Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Trouble With the Truth Movement (and Other Videos)

In the first one, 'The Trouble With the Truth Movement', Chris White gives an outline of how sees the NWO plan unfolding and how so many in the 'truth movement' have been subtly co-opted into it. He suggests that the NWO are exposing themselves, in a controlled manner, as they move from covert to overt control. My thoughts are that there is a little more to it than that. That is that they are intentionally equating the NWO with the Western system of government and are now in the process of encouraging us to rise up and rebel and bring it down. This is being done with little thought as to what will come after other than the carefully seeded New Age (theosophic) stuff as promoted by David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, the Zeitgeist movement and others.

Chris White also sees the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a fake. I agree to the extent that it was painted as a creation of the Jewish elders in order to deceive but I still think the documents themselves have some authenticity. Some suggest that the true authors were the Jesuits and at least one other theory contends that it was Albert Pike and elite Masons who merely updated and modernised a pre-existing document that in turn went back to Adam Weishaupt. I suspect we won't know for sure until this whole sorry saga is over but until then the Protocols themselves show an eerie prescience of present day events.

The second video looks at the '2012 Deception' and how it is a part of the whole 'consciousness shift', 'transformation' and 'awakening' meme that is so prevalent within both the New Age movement and much of the, so called, truth movement.

Finally, here's another video entitled 'Religious Wars: Fact or Fiction?'. This is a subject touched on in the other videos but expanded on in more detail in this one. Chris White argues that far from being the cause of so many wars it is actually the elite controllers that have used religions as a convenient proxy for their agenda that are the real instigators. He tries hard to be tactful in his treatment of Islam but although it's clear that ordinary Muslims are equally manipulated in this regard, the fact that Islam itself, more than any other religion, more easily enables this to happen due to its teachings, as contained in the Koran, Hadith and Sira, can't be avoided.


James Higham said...

The trouble is that there is so much disinformation coming out that it all needs untangling.

Harry J said...

Very true James.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Chris White says on his site that he forwards a Christian perspective on his radio show. There's nothing wrong with that if that's where you believe your truth lies, but when you start taking pot shots at those with differing views, your credibility suffers.

I personally take a pass on Chris White.

Harry J said...

Anon 10.58 and Anon 11.13, are you the same commenter by any chance?

The video linked to is on the YouTube account of an 'AdamPhosphor' entitled 'The Luciferian Sovereignty'. I don't think he likes Christianity very much.

The idea that Chris White is a Satanist is hilarious to say the least. The video 'Adam' posts proves no such thing. White was taking Maxwell to task about the 'entities' he channels. White was asking Maxwell how he could know that they were good and Maxwell's only defence was how do you know that they aren't. He also said he wasn't frightened of these 'aliens' and that, claiming that he was was, was a misrepresentation of what actually happened. You can view the video where Maxwell talks of these events below and make your own mind up. When White quotes the Bible as saying, words to the effect, that Satan's ministers portray themselves as angels of light, Maxwell wriggles and blandly claims that White is 'one of his ministers'. Seemingly because White doesn't deny such an absurd accusation and just carries on making his point this 'proves' he's a Satanist. Lame and laughable in the extreme.

I'd actually seen the video before. It seems to have first surfaced on a site run by someone called 'Queenyinthehouse'. Her reason for calling White a Satanist is that he's a Calvanist (allegedly) and as such 'serves the devil' or something like that. I've little knowledge of the finer points of difference between the various Christian denominations and perhaps even less interest in investigating them in detail. I did, however, try and find out a bit more about this and found the video below by Chris White which deals with this issue. It seems very fair and balanced to me and more than answers the questions raised.

Harry J said...

On the wider subject of Chris White himself my thoughts are these. There are two aspects to Chris White's stuff. The information he provides and the context he provides it in. That context is unabashedly Christian. He doesn't hide this and I actually find it enlightening in the sense that I'm getting a Christian perspective in a 'truth movement' that is increasingly anti-Christian. What I find of far more interest though is his information. I'd come to similar conclusions to him on the subjects of Icke, Zeitgeist and the New Age movement but mine were no more than vague hunches with a few scraps of possible evidence. What he has done is provide far more evidence in a well researched manner and for me he has pierced at least one of the major veils surrounding the New World Order agenda and a large part of the 'truth movement'. This is far more than 'taking pot shots at those with differing views'. He's exposing a huge amount of well orchestrated deception that would stand up to scrutiny regardless of his particular religious perspective.

White seems very much a Biblical Christian in the sense that he doesn't seem to favour a particular 'church' as such and has suggested forming informal house churches and discussion groups. Whilst his Christianity has given me plenty of food for thought and has inspired me to read the Bible for myself I certainly don't feel any need to subscribe wholeheartedly to his particular brand of Christianity. I've purposely not commented too much on this angle of his presentations because I'm not really in a position to and because I thought I'd leave it up to any viewer or reader to make their own minds up on this subject.

Although, as I said, I am drawn towards Christianity that doesn't mean to say I don't have some questions or reservations about certain things. The main issue I have is in regards to the Book of Revelation but as I'm still digesting all this, I don't really want to say too much about it.

It seems fairly obvious that the NWO is first and foremost a spiritual undertaking and that in both its aims and methods is profoundly evil. It's also clear that those behind it are fiercely anti-Christian and not just in the context of destroying all religions. Exactly what all this means I'm still reflecting on and as such I continue to welcome the views of Chris White as being valuable and insightful in this (psychological) battle that is being waged.

Anonymous said...

Interesting informative piece from Webster Tarpley website 26.04.2011.

Best if you follow the links. Probably not a lot new here for the cognisant but for anyone new it could be enlightening.

Olive Farmer said...

I engaged Chris White in discussion. Like many who see beyond the more obvious veils of deception he understands the single entity that sits at the top of the pyramid of power. Unfortunately, he couches all of his arguments in biblical terms, quoting from "the word of god". This seems naive to me, as the Bible is a much edited and rewritten document, the editing and rewriting done by a mish-mash of kings and religious leaders over the Bible's more than three thousand year history (old and new testaments). No doubt Chris has an answer to those that point to the Bible as the root source of such enlightened movements as the inquisition, the crusades, etc ad nauseam.....
Having been confirmed in my late thirties,I taught Sunday school, ran a church youth group together with my wife, enjoyed the spirituality, community and sense of connection. Deep down I still have that sense of spirituality but see now how organised religion has always been a tool of division between peoples, a source of fundamental disagreement that has led and is now leading to warfare.
The hands of our global masters are behind these organised religions and use them as levers in their control of the herd.
Note how the current "revolutions" in the largely muslim arab states will lead to a further religious war in the middle east, thus fulfilling the end times revelations of both the Bible and the Koran/Hadith in preparation for the luciferian/theosophist Maitreya's emergence.
I guess if there is a God/Christ we'll find out for sure sometime soon, and I guess that there must be a force of good just as it is evident there is a force of evil.
Of late, pondering the ineffability and considering the outcome of the trials some are currently undergoing and the rest of us will soon be undergoing, I am drawn to the conclusion that as children we are being taught unforgettable lessons. This then begs the question...are the luciferians acting out the will of god?
Are the pain and death and evil we both experience and mete out to one another simply instruments of instruction for our souls from which our true selves will emerge, replete with the understanding of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
Ayahuasca, Salvia Divinorum and sometimes the psilocorbins and even Amanita Muscara (as eaten by Saint John the divine in Patmos- hence "Revelations"..) - give us an understanding that our levels of perception of reality are governed by the instruments we have at our disposal (the senses, our partitioned brains)and that the universe and our conception of god are very different places from that which our instruments allow us to understand.
As quantum physics is beginning to comprehend, our minds/brains are different instruments than that we have imagined them to be, the reality we see and feel is discovered to be not real at all without a shared conscious decision for them to be so. Together these things point to a set of frankly weird conclusions......that I believe some groups of people have a deeper understanding of than the rest of us, and which makes discussions about politics or 9/11 or the price of fish or Elenin mere detail, deliberate distractions.
What Icke and the multitude of other fraudsters reveal is a veritable haystack of such irrelevant truth, within which they bury the sharp pins of the lies which they are instructed to foist upon the seekers of understanding.
It is the knowledge and understanding of reality that our global masters seek to distract us from that sits behind much of their unfolding strategy of mayhem.
That, and the power of love.
The olive trees here are full of flower, promising a good harvest.
Olive. x

Harry J said...

Olive, I'm sure Chris White would point out the basic error you're making in associating the Bible and true Christianity with the inquisition and the crusades. Both of these and much more are the product of the Roman Catholic church which Chris and others will tell you is not true Christianity. By that I mean the words and teachings of Jesus. Nowhere will you find justification for these things in the Gospels. A very good look at the New World Order (if that is what we can best describe the evil that abounds in these times) can be found in a series of films by a young Scottish Christian. I'll add a link to a few of the relevant ones below but they are all worth looking at. They, at least, give a different perspective on things.

As for the idea that Quantum physics revealing reality to be something we collectively consciously create, I just can't see things that way. Believe me I've done lots of the sort of 'consciousness expansion' you describe. I'm more than open to life being more than the limited dimension in which we live presently but I don't necessarily subscribe to the idea that it is our consciousness that creates. I'm far more drawn to the idea that it reveals and that the higher our level of consciousness (awareness) the greater the reality we can see. That said I remain open minded.

I also don't feel that, fundamentally, it is this sort of knowledge that will free us from the grip of control that the New World Order wishes to tighten further. It's hard not to see what is developing in the world as a battle between good and evil. Perhaps it's always been that way. Even if you don't fully subscribe to the teachings (and more) of Jesus, having begun to read the Gospels I'd have to say it's clear to me that he was very much on the side of good. Out of all the 'religious' figures in the world nobody more than Jesus resisted the New World Order of his day. Indeed it was the ancestors of today's major players (Rome and those 'who say they are Jews but are not') that killed him. This begs the question as to why the likes of Icke, Zeitgeist, Tsarion and even John Harris of the TPUC and others feel the need to denigrate, lie and obfuscate about him.

Chris White would also tell you that although there have been many attempts to alter the early Christian writings and even, in the case of the Roman Church, forbid the Bible to read at all for around a thousand years. Yet the words survive. Certainly enough to understand his message. There have been a multiplicity of forces all combining to get you to ignore or dismiss the Bible. Again, you should ask yourself why.

On the dating of the New Testament Gospels can I recommend this. It's from one of my favourite bloggers.

Here are the other links. The earlier videos in the series are the best. The later ones deal with aspects of the New World Order that will almost certainly be familiar.

Anonymous said...

Hi RH,

Long time and I thought I'd make a short comment (not like the normal 4 pagers) about the Protocols and Hitler's attack on the Jews.

My theory regarding Hitler really is a simple one and that is that he was nothing but a puppet of the elites, put in there to mention the obvious control that Jews had and to be responsible for WW2 which would bring about the decimation of the European nation states. It's obvious to see that history has painted him in such a demonic light, even though no one is allowed to question the holocaust, which leads to the conclusion that should anyone dare mention the truth that Jews are heads of most of the major establishments in the world, not forgetting the bankers themselves, they would automatically be compared to Hitler and nazism ergo end of important discussion on proving the overwhelmingly obvious.

It seems apparent RH, that Hitler wasn't a stooge, but a key player in the false propaganda of the persecution of the Jewish peoples. We know, that is those who have done the research, that Hitler was a puppet of the elites. Brian Gerrish for example has been speaking of Hitler's involvement with the Tavistock Institute of London along with Henry Makow has written the following article

When you begin to start joining up the dots a far more sinister situation occurs RH. To me, it seems obvious that both Russia and Germany were controlled overwhelmingly by the elites in London, who set both up against one another (although Hitler's nazism is based on Marxism, himself having said that) and dragged the rest of Europe into WW2 in order to destroy their infrastructures, at yet another crack of one world order. The outcome would be that the evil of communism, would triumph over the evils of nazism, both socialist ideals and again society will have been played, accepting communism into their lives, as was planned long before WW1, by the Fabians, RIIA, Tavistock and all other organisations involved with the NWO. Therefore, Hitler's nazism and Stalin's communism were literally no different to one another, but the people were fooled yet again into a common enemy, destroying one horror, only to be lumped with the other - heads socialism wins, tails we lose.

The Jews are playing an incredibly important part in the NWO RH. Sure the sephardi and Messianic Jews are holding their own against the non semitic Zionists in Israel, but the overwhelming majority of non semites throughout the world, the Ashkenazis, are using the ignorant goy to squeeze as much money as they cam from, as well as protecting their beloved Israel.

Regardless, RH, Jews are most certainly sitting atop many organisations within society and very much responsible for the obliteration of our culture creating a very immoral society. We cannot say all are bad, simply for the likes of Finkelstein and Makow to name but two who see what's really going on.


Harry J said...

Alright H, I wondered where you'd got to.

I think there's little doubt that Hitler was controlled, the question is by whom? You won't be surprised to learn that in my humble opinion the evidence points directly to Rome (links below). As I've said before, there can be little doubt that there a considerable number of 'Jews' who are indeed involved in the 'agenda'. At the highest levels these are occultists and/or kabbalists being either, (Babylonian) Talmudic or Sabbatean Jews. As such, the evidence points to them being subservient to the present day 'High Priest of the Mysteries', the Pontifex Maximus, the Pope himself.

At present I'm ploughing through Walter Veith's lectures, many of which deal with Rome's involvement with the NWO and the secret society networks. There's a tremendous amount of information that clearly reveals that the Vatican hierarchy are the present day inheritors of the Babylonian system. One thing's for sure, it's not truly Christian. Veith made the observation that one of the motives behind World War 2 was the continuing counter-reformation against Protestantism. In the case of Germany it was the largely Protestant areas that were bombed. In addition the Protestant areas of East Germany were completely subjected by Communism.

I know that many people have sent Henry Makow lots of information about the Vatican's involvement in the NWO and yet he still fails to acknowledge this. The best we get from Makow and others who focus solely on the Jews, is that the Vatican has been 'infiltrated' by either 'crypto-Jews' or the 'Illuminati' that is in turn controlled by Jews. The evidence for this is weak at best and the research of Veith and many others clearly proves that the Roman church was thinly veiled occult paganism from the outset.

As regards the Jews and WW2 I suspect the general idea was to encourage those reluctant European Jews, through fear, into emigrating to Israel. It's here where things get a bit sticky for me. It seems that this was an important element of prophecy (Revelation, Daniel etc) in the Bible. So why were the occult 'elite' eager to ensure this happened? It's a question I'm keen to answer. The 'Jews' are seemingly destined to play an important role in the 'end times' but it remains to be seen exactly what that is. In considering this question it's clear that it's impossible to generalise about the Jewish people. The vast majority are as controlled and manipulated as we here in Britain are.

Although both Communism and Nazism were funded by the European and American banking cartels I suspect it may be a stretch to say they were controlled by London. It may well be that agents of the Vatican in London played a role but I would imagine the shots were called from Rome.

On a final note, when considering Hitler I think his links with occultism have to be taken into account. He was a member of several secret societies, notably the Thule society. Herein lies the link between them all. It was the occult hierarchy that was behind both World Wars and every bit of evidence I've seen indicates that the controlling 'High Priest' is the Pope.

PS the difference between those who point at Rome and those who say it's all down to the Jews is this. The former acknowledges the role of the Talmudic, Sabbatean, Masonic Jews although they suggest they are subservient to Rome. The latter largely ignore or downplay the role of the Vatican. It's for this reason I view the latter with some suspicion.

A few primers.

Anonymous said...

Hi RH,

Thanks for the reply. I've been posting here and there, mostly on the Daily Telegraph comment section, trying to get the message out, facing the usual ridicule, but happy to know that there are people reading and recommending. Like you too, I'm going through another transitionary period as well. It does seem pointless exposing the NWO, so instead I'm going further back and trying to help people join the dots to see the bigger picture. Once people realise that every major event in the 18th, 19th and 20th century (very possibly long before also) was pre planned and carried out to the detriment of the populous, they may get angry and start to act on it. It's a hope.

I'm not surprised to hear you say that Hitler was possibly controlled by Rome for when one looks back through Jewry, they'll find it was the Roman Catholic church that gave Judaism the freedom to promote their hated usury. However, we must also realise as well the the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) was merely the continuation of the Holy Roman Empire and that was nothing but the continuing rule of Emperors, disguised as popes.

Interesting about Veith and the bombing of Germany's protestant areas. And yes, the RCC has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity. Then again, we know that the overwhelming religon of the UK is Christian protestantism, with the Queen the head of the Anglican Church. We also know that the Queen is the most powerful woman in the world and the largest landowner, so we also have to look at royalty's influence on the big picture. Then again, we do know that the Queen signed the Jesuit Blood Oath which ties her directly to the pope above all else.

Regarding Makow, I think you're being a bit harsh on the fellow. He doesn't go on about Jews, but certainly writes of their involvement in the bigger swing of things. Remember, that Makow himself is also Jewish and does a great deal to expose much treachery within Judaism, more importantly Zionism. Of course, where he really excels is his attack on the MSM promotion of feminism, homosexuality and racism, three key strategies of the Frankfurt School of Marxists.

Regarding the Jews, it is clear to all who research that the persecution of the European Jews was condoned by the Rothschild and other elite Jews (Zionists). Hitler offered to have them removed to Israel, but Rothschild and his fellows refused this. Stalin offered to take them to Birobidjan, but again this was refused by the elite Jewry. The persecution of the Jews was a clear strategy in order to promote Israel and condone any crimes Israelis may commit in the future. It was also a useful strategy to bring in the debate destroying words of anti semite and nazi, when trying to destroy viewpoints that badly need to be.


Anonymous said...

We cannot question the holocaust which in itself shows a great problem. We also see that Jews to this day continue on as they have in the past, being agent provocateurs within their various groups, whether it's promoting multiculturalism, feminism, anti white racism, homosexuality and obliteration of the overall white western homelands and the white people themselves. This simply cannot be ignored.
As for your question and biblical prophecy, you know that holding Jerusalem by the Zionists, really has nothing to do with Biblical prophecy, for many Jews polarly oppose the state of Israel. If anything, the occupation of the west bank and Palestine, seems more involved with the occult, than the bible.
I will agree that many Jews are manipulated in the west, especially the anti Zionist ones, but the promotion of Israel seems to be growing.

As for London controlling the situation, when you go into the Tavistock Institute, the RIIA etc etc, one can see the overwhelming power that they had. Is the Queen just a puppet? Is she controlled by the Rothschilds, or are they controlled by the Queen? The thing is we don't know do we?
The pope's history in the Hitler youth is also very interesting indeed and the fact he's the pope even more so, certainly recruited a long time ago to be in the position he's in today.

Finally, as for your difference between what those who point to Rome and those to the Jews is that I acknowledge both as you know. However, my situation is thus that we see the situation beginning to happen yet again where Jews are beginning to control very much of society. Hollywood, the music industry, banking, law and order, goes on and on and one can see clearly that Jews are yet again beginning to dominate all of these fields. The nobel peace prize reads as a barmitzvah guest list for a start. I also read an interesting article the other day by Israel Shamir - called the Hellenizing Jew. I've read many articles from Jews and non Jews who warn society that Zionism will destroy the west and again Harry, I can't but help notice that the very people pulling the strings high up, especially in the USA are Jews.

There's no doubt in my mind that Rome is involved. There's no doubt in my mind that it's about occultism, but regardless, we have Zionist zealots who loathe Christianity and look to destroy the west in every way possible. The destructors of our society have come in various guises, from Freud, to the feminazis, homosexual promotion, multicultural obliteration...all have one thing in common Harry and I think you know what the answer is there. Also, when you have the likes of Alex Jones, who completely distances himself from Zionism and Judaism, you begin to realise that he's very much spreading disinfo.


Harry J said...

Alright H, don't think me rude if I don't respond for a day or two. I've got three separate articles on the go as well as several emails I have to reply to. I'm all typed out at the moment.



Harry J said...

Alrght H, I did realise that the RCC was a continuation of the Roman Empire. Veith explains how when Rome fell the vacant post of the 'High Priest of the (Babylonian) Mysteries' passed to the Bishop of Rome who in turn became the Pope.

My understanding is that the continuing levels of mass immigration we're witnessing is, in some respects, a continuation of the Jesuit (Catholic) counter reformation. That is the destruction of Protestant Christianity.

The Queen is a Dame of Malta, the sovereign head of the Knights of Malta in Great Britain. As such she's clearly subservient to the Pope. That's not to say she's not a very powerful player in the grand scheme of things.

I like Makow and I still check his site regularly. My only gripe is that he claims that the pinnacle of control in the NWO is a Jewish/Masonic/British (and American) aristocratic/banking elite. I've no doubt this element plays an important role but to fail to, at least, mention Rome is curious to say the least.

I won't pretend to fully understand the role of the Jews in all this. In much the same way that the Islamic religion encourages (mandates?) the supremacist thinking of many muslims, so do many of the various strands of Judaism. Yet both appear to be ultimately controlled by the Satanic/Luciferian elite and as such serve their interests. As I said ordinary Jews are just as subjected to a barrage of brainwashing and mind control as we here in Britain and the West are. Unravelling all that is no easy task.

If we take the assumption that it's the Babylonian system they all serve and that the High Priest of that system is the Pope (although he's likely to be a figurehead with other factions around him wielding the power) then the Rothschilds and the Queen are below him in the pecking order. My best guess is that the Queen's position, as dictated by her bloodline, would place her well above the Rothschilds, however powerful they may appear.

I tend to view things this way. Both Rome and a considerable number of Jews (possibly 'those who say they are Jews but are not') are involved in all this and we need to be wary of both. We can find out once and for all who calls the shots when we've dealt with them. The big question is, how do we do that?



Anonymous said...

The Protocols are real,the Talmudics are the real power(jews/khazars)just follow the money!Yes Rome is playing a part why else a pagan obelisk in the Vatican? A major symbol of this Babylonian "thing"Go to various religious sites/churches full of esoteric symbols.No sorry dont buy Rome is the epicentre but a player yes.Our royal family like most European aristocracy has been impregnated by Talmudics that should give one clue.Depopulation is another important factor of the greatscheme when did Rome promote that one.Sorry I've looked at people like Phelps and I dont buy it.
Too many good researchers have made the case against the "chosen ones".

Harry J said...

I tried your link Anon but it didn't work. I obviously disagree with you but as long as we keep a watchful eye on all the main 'players' then that's fine. That includes the 'Talmudists', Rome and the 'blood line' Royals and aristocrats. As for Phelps I have my suspicions about him but I'll refrain from saying anything at the moment.

Anonymous said...

RH. Thanks for the reply.A couple of things i'd like to add, firstly I called it a "Babylonian thing" my feeling is it really goes back deeper than that perhaps further than Atlantis (I'm only early into my research) also of course Lucifer is the one at the top of the pyramid. For me Genesis holds many answers, it really is down to whether you believe the creator holds supremacy or whether men can become gods (under Lucifer of course)
I would be interested for thoughts and any possible links.

Harry J said...

I'd have to say the same Anon, that I'm also early in my research. It seems that Babylon was the first great empire after the flood. Prior to that is something of a mystery but it seems likely that it involved a civilisation that included Atlantis.

I'm always loathe to say too much until I feel at least reasonably sure about something. That said, Genesis is very important and if this is a battle between good and evil then that is surely where it manifested itself on this planet.

My thoughts on this are very much work in progress. It seems to me that the Creator must hold ultimate supremacy although from my understanding he gave dominion of this planet to mankind. That dominion was then usurped in the Garden of Eden. Since then Satan/Lucifer has held sway. I cannot see how men could become gods. By definition there can be only one creator, or God and we cannot know for sure what His plan for us is. It seems to me that the idea that we could all become gods (bin men, premier league footballers, page 3 models etc) seems to me to be yet more Luciferian/Satanic deception. Read the small print carefully and you'll notice that this idea is propagated by, amongst others, ascended masters who are 'further along the path'. In other words, do what we say and one day you too could be just like us. Some gods, it seems, are more equal than others. The whole 'we can all become gods' thing seems to be just one more attempt to undermine the true God and deceive us all.

I tend to read a lot of stuff, bookmark it, then use it for reference. Any writing I do then involves rereading articles as I put the the one I'm doing together. As such I've got a lot of links to various things but nothing I'd feel completely comfortable about giving you until I'd read them again. In an ideal world I'd be more prolific but writing doesn't come easy to me and takes a lot longer than I wish it did.

Good luck in your research and if you discover anything of interest then send me an email. I'm always keen to learn.

Truthdefender said...

Interesting site. I thought that I was well researched but it seems I have over looked certain areas. Well maybe not so much overlooked them as saw through them. Therefore I wouldn't dare try and take anon to task on hos obvious distaste for the Jewish people. You have accepted the enemy that was conveniently provided for you. The god of this earth has hated the Hebrews from the beginning; s it so surprising that they would be the intstruments of his final deception upon humanity? But be wary my brothers, the Remnant are still very close to The Almighty's heart. Very much of the final days on this earth are about their redemption. Christ grieved over them at His Triumphal entry. He will not forget them at/before His return. I'm sure you've heard it said "--one day is as a thousand years.."

Hosea 6:2
New King James Version (NKJV)

2 After two days He will revive us;
On the third day He will raise us up,
That we may live in His sight.

This concerns the imposed blindness upon the Jews. Those 2 days (2000 years) are nearly up. Harry, keep fighting the fight. Live for Christ, spread the Truth, build up for yourself those treasures in Heaven. God bless.

Harry J said...

Thanks Truthdefender.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

I am surprised there is no mention of the split that came with my denunciation of EJP's jesuitical racism:

Harry J said...

Hi Douglas, are you sure this comment is in the right post?

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