Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meme Supreme: Predictive Programming In Action

Blogger Neil Kramer gives us a small example of predictive programming. This is much more widespread than may be appreciated. Not only in the newspaper headlines he's referring to but also in TV and Hollywood films.

"Predictive programming presents and acclimatizes the public to new ideas, trends and beliefs. Fundamentally, it forms compelling mental associations between emotionally charged concepts and word patterns. The programming attempts to fuse emotive and abstract elements together, such as: 'economic stability' and 'new world order', 'global co-operation' and 'new world order', and underpinning everything - 'security' and 'new world order'.

When a specific word pattern is then later invoked - new world order - the emotional charge (energetic frequency) is activated in the individual, and therefore the collective mind. The reality blueprint is being broadcast, across billions of pages and screens, enlisting the consciousness of those who choose not to create their own reality.

Observe how this viral meme seeding will escalate over the coming months.

Fortunately, unplugging from their cynical and insidious surface programming is uncomplicated. Turn it off. Organically program yourself... with your own feelings, discernment, humanity and knowledge. Conscious recognition of your own sovereign being neutralizes the charge of their pale proclamations."

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