Monday, March 22, 2010

Left Wing Dupes

In an earlier post we saw the suggestion by Phillip Jones, in his essay the Nexus of Evil, that the most effective resistance to the unfolding New World Order and its Communist (left wing)/Super-capitalist (right wing) nexus (Communitarianism) was Nationalism. He also talked about the 'rootless intellectuals' being 'marshaled' against Nationalism and how it had become 'a much maligned and misrepresented political credo'.

Nationalism is the only bulwark against the New World Order and those behind it know this. A nation is its people which is one of the reasons why they have encouraged such large scale immigration in order to destabilise and weaken national identity. I should point out that moderate Nationalism isn't racism, xenophobia, fascism, extremism or Nazism. These are all the extremes that are used to denigrate and deride and have become powerful mind control 'buzz words'. All guaranteed to spring to mind when the subject of Nationalism is bought up. This is intentional because we are being slowly led into a totalitarian One World Government. Genuine Nationalism is that which operates in the interests of its sovereign peoples and which co-operates freely and willingly with all other sovereign countries.

Nationalism is being attacked in numerous ways but, as mentioned above, perhaps the most obvious one is mass immigration along with such Frankfurt School derived cultural Marxist techniques as political correctness, anti-racism and affirmative action. It should be obvious that, in addition to the age old elite tactic of divide and rule, this is a deeply wicked attempt by the PTB (powers that be) to destroy British national identity without any sort of consensus. A situation which I'm sure most ethnic minorities of good will would not wish to see happen to their country of origin or indeed to Britain for that matter. It should never be forgotten we are both victims in this drive for a One World Government.

Absolutely essential to this endeavour has been the manipulation and shaping of public perceptions and thinking (brainwashing) by the PTB. As I began to understand the broader agenda it seemed to me that the most duped of all have been the 'left' of British politics. Not least because I once considered myself to be 'left wing'.  I'm not talking about the leadership of the Labour party (I've a feeling they are brainwashed in other, more subtle, ways) but the lowly MP's, councillors, activists and general supporters.

I've long since stopped believing in the left's idea of 'progressive (another mind control buzzword) politics'. Many, if not most, of their policies were bad enough even taken at face value. What the 'left' fail to realise though is that they are being manipulated to a shocking degree as one part of a dialectic that will eventually see a super rich, blood-line elite and their minions install a 21st century form of feudalism, with the great mass of society as little more than serfs or slaves. The control system we already live under is slowly tightening its grip with the left's help and in many cases, its blessing. The system's also being slowly altered (hence the frequent political use of such terms as 'change' and 'reform')  as we are moved into the new global control system often referred to by the 'elites' as the New World Order.

I recently came across a quote that seemed to shed some light on another, important, part of the brainwashing we are subjected to. It was from a speech given at a meeting of the Church, in Crampton, in the middle of the 19th century. Some sources say that a Reverend, Dr Bramwell made the speech, others that he was the chair of the meeting and that the speech was given by a Reverend J. R. Stephens of Stalybridge. Whoever the speaker was, he said:

“The factory-law was so unblushingly violated that the chief inspector of that part of the factory district, Mr. Leonard Horner, had found himself necessitated to write to the Home Secretary, to say that he dared not, and would not send any of his sub-inspectors into certain districts until he had police protection. *** And protection against whom?  Against the factory-masters!  Against the richest men in the district, against the most influential men in the district, against the magistrates of the district, against the men who hold her Majesty’s commission, against the men who sat in the Petty Sessions as the representatives of royalty. *** And did the masters suffer for their violation of the law?  In his own district it was a settled custom of the male, and to a great extent of the female workers in factories, to be in bed from 9, 10 or 11 o’clock on Sunday, because they were tired out by the labour of the week.  Sunday was the only day on which they could rest their wearied frames. *** It would generally be found that, the longer the time of work, the smaller the wages. *** He would rather be a slave in South Carolina, than a factory operative in England.”

There are several things that can be deduced from the quote, not least the clearly described representatives of the control system we still live under today. What caught my eye the most however was the final sentence. The collective guilt all 'white' people are meant to have about the slave trade is one of the major justifications for, amongst other things, mass immigration, the cultural Marxism that goes with it, the, so called, equality agenda and the suppression of any criticism of these things. 

There are many elements of the slave trade, as taught in British schools and elsewhere, that are distorted, misrepresented or left out altogether. Most importantly though is the fact that the 'white people' responsible for the slave trade were the same small elite, largely royal and aristocratic, few whose descendants are still in control today. Nothing's changed, particularly in the sense that all these things require money. Both the slave trade and the empire were funded by the bankers. It's the financial oligarchy that controls both Britain and elsewhere that made the decisions then and continue to do so today. 

The great mass of British people were little more than slaves or serfs themselves. Whether in sweat shops or factories similar to the one described above or in earlier times on the fields of rural Britain. I'm certainly not downplaying the suffering of Africans due to the slave trade, just attempting to put it in some sort of perspective. A perspective that clearly shows that both the (white) working classes of Britain and the (black) African victims of the slave trade have a common enemy. The blood-line elites that still control this country, the Commonwealth and elsewhere and who are attempting to create a New World Order. A totalitarian system that will see us all enslaved even further than we are today.

The liberal left have been sold the idea that the world can be spilt into two, guilty oppressors ('whites') and virtuous victims (other ethnic minorities). The truth is very different. It wasn't 'white' working class factory workers that decided to create the empire, enslave 'black' Africans or go to war on numerous occasions, it was the elites who really rule this country. They are our common 'enemy'. If the 'left' wish to do something of value for both the working classes of Britain and poor people all over the world they should look no further than our banking and finance system. There's nothing that keeps the controllers in power more than the fractional reserve banking system. It allows them to create money from nothing, charge interest on every currency unit created and subsequently own and control all the major corporations. It's this same system operated by the international banking cartels through the IMF and World Bank that is the main reason why the developing world remains in a state of poverty. 

It's only when you study the New World Order agenda in some detail that this and much more can be traced back to a common source. It's from that common source that the puppet masters manipulate the sham Punch (left) and Judy (right) show we call democracy. A system designed only to distract the masses and give them the illusion they have any power.

To concur it's important for us all to realise that we have been, and continue to be, exposed to incredible levels of brainwashing, mind control and 'perception management'. None more so than on the subjects of mass immigration, political correctness, (so called) equality and affirmative action. These things may appear to be to the benefit of ethnic minorities but at best it is only a short term illusory effect in the pursuit of a long term goal. Yes the 'right' is also manipulated but perhaps not to the degree that the 'left' is. They, in particular, need to awaken from their hypnotic trance if we have any chance of escaping the New World Order trap that is being set. Britain is being subverted, divided (diversity) and destroyed. If we are to prevent this happening, not just here but elsewhere in the world, then we have to become aware of the manipulation taking place and focus on our common enemy. Once that's done the sovereign people of this country and other countries around the world can all find a way forward free from the lies and deception of a control structure that presently operates only for the benefit of the super rich bloodline elites and their paid minions and political puppets.


Anonymous said...

Harry, that's a very good article.

Marcus (UK Column Forums)

Harry J said...

Thanks Marcus. I only wish a few 'lefty's' would read it and comment.

fellist said...

It is a good piece.

Your message is not one your typical well-meaning left-liberal wants to hear, Harry. Even to think about recognising the right of Europeans to run our own countries in our own interests as we all agree is right and proper for Africans and Asians means confronting well-erected taboos.

If you're gonna change their minds you have to take it to them and pound at 'em with their own arguments: equality, diversity, freedom... They won't come to you to be told that objectively they're the racists, the tyrants. Hurts one's feelings.

fellist said...

Reading it back I see that all of that comment applies equally to right-liberals.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the left have taken the words racism, bigot, fascist and tyrant for themselves and their propaganda has been so huge that they have managed to disassociate these words with anything whatsoever to do with the left.
You and I both know (and Harry) very well that the NuLabour party, through all its time from '97 onwards was being called "right wing," even though their strategy was 100% extreme left wing. All one has to do is look at Communist Russia and of course Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy to see that although the ideologies were spelled differently they all came from left wing socialism. It was through the practices of the Russians (gulags), the Nazis (concentration camps) and the Fascists (state brainwashing and propaganda), we clearly see parallel today with Labours' Contingency Bill, Coroners and Justice Act, Terrorism Laws, Hate speech laws and of course the Fixated Threat Assessment bill and much more.
What's happened Fellist is that they've managed to make people believe left is right, up is down, forward is backwards and in is out. This is the serious state of affairs we now face in the UK and in fact the west.
In order to defeat this the people first and foremost need to educate themselves. We need to look to history in order to defeat the present and in order to start makig plans TO defeat our enemy we first have to understand who our enemy is.
This society really hasn't long to go before it's at each others' throats, as planned. We can already see chaos in London, with the stabbing of the youth in Victoria the other day. The story is all too common, black gang, yet more black crime being swept under the carpet and ignored - queue for the newspapers to tell the story and then quickly move onto Jordan or some wag winning child support from her ex partner after having an affair with his work colleague.
Mention the word nationalism fellist and every one's screaming BNP Nazi at you. They're oblivious to realist that nationalism is about unity, not about hatred but has been carefully misrepresented as such.
How do we tell the truth without being attacked? This is what happens in today's world all the time. There are serious miscarriages of justice going on and because the people are so brain dead ignorant on pretty much everything, their response to a total travesty of justice is: "Well, that's what you get for breaking the law." Our society has been subverted. We are no longer capable of critical thought or logical, common sense argument. That's gone down the drain with the baby and the bathwater. It's a colossal struggle the truth seekers have ahead of them. In fact it's a near impossibility.


Antipholus Papps said...

nationalism is about unity

I hate to be pedantic, but so is Fascism.

Very good article!

Harry J said...

Yes Fellist, you're quite correct. The original intention in creating this blog was to accumulate evidence of the World Government/New World Order agenda to which I could direct those doubters I encountered on various blogs. I have to confess the aspect of the agenda that causes me the most distress is the national and cultural destruction being wrought. To that extent it's those on the 'left' that need to be tackled on these issues. I appear to have run out of steam a little at the moment but as soon as I pick up a fresh wind I intend to spend at least some time on commenting on 'left wing' blogs in the hope of making them see the extent to which they are being manipulated.

One pointer in this regards is that I've learnt to try not to be confrontational so as to avoid ego battles that get neither of us anywhere. The aim is to be subtle and friendly, though it's not always easy.

Those taboos may appear to be 'well erected' but it seems to me they've been built on sand. They aren't indestructible, the more we can chip away at them the sooner they will fall.

I take your point on 'right-liberals' as well. When I use the terms left and right it's only in the most general of terms. Those behind the multicultural and politically correct elements of the 'agenda' may have first introduced them under the cover of the left but their insidious effects have spread even to much of the traditional 'right'.

Marcus, one of the things I'm keen to expand more on is the subject of 'perception management' aka brainwashing or mind control. The amount we have been subjected to has been overwhelming. Some people recoil in horror at the thought of being labelled a fascist but would merely shrug their shoulders at being described as a communist. Their 'success' has been to associate any form of nationalist endeavour with the mind control buzzwords such as 'racist' or nazi'. Our job is surely to attempt to untangle these connections and show how they came into being in the first place.

It is a colossal struggle but what has enthused me is the amount of associates of mine that I've been able to direct to articles on my blog that have responded positively. They're reading points of view they never ever come across and it shakes them up and makes them think for themselves. The challenge then is to disseminate good and truthful information as effectively as possible. For me this is where the internet has its limitations. For my own part I intend to create a 'truthseekers' equivalent of a punk fanzine. Cheap to photocopy and then give out to anyone I think might not yet be 'brain dead and ignorant'. There are still a few about (I hope).

Good point Antipholus, so what constitutes the sort of nationalism we both need and aspire to? I might have to give that some thought and make it the subject of a future article.

Antipholus Papps said...

It's hard to say, but I think it's important to recognise that the state and the nation are not the same thing. Local accountability and knowledge of your nation's culture, history, successes and flaws. People need to be educated about protection from the all-mighty state, checks and balances, and the ideals that I was taught the English legal system used to embody (i.e. it is better that ten guilty men go free, than one innocent man be jailed). Hmmm....

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