Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pope Demands World Government

Although the word 'demand' might be a little strong this video by Mack Quigley clearly shows the Pope advocating a World Government or New World Order. Quigley highlights the parts of a July 2009 Vatican document that details some elements of the World Government it sees as both desirable and inevitable.

There are many researchers who have the Vatican as the prime mover behind the New World Order agenda with particular focus on the Jesuits and the 'Black' Pope . The 'conspiratorial' aspect is far too big a subject to go into here but what is important about this video is that it is, essentially, telling all Catholics that they have to welcome and even help bring about Global Governance.

It's also interesting to see how the World Government agenda is dressed up in fluffy language of the type we usually see coming from Governments. Words and phrases such as equality, fairness, common good and solidarity. After all, who could argue with goals such as those?

The climate change agenda is also addressed with some emphasis on the need for 'wealth redistribution'. One thing's for certain it won't be the super rich global elites who'll be having their wealth redistributed.

Some may be put off by the video maker's use of passages from Revelation. Not me. It became quite clear a while ago that this is an important factor in the New World Order agenda. My own humble opinion is the occultists behind the control system the Vatican wishes to expand want to make it SEEM as if Revelation from the Bible is coming true. This would then go some way towards negating resistance from committed Christians who would be convinced this was a sign that Christ was soon to return. This is a somewhat simplistic explanation of what appears to be happening but the point I'm making is that rather than ignore the esoteric or religious aspect of the agenda it would be worthwhile giving it some thought.


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