Saturday, June 19, 2010

Free trade For Global Depression


Anonymous said...

It's common sense really. If you are importing goods from another country that your own country is able to produce, then it means you are obviously importing them at a cheaper cost to that of what your own companies in your own country is doing. The outcome of this means unemployment for your own workers and more employment for the workers of the nation's you're importing from. Anyone can see this.

As the video stated with Japan and China, their massive growth was down to the fact that their own people were not just producing the goods for their respective lands but for all others. China especially with its massive population, paid a pittance, produced goods on such a huge scale, cost was tiny meaning no foreign company could compete.

I look at free trade the same was as I do with supermarkets and local butchers, greengrocers, bakers etc etc. Supermarkets kill local shops.

And as the video stated, it's the companies and elites who benefit greatly from this. People will say: "well, so do the people of the countries that import the cheap goods." To which I reply "Do they? They may get cheap TV's but more of their taxation will go on welfare to support those people out of work who would be able to make the TV's here." A prime example was the destruction of the mining industry in the UK. The consequence of unemployed miners was the destruction of communities and thus villages and towns.

I've always been one who has firmly believed in protectionism. Without it, nations will die, ironically the plan of the EUSR and their controllers the NWO.

Harry J said...

You're quite correct Harbinger, it is common sense. Economics can be a difficult subject to understand. I've been told time and again that 'free trade' is good for us. Mainly on libertarian sites. Even if that were true (which it isn't) we don't have anything like free trade as the excellent videos by Dominic Vrabel points out in the last post but one 'the rise of the Financial Empire'.

I suspect here's a balance to be struck with protectionism and trade with equitable partners. Trading with Communist controlled China does neither us nor the poor brainwashed and controlled Chinese workers any good. As you say only the elite parasites benefit.