Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Aristocratic Foundations of the Fabian Society

Here's another video talk by Alan Watt entitled 'Conditioning Through Entertainment'. The title is a slight misnomer in that much of the video is spent discussing the Fabian Society and the aristocratic links to its founders. It should be remembered that the Fabians were instrumental in the setting up of the Labour party and still hold great influence over it to this day. Most, if not all, prominent Labour party members are also Fabians including Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. Alan Watt discusses Tony Blair the Fabian in a bit more detail in this video.

It should be clear from this talk that the collection of aristocrats involved in the setting up and funding of the Fabians had very little in common with the ordinary working class men and women they purported to support. The Fabians, like the Labour party was set up to provide 'left' cover for the World Government, New World Order, agenda. Yet more evidence of how those on the 'left' have been duped.

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