Saturday, March 19, 2011

Creation Or Evolution?

On the BBC at the moment we are currently being told all about the 'Wonders of the Universe' by the youthful looking Professor Brian Cox. Although I haven't managed to watch all of the programs so far what amazed me was that, in the bits I have seen, the 'theory' of evolution was seemingly being presented as undeniable fact. Not too long ago I wouldn't have disagreed with such an assumption but that was until the explosion of alternative information on the internet introduced me to other points of view. Something which is very hard to come by and is conspicuous by its absence, on British TV. 

Anyone researching the New World Order agenda soon comes to the realisation that we have been and continue to be, brainwashed and indoctrinated to a shocking degree. I strongly suspect that the subject of the origins of the world and by extension the Universe is yet one more subject where the PTB have misled us badly.  

Attempting a detailed look at this subject is both beyond me and the capabilities of a humble blog post. As such I'll merely post some links to a variety of videos that have left me in no doubt that the 'theory' of evolution is just that, a theory. Not only that but it appears to be full of uncertainties and perhaps even impossibilities that we are never made aware of. In fact, after watching the videos I came to the conclusion that creation, or at least intelligent design, was far more likely to be the true source of our origin.

Evolution is necessary to the Satanic elite not only because it does away with the idea of there being a benign creator (God) but also because it reduces humanity to just another 'animal' that happened to evolve out of the 'cosmic soup'. A quote from Lyndon Larouche goes some way towards expressing the significance of this. He said:

"I refer specifically to Philo’s commentaries on the notion of Creation in the first chapter of Genesis (verse 26), to the effect that man is distinct from and set apart from the animals and above them, by virtue of being in the image of God—not image in the ordinary sense, but by having this power of creative reason.

That notion of man as being in the image of God defines all men as spiritually equal as sovereign individual persons before the Creator and among all right-thinking men, among each other. That does not mean that men are equal in their development, but it means they are equal in their species nature.

On the contrary side, on the opposing side, to which Gen. [Albert] Pike adhered, we have the oligarchical view, which rejects the notion of man as in the image of God, and views man as more or less inherently utterly detestable, utterly depraved by his nature... [and therefore worthy of subjugation and enslavement]"

The theory of evolution also plays a role in the idea that we are currently evolving towards a 'consciousness shift' where a new human being is being born. This is a meme being promoted by various New Agers and Theosophists, the 2012 movement, 'truthers' such as David Icke and those involved in the Zeitgeist cult. Perhaps the most famous proponent of this idea was the Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. As we saw in this post, despite being a Catholic priest, de Chardin was very much a believer in evolution. He saw humanity evolving towards an 'omega point' which is the very false 'oneness' the previously mentioned 'consciousness shift' is meant to result in.

Anyway,  if you wish to see and hear just a sample of the alternative point of view to the elitist promotion of evolution then I recommend the following videos. Make your own mind up. If nothing else they'll definitely give you some food for thought.

Dr. David Berlinski: Math and Darwinian Evolution (Part 2)

Dr. David Berlinski: Accounting for Variations (Part 3)

Dr. David Berlinski: Transitional Sequence (Part 4)

Dr. David Berlinski: What Does It Take for Change? (Part 5)

Dr. David Berlinski: Evidence for Common Ancestor? (Part 6)

Next we have a series of videos by Professor Walter J. Veith. These are all excellent and well worth viewing. It should be noted that you'll soon discover that Professor Veith is a Christian and as such there are numerous references to the Bible in his presentations. If you are not a Christian please don't let this put you off because the evidence he presents is fascinating and is valid whether or not you agree with the Biblical context he places them in.

101 - The Earth in Time and Space

102 - A Universal Flood

103 - Bones in Stones

104 - Where Mammals Reigned

105 - The Genes of Genesis

106 - Creation to Restoration

The next video see former NASA engineer Spike Psarris give just a few examples of the problem of evolution in terms of astronomy and specifically the solar system.

Finally, the first thing anyone says when considering the idea of creation in terms of the Biblical account in Genesis, is that the idea that God could have created the Universe in six days and that mankind is only just over six thousand years old, is preposterous. I know that I did, even after viewing the above videos. I then came across the video below on Chris White's Nowhere To Run website. If you want a plausible explanation for the time scale of Genesis then give this video a viewing. I should note that there are numerous references to the Talmud in this video, which certainly made me feel uneasy on first viewing. As Chris White notes, these are mainly for corroboration on the definitions of certain words and as such any belief in or sanction of the Talmud is not required.

Dr.Gerald Schroeder Genesis & The Big Bang Theory (2 of 5)


Anonymous said...

I do think that the culture of evolutionary biologists is really strange even in an academic setting. For example, virologists would never ever want to discuss or even acknowledge AIDS denialists, linguists don't spend their time disproving the tower of Babel. But evolutionary biologists seemed from my perspective weirdly fixated on countering creationism, which logic would suggest should be extra-academic to them, not a competing theory. But strangely, the DO treat it as a competing theory in way, which has always been curious to me. It also seems to only offend them as a Christian belief. They never worry about many others who believe that the universe was divinely ordered. There is some kind of manufactured dialectic going on.

Harry J said...

I suspect you're right Lavender.

Anonymous said...

Harry J said...

Anon, I did watch it and it seems to be the standard New Age/theosophic fare dressed up in a slightly different way. That's not to say there isn't some truth in what he says but it comes with the usual deceptions thrown in for good measure.

It seems fairly obvious that how you think should have an effect on how you feel. That is, if you are under stress and only have access to food that's not particularly nutritious this is likely to be reflected in your health. It's also true that you have a degree of control over this but I suspect it's a stretch to say this control extends to your genes. Whilst it is true the cancer gene is more likely to be triggered if you are stressed and eating badly that doesn't really show a direct control over the gene itself. We should remember that not everyone is able to 'live in a healthy environment' and have access to 'good food'. The violence he talks about is almost without exception down to the manipulations of the PTB. If the earth has a disease it's called Luciferianism. He seems very keen to place the blame for all the ills of the world on humanity as a whole rather than the true culprits, the Satanic/Luciferian elite. The same elite behind the theosophic, New Age deception he promotes.

We see this same thing again with the old Gaia as 'earth mother of us all' paganism. I just knew he was going to tell us that 'we are the creators' which is, of course, the Luciferian 'we are all gods' doctrine. Even better we can all, apparently, be Jesus. Any New Age philosopher worth his salt will also tell you that we are 'all one consciousness' and he didn't disappoint. More mind control towards a false 'unity' that will result in the Luciferian 'utopia' they want to indoctrinate us into. He completely gives the game away when he comes out with all the 2012 stuff. This has been completely and effectively debunked by Chris White.

He also, predictably, associates Christianity with Rome and the Vatican and subtly suggests this is the old system we need to do away with. They all say the same thing but in slightly different ways.

He say he lives in heaven and has a great life, presumably because he's reprogrammed himself to ignore the immense degree of evil in the world. The starvation, war, constant lies and deception (brainwashing), intentional economic collapses, false flag terrorism etc. These are all very real and pretending this earth is heaven or anything close to it seems to me to be delusional. I've seen this sort of thing in lots of New Age things of this sort. Ignore the chaos, confusion, strife, in fact the evil, of the world and only worry about yourself. They paint the afore mentioned chaos as merely being as the dying of the old system and the inevitable birth pangs of the New Age. Remember They were the old system just as They will be the controllers of the New Age.

In short there's a lot to be said for living consciously and being aware of the old programming (most of which comes courtesy of the PTB through their education system and media control) but be very aware of replacing that with the New Age guff that Bruce Lipton talks about. This video doesn't offer any proof towards the theory of evolution but it does rely on the theory that we are evolving into some glorious New Age when actually it will just be an updated version of the old Luciferian control system.

Anonymous said...

The Space Between

Harry J said...

Rather than comment in full on that link Anon I think I'll try and do a post on this 'we are all one consciousness' thing at some point. Fundamentally if that's what you want to believe or it's how you perceive the world then, of course, that's up to you. What I object to is this insistence that the only way we will defeat the New World Order is for all of us to think this way. Firstly it's not necessary for their defeat and secondly the 'one consciousness' agenda has its roots in the very occult, pagan, theosophic and New Age net the 'elite' wish to trap us in.

Waes Hael said...

I dont think you are truely looking at all the evidence around you. You seem to using evidence that proves the point you want to make.

First of all, you emphasise the word theory to help make your point, in order to somehow prove it is not fact. I must tell you this, everything is a theory. All known facts and proven processes are titled theories simply because new evidence will always come about and it changes.

Photosynthesis is a theory. Gravity is a theory. How the moon pulls the tides is a theory. This DOES NOT mean evolution is not fact. Heaps of evidence and DNA sequencing can prove evolution without doubt.

But no where, however, does evolution try to explain or deny the existance of God. It simply explains how life changed and still changes now, not how it came about.

In regards to morality without God, I feel this video and youtube channel might be of some interest to you.

Best regards

Waes Hael
Rule britannia -

I must stress that in no way does the theory of evolution

Harry J said...

Thanks for your comment Wes. I had a quick look at your blog and it seems we are on the same page on many issues.

My first question would have to be did you watch any of the videos I linked to and if so which ones?

You seem to be saying that everything is a theory then contradict yourself by saying that, everything is except evolution, which is a fact. I highlighted the word theory because it seems to me that, in regards to evolution, that is exactly what it is. There are many holes in the 'theory' and the videos I linked to expose many of them.

It also seems to me that evolution, in its common understanding, does attempt to deny the existence of God. Dawkins is one example. The idea is that we all emerged from the cosmic soup and slowly, over time, evolved into what we are today. Man evolved from the apes etc. Ditto the rest of nature. I generally subscribed to this point of view, precisely because I assumed it was a fact. The videos above made me think otherwise. There are many doubts. On the subject of DNA if you only watch one video can I suggest the one below.

I started watching the video you linked to and soon realised that to respond to it properly would involve a long and detailed comment. I've bookmarked it and I may do a post on it at some point but time is of the essence at the moment.



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