Monday, June 14, 2010

The Control System Knows Its Influence Is Waning

I thought I'd post this morale boosting excerpt from Neil Kramer at the Cleaver. Neil generally writes from an esoteric and mystic perspective and I have to confess he loses me at times with some of his concepts. There are a few parts of the article quoted that I couldn't quite grasp but there's still plenty that I do understand and I definitely recommend reading it in full.

I hope Neil's correct in his assessment but it's entirely possible that 'the final spasms of the beast' could prove challenging to say the least.

"Ultimately, the Control System knows its influence is waning. The grip loosens and the game nears its end. We are witnessing the final spasms of the beast. The magnificent human spirit has been unduly suppressed over the last few millennia. Now that time is over. We ascend once more. Reject their fake media hype and stop using their corporate services. Discard their fear memes and erase their counterfeit history. Extricate yourself from their politics and laugh at their sinister melodramas. They hate that most of all – not being taken seriously. From the Control System’s perspective, there is no greater fusion of terrifying characteristics in a human being than authenticity, humour, creativity, sovereignity, defiance and love."


Captain Ranty said...

Brilliant post!

I was less eloquent (as you'd expect) but I was inspired to write "Eschaton" over at my gaff.



Harry J said...

A bit of a morale boost is always welcome. I'm pleased to hear it inspired you to do something similar.

Onwards and upwards Captain....