Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Political Ponerology: The Science On The Nature Of Evil Adjusted For Political Purposes

The article linked to below is in two parts and is quite heavy going but worth the effort all the same. In short it looks at the prevalence of psychopathy in society and its role in the evil we see in the wider world. Our common view of psychopaths is, usually, of crazed mass murderers. The author claims this view is incorrect. What identifies all psychopaths, violent or otherwise, is a complete lack of conscience, guilt, shame or remorse. He or she is also able to conceal this fact quite successfully. Perhaps even worse he explains how such mental aberrations can 'rub off' on those closest to them. In the case of a society being governed by those of a psychopathic nature it tends to make that society adaptive to it. This can then lead to the society itself becoming sociopathic. 

By the end of the article it becomes possible to imagine how there is so much evil in the world and also how the prevalence of psychopathy (approximately 4% of the population) has helped to create the wider New World Order conspiracy. It will no longer be a mystery as to how anyone could be involved with, let alone sanction, such things as 9/11, 7/7, the Iraq or Afghan wars, the engineered financial collapse or the swine flu epidemic. These people just don't think like us.

The author argues persuasively that we (that is the overwhelming majority of us that do have a conscience) need to both recognise the role of psychopathy in the wider world and put in place mechanisms to protect ourselves from it.

One thing that came to mind, as I was reading the essay, was an observation I read somewhere that the lower 'blue' degrees of Freemasonry served as a pool from which those who were psychologically useful to the New World Order were chosen. It certainly seems possible, if not highly likely, that the degrees of initiation were designed to highlight those with a psychopathic or other abnormal mental quality. These would then be progressed both within Freemasonry and the wider New World Order agenda.

Part one 

Part two 

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