friday, July 30, 2010

What Gordon Brown Is Prepared To Do For His New World Order

There are still many people who doubt that there's an agenda to create a world government. Maybe the video below will change their mind?

Whether or not Gordon Brown's admission that 'they' invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussain was getting in the way of 'their' attempts to 'create' a New World Order will change anybody's mind remains to be seen.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves who exactly are the 'they' that are involved in this New World Order agenda? Certainly George Bush senior has spoken about it, as well as such divergent characters as Henry Kissinger, Mikhail Gorbachev, Barack Obama, David Cameron and the Pope.

Was the creation of a New World Order in the Labour party manifesto? A clearly defined policy that could be debated and discussed. Does anyone seriously doubt that the PTB in this country are manipulating us into a totalitarian world government of their design?

There's something that can be gleaned from Brown's statement. What was done to Iraq wasn't about bringing freedom or democracy. We also now know that the evidence for there being any weapons of mass destruction was either weak or non existent. What the invasion of Iraq was about was removing an obstacle to their plans for a world government.

In order to achieve their aims they were happy to inflict hundreds of thousands of deaths and the untold suffering of many more. In fact it was much worse than even that. Anthony Lawson touches on it in this excellent short video*.

One example of the many horrors that Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the rest of the Labour cabinet were prepared to inflict on Iraq was the use of bombs containing 1.9 metric tons of depleted uranium. That figure is dwarfed by the amount dropped by the Americans but is still bad enough. The results of such a policy can be seen in the picture to the right. A quick search in Google images will provide many more examples. These things are done in our name.

We can only wonder how the likes of Brown and Blair can sanction such things. Is it something in their psychological make up? Do they lack empathy? Perhaps it has something to do with their involvement with freemasonry? There's powerful evidence to suggest that the higher levels of freemasonry worship Lucifer and/or Satan. However strange this may seem the evidence put forward is compelling and it certainly seems to fit with the behaviour of people who are only too willing to cause such death, destruction and suffering in what was quite clearly an unnecessary war.

Last week we saw a great deal of fuss about Nick Griffin being barred from a garden party at the Palace. It's my contention that Griffin is a state asset but, assuming that he wasn't and he really was the big bad fascist bogey man he's made out to be, has he done anything that can come remotely close to the crimes committed by Blair and Brown? Not only is the Queen more than happy to meet them and shake their hands, the troops that are sent to kill and be killed swear loyalty to her. There's as much blood on her hands as there is on theirs.

Do you really want to live in a New World Order created and controlled by these evil monsters? 

* Lawson links the invasion of Iraq to Zionist policy and Israel. Whilst Zionism is a powerful element in the drive to create a New World Order it's my contention that it would be wrong to consider this as a solely Jewish plot. Although there are many who 'say they are Jews but who are not' involved, it's my considered opinion that all roads lead to Rome.


Anonymous said...


That's a good post!

I have to say that after thinking about all the people who have been invited to see the Queen and they turn away Griffin who's AGAINST THE WAR and always has been from the start, yet entertain w*nkers like Brown, Blair and any Conservative/Labour politician whom all supported the wars, it simply beggars belief!

The video by Lawson is poignant and straight to the point. He took the words right out of my mouth as you have in this article.
Although, you say that all roads lead to Rome, there's no doubt about it that Rome's Vatican city was certainly created by Jewry, the satanic talmud worshipers. I have no doubt in my mind that Rome is being controlled by Zionism and always has. Whether it be an initial plot by those of the Sanhedrin or Jesuits infiltrated by Jews, it doesn't dismiss the fact that Rome has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Christ and Christianity whatsoever.

If the Queen was a true Christian she'd never have allowed the war in Iraq to have happened, but then, she signed every document given to her in selling off the UK to the EU so there's no morals or integrity left within.

I respect Griffin very much. He promotes a descent character when advertised on TV and is always being attacked by completely non impartial journalists. I respect a man who speaks his beliefs and won't be swayed, unlike every other politician in the UK. I won't support the BNP for the simple reason that I am not a socialist and I do not believe in a large state as Griffin does. When it comes to his racial policies and indigenous people's rights (as backed by the UNHRC) I'm 100% behind him. I regard him, a man and politician, higher than any other in the UK.

But to finish off, Jews have been involved in the obliteration of the West for a long time and shouldn't even be in the UK as King Edwards Edict of Expulsion of 1290 to this day still stands. It's ironic as well to think that one of England's greatest loved individuals, Oliver Cromwell, was backed by Jewish finance in overthrowing the King of England, something never done before. And more so, considering that after the deed was done, in marched the Jews and set up banking, to start taking total control of our society.

You may be very interested in having a read of the following:

The Synagogue of Satan

There are 10 chapter which can be read or you can listen to the parts being discussed on audio format from radio interviews. It's an incredibly interesting read RH. I know you believe all roads lead to Rome and you're very possibly correct but that's because Rome fell into alien hands a long time ago.

Anonymous said...


I forgot to add that of course I believe that there are many Jews who are completely ignorant of much that goes on around them as are the Goy, yet, let's not hold back on the punches here; the Babylonian Talmud has to be one of the most anti Christian books of all time. Even Islam reveres Christ as a holy prophet. Many rabbis look to the Talmud before they do the Torah for guidance. Freemasonry is based on the Talmud today and was subverted centuries back by, of course Zionists.

Why is it that the protocols are the second most read documents of all time after the bible and yet we hear little discussion of it, as of course, they've been written off as fakes (how convenient), yet never proven to be ever? Why is it that they read with the same prophecy that which the Oracle of Delphi was famed for?

Remember that Christ warned us of the "Synagogue of Satan" and yet no one has heeded his words, those very people who worshiped the traditions of the elders (Talmud)?

Something is going on, there's no doubt and it most certainly involves those who have subverted true Judaism of the line of Juddah, one of the 12 tribes of Israel and manipulated it for their own means.
I believe there are many Jews being used, much as the Goy and Muslims are also.

Harry J said...

Alright H,

I'd be intrigued to see the evidence to suggest that the Vatican City was created by Jews. From my perspective the Catholic church is the Church of Babylon relocated. Both Talmud following cabalistic Jews and the occultists at work in the Vatican can trace their roots back to Babylon. The Jews, or more accurately, the occult Jewish elite, have never had enough power to conquer Rome. I think it's safe to say that both are strains of the same Luciferian/Satanic occultism that we see wreaking havoc on the world today. A recent article I read claimed that the Pharisees operated as bankers to Rome from around Caesar onwards. I suspect that nothing much has changed today. Rome was and still is much too powerful for Jewish elites to conquer. It serves the agenda well to give the impression that it is Jewish. Particularly with 'anti-semitism being the perfect cover for the modern day Pharisees.

Regarding the Queen, that's very true and quite blindingly obvious when you stop to think about it.

I'm sure you're aware that it's my opinion that Griffin is an establishment stooge and freemason to boot. I've been watching the developing schism within the BNP, centred around the leadership election, with interest. One thing's for sure, Griffin is an extremely divisive leader. There have been numerous expulsions and suspensions of people supporting Eddie Butler. There are also many unanswered questions regarding the parties accounts.

This New World Order they crave has been a long time in the planning and is incredibly vast in scope. I think it's naive to think they wouldn't have neutered any nationalist opposition to their plans. Griffin may well come across well on certain subjects but it's the things he doesn't speak about that give him away.

As you say, it's extremely important to distinguish between the modern day Pharisees and the majority of ordinary Jews. The financial and economic power of these Jewish elites has been allowed to happen because it serves the broader agenda. There's the old story about Rothschild making a fortune by getting information on the battle of Waterloo earlier than anyone else then duping the 'City'. As researcher Alan Watt pointed out that doesn't ring true because if he really had duped the aristocratic elite in such a way they would have just killed him.

We're given two choices in regards to the Protocols. They are a forgery or they are the works of Jews hell bent on taking over the world. I suspect neither is true. If this were genuinely a solely 'Jewish' plot they would have been taken out and destroyed a long time ago. The Zionist elites are not solely Jewish. They include representatives of all religions all working for the same Luciferian/Satanic cause.

Whatever anyone's opinion on them is, the Protocols are an uncanny blueprint for what is happening in the world today.

Anonymous said...

Hi RH,

You aren't around much these days, so it's always a wee wait for your reply.

I think we can both agree that when we speak of Rome it isn't the Christian church in charge and more likely the lucifarian/satanic/Babylonian pagan cult that is. My guess is the worship of Baphomet and Baal. Of course this cult hides within every major religion most notably Christianity, Judaism and Islam. After all, we know of the old Moon God cult that semites worshiped including Muhammad. We know of this in Rushdie's Satanic Verses which speaks of the three daughter goddesses of the Moon God, ironically also called Allah.

It's hard because I mention Jews because it's very much part of their makeup. After all, wherever they've gone in the world they've always been evicted for many reasons. But as I said there are those ignorant Jews to all of this, yet let's not forget that unlike the Christians, the Jews and Muslims are both taught they are better than everyone else; the Jews that they're God's chosen and not to mix with the Goy and the Muslim's that they're Allah's chosen and not to associate with the kufar. So already there's the immediate bigotry.

As for Griffin, I admire him because he speaks out on subjects no others will. And yes, I do know that there are many he doesn't which is leading to problems within the BNP. Yes, he's also probably very much an NWO stooge, we just don't know.

As regards the Protocols, well, it seems that they are Jewish to me, that is written by those very much in control of world Jewry at the time. And of course they are a blueprint to reality today.
This is where the problem lies today in that Jews are a minority but hold massive disproportionate control and power in many industries. More so, they're still technically exiled from the UK.
There is a power within Judaism, most probably the Lucifarian cult of Babylonian times, but from what I can see they've been guiding Jews from day one and very much the eye at the top of the pyramid of Judaism. Christ was merely someone exposing them as many have throughout time and they nailed him to a tree.

British society greatly changed after Cromwell took over, incidentally when the Jews came back into the UK. Whoever was controlling them is a mystery but regardless they were still Jews in name who worshiped the Talmud and the Torah. And again, the Talmud is incredibly anti Christian, as are many 'ordinary ' Jews today.

Anonymous said...


Am I blaming the Jews? Well yes and no.
I'm not blaming them because I do believe that those who control Judaism are the same who control most of the world. And I blame them because Jews are very ethnocentric in their beliefs and do create anger around them by their inability to integrate. Of course I do not speak for all, but then not all Jews are religious zealots as are not all Muslims and Christians.

I can only speculate and theorise, but the more I'm finding out about Judaism the more I'm beginning to see that there's something very secretive about them and much they don't want us to know about. The Talmud is of course a dead giveaway, especially the Babylonian one, but I'm still doing a great deal of reading on it all.

Were Jews responsible for much of the chaos that's happened in Europe over the last 4 or so centuries? Or were people masquerading as Jews responsible, part of the Lucifarian/satanic cult of Babylonian times? The thing is we don't really know.

You say: "If this were genuinely a solely 'Jewish' plot they would have been taken out and destroyed a long time ago." I disagree. There were many warnings regarding the protocol. Many people have spoken of them and none have been listened to. People have been ruined for trying to bring them to light and I think more than anything it proves just how much power Judaism has and always had. After all look at the power of Judaism in the USA? Every year they light a 40 ft Menorah in the White House, yet where's the cross, especially as the USA is predominantly Christian? Look at the power of Foxman's ADL and B'nai B'rith? Look at the very fact that those who disagree with a certain part of history are locked up across Europe and the world? I speak of course of the holocaust?
I think Jewry has far too much control and power and if they aren't Jews then it's time they were exposed as part of the Babylonian satanic cult...if that is they are.

Regardless, RH, they've been causing havoc in Europe using the very thing that got them evicted in the first place - usury. And let's face facts here that Jews are in charge of finance throughout the west and have been for a very, very long time.

Dioclese said...

At the end of the day, we just did what Bush told us - it's the USA that trying to build a new world order, presumably with them at the head?

Harry J said...
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Harry J said...

Dioclese, you may be surprised to know that there are many who claim that the situation is 180ยบ reversed and that the USA is still a colony of the British Crown. That control was further enhanced when the Federal Reserve was created.

Here's one example I read earlier.

Harry J said...

Sorry about not replying quicker H. I'm a bit lacking in that department. Partly because I'm often too tired to comment and partly because I sometimes like to roll my responses around in my head for a few days.

The conclusion I've reached in regards to Christianity is that elements of the 'Babylonian cult' have indeed been 'superimposed' on it. That said I'm far from dismissive about the core elements of Christianity. What appears to happening now is that the 'superimposed' bits are being 'exposed' as one way to denigrate Christianity as a whole. This is one area I'm currently looking into quite a lot.

In comparison I've seen very little that endears to me to either Judaism or Islam. The 'supremacist' teachings of both being one example. In fact there are quite clearly elements of the Talmud and Koran which are really quite wicked and anti-Christian.

I suspect Griffin is allowed and even encouraged to speak out on certain things because it serves the purpose of equating those concerns with someone considered to be 'racist', 'fascist', 'Nazi' etc. It also fuels the 'divide and rule' agenda. Like I said, it's what he doesn't say that makes me doubt his sincerity. Whilst we can't know for certain I've seen enough to make me, at the very least, deeply suspicious.

Those who 'let the Jews back in' knew what they were doing. They were allowed back in to serve a purpose. The elites of the time, including Rome weren't stupid. If they didn't serve the agenda they would have been crushed. There was no Israel back then. The same's true now. If Israel were calling the shots and dictating terms they wouldn't have the support they do. They just haven't got the numbers or power. What power they have has been given to them. The financial power is illusory in many respects. It serves the agenda which is why it's allowed to operate.

Whatever the exact source of the 'Protocols' I doubt they could be defined as 'Jewish' in the sense that they serve the interest of all Jews. The interests they served was those of the Zionist/Luciferian/Satanic occultists who are self evidently not all 'Jewish'.

There's plenty of evidence pointing to a 'Jewish' conspiracy but I suspect this is intentional. It's quite likely that many within Judaism are led to believe they are at the 'top of the tree'. The agenda is Luciferian/Satanic and involves those 'Jews' who support this, knowingly or otherwise.

We could speculate on these matters all day. I view the elites of theCatholic church, Judaism and Islam, the secret society networks, the globalist think tanks, royalty and aristocracy and their political puppets with equal suspicion. All are involved to some degree and at some level. It's possible that we won't know for absolute certain until the agenda is defeated. That's where we should all focus our efforts.



Anonymous said...


Don't worry about it. All's good.
I think I'll have to just agree with your reply. We're pretty much on the same page and regarding Islam and Judaism, then yes, there are certainly elements within the Qur'an that are from the Talmud. There is also belief is was written by a Jew.

There is no doubt this is part of the Satanic cult, which I thought Lucifarian but then having read of late about Steiner and his work, Lucifer and Satan are two completely different characters. According to he, Lucifer appeared first in the far East 6,000 years ago. Then Christ appeared 4,000 years ago in the middle East and he believes that Ahriman (Satan) will appear in North America sometime in 2000, conveniently 2,000 years after Christ and 4,000 after Lucifer. You may have read the following but if not have a look:

The Advent of the Anti-Christ
The Advent of the Anti-Christ II
The Influences of Lucifer & Ahriman

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant Lucifer appeared 4,000 years ago and Christ 2,000. Silly me....

Anonymous said...


You may also like to peruse this article here on the protocols at Real Zionist News:

The Jews Who Wrote The Protocols Of Zion

Anonymous said...

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Harry J said...

Thanks for the links H. I'll have a look through at my usual leisurely pace.

I was aware that Steiner and others differentiated between Lucifer and Satan. In many ways the 'temporal' or worldly 'political side to all this is a piece of cake compared to the often confusing 'esoteric' dimension. What I try and remember is the old adage 'by their fruits shall ye know them'. Seeing as the 'fruits' of the elites are varying degrees of evil I'm not at all sure we need to be too certain about exactly which dreary demonic entity they worship/serve.

Harry J said...

Thanks for dropping by Ziegfried. I'm not too sure what relevance your comment has but I can reassure you I'm fully awake when it comes to the 'tricks' that Islam has up its sleeve.

Nick Dean said...

One of the papers last week, probably the Guardian, ran a report on how the rates of birth defects and other disorders in Fallujah are higher than followed the A-Bomb assault on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I can't understand why more soldiers don't refuse to serve this empire.

Harry J said...

Showing them a few photos like the one in the post might do the trick.