Friday, April 1, 2011

Karl Marx - Atheist or Satanist?

I found this article on the Cutting Edge website as part of my research into an article that seems to be taking me forever to complete. It quotes heavily from a book called 'Marx and Satan' by a Richard Wurmbrand. It seems that:

"Reverend Richard Wurmbrand spent 14 years as a prisoner of the Communist government in Romania, where he was persecuted for his faith in Jesus Christ. His experience led him to spend further years researching Karl Marx and the Communist doctrines he developed. While Communism portrays itself as a noble endeavour for the good of mankind and claims an Atheistic view, Wurmbrand exposes its true roots, revealing that Karl Marx and the fathers of the modern Communist/Socialist  movements were inspired by the powers of darkness."

The book is available to read online at and if its contents are true (and I've no reason to doubt they aren't) then it certainly explains an awful lot.  Author and former Canadian naval officer William Guy Carr considered that the main function of the promotion of atheism was to undermine and destroy Christian beliefs as preparation for the Luciferian (Satanic) New World Order. His theory seems to be borne out by the article below.

We've seen before how Communism was funded by the international banking cartel, so it should be of no surprise to learn of the influence of the secret societies and the worship of Satan (Lucifer) on its actual creation.

Karl Marx - Atheist or Satanist?   

By examining the confessions, writings, and poetry of Marx and his followers, the author demonstrates how the "prince of darkness" gave these men the "sword" by which they have terrorized the nations. We consider this book an essential key to understanding the New World Order movement, of which Communism plays an important role. Wurmbrand proves that this movement is not simply the work of greedy men, hungry for wealth and power, but is "after the working of Satan" with the intent of destroying mankind.

Communist doctrine preaches atheism loudly, clearly, and consistently. This religious world view supposedly originated with Karl Marx, the Founding Father of Communism. Atheism is defined as "disbelief in or denial of, the existence of God". Since this is the definition of atheism, a practicing Satanist cannot be an atheist. A Satanist believes in the existence of God and Satan, of Heaven and Hell. The Satanist chooses, with his Free Will, to serve Satan, thus taking upon himself the characteristics of Satan, especially his unbelievable, supernatural, hatred of God, Christians, and Jews.

But, a Satanist will never be an atheist.

Since Karl Marx has been depicted as the creator of the greatest atheist system in world history, we should expect that he did not believe in God at all. Surprise!! Marx was a practicing Satanist, and could not, therefore, be an Atheist. Karl grew up in a Christian family, and earlier in his life, confessed Jesus Christ as Savior. Consider this exerpt from a work Karl wrote as a youth:

"Union with Christ could give an inner elevation, comfort in sorrow, calm trust, and a heart susceptible to human love, to everything noble and great, not for the sake of ambition and glory, but only for the sake of Christ".

What a wonderful expression of love and devotion to Jesus Christ!! None of us could have done better. When Marx graduated from high school, the following comment was written under the heading Religious Knowledge:

"His knowledge of the Christian faith and morals is fairly clear and well grounded..."

Thus, we know that Marx knew Scripture well. However, soon after high school, Karl began an abrupt shift toward the adversary, Satan. Again, this time in a poem, Marx writes, "I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above". This statement is quite consistent with a Satanist, who believes in God, Who rules above, but who has made a personal decision to side with Satan against God.

One of the key understanding of Satan is that he hates all mankind, and wishes them dead and in hell with him, simply and only because all human beings are made in the "image of God" (Genesis 1:26). Satan wishes eternal damnation for every human being God has ever created, even those people who serve him. Now listen to Marx:

"...Yet I have power within my youthful arms
To clench and crush you (i.e., personified humanity)
with tempestuous force,
While for us both the abyss yawns in darkness.
You will sink down and I shall follow laughing,
Whispering in your ears 'Descend,
come with me, friend'".

This is the attitude, the voice, of Satan. Marx knows his choice will send him to Hell for eternity and he wants to carry as many people with him as possible; and, Marx knew he was
headed for Hell, as his next poem shows so very well:

"Thus Heaven I've forfeited,
I know it full well,
My soul, once true to God,
Is chosen for hell."

I cannot imagine a more terrible personal conclusion, that Marx knew, and accepted, the knowledge that he had made a lifelong choice for Satan and Hell. Reverend Wurmbrand shows many instances in which Marx possessed great hatred for all mankind and wanted nothing more than to destroy it and to enjoy that destruction. Because our space is so limited, we will quote just one representative sample:

"With disdain I will throw my gauntlet
Full in the face of the world,
And see the collapse of this pygmy giant
Whose fall will not stifle my ardour.
Then will I wander godlike and victorious
Through the ruins of the world
And, giving my words an active force,
I will feel equal to the Creator."

Again, we see the two Satanic characteristics of desiring to destroy all mankind and to become God or godlike.

Then Reverend Wurmbrand states his belief that Marx was actually possessed of demons, as he quotes Engel's written statement that Marx was a "monster possessed by 10,000 devils". This certainly explains Marx's many evil statements and the evil fruits of Communism so amply displayed before the world. Wurmbrand then proceeds to document the many instances in which 20th Century Communist leaders have either practiced aspects of Satanism or have actually worshipped Satan. He succinctly states his conclusion, "Communism is collective demon- possession".

Marx in the masonic pose of the 'hidden hand'
Guisseppe Mazzini was an Italian Illuminist Freemason who, with Albert Pike (Supreme Leader of North American Freemasonry), received that supernatural vision that three world wars would be required to establish the New World Order. And here we see he and Marx cooperating in leading the First Internatlonal, the first global Communist conference, in 1864.

This is firm evidence of Freemasonry in Karl Marx's life. Mazzini and Marx were friends, which strongly suggests that they undoubtedly spent much time and effort discussing, planning and sharing ideas. Since Mazzini was a very influential Freemason, he would have logically been part of the plan to create the perfect Anti-Thesis to the Western Thesis to produce the desired Synthesis, utilizing the precepts of the Hegelian doctrine of Controlled Conflict Producing Controlled Change.

The final part to this puzzle is the question as to whether there was any direct link between the German Professor Hegel and the German Karl Marx. There certainly was, as Reverend Wurmbrand states emphatically that Professor Hegel was Karl Marx's first university professor! Marx even wrote a poem eulogizing Hegel. Wurmbrand has this to say about Professor Hegel, "Christianity has been satirized in Germany before Hegel. But, he was the first to satirize Jesus Himself....We are what we feed upon. Marx fed upon Satanic ideas; therefore, he set forth Satanic doctrine".

Our circle of understanding is now complete. Professor Hegel taught Satanic doctrine in his Controlled Change By Controlled Conflict, and he convinced a most enterprising pupil, Karl Marx. Marx and his friend Mazzini could very well have perfected the plan, or, if Marx had no direct input into perfecting the plan, he would have been willing to act as the mouthpiece to put it into public print. I personally believe Marx had little to no involvement in creating Communism, because he was so out of control in his personal life; however, he was the perfect disciple to serve as the mouthpiece for propagating the Anti-Thesis, Communism.

One final note: Christian author and former Satanist/Illuminist, Doc Marquis, states emphatically that he was taught that Communism was created by the Illuminati. In fact, the very name, Communism is simply another way of expressing, Illuminism.

This much is clear -- Communism was created by Freemasonry as the perfect opposite system (Anti-Thesis) to the Western system (Thesis) to produce the desired system (New World Order). Karl Marx was a willing accomplice in publicly propagating this Satanic Plan, and Communist leaders from Lenin to Stalin to Mao Tse-tung, to Gorbachev have also been willing deceivers, all knowingly cooperating with Western leaders in a global plan to produce the New World Order.

But, now, you are no longer deceived!!


James Higham said...

One of the Venetians I'd say, old Mordecai Marx Levy.

Antipholus Papps said...

I'm sorry, but this comes across as the kind of infantile nonsense I'd expect from evangelists.

Harry J said...

That's ok but I have to disagree. I certainly don't think it's either infantile or nonsense. I'd be eager to read a more detailed refutation of the article if that's what you think. Who exactly are the evangelists? The people at the Cutting Edge website or Reverend Wurmbrand on whose book the article was based?

Anonymous said...

Harry J said...

Thanks Anon. I'm not sure about the Ashkenazi Jew thing. There are quite a few who debunk the whole thing. Here's an example.

The article also claims that Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati under the orders and guidance of Mayer Rothschild. Again this is doubted by many. There's strong evidence to suggest that the power behind Weishaupt was the Jesuits.

Anonymous said...


From the get go on that video Chris has made the mistake and confused Ashkenazi and Sephardic. Some but not all, married Turkish people. He then states that Ashkenazi is a German word, which it is not. He is right in that the book he reviews is wrong in that they descended from Turkish people (where it’s a common meme that Kharzars are Turkish or just Turkish)

The word Ashkenazi comes from:

10:2 The sons of JAPHETH; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.
10:3 And the sons of Gomer; ASHKENAZ, and Riphath, and Togarmah.

I.E. not Shem Semites, nor could be of Judah.

The land of Ashkenaz was here,

First of all, the Zionists are NOT Semites, nor Israelites, nor descendants of Judah,

The Zionists are counterfeit-Jews who have stolen the name Jew (Judah) from its true owners and are falsely masquerading as the descendants of Judah, when in reality they do not have one drop of his blood in their veins.

They misquote the Bible by claiming that the Holy Land is theirs because God gave it to the descendants of Jacob/Israel and his son Judah, when they are not Judah’s descendants and thus their claim is false and fraudulent.

The Zionists and 96% of modern so-called Jews are ASHKENAZI (Ashke-Nazi) and are not descended from Shem (Sem-ites), but from Japheth’s grandson Ashkenaz –
Genesis 10:1 Now these [are] the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem (Sem-ites), Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood.
10:2 The sons of JAPHETH; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.
10:3 And the sons of Gomer; ASHKENAZ, and Riphath, and Togarmah.

In the time of Jesus, 2000 years ago, the inhabitants of Jerusalem and Judaea, and their ruler king Herod, were Edomites (sons of Esau not Jacob/Israel) and thus were counterfeit-Jews, who had stolen the land from the “House of Judah” whilst the House of Judah had been in slavery in Babylon and the Idumeans were pretending to be Israelites when they were really Edomites (Idumeans) - sons of Esau.

Jesus condemned them and warned the world against them in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan.
3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but do LIE (Idumeans); behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

In the 8th century AD the Khazar nation descended from Ashkenaz, who lived North of the Caucasian Mountains, well outside the Holy Land, converted en-masse to Talmudic Judaism and since then have inter-married with the Edomites and like the Edomites falsely claim to be descendants of Jacob/Israel’s son Judah.

(The Babylonians and the Romans are the same race with a new name and country - note well New Covenant/Testament - Revelation 17:5). They destroyed both the First and Second Temples. They destroyed the First Temple as Babylonians (c.588 B.C.) and the Second Temple as Romans (70 A.D.)

Anonymous said...


"The article also claims that Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati under the orders and guidance of Mayer Rothschild. Again this is doubted by many. There's strong evidence to suggest that the power behind Weishaupt was the Jesuits."

They were all Ashkenazi and founded the Jesuits after the Spanish threw them out and the Spanish Inquisition tried to catch the conversos (those who pretended to be Christians)Like today and many popes have been Ashkenazi. And some (Ashkenazi,Rothschilds) married into the British royal family who are from Judah. Which is why the so-called royals,Rothschilds, Catholic,protestant,and all there off shoot, churches are part of the New World order and New age meme. With the ruination of Christians.

Harry J said...

There are so many conflicting accounts it's hard to know for sure. That said, I tend to agree with your take on the 'counterfeit Jews', though I might add that the vast majority of Jews in Israel are just as deceived and manipulated as we are here in Britain. I found this article interesting.

Not quite so sure about the Jesuits being Askenazi. I know there are many claims that Loyola was Jewish but the facts don't seem to bear this out.

Anonymous said...

"the vast majority of Jews in Israel are just as deceived and manipulated as we are here in Britain."

I Agree with that.

"Not quite so sure about the Jesuits being Askenazi. I know there are many claims that Loyola was Jewish but the facts don't seem to bear this out."

There are many in that organisation now that are not, but they Ashkenazi and Edomites founded it. And the Rothschild’s and extended families (who are married in to the so-called royal family) do the banking for the Jesuits and Papacy. All the evidence points to that and none away from that (They are in it all together.)

Many pretended to convert to Catholicism in 1492, after the expulsion Decree and then the "Prince of the (counterfeit) Jews of Constantinople" Julio-Inigrez de Medrano gave some methods to use in response to. In 1480 King Ferdinand devised, and with the queen established the Spanish Inquisition. So although it was a case of the blind leading the blind in many ways, it went from them being pursued for all the harm they were causing the Spanish people, to the Popes so-called Blessing them in the 19th century.

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