Friday, January 29, 2010

Gordon Brown's New World Order (Ordo Ab Chao)

This video pretty much speaks for itself. There are just a couple of pointers though for those unaware of some of the Masonic terminology being used. In the video you hear Gordon Brown talking about bringing 'order out of chaos'. When translated this is a clear reference to the Masonic motto 'ordo ab chao' . As David Icke, rightly, indicates it's those behind the New World Order agenda that create the 'chaos' so that they can shape the 'order' to their benefit.

 One other thing you may not spot or completely understand is the snigger Gordon Brown makes in response to the journalist in the press conference congratulating him on an 'illuminating speech'. There's no doubt that Brown is a Freemason, as you'll see in this video. His brother's a Mason and there's a history of it in the family. I think it's unlikely that Brown has risen high enough in the Secret Society network to consider himself a member of the 'Illuminati' but he knows all about being 'illuminated'.


Anonymous said...

I remember this speech but cant find it anywhere and the link is broken, Do you know where else to find it please

Harry J said...

I've had a good look and I can't see it anywhere. It would be a shame if it has fallen down the memory hole. If you do ever find it please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Here's a 2:08 min clip dated 2015. It doesn't have any questions & hence no snigger in re: being "illuminated".

Thanks for this post, btw. I was a trying to find a source for a mention of what he said about climate change as the crisis needed to implement the New World Order: