Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Matrix is Real

I came across the article below on the International Mens Organisation website but it was first posted on the TPUC forum . It's so good I just had to post it here for posterity.

I have only one quibble though. The assertion that Islam is being manipulated into conflict with the 'Christian' west is quite correct. I would add that this is only possible because Islam allows this to happen. It would take too long to list the many shortcomings of both Islam and it's prophet Mohammed. Yes there are 'good' parts to Islam but that's far from the whole story. If we are to find ways to prevent this manipulated clash from manifesting itself we have to be honest and truthful about the situation.

Anyway, that aside, this is a wonderful piece of writing that I hope you take the time to read.

THE MATRIX IS REAL by George Monsoon.

I have chosen to take the Red Pill – are you ready to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes?

I am not crazy. At least I don't feel crazy. I have no internal voices "telling me what to do". I am not an extremist, or a conspiracy theorist. I do not look to the skies for signs of intelligent life, although many would argue that looking for intelligent life on earth is probably not the best place to start!

I didn't ask to be born into this "society". I gave nobody permission to apply a fictional "person" to my human self, and then manipulate the facts to shroud my judgment under a convenient truth, through false information and forced ignorance. I was just 19 when I started to ask questions. At that time I was confused, without any clear direction. I did at that time wonder if there was something very wrong with me, because I was asking questions, and not conforming to what I later found out to be called “stereotypes”.

So I started to read books, ask people questions, and a lot of things just did not add up and I got extremely angry with the world.

For the first time in my life I rebelled. There was something terribly wrong with the world and I needed to find out what it was and what was causing it? At that time I could not quantify the facts, so I remained angry and upset for many years. I renounced my indoctrinated Catholic faith, and stopped going to church and felt very alone. It took 2 decades, 1 failed marriage and near nervous breakdown before I finally managed to build a clear picture of what is really going on.

When you do wake up to reality, it is akin to finding out that Santa does not exist. At first you are filled with disbelief, sadness and anger, but over time you learn to accept it. Whatever happens, you can no longer believe the lies. There is no going back.

If you want to find out the answers to questions that have been hidden from you deliberately, it require an open mind and the willingness to admit that you are wrong a lot of the time. At this point I will stress that during my quest for the facts, I have changed my mind and direction a lot. I have followed a lot of information routes to dead ends and exposed many fakes and misinformed people. Unfortunately, you must endure this baptism of fire, in order to get to the bottom of something and find out the facts. I use the term fact, rather than truth quite deliberately. The truth is by definition, a belief in something that comes about when enough people believe it to be so. For example, until I was 8, Santa came down my chimney every Christmas Eve and left presents for me. This was the truth because I believed it to be so, and was re-enforced by my parents, peers and the media. A fact however is a fact, regardless of whether you care to believe it or not. A fact is backed up by hard evidence and is irrefutable.

This all brings me back to why I am now publishing this information. I have never in my 23 years of research seen a more important time to get the message out. We are on the brink of a new world order of totalitarian control. Please hear me out, before you dismiss me as a conspirital nut. I am not. I hold a position of considerable responsibility in a global IT support company, and I have a wife and 4 lovely children. I have no intention of starting an all out revolution, and will not be the next "wolfie smith"

The new world order is real. This is the hardest and most bitter pill to swallow. I cannot and will not force my opinions on you, only present the facts, which I would expect any rational intelligent individual to question and research before agreeing with anything I say on here, but here goes….

You have been lied to, your whole life (FACT). Since you were born into this world, your parents unknowingly fed you a lie. They played the game they were told to play because they too had been lied to, by their parents and peers. They have been fed lies by the media, and they were indoctrinated into this illusion and subsequently passed the illusion on to you. You are probably unwittingly doing exactly the same to your children!

Your teachers at school, taught you only what they were allowed to teach (the curriculum), they too, are tied deeply into this lie. The same goes for most of your friends and family. It is important that you are aware of the fact that this is not their fault, they are not to blame in any way. Most people on the planet have been manipulated and institutionalised during the course of their lives by a global power machine that has only one purpose... to farm you so that a tiny percentage of the people retain absolute power and wealth.

IF at this point you still think I am nutball, I, please stop reading now, because you simply aren't ready to wake up to the facts. Just go and have a nice cup of whatever beverage the media has told you to buy, sit down and watch your favorite television program. You will soon forget about my loony ranting and all this conspirital shit, and you will start to feel much better.

If however you are now intrigued, and want to know more, then sit back, you are about to find out how deep this rabbit hole goes. NOTICE – Once you have acknowledged the following information, there is NO going back to the life you once knew.

1. You are Cattle

Your entire existence from birth has been very carefully crafted and manipulated, so that you accept a life of servitude to the system that controls your every move without complaint or question. As you grew up, you were taught that you go to school. You learn whatever the teachers tell you to learn and then when you leave school, you go to work until you are 65, then you retire and live a peaceful life until you eventually die. In between you may have a family. You have been conditioned to buy a house, get married, go to work for your family and take a couple of days off each week. You have been conditioned to accept that you must pay taxes to the government, so that they can manage the affairs of state, such as healthcare, education, welfare, defense, etc. For some strange reason, after all the tax has been paid, and all the bills have been paid, you have very little left. Do you ever wonder why this is? (this is a very good question). You worry about not having enough money constantly, and even if you manage to save some of it in the banking system, you still go out to work every day to keep those feelings of anxiety at bay. All the time, you are ensuring that the minority elite stay in unquestionable control of you, your friends. Your family and everyone else in the world. This fabricated reality has been developed over hundreds, possibly thousands of years and is getting stronger as our technological advances are exploited ever more by them to facilitate the lie. Their primary tool for maintaining this core belief system is by applying social engineering to each individual from birth.

3. The Governments are being told what to do.

I have spent an awful lot of time researching this one, because generally, people have an inherent dislike for the government. When I dug deep, I found out that actually, the government are perpetrating yet another lie, to condition us to dislike them. This actually supports their agenda, because we all know that politicians lie, yet we accept it. Why would you allow a liar to govern the countries healthcare, welfare and more importantly your money? (another good question) yet you do this, because although you are aware that politicians are liars, for some reason, you believe that they know more about these things than you do, and you should trust them to do their job. What is really going on in Whitehall? These people are no more informed than you or I. The only difference is that the people in government are aware of the power elite (at least in high office they are) and are happy to become public figures, because the job comes with a certain level of power, money and fame. The real power and control lies elsewhere.

3. The Media

Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboard advertising, school curriculums are selling a lie.

All these mediums are very tightly monitored by the government, and their respective bosses. You are shown only what they want you to see and hear, and because the guy on the TV is nicely spoken and wears a suit, you have been taught to respect him? Ask yourself this question. Why would simply wearing a suit and speaking the queens English dictate that the man is honest and is not telling lies? The answer is, that it doesn't. Alternatively, why would you immediately think someone with a shaved hair cut, pierced nose and tattooed arms, with a thick scouse accent was probably a liar or a thug? You simply cannot judge people on this level. It is unfair and more often than not, inaccurate, but you have been taught to think this way. This is called stereotyping, and is used as a very powerful influence in the belief system. We all do stereotypes, usually unconsciously. Everything about the whole media vehicle is geared to build and re-enforce these kinds of beliefs. Let us look at a subset of very common stereotypes. If you are a single working man, you will notice that advertisements for beer are targeted at you. What is the general message of the beer advert? Buy me! Is the obvious one, but also there is a more subliminal message. They are playing to the “ladish” stereotype, that being a single bloke is likely to go out on the “lash” with his mates and behave in a foolhardy way. But is this correct for everyone? Or are we subject to a more covert version of astrology? Another example of stereotypes has only really manifested since the so called 911 terror attack, If you are a non-Muslim, have your opinions of Muslims changed? Do you find that you are uneasy in the presence of a Muslim with thick beard and traditional dress, especially at an airport, or on a train? If you are Muslim, how has your opinion of non Muslims changed? Do you feel victimised? Scared, guilty, even though you are a peaceful innocent individual? Do you find that you are feeling more animosity towards non-Muslims, because you feel unjustly victimised? This is media hype. This is propaganda, the promotion and development of stereotypes. The dictionary definition of stereotype is this - A conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image. The key word here being oversimplified! . This is part of a grand design to keep you in fear. People in fear look to authority figures for guidance (check it out, don't take my word for this, do some research). People who are afraid are less likely to ask questions, and more likely to do as they are told.

4. You are NOT a person, you are a human being.

The person is a fictional (legal) entity that does not exist in the real world. You were assigned this social status on your birth certificate, but you have been lied to. It is being used to trick you into believing that you have no choice but to play their game. I will not go into depth with this. A full explanation of this and its implications can be found here

5. Police state.

We are living in an increasingly powerful police state, governed by a totalitarian dictatorship.

Do you ever wonder why each government that comes to power; whether it is Labour, Conservative or Libdem never seems to be any different than the previous party in office?.

Why don't other parties ever get a mention on the news? There are many other well meaning political parties out there that if in governance, could potentially make life a whole lot easier for us all, but they never get a chance. The ruling three have the monopoly. We accept this, because we are told to accept it (by the media). Do you accept it? Can you think of one good reason why you think having just three options that have plainly not done any good in the past is acceptable? Would you be interested to hear what the other parties have to offer? as an example, check out I must clarify that I hold no affiliation to the Libertarian party, but ask yourself why do we never hear about these people in the news? The answer is because a small minority of powerful people wish to control the governments, and unless they can limit the capacity to those who are on their “side”, this cannot happen.

6. Your freedom is about to be locked down for ever.

With the advent of the internet, just over a decade ago, the power elite have discovered that a lot of people are now privy to information that was previously, very difficult to source. Because they are terrified that we may uncover what is really goin on, they want to ensure that in the event of an uprising, or mass rejection, that they are ready. They are doing this on two fronts.

1. lock down civil liberties and limit movement.
2. re-condition children to be “dumbed down” in order to prevent them from discovering the reality of the world.

Let us look at the first one, locking down of civil liberties and limiting movement.

The internet can be policed, but it would be extremely difficult (but not impossible) to prevent freedom of information around the world. Because this is a massive problem for the power elite, they are taking a different approach They will target individuals who do not “conform”, or rather, they will use propaganda to promote the “general public” to act on their behalf and report any “inappropriate behavior by an individual”. This is already apparent in our society today, as the government actively promotes children to “snitch” on their parents, and other people for minor offences like dropping cigarettes or not recycling. We are watched by over 4 million cameras and on average, are caught on camera 300 times a day. This situation is only going to get worse, and quickly, with the ratification of the Lisbon treaty. Effectively making Europe a super state, centrally governed from Brussels.

Secondly – re-condition the children

This is already in full swing. As I stated above, children are being actively encouraged to rat on their parents to teachers. Social services are gaining immense powers to take children away from parents on trumped up charges. You can no longer enter a school uninvited. If you try you will find that your child is locked in, and should you be fortunate enough to find a way in, you may well be prosecuted. The curriculum has changed a great deal in the last decade. Children are now banned from most competitive sports, and taught that it is okay to fail. This is extremely worrying because if children are not taught to be competitive, they will be droned into adult life, without taking risks, making their own decisions. They will simply comply with the instruction of authority and not strive to be individual.

The strategy being employed by the power elite is to facilitate a move to a single world government, with a single currency, where we are not allowed to make even trivial decisions, and god forbid use common sense!. When this happens (I predict within the next 10 to 15 years) Anyone not conforming to the “norm” will be treated as a threat to society and will be silenced one way or another, and there will be no way to fight back.

So what do we do about it?

You can fight back, but not by physical force. The governments are ready for this, and I suspect, are actually hoping that we do. For physical force to work, would require millions of people to be of the same mind. At the moment, this is not the case, but our numbers are growing. If 10, 100 or even 100 thousand people fight back in unity, the government has the ability to influence the rest of the population to believe you are nuts, and brand you as terrorists, bent upon harming them. A rebellion would be short lived and any action of this kind will just re-enforce their control, undermine what we need to achieve, and allow them to push ever more draconian laws upon us "for our own protection” A wise man once said, that the truth only becomes the truth when enough people believe it to be so. The mass media IS the truth for billions of people around the world, regardless of whether it is a lie or not. . This belief system will be extremely difficult to crack.

There is only one course of action to be taken for the moment- educate those amongst us who wish to know. Do not force your opinions; simply get those people to do their own research. Encourage them to ask their own questions. This could take a long time, but we MUST try.


If anyone reading this is still in some doubt about any of the above statements, I have this message.

Within the next 10 to 15 years, If the new world order agenda goes unchecked I and others like myself will probably have been picked out by the authorities and publicly humiliated, branded a nut, bullied, threatened, publicly discredited and possibly even killed to protect the interests of a very powerful minority. Make no mistake, the ruling minority is ruthless and will remove you from existence without a second thought.

I am prepared for this. I am ready. Before that day comes, I MUST encourage others to wake up. If I can wake just 2 other people from this nightmare, then I have succeeded. If those two do the same, we WILL succeed.

I do this not for myself, but for my children and their children. We owe it to them to return this world to reality; otherwise our whole existence is null and void.

Peace and love to my fellow human beings...

George Monsoon


Captain Ranty said...

Excellent Harry.

This nicely encapsulates most of what we have been saying these last few months.

I will repost it over at mine. Hopefully people will wake up a little. All they need is a wee nudge.


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