Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reality Check by Alan Watt

Alan Watt is a Scot, now living in Canada, who has done extensive research into the control system we live under. In this video he gives a broad historical overview which is well worth watching. He traces the system's movement from Babylon through to Minoa, Egypt, Greece, Rome and up to the present day. Subjects covered include Darwin, 2001 A Space Odyssey and of course the New World Order. He explains how the 'elites' see themselves as top predators, believing they are born to rule over us, the profane, the little people. 

Perhaps his most disturbing insight for me is where he describes the fact that throughout history the elites have consistently shifted their centres of power. Before doing so however they always first destroy their previous centres in order to prevent them from being a rival to the new one and so as to easily subsume them into the new empire. I can't help looking at what is happening in Britain today and wondering if I'm seeing that process in action. London, predominantly through the Crown in the City of London, has indeed been one of the centres, if not the centre, of the globalist New World Order agenda. When we look at such things as the unbelievably high levels of immigration, the deindustrialisation that continues apace, our increasing levels of debt, the developing police state, widespread cultural Marxism and political correctness, downgrading of our armed forces and the dumbing down of society, particularly in the education system, we can see the deliberate destruction of this country. Add to this our over reliance on the 'financial sector' and we are incredibly vulnerable should this business move elsewhere.

Anyway, if you can spare the time I highly recommend watching this video as a good introduction to the work of Alan Watt. If you want to see and hear more from him he has a website called 'Cutting Through The Matrix'.

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