Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Short Break (And A Few Links)

I haven't posted for a while for several reasons but mainly because I'm going through a period of reflection at the moment. Continually exposing the New World Order seems pointless as there are countless sites doing that. Besides it's become clear to me that the 'exposure' of the New World Order is an element of the 'grand plan'. I'm sure I'll get the urge to begin posting again soon but until then I'll post a few links to some of the things I've been reading and watching over the last month or so.

I came across a series of videos by a young Scottish Christian that seeks to 'explore the New World Order from a Biblical perspective'. I've found it very enlightening and generally very good. I have two small gripes. They are that he seems to generalise and be overly sympathetic towards the Jews. What I mean by this is that he doesn't seem to acknowledge the role of Talmudic and Kabbalistic Jews in the New World Order. He's also more than a little fuzzy on issues surrounding banking and finance but to be fair he does mention that he's weak in this area.

One thing that I'm noticing more and more is that many so called 'truth seekers' are anything but. It seems to me that those who truly wish to understand fully should endeavour to follow the path wherever it leads. They should also attempt to access a broad a range of information as possible so as to gain greater insight into the bigger picture. Too many seem to have discovered David Icke, or some other truth guru, and just stayed there.

There is no doubt in my mind that the New World Order is primarily a spiritual enterprise. As such a deeper understanding of things from a Christian perspective is, I think, essential, even if you don't consider yourself to be a Christian. It's for that reason I'd like to recommend these videos. Both Christians and non-Christians should benefit from the information in them.

I'd also recommend this piece by blogger James Higham entitled 'The World Core Curriculum and Your Children'. James has his own blog, 'Nourishing Obscurity' but he has also been instrumental in setting up the multi-author blog 'The Orphans of Liberty' where this article was posted. James only occasionally deals with issues surrounding the New World Order but when he does it's done articulately and intelligently which makes it well worth reading.

Another good video is the one below entitled 'The New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement'. It covers similar ground to other videos I've previously posted but also contains plenty of new information, particularly on the Lucis Trust and affiliated organisations.

Finally here's another short video that explains in some way the reason why I'm in a period of reflection at the moment. I've been spending some time looking critically at a number of 'leaders' of the 'truth movement' in the UK and I've become more than a little suspicious of a number of them. That said it's incredibly difficult to now whether someone is being wilfully and consciously deceptive or they are just ill informed and naive. I may post some more on this sometime soon.

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Have a look at esoteric Christianity from the point of view of Ouspenky: The Fourth Way is possibly his best book to read first of all. To apply the early chapters might convince you he is right in what he is claiming. The teaching of this school has to be applied, to be verified.

AdamS said...

"it's incredibly difficult to now whether someone is being wilfully and consciously deceptive or they are just ill informed and naive."

Or they're just taking cover where they can. If one person came forward and tried to give the full picture, whatever that is, they're too easy to cap. A thousand people each with a contribution of partial truth make it more of a whack-a-mole game, very difficult to suppress with the limited covert resources TPTB can deploy.

I love it when some truther figurehead, and most of them do it from time to time, accidentally or deliberately go off script. (Actually not just truthers, thinking of Limbaugh's famous Mars broadcast now - not saying what he said was true btw.) eg Alex Jones occasionally admits the power of the zionists in a subtle way then moves on like nothing happened.

The price of this is that there's an unpleasant amount of BS for everyone to wade through in order to reassemble the puzzle.

Harry J said...

Thanks remf, I may do. I have read some Ouspensky before and some Gurdjieff. It may well be worth reading them again with the additional perspective I've gained over the years since.

Adam, I can see what you're saying but I can't help feeling that you may well be giving credit that probably isn't due where some researchers are concerned. I'd include Alex Jones in that. Of course the elephant in his room is the Vatican and associated organisations including the Jesuits.

As I said it seems clear to me that 'exposing' the New World Order is part of the agenda. It's the stuff they mix in with it and the bits they leave out that is the problem. First and foremost this is a psychological war and I'm only just beginning to fully appreciate the scale and scope of it. I'l try and expand on this when my enthusiasm eventually returns.

Anonymous said...

It's Saturday night and things are a bit slow, just came across this...LaRouche PAC


"What is being proposed here expressis verbis, is a "great transformation" in production, consumption patterns, and lifestyles, a change as radical as in the previous two fundamental transformations in world history. These are the transformation from hunting and gathering societies to the invention and spread of agriculture and animal husbandry, the so-called "Neolithic Revolution," and the "Industrial Revolution," meaning the transition from agrarian to industrial society—only this time, the transformation would go backwards, to a "climate-friendly and sustainable world economic order." And that means energy-flux densities, which, although the authors naturally don't say so, mean a return to the population potential of pre-industrial society, or about 2 billion people. For if the developing and so-called emerging countries submit to this eco-dictatorship, the death rate will know no bounds."

Lengthy'ish article.


Anonymous said...

Following above by LaRouche - Helga Zepp LaRouche. Is there a connection here?

The Historical Roots of Green Fascism
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche


Anonymous said...

Sorry! link to The Historical Roots of Green Fascism
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche Pt 1 also leading to pt 2


Harry J said...

Alright Bill, thanks for dropping by. Helga is Lyndon's wife. I'm not too sure what to make of Lyndon LaRouche. I can't help feeling there's more to him than meets the eye but I haven't studied him in enough depth to make a firm conclusion.

There's much of what he says in the article that seems all too true. Yet he claims that the source of all evil is what he calls the 'British Empire'. There's no doubt that Britain and more specifically the City of London, is an important centre, but I'm not convinced it's the apex of the controlling pyramid. He downplays the role of the Vatican which both historically and presently is undoubtedly as important if not more so.

There are many critics of LaRouche and his organisation has been labelled a cult. It certainly seems more than a little suspect. Here's just one example from a site called LaRouche Watch.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your informative LaRouche link, the student and the French connection, amazing what naive youth will submit to. LaRouche's activities and influence sure do have an extensive reach.

LaRouche is obviously a very intelligent and experienced politician with an ego to match. I treat him with the same skepticism as all others.

Disinformation is the buzzword of the moment, it pervades the whole spectrum of modern life, political, media, advertising, business, Internet the whole gamut. Trying to negotiate this minefield has just become another hazard in our lives.

I've been looking for a suitable starting place to find out a bit more of your side of the NWO story, ie the Spiritual, religious aspect. I get the impression this element of the NWO doesn't attract the volume of adherents as the other. I dunno, maybe it's just me and my focussing on the political, social, economic side of the NWO coin.

Do you think the dawning of a New Age is as good a place to start as any?

We are faced with an ideology (postmodern liberalism) whose whole philosophy is whatever it takes, the end justifies the means. Blair was the poster boy, he told us straight, he was going to destroy us. Same as Clegg said, "I'm going to change Britain for ever."

The screw is tightening by the day. Here's a comment from today's Telegraph 10th May 2011 from a piece by Ed West 'Can state-worship now be classified as a religion? It’s certainly faith-based'

danoconnor comments....

"Liberals believe that racial egalitarianism must be complemented with ideological egalitarianism but only if that ideology is non-White /non-Western .
They really do have it in for their own culture .
The entire ideological opposition to the Left has been manacled and imprisoned by one word " Racism " .

" The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants "
Albert Camus .

The liberal progressive Left is now the establishment .
If the Left have to sacrifice our individual liberty to feel good about themselves they will because they did .
Liberalism is the absence of moral values . Therefore the truly moral conscience is the enemy of the state .
The dangerous thing about the Left is not that they can convince us of anything , but that they can convince themselves of anything .
Hate -speech laws are a direct assault on Political Speech .
They are legal enforcement of Political Correctness via the Criminal Justice system .
The third world , by virtue of their racial and cultural " otherness "
are seen as intrinsically virtuous .
It is an inverted racism and nauseating .
As it is now , the entire western conservative caste are simply a variant of Left liberals. The sham that there exists an alternative resistance or view point."

BTW, I've lost a good 4 hours of comment to the ether before this post, a bit miffed, you know the feeling. (LOL)

It'll have to wait for another time.


Harry J said...

Bill, I've lost things I've written more than I care to mention. There's little so frustrating.

That comment by 'danoconnor' is on the mark. The thing is though, the elite will play both sides of the (false) political spectrum in order to further their agenda. I have felt for a long time though that the, so called left liberals are perhaps manipulated to a greater degree if for no other reason than much of the agenda is pursued through that channel.

Your half right in your assessment that the spiritual side of the agenda doesn't attract as much interest. What I mean by that is there is an intense amount of pseudo spiritual, New Age type deception at work. The best videos that explain this are largely from a Christian perspective. That's no bad thing in itself but I though it was worth mentioning. The thing is the conclusions I've reached are the result of watching scores of videos. It's only through doing that, that a clearer picture begins to emerge. The first two videos above are worth watching as is David Icke Debuked and another one called Aquarius, the Age of Evil.

The article below was a short piece on the occult nature of the UN.

Here's another one on occult symbolism and the ruling classes.

The above should be an introduction of sorts, enough to make you realise that this is more than just a political agenda.

Most of the people writing articles and producing videos on these things rarely mention the subjects of mass immigration or multiculturalism but it soon becomes clear that these things have to be seen through the context of both the political and spiritual subjugation of the whole of humanity. I'm writing an article at the moment where I'm attempting to collect my personal thoughts on all this. Hopefully I'll finish soon. I doubt it will have any effect at those on MR though.

One thing you soon realise when you dig deep enough is that many 'leaders' of the 'truth movement' are controlled to varying degrees. In much the same way that Nick griffin is controlled. I've no doubt that there will be a significant number of commenters on MR whose job it is to steer that site away from any meaningful conclusions. It just means we have to work that much harder. I hope to explain more in the article.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Harry,
I like that you are taking time to reflect. It shows that you care whether what you say is true and what the consequences are. I approve of careful people.
If you lived in my city, I would sew something for you.
Lavender Luck

Harry J said...

Thanks Lavender.

James Higham said...

Write when you feel you have something to write, Harry.

Anonymous said...


Early days I know, but the spiritual religious content of the NWO looks to be principally an amalgam of postmodern liberalism and Eco fascism.

"The final movement of liberalism is new-age-liberalism, and it takes egalitarian-liberalism to the next level".... Egalitarian-liberalism is only concerned with humans being underprivileged compared to other humans. New-age liberalism concerns itself with humans being privileged over non-humans. New-age-liberalism champions the rights of animals over humans (and thus promoted vegetarianism), plants over humans (thus is against chopping down forests to make way for development), the atmosphere over humans (thus against global warming), and indigenous cultures (not an issue of underprivileged humans, but rather the unnatural culture of modern humanity vs. the purity of pre-civilized culture). New-age-liberals are against obesity because fat people are eating excess animals and plants, thus causing unnecessary harm to non-humans."

Read all


Anonymous said...


LaRouche again. I know, I know.

"May 13, 2011 (EIRNS)—The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) yesterday released a program for genocide over the next 40 years which could achieve Prince Philip's and Hans Joachim Schellnhuber's prescriptions for reducing the global population to less than 2 billion people.

"Called "Humanity can and must do more with less," the document coincides with two grand conferences to brainwash world leaders on the necessity of mass murder. These include the "UN Commission on Sustainable Development," 19th session, in New York, being held from May 2-13, and the Fourth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries on May 9-13, in Turkey."

"The UNEP, a major player in both conferences, argues in the paper that the problem facing the world is the "growth of both population and prosperity," which together are using up resources "far beyond what is likely sustainable," using the usual lies about "finite world resources" and "planetary boundaries."

The paper explains that the average person today consumes annually 10 tons of "minerals, ores, fossil fuels and biomass," with 16 tons per capita in the developed world and 4 tons in the poorer nations. At this rate the world will "exceed all possible measures of available resources" before 2050."

The imposed austerity cuts imposed by the IMF (PIGs) and the self inflicted variety by Cameron, are signs of things to come.


Harry J said...


From what I can discern of the spiritual dimension of the New World Order it will involve the 'coming together' of the religions of the world around their 'common roots'. This ecumenism is being led by the Pope and the Vatican. These common roots are essentially Babylonian (and that includes the Catholic church) but that's another, long story. They will obviously include the Eastern religions which are most easily identified with 'New Age' type beliefs. An important element of all this will be what has been described by some as 'earth centred beliefs'. Gaia/goddess worship is an example and is one of the ways the New Age types will be induced into the fold. Of course this is a difficult subject to fully comprehend beyond the basics but it seems that the 'elites' want to reduce the living standards of the West (see Agenda 21 material) and the sort of thing described in the article is to be given a spiritual imperative by the New World Order/New Age religious system.

What LaRouche discusses is also, apparently, another 'elite' goal. That is the reduction of the world's population. There's plenty of evidence out there to support this hypothesis. It's a difficult one to fully understand. Those who say we don't need to reduce the population, or to at least stabilise it, argue that the world could easily support a larger population. These arguments are mainly based on the world's ability to feed a larger population. What they miss is what is mentioned in the article, that is minerals, ores etc that go some way to enabling us, here in the West, to have the lifestyles we are accustomed to. In a world free from the 'elite' and their machinations we would likely see the rest of the world to also desire improved standards of living and why not?

My thoughts are that we could most probably be able to do this without the catastrophic destruction of the world's resources that They envisage and scare and manipulate us with. Things could be manufactured and designed for much longer life spans and recycling and with creative use of materials. In short, I'm sure we could use our imaginations and still manage to improve ours and others lives and living standards.

The arguments used by the 'elites' are merely control by fear. Essentially, it's They that are the problem and always has been. That said I still think that it would be sensible for the world to at least stabilise in terms of population but certainly not on the terms and for the reasons They proffer.

Population growth is overwhelmingly a problem of developing countries and emigrants from those countries into the developed world. It's worth remembering that probably the best way for reducing populations is for those peoples to become highly educated but that's the very last thing the real controllers of this planet desire.

There's a few clues to the bigger picture in these two, short, videos.

Anonymous said...

Harry. Thanks for that. (Most concise)

I think we’re pretty well on the same page Harry, it is when I am confronted and required deal with references and quotes from the Bible that I begin to struggle. I have difficulty in processing things transcendental that require thinking and imagination outside of my comfort zone.

You refer to the Vatican, Catholic, Babylonian syndrome which is territory almost unknown to me, you say it’s a long story implying it’s an important integral part of the plot. BTW, thanks for the videos, they were most helpful, it explains a lot why our Archbishop is behaving in the way he is. During my journey of enquiry into the NWO per se, I cannot ever recall any reference to an accompanying new age or new religion, strange that there should be no mention, was this deliberate do you think?

My take on the final path toward a NWO goes something like this. Toward the end of the 20th century, philosophers and opinion formers got their heads together and after much enquiry concluded that mankind had lost its way and civilisation’s progress had come to a screeching halt, modernity had failed to lead man to the sunlit uplands. – There must be a better way. The problem it seemed was the white man and his religion, Christianity.

Now we come to the interesting bit. Unbeknown to me, I now find there is/was a parallel formation bent on forming a NWO of a spiritual kind, namely a new religion, a religion for a new age.

At this point my mind goes back to the ‘60’s, when instant international transmission of television by satellite was in its infancy. Transmission periods were of necessity brief due to the satellite’s position in orbit. Prior to television, we had to access international news and events via cinema newsreels, which could take several days to reach its audience, naturally, international transmission of television was a great improvement and the wonder of the age.

In the early ‘60’s I can well remember seeing (all too brief footage in black and white) almost instant accounts of life in America, sort of quirky news of interest. It was the time of the beginning of the culture war and the emerging phenomena of the Hippie movement and flower power - make love not war. Like political correctness we thought it was hilarious, little did I know that what I was watching was the emergence of the dawning of a new age, something called the Age of Aquarius.

The origins of the New Age I would like to take up some other time.

Meanwhile Here’s something interesting I came across over the weekend.

‘Cameron’s price for saving his coalition: The destruction of Britain.’ James Delingpole.


Harry J said...


It is a long story but I'll attempt a brief synopsis of how I view things, gleaned from the research I've done so far.

The true ruling powers of this world have always followed (and still do) a spiritual or esoteric belief system steeped in the occult. This occultism has it source in the ancient city of Babylon (in what is now modern day Iraq - perhaps a clue to a deeper reason for the war there). This occultism involves, amongst other things, sun worship, that is the worship of Lucifer. Lucifer and Satan are, it seems, synonymous. It was the spiritual power of the rulers of the Babylonian Empire that gave rise to their temporal power. This power was derived form Lucifer. This is essentially true even today. It was the Babylonian king Nimrod who attempted to build the Tower of Babel from where he would rule as the sun god (as a proxy for Lucifer) over a united humanity. As we can see from the evidence of the EU parliament in Strasbourg (built as a modem day Tower of Babel) and the EU poster that symbolised the EU as a contemporary Tower of Babel this is what is apparently being attempted today.

As power shifted from one Empire to the next so did the location of the 'High Priest of the Mysteries'. It eventually resided in Rome with its Emperors having both spiritual and temporal power. When Rome fell this power shifted to the pope who retains it to this day.

This may, at first, seem a little far fetched but there's much evidence to back this up. The prevailing view is that Pagan Rome was Christianised when in fact the reverse was true. Rome took the true teachings of the Bible (in the spirit of if you can't beat them join them) and paganised them. The best example would be the celebrating of Jesus' birthday on December 25th (which it most certainly wasn't) which was in fact the Pagan festival of Saturnalia as well as the the traditional date for followers of many different Pagan religions that celebrated the rebirth of the sun following the winter solstice.

Babylon is seen as the source of all occultism and is the root of Luciferian sun worship. There are many symbols of this sun worship, one of which is the obelisk, seen in all major cities as well as slap bang in the middle of St. Peter's square in the Vatican (on a sun dial). The all seeing eye in the triangle (see the American dollar bill) is another very common. One other interesting symbol can be seen above the door of 10 Downing street. A masonic rising sun with seven rays (another occult symbol).

Evidence for the occult, pagan and ultimately Luciferian, nature of the Catholic church is overwhelming. All roads still lead to Rome. The EU is the new, revived, Holy Roman Empire.

I'm afraid the New World Order has been a very long time in planning. In masonic language it is the Great Work, that is the uniting of humanity (the brotherhood of man is the touchy feely way they describe it) under the worship of Lucifer. You have to remember the conceit is that Lucifer is the good guy. Something easily disproved when history is viewed correctly and when the methods and motives are fully understood. Even as relatively recently as H. G. Wells we see reference to a New World Order. Wells was an insider, Mason and Fabian who knew much about the secret agenda.

Harry J said...

Note: Many Fabians were also occultists with perhaps the best example being Annie Besant, the second head of the Theosophists (see below). Freemason Blair and Brown are two modern day examples.

We can then look at the occultism of Helena Balavatsky as another important dimension to current events. She was a Luciferian and Satanist (again, he's supposedly the good guy) and has been very influential on the New Age movement as well as in particular the UN. She founded the Theosophical society whose third head was Alice A. Bailey, another influential Lucferian along with her 32nd degree freemason husband Foster. Blavatsky has been called the mother of the New Age movement. Remember the father was said to be the Catholic Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. If you want to research one of the more powerful players in current world events take a good look at the Jesuits and their leader the Black Pope.

A few words on Christianity. Whenever it is disparaged it is often due to its association with the Catholic church. This is not true Christianity, by which I mean the words and teachings of Jesus and indeed the Bible itself. A close look at the Protestant Reformation will find that most of its leaders identified the Pope and the Catholic church as the 'Mystery Babylon' of the Bible. The Protestant schism has now been largely nullified and taken back under the wing of the Vatican (Babylonian hierarchy).

There has been a tremendous effort to ridicule, subvert and undermine Jesus and the Bible throughout much of the, so called, 'truth movement' as well as throughout much of society in recent times. If nothing else Jesus was a rebel against the very Babylonian system that is the source of all the world's ills to this day. I can't say much more on this because I'm still in the process of attempting to understand it all myself. All I can is that my research so far has compelled me to gain a fuller understanding of Jesus and the Bible and the more I look the more I realise why he is their greatest enemy. The Luciferian rebellion was against God and much of what we see in this world is evidence of this. Destruction of nation, family, truth, justice and even beauty can be clearly seen. Let's not also forget the promotion of the theory (and not a very good one) of evolution. This is important to the Luciferian elite because it refutes God and allows mankind to be seen as merely an animal that can be herded and 'managed' rather than a divine creation.

I'll add a few links to videos that may be helpful. The 'Know Your Enemy' ones are good but he makes a crucial omission. That is he makes no mention of the Talmudic Jews. He sees the Jews as being persecuted and he's perhaps half right in the sense that ordinary Jews have been to a large degree. However some of their main persecutors have been the Jewish followers of the Talmud. Remember the source of the Talmud is Babylon, that's why it's called the Babylonian Talmud. Many of those on the 'right' who rail against 'the Jews' fail to distinguish between those who follow the Talmud and those who follow the Torah. If you think the Koran is bad then you haven't read the Talmud. One thing they don't hold back on is their utter hatred for Jesus. I have to say there's nothing in his words and teachings that warrants this whatsoever.

Harry J said...

There are plenty of dots to join in the above. As I said it couldn't be any more than a brief synopsis but I hope it helps.

The videos may have a Christian slant but it doesn't take anything away from the evidence portrayed.



I'd also recommend watching the next two in this series which deal with Islam.

Some additional reading.

Harry J said...

A couple more dots to join in terms of the New Age, freemasonry and worship of Lucifer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Harry.

You say....

"It is a long story but I'll attempt a brief synopsis of how I view things, gleaned from the research I've done so far." May 17. 1.09 AM.

Another excellent summary which must reflect the amount of time and effort involved in your quest. (How long?)

Most of what you write in your reply above is unfamiliar territory to me, not surprising really as it's as I have said before, I am not a believer. Having said that though, I do believe in a tolerant moral code of conduct in my everyday life, which I endeavour to adhere to.

Of course, all of what I stand for has been cynically stood on its head, the result of which we're all talking about - on sites such as this.

In reply to your latest, there is such a wealth of information to absorb, it would be folly to try and frame a meaningful response at this stage.

I must say though, it is fascinating stuff.

I am pursuing the links you provided. It comes as no surprise to me that I have to take a giant leap and suspend my instinctive belief system. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. (LOL)

I'm ploughing my way through the 'Know Your Enemy' series of videos, only another 40 or so to go. I do find it frustrating in trying to follow events in some sort meaningful order.

What I'm looking for is clues of how all of this is coming together, there's no doubt about it, this stuff has been coming drip, drip, slowly, slowly catchee monkey for the last 60 years. It is only with the arrival of Blair and New Labour (and conniving BBC) that the whole thing has accelerated and is out in the open. Albeit mainly confined to the Internet.

I agree with you that NWO sites have become commonplace, no doubt because of what I have just said, but there is next to nothing coming from the media about the arrival of a 'new age.'

What about you? Are you anywhere nearing the stage where you feel you have most things covered or are there still some pieces of the jigsaw that stubbornly refuse to slot in?


Anonymous said...


I thought this was interesting. 'The Aquarius Conspiracy' by EIR. It is an account of how the the Aquarius project was introduced to the youth of America and rapidly took hold.

I expect you are familiar with the story, if that is the case, then I offer it to those who are not.

....."The next leap in Britain's Aquarian Conspiracy against the United States was the May 1974 report that provided the basis for Ferguson's work. The report is entitled "Changing Images of Man," Contract Number URH (489~2150, Policy Research Report No. 414.74, prepared by the Stanford Research Institute Center for the Study of Social Policy, Willis Harman, director."

"The aim of the study, the authors state, is to change the image of mankind from that of industrial progress to one of "spiritualism." The study asserts that in our present society, the "image of industrial and technological man" is obsolete and must be "discarded": "Many of our present images appear to have become dangerously obsolete, however . . . Science, technology, and economics have made possible really significant strides toward achieving such basic human goals as physical safety and security, material comfort and better health. But many of these successes have brought with them problems of being too successful -- problems that themselves seem insoluble within the set of societal value-premises that led to their emergence . . . Our highly developed system of technology leads to higher vulnerability and breakdowns. Indeed the range and interconnected impact of societal problems that are now emerging pose a serious threat to our civilization . . . If our predictions of the future prove correct, we can expect the association problems of the trend to become more serious, more universal and to occur more rapidly."

"Therefore, SRI concludes, we must change the industrial-technological image of man fast: "Analysis of the nature of contemporary societal problems leads to the conclusion that . . . the images of man that dominated the last two centuries will be inadequate for the post-industrial era."

"Since the writing of the Harman report, one President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, reported sighting UFOs, his National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski made speeches proclaiming the advent of the New Age, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff every morning read so-called intelligence reports on the biorhythms and horoscopes of the members of the Soviet Politburo. The House of Representatives established a new congressional committee, called the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future, where the likes of Ferguson have come to lecture up to a hundred congressmen.25

"What began as Britain's creation of the counterculture to open the market for its dope has come a long way...."

Full story.


PS. There are several sites carrying this story, I chose this version as I think it is more reader friendly than the EIR version.

Harry J said...


I've been looking into all this for several years now. There comes a point when you realise the seriousness of it all and that tends to act as a spur. One of the main drivers for me was attempting to find the real reasons behind such things as mass immigration and multiculturalism. They weren't the only things, not by a long way, but they were the most overt signs that something wasn't right.

You seem to be in a similar position to me when I first started looking into the 'spiritual' side of things. I wasn't a believer either but I have to say I have changed my mind about quite a few things since I began all this and I've developed a much greater respect for and interest in, Christianity. I do distinguish between the organised religions and what I see as the true teachings of the Bible. I suspect the tolerant moral code you speak of is rooted in the Christianity that the elites seem only too eager to denigrate and destroy.

I did post a lot of links but that was only a small sample of the many I've ploughed through in recent times. This is necessary because there's so much disinformation and differing of opinion and the bigger picture only starts to become clearer when you cross check from a variety of sources. The 'Know Your Enemy' videos are a reasonable introduction. As I said, he misses a few things out, most notably the role of the (Babylonian) Talmudic Jews in current events, but it's a start.

The acceleration wasn't necessarily down to Blair and Brown per se, but they were willing puppets of the string pullers and have played vital roles on their behalf. I suspect things appear to be accelerating because we are nearing the end game. The BBC has always been a tool of the elites but it has certainly become more sophisticated in its ability to achieve its goals (social engineering, perception management, brainwashing etc).

The mainstream media is there to, as I said, socially engineer, manage perceptions and generally programme and brainwash the population. At the moment they are happy for the New World Order/New Age thing to play itself out on the internet. The job of the mainstream media is to keep the others locked into the false reality that it represents. This could all change but if it ever does I'll treat it with a massive dose of scepticism. The media is controlled and always has been to a large degree.

I fight shy of ever considering I've got it all worked out. That said there are some things which have become self evident. The elite controllers of this planet have always been steeped in the occult. This occultism seems to be ultimately based in the worship of Lucifer and has its roots in the Babylonian Mysteries. The head of this system appears to be the Vatican but it can be also seen in many of the world's religions including the Talmudism of Orthodox Judaism. A veiled version of these Mysteries has been propagated through the New Age movement via Blavatsky's Theosophical Society. One of the most important methods of control and influence has been through the secret society networks with freemasonry and various orders such as the Knights of Malta and Knights Templar being prominent in this regard.

Harry J said...

The main enemy of these occultists is and always has been, true Christianity. This is because of many reasons but perhaps a good example is the differing way they view man himself. Evolution views man as an animal that has evolved and is therefore worthy of enslavement (survival of the fittest), subjugation and even manipulation (see the subject of transhumanism where man becomes part machine - this is even touched on in the NWO psy-ops Zeitgeist films). The Christian view is that man is a divine, created being, made in the image of God  as a spiritually equal and sovereign individual. Of course there's much more to it than that but the point is that this appears to be a spiritual war and the targets are true, Bible believing Christians. If, as it seems, they really do worship Lucifer we need only refer to the Bible to discover his true nature and perhaps the true nature of this battle that can't be viewed as anything other than between good and evil. Whatever their claims as to Lucifer being the good guy we need only take note of the lies, deception, manipulation and much more done on his behalf to know this is far from the case. Both the aims of the Luciferian elite and the methods used to pursue them are ample evidence that he and they are every bit as evil as the Bible tells us they are.

Alice A. Bailey spoke of the New World Order only being possible after a major cataclysm. It seems to me that they are manipulating a clash of civilisations (and religions) out of which the clamour for peace will result in a coming together and unifying of all the religions where all recognise their common roots. Nation states and differing religious systems will be seen as the cause for these clashes (Rather than the manipulations of the elites themselves) and therefore a problem to be solved). Although it's unlikely this will be stated these roots are, of course, Babylon. This false unity is being prepared for by the ecumenical movement led by the Catholic church and even the claims that 'we are all one consciousness' that we see throughout the New Age movement, as well as from so called anti-NWO truth leaders such as David Icke. The whole diversity industry is also preparation for this as is the education of children as being members of the global village. If we do see the Tower of Babel as the first attempt to unite humanity with one language, religion and political system, all under the rule of one person, Nimrod, who in turn is in thrall to Lucifer, then I can only see current events as yet one more attempt at the same thing. The symbolism of many aspects of the EU tends to confirm this.

Harry J said...

We can then see that the destruction of the 'white' race as merely being the precursor to the destruction of all races and the enslavement of all, mind, body and soul ultimately to the god of the elites who is Lucifer. This seems so far out to the majority that they'll dismiss it out of hand but careful research gives all the evidence required to prove it's all too true. It seems their view of society isn't one of sovereign, equal, individuals but of 'philosopher kings' ruling over the masses. A pyramidical system with the few at the top, a managerial class below (the one Blair, Brown, Mandelson et al are clambering to be part of) and the rest of humanity below. This can be summed up by quote from that tool of the elites, Bertrand Russell, who said:

“Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.”

In your second message there was mention of the Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson (or rather by her handler Willis Harman). When reference to the British is used what is meant is the Tavistock Institute. Stanford and several other similar organisations both in America and elsewhere, all stem from there. The extent to which we are all brainwashed and 'perception managed' is simply staggering when you begin to fully comprehend it. Tavistock is said to be heavily involved in the BBC for example. Soaps such as Eastenders are but one example of their work. The broader New Age movement is another good example but of course it's on a much larger scale.

Hope this helps. It's all work in process but this is, roughly, where I am at the moment.


Anonymous said...


Our respective paths down the yellow brick road are most similar, as I suspect it is for most of those embarking on this journey. When did your radar ping to the spiritual element, was it something mega or was it a logical progression?

My awakening was partly the emergence of a whole new lexicon of language wrapped up in alarmism which had entered into our national MSM. To me, there was clearly a current of alarmism cleverly interwoven with mention of Hitler, holocaust, race; enrichment and tolerance. These were the new buzzwords that ran through the airwaves. Strangely, the subject of immigration, which was the main driver of suspicion for me, was off limits. It was clear to me that something was going down and I wanted to know what it was. But as you point out, there was a lot more to it than that. ‘Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more.’

Let me digress for a moment and warn you this post could go anywhere.… I was sat in my dentist’s chair. I winced on an intake of breath and my dentist, half smilingly said, “sorry about that.” “It was nothing” I replied. (He’s an excellent dentist) After rinsing my mouth, I casually asked him “why did nature invent pain?” Looking puzzled over his rimless spectacles he paused and vaguely replied to the effect that it must be nature’s way of telling you that something is wrong. I don’t think he had been asked the question before.

If there was a competition to design a living creature why would anyone or anything wish to inflict that creature with an instrument to register and experience pain? I suppose some would counter, if you didn’t suffer pain, how is it possible for you to experience pleasure. Which leads me to ask, what is the synthesis of pleasure and pain? Just a thought.

The Hegalian dialectic runs central to this whole discussion; it seems it is an infinite process of revolving door conciliation, ending up in a pick and mix world of uncertainty and blurred boundaries. It is the same with truth-relativism and tolerance-intolerance, good-evil. This whole project is being built on sand; the architects of which do not believe there is such a thing as human nature. At present the political denouement of this enterprise is something called liberalism. How are we of the herd supposed to make sense of it all? Where in this project is the convergence of spiritual and liberalism?

Here’s something else. I cannot get my head around why is the progressive liberal left in bed with Islam? I’m aware they are two a kind and between them they can destroy the system, but begs the question, who will be last man standing? As I progress along this route, I see the same old faces appearing and fading along the way, in essence this is an age old story with origins deeply set in the wellspring of the bible, but looks to me have been hijacked along the way by the usual suspects, or maybe they are one and the same people.


Anonymous said...

Now we come to what is for me the fuzzy area. You mention and impress of a myriad of secret societies and organisations networking down through the ages. You mention Alice Bailey, (Blavatsky) UN, Theosophy, Lucifer, Babylon, Lucis Trust and much more. I read of telepathic messages from the enlightened ones to the extent of dictating several volumes of packed ideology. The NWO spiritual element seems to be firmly rooted in the fables of the bible going back thousands of years when the known world was but a fraction of what it is today. I’m especially interested in the idea that elements of this narrative (fallen Angels) have somehow been transported to earth and are among us. I can only assume these stories are couched in a code to which I am not privy.
What gets me is, if there is a supreme God or intelligence running the show then why all this intrigue and pain, why not go route one and create the happy clappy good life for all? My take is, certain mortals have an agenda and have had for long time, and have been in no hurry, their model has varied down through time according to prevailing conditions, never passing up an opportune moment to further their goal. Along comes the age of modernism and Hey Presto! The tools to accomplish the job at last become available. We just happened to be around at the time to see the finale.

The election of New Labour in ’97 was, IMO, a planned time for a change of direction; I’d lost interest in politics around then so it wasn’t until a few years into the New Labour project I felt there was something going on. There was a surge of obvious planned chaos that seems to surround this whole venture coupled with an authoritarian media starting to tell us what to eat, how to think and conduct our lives. The almost complete absence of official reference to immigration only heightened the fear of suspicion. The events of 2001 and 9/11 became the agent for further massive change; we now had the declaration of the war on terror and its attendant draconian attack on civil liberties. I find out much later that most of the principle actors of the New Labour project were all tutored in America by the Clinton crowd in the early ‘90’s. The 1997 election was manipulated like all others; Howard was the McCain of the Conservative party. The media is an indispensable tool for shepherding the sheeple away from the truth.

Harry, it’s here, it’s arrived, and we’re already living the dream.

Have you seen Vince Cable’s piece in today’s Guardian? ‘People do not understand how bad the economy is’


Anonymous said...

How the city of London controls World power.

Harry J said...

Thanks Anon, there are several post on the blog that take a look at the City and its control and influence.

Bill, I'm a bit busy at the moment. I'll respond in a day or two if that's ok?

Anonymous said...

Harry J said...

Anon, the alarm bells rang straight away at the words Collective Evolution. No surprise then to see Icke and Maxwell were used. More psy-ops I'm afraid. Expose the obvious short comings of the present system then provide the standard 'we are all one consciousness' New Age solution. The false utopian paradigm the Luciferian elite are manipulating us into. Standard stuff I've seen presented many times before.

Be the change? Is that Obama's 'change we can believe in' or David Cameron's 'party of change'? It's all about change isn't it.

Harry J said...

Bill, I vaguely knew early on that the spiritual aspect was involved in all this then it slowly dawned on me that it was more important than I first thought. After that I realised it was the most important element and underlined everything else. I suppose it was a logical progression.

Bill I suspect much of what we see is intentionally built on sand. What I mean is that it is designed to fail. The masonic motto is 'order out of chaos'. The general chaos those with eyes to see can witness all about them will be collapsed when it suits Them. Out of this chaos will the true New World Order be built.

The support of Islam by the Liberal left speaks volumes about the capacity of the elites to manipulate and brainwash in my humble opinion. Both are being played and I suspect both will essentially be destroyed, if not radically altered.

Islam's a curious one. The perceived wisdom is that it is the catalyst for forcing 'change' on the West and that it will play a key role in the coming 'chaos'. That is if (when?) war does break out in the Middle East the repercussions will also be felt here. We shall have to see I suppose. I suspect it eventually will be an active partner in the 'coming together' of the religions lead by Rome. A process that will marginalise true Christians.

From my limited understanding so far, God created us as spiritual beings with our own free will. We were granted dominion over this planet but that has since been usurped by Lucifer and his followers. Helped it seems by the deceiving of Eve in the garden of Eden. The battle has raged ever since. I would guess that by getting too directly involved God would prevent us from learning the necessary lessons and the opportunity to 'stand on our own two feet'. It's very early days for me so far Bill. Understanding that there's a spiritual dimension is one thing, identifying elements of that agenda that are operating in the interests of the elite is another, but I'm now in the process of trying to find the true spiritual path. There's something in the message of Jesus they have always tried to suppress and now seem to be intent on destroying completely. I'm trying to find out what that is.

The pace is quickening for sure and New Labour was indeed a catalyst but the process began long before them and it will continue now that they've gone.

I think it's more like a nightmare Bill. The challenge is to turn into our dream. The good life for all.

I've long since considered Cable to be a tool of the elite. His pronouncements on the economy always avoid the fundamental problem that is the central banking model that allows private interests to create money as debt at interest, with all that follows from that.



Anonymous said...

Hello Harry,

I have spent a lot of time researching the new world order trying to remember names and dates. My mind was swimming with facts figures evidence etc.

I came to the conclusion maybe right or wrong that what we need is a alternative. A counter culture, that shows up the mainstream for what it is. Gives people something different a real alternative.

I started a blog and have started to write short little rhymes.

I believe we have to start creating something new, exposing the conspiracy is worth while, but we need to give people a new alternative.

I think Terrence Mckenna was right when he said the way to fight back was to put the art peddle to the floor. Just my feeling on the whole matter.

Good luck with whatever direction you take in the future :)

Harry J said...

Thanks Peter. I think all avenues should be explored and without doubt more creative and artistic ways of highlighting these issues would be of benefit. At the present time it's hard to see where these artists are going to come from. I live in hope though.

Love the rhymes by the way. Good luck to you too.

Anonymous said...

Harry. Thanks for your reply May 25th 2011 @ 11.47 PM

I came across this today....

I think readers may be interested in the following.

The Daily Bell Saturday 28th May 2011.

Turning Points of Empire's End?
Saturday, May 28, 2011 – by Anthony Wile

Here's a flavour in the comment section.

Posted by David_Robertson on 05/28/11 10:17 AM

"I believe you are correct in this summary. The elites have not been trying to build an economic order per se but a religious order in preparation for the anointing of the counterfeit king of kings. Of course every religious order must have laws and these laws must have an economic sphere of action. I believe the tenets of socialism of all stripes has been the economic theory of this religious hierarchy whose cynosure is what they call lucifer but in reality is the apotheosis of the carnal mind of men.

As you observed, this is in tune with the aspirations of the majority of the people on Earth which is why it has been so successful to date. This is why democracy as a political system can never give rise to the economic individualism you and others seek. The people do not want to be free in the sense of being responsible for their actions and their outcomes. They desire provision, protection and pleasure. Anyone who offers them these three things will be elected and the state thus governed will be a socialist state.

The elites are aware of this which is why they have used the socialist democratic theoretical paradigm and the concomitant central banking network, military industrial complex and welfare state to acquire and hold on to their power. No matter how apparently true may be the theories of Hayek and von Mises et al they have no possibility of ever being realised as long as the people are as they are. The only answer to this dilemma is that the people be changed, radically, in their hearts and minds. What is needed is a New Creation with a New Humanity with New Minds"....


Harry J said...

Alright Bill,

I'm not too sure about the main article. It may be true but I can't help suspecting that the current morass in Afghanistan might be a holding action until the main event begins. Who knows for sure what 'Their' grand plan is?

The comment you highlighted is very good with one proviso. When he says that the people need to be changed I think it's worth noting they already have been. The level of social engineering (mind control, brainwashing etc) that has bought us to this sorry state of affairs has been overwhelming. Stop that and something like the natural order may return.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry.

I see you paid MR a visit 5/6/2011 I couldn't comment as I am not familiar with the topic.

I see Lee Barnes panned MR for wasting too many column inches on philosophy, Heidegger, Nietzsche et al. Barnes feels time and effort could be more productive on more important matters.

GW likes his duelling, after all it is his website.

Do you think MR punches its weight?


Harry J said...

Hi Bill,

I do keep an eye on MR just as part of my general research. I like to keep an eye on what's happening from a variety of sources. I have to be honest and say I view Lee Barnes with deep suspicion. It didn't take me too long to work out that Nick Griffin was controlled to some degree so it puzzles me as to why it took Lee Barnes so long considering his close proximity to Griffin. I corresponded with someone who was a BNP councillor once and he left because it became apparent to him that Griffin was 'state'. He also discovered the masonic connections.

Barnes is now a staunch critic of Griffin but much of his criticisms were true for a long time before he left the BNP. When studying the NWO and how they operate it wouldn't surprise if Lee Barnes's resignation was purely tactical and he was still an agent of sorts. That said I have no proof so until I do I shall merely view him with a wary eye.

As for suggesting that nationalists get involved with the Hard Bass scene, words fail me. Just click on one of the links and have a listen for yourself.

I do, however, happen to agree with Barnes in that I get the impression that some of those at MR are fiddling while Rome burns. All this talk of developing some sort of philosophical response to the liberal left/mass immigration etc seems to me futile. Even if we were to take the left/right political split at face value these people are unlikely to respond to anything that the writers at MR have to say. However intelligently it's presented. The opinions that are important are those of the general public and there's little at MR they could understand or respond to.

Again, knowing how the NWO operate I wouldn't be at all surprised if it wasn't some sort of holding operation for any nationalists of an intellectual bent. Of course that's wild speculation and I've nothing to go on. That said GW did seem a bit too eager to completely dismiss any sort of occult involvement in the political machinations of the world when I mentioned it the one time. All in all my observations about MR is, could do a lot better. I'd like to see them use their obvious intelligence by writing some carefully thought out articles aimed at those with a little less education. Every little helps.

Anonymous said...


Barnes, Griffin, my sentiments also. The BNP have lost all credibility, those hierarchical members who have been around a long time are a tainted brand from which there is no escape, as for the party itself it has no future.

What a tragic tale and terrible waste.
Patriotic , honest hard working people, exploited and discarded like a spent fag end. I don't know why anybody bothers with them anymore, the BNP have been holed below the water line for a long time.

EDL are the only ones out there at the moment.

As I see things in Britain at the moment, there is more likely to be an implosion of the political system before nationalism gains any meaningful traction.

Things are pretty dire.

It seems we shall have to look to Europe and America to see where the resistance is to come from.

MR is an intriguing site, it's supposed to be about discussion of issues affecting Western societies which, I suppose, is a catch all situation. MR is a British (English) site (I think) and yet the participant mix is of say 10%/85%/5% Anglo American and other.

I'm not at all convinced that this mix is conducive to promoting British nationalism.

I think it is primarily a site for intellectual debate and there's no doubt there's some very smart knowledgeable people commenting, but as we see, not all of it seems very productive or enlightening to the average people out there.

I don't know the history of why there should be a large American contingent commenting, but I do think the site would benefit from an injection of more British opinion.

The American situation is not quite the same as ours, our countries history and culture and attitude to life does vary, America has all the might and call the shots. (Yet LaRouche tells it different)

Bottom line is, it is GW's baby and he can do what he likes. At least he tolerates my humble offerings - for which I a grateful.

Good informative British sites are thin on the ground, in fact I don't know of many others of quality at all. (RH) excepted of course) This state of affairs could well be the problem of lack of real awareness in this country.

What about you in your moments of reflection, have the pieces of the kaleidoscope all fallen to rest, or are they still in flux? (As Tony Blair once said)


Anonymous said...

Harry - I forgot to ask.

It seems like the IMF,s actions in taking over the reins of sovereign nations economies is the first stage in the takeover and handing over to the NWO of the nation state. (In collusion with each nation's politicians and political system)

How it fits in to the large picture we'll have to wait and see. The EU nations plus America are, as we speak, being cattle prodded into the NWO pen.

Along with mass immigration the IMF is playing a crucial role in preparing the deconstruction of the nation state. What do you think?


Harry J said...

To be honest Bill I wouldn't place too much hope in the EDL. Their origins are shrouded in mystery and apart from acting as a convenient 'dialectic' with the pro-Islam UAF they seem only too keen to promote the 'unity' of the races. I can't go into great detail on this but I smell a carefully constructed and controlled psy-op. That said we'll have to wait and see what develops.

They are still in flux Bill. For each lead I follow or each question I answer (at least to my own satisfaction) several more appear. I am fumbling my way towards something of an understanding and I'm writing a lengthy article at the moment. If I had to sum it up I'd say we're witnessing an attempt to rebuild the Tower of Babel. The article should explain this better, I hope.

If the end game is a single political system and something like a single religious system (probably all religions will be encouraged to 'unite' by recognising their common spiritual roots (Babylon)), then a single economic and financial system is both predicted and inevitable. The IMF, being the global element in the current system, seems likely to be a key player in helping to bring this about. Exactly how can only be speculated upon.



Anonymous said...

Harry J said...

Anon, I watched the video you linked to. I'm planning on watching the rest at some point soon. When I do I'll comment on them. I'm a bit busy at the moment so it might be a day or two.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, can anyone join in this conversation?

I haven't heard of this man Michael Tellinger (MT) before, but here's a few observations off the top of my head, and as they say, in no particular order.

There's an elephant in the room of this discussion. MT fails to point out and account that man is hardwired to basic human instinctual behaviour, which guide him at all times. Man has no choice in these matters, for nature has made it so.

Man is born into the slavery of nature, only the fittest survive.

Hunger, warmth, shelter, staying alive, defending and providing for his kin, in short man is a hunter gatherer and slave to survival.

This makes man an ideal candidate for en slavery by his contemporaries, who by superior strength, superior skills, superior intelligence becomes dominant over the man herd.

Man is greed and slave to base natural instincts which in turn makes him vulnerable to enslavement himself. Money, pleasure and Pain.

Even after thousands of years of evolution, these basic traits are still with us. We are still hunter gatherers in a space age.

Where do we come from? Who/What are we? What purpose do we serve?

I expect most people at some stage of their lives ask themselves these questions, I certainly have. Having unsuccessfully cast around for answers I have concluded - what does it matter? For there are no answers to these fundemental questions that could satisfy our restricted worldly area of perception.

I believe that humans are not sufficiently equipped to know the answers to these basic questions, for we are hardwired to suppose there is a reason for everything that exists in this world and what would we say if we came up with a definitive answer that there is no purpose for anything to exist, none at all zero, zilch. Everthing is random.

Our world would happily continue without our presence.

The liberal philosophy in which we are all enveloped today concurs with this idea that there is no purpose in life - other than to feel good and be happy about oneself.

Until we acknowledge the basics of human nature as I have outlined here, then there's no way we can explore these vital questions. Of course there is always the possibility man himself can engineer himself into something entirely different to fit into MT's idea of contributionism, which I suspect they are already working to this end.

Food for thought!


Anonymous said...

Here's another question that has been a constant with me over the years, and it is why is there such intelligence disparity between man and the lower creatures down the pecking order, or even, why is there such a disparity of intellect between humans themselves?

These questions have become increasingly prominent in my mind since embarking on this journey of quest – NWO.

These questions are endlessly researched but I haven’t bought into any of the answers provided. Yes, evolution and environment make a contribution but doesn't explain away the chasm between man and the rest of the living world.

All of which leads me to consider that intelligent humans may have originated from elsewhere.

What is happening in our world today is almost science fiction, billions of humans are being herded into slavery by a handful of rich and powerful elites. The mind boggles.

Our civilisation is in crisis, we've reached the end of the line, mankind has run out of ideas and is seeking a new direction.

The movers and shakers of the opinion forming elites have known for some time life as we know it cannot continue, things are beginning to run out and they want what remains of those things for themselves.

Have our elites concocted a story of a coming of a new age in order to bring about conditions that will enable them to rule the roost for centuries to come, or are the elites acting out a script that has been in the making for thousands of years?

Whatever the reason, our civilisation is being taken down before our eyes, strange thing is, such is the power of the elites most folk haven't a clue as to what's going on and continue to live their lives in a soporific consumer/TV/soccer bliss.

The NWO agenda is proceeding apace on all fronts, once alerted it is easy to follow in our daily lives, it is amazing how much one can gather from watching the daily televised news, alas the power of the media is such nuanced the uninitiated remain unspooked.

BTW, in the post above, I briefly mention the liberal world we live in. It seems to me the ideology of liberalism is akin to a religion, is this the religion of the coming new age?


Anonymous said...

What is MR?

Anonymous said...

What is MR?

Majority Rights website.

Harry J said...

Hi Lavender as Anon said (I'm guessing it may have been Bill) MR is a nationalist website called Majority Rights that seems to cater for a more intellectual crowd.

Harry J said...

Bill, I've looked through all of Michael Tellinger's videos in the series linked to above and I'll post my own observations in the next day or so. I'll probably do it as a new post because it raises some important questions.

As for your questions, to answer them in any sort of detail would take far too long I'm afraid. A few points though.

If it was once true that only the fittest (we could argue over the definition of that - brains or brawn etc) survive I'm not sure that it is any longer the case. Even the weakest premature baby can now survive into adulthood and our society has now created the conditions where many previously considered weak ie disabled to some degree, can now live reasonably comfortable lives.

Many of your other questions are spiritual in nature and here is where the main battle is being fought. We may be vulnerable to greed and other 'deadly sins' but surely the Christian ethos is designed to overcome these temptations?

The 'elites' of this world wish us to reman trapped in a world of materialism because it suits their purposes for a variety of reasons. Christianity teaches that there is a world beyond this one and it is that we should strive for whilst here on earth.

We can only speculate as to why the earth has been created in the way it has but with regards to man the Bible says that God created him in his own image. Perhaps he has an important role for us to play? We certainly shouldn't discount that possibility.

Hopefully some of your other questions will be answered in the post.



Anonymous said...

Whenever people bring up 'survival of the fittest' I get nervous..eeeek...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Harry, I realise your busy.

To be selective.... "Whenever people bring up 'survival of the fittest' I get nervous..eeeek..."

Survival. A few thoughts.

'Survival of the fittest,' let's rephrase. Randomness, fate, chance.

Unless one believes that everything in life is choreographed, (planned) then one could be easily persuaded that events in nature are simply random.

A quick Google search. "Random."

"Random means not expected. Something that is unpredictable, has no pattern or objective."

Is therefore the living of life and survival subject to the whim of survival randomness, or is it choreographed to script from above?

But then Harry says, "Even the weakest premature baby can now survive into adulthood and our society has now created the conditions where many previously considered weak ie disabled to some degree, can now live reasonably comfortable lives."

Harry, I agree, your statement is self evident.

So now we have a third option for chance of survival enter the ring in the form of human intervention of modern medicine.

In the blink of an eye of man's evolution, life's history has decreed modern man can now routinely intervene in the perceived randomness of nature, in Harry's case an infant child predestined not survive in pre modern time can now commonly, (by intervention of modern medical man,) save an infant destined not to survive into a future healthy contributor to human society.

Now this state of affairs in itself raises profound questions, suffice to say for now, man can now routinely interfere in the ways of nature that once was the strict preserve of ..... God? Nature? You name it?

Is it not liberal thinking that says there is no God, man can be be his own God?

Harry, please do not feel in any way obliged to reply, for it is as you say, such matters are time consuming it's just that I like to try and articulate my thoughts on such stuff.

I know I'm coming in from rather an odd angle on your blog conversation and I'm not sure if it is in keeping with what your about here.

You must say if it isn't.


PS. Could be that Western civilisation's current struggle is being driven by a new dichotomy (ok maybe not new) between the capitalist globalist (unlimited growthers) and the (back to the future brigade.) agenda 21 sustainable New Agers.

Hmmm? Something like that, anyway, more food for thought.

Harry J said...

Bill, here's the great difficulty. Saving premature babies seems the right and proper thing to do but where is the line drawn. I've seen enough to suggest that they would dearly love to tamper with us at the DNA level. It's called transhumansim. In essence, however they package it, the idea is to make us more subservient and effective slaves.

"Is it not liberal thinking that says there is no God, man can be be his own God?

You find this throughout New Age, Masonic, Theosophic and general pagan occult thinking. That is 'god' is in everything, therefore we are all 'gods'. Of course the catch is that some are further along the 'spiritual path' and more 'enlightened', so not all 'gods' are equal. In essence this is the Luciferian philosophy which seeks to undermine the creator God but that is a much longer story.

Both the 'capitalist globalists' and the 'agenda 21 sustainable new agers' are part of the same agenda. The elite often use the Hegelian dialectic to further their aims. That is to set up two 'opposing' factions and play them off against each other so that they can control and shape the outcome. We see this all the time in the left/right of politics.

Bill, there is no firm agenda here on this blog. I'm open to anything. At the moment I'm trying to fine tune the article on mass immigration I've been working on for a while now and it's taking its toll. Writing doesn't come naturally to me and I always feel the need to either saying something more or slightly different. I'll get there in the end though.



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