Monday, November 29, 2010

Aquarius: The Age Of Evil

At over two hours this is quite a long film but certainly worth the effort. Keith Thompson, the director, reveals the many connections between Theosophy, Freemasonry, the New Age movement, the United Nations, Luciferianism, the 2012 phenomena and the New World Order.  I've looked at this general subject recently and I've another post in the pipeline but this film has a much broader scope than my limited time allows.

There's a key conclusion made in the film that I've also come to myself. That is that it's very possible that the real agenda is that the 'bad' New World Order is being simultaneously built up and 'exposed' by certain 'leaders' of the 'truth movement' only for it to be eventually 'defeated'. Following this will be a clamour, possibly led by the 'truth movement' leaders who 'exposed' the 'bad' New World Order, for unity, the end to division and 'oneness' in something similar to the Zeitgeist utopia that is the Venus Project. The film does an excellent comparison between the stated aims of the Venus Project and that of Communism. The elites get their (real) New World Order (though it wouldn't be called this) and not only that the people clamour for it. A 'Brave New World' where the slaves enjoy their servitude.

Although Thompson is clearly a Christian and there are references to the Bible throughout, this shouldn't put you off if religion isn't your thing. That said the fact that Christianity is quite obviously a target of those behind the agenda should provide food for thought at the very least. It's certainly an important consideration and one I'm still reflecting on.


Anonymous said...

Hi RH,

You're certainly hurtling down the bunny hole! I recognise Thompson from quite a few videos that he's done. He's got a rather noticeable Canadian accent. I also have to say that he's been putting together some excellent videos, this one included. He's certainly a name to remember when it comes to truth seeking and dissecting the NWO.

Been going down more your route of late and finding lots of interesting things. The Vatican, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, Holy Roman Empire, Islam (again) and things are starting to fit into place. Of course I'm still putting the Jewsih thing into perspective as well as you know.

I think it doesn't matter at all where Thompson is spiritually. He's clearly battling to help humanity from creating an eon of servitude and slavery for their descendants. There's no doubt RH that The Vatican, Freemasonry and Zionism are all major players in this game, along of course with the various sub organisations, banking and pharma companies. Listening to more Alan Watt of late as well. Fuck, he's certainly on the ball, there's no doubt about that!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I try to push people to your blog RH, but you'll probably see that most of what you do is simply way over their heads. They'll get there eventually, there's no doubt about that, but I respect what you're coming out with fully. You're opening up many people's eyes to reality and new horizons.

Harry J said...

Thanks H. When I first started this blog my idea was to try and steer away from the deeper aspects of the agenda so as to encourage those who were new to it all. It didn't last long though. It's impossible not to follow where the information leads.

You're right about the various connecting groups. On the face of it all seems clear, it's Christianity versus the Dark Side. I can't help feeling there's something that I'm missing. There's a few things that just don't add up.

The Dark Side seem to be only too happy to fulfil the prophecies in Revelation. I also can't help questioning why if God knew all this was going to happen then why did he let it? There's been more than enough suffering already and we haven't even reached the sharp end yet. I keep reading on Christian sites that prophecy must be fulfilled for Jesus to return. This appears to mean the Dark Side have to succeed in their agenda, at least up until the point that Jesus returns.

Eric Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, wrote an article that was posted on the Unhived Mind forum. In it he stated worlds to the effect that we're meant to be striving for a 'fifth world empire' of 'which ... Israel will be 'the head' ... and which 'we are meant 'to serve ... or perish'? An Israel composed of 'righteous Jews'. It seems the Jews are God's chosen people according to the Bible. If you follow the link you'll see this is slightly clarified by a commenter. He claims the fifth world empire will descend from heaven and will be ruled by God himself.

You'll also read that "anyone, Jewish or Gentile, who refuses to believe in JESUS for His free gift of salvation, is sent to eternal torment in the lake of fire". Considering the bewildering state of Christianity today along with the concerted efforts of the Dark Side to confuse, manipulate and brainwash I find this to be more than a little harsh.

The assorted Masons and occultists involved in the agenda have gone to great lengths to create the State of Israel we see today. As I said, I can't help feeling there might be more to all this than meets the eye.

Harry J said...

Sorry, forgot the link to the forum post on Unhived Mind.

Anonymous said...

You know RH I hate to say it but, I'm really not beginning to give a flying bat poo about people anymore. I don't know if I can really classify myself as a fully blown misanthropist yet but really when I look around and see how humanity is devolving I really have no respect for them. When I look around I do see the seven deadly sins are out in full force within society. One for example is speed eating, of which has become hugely popular of late. It's obscene seeing people eat humongous amounts of food and for what? Talk about gluttony and greed, there's two there for you and you could probably throw in pride too!

I hate to sound skeptical, but you know me as I'm beginning to wonder, was the bible merely a blueprint? Were the writings on purpose in order to keep humanity like sheep, because they all certainly behave like them. The question is, is there a Dark side and a good or is it like politics, merely a faux dichotomy? Has the battle of good and bad merely been orchestrated in order to further control the populous?

Upon seeing videos of late, especially a few on the Vatican creating Islam, things are really beginning to fit into place. And regarding the Jews and the Zionists, who are undoubtedly part of the bigger picture, are they just merely useful idiots who will suffer the same as everyone else, merely puppets of the elites who have been running things for thousands of years (and I do think thousands and not hundreds)?

Common sense dictates that one is only able to understand what something is when they understand its opposite. To me it seems as though society is now moving from thesis and antithesis into synthesis. The thing is what to believe? This journey is one big head fuck as just when you think something's coming to its conclusion another door opens with many to choose, search within and understand.

There's no doubt about it though that the 12 tribes could possibly be some of the masters whom we are talking about, whom over time have made much wealth. The same also for those of Babylon and Egypt and of course Rome that moved into the Holy Roman Empire.

People may not be religious but guaranteed that what's going on certainly is.

Harry J said...

H, I know how you feel. It gets me like that some times. It's important to remember the incredible levels of manipulation and 'perception management' that goes on. In fact it's been happening from the day we were all born. Even those of us that have begun to see through the veils still have a way to go. Humanity is devolving but it is being done intentionally and with purpose. We resist it because its wrong.

There is very definitely a 'dark side' in the sense that there's a group of people consciously doing evil things. I suspect there are then many more who are deceived in various ways into furthering the aims of the 'group' without knowing the full and final aims. That doesn't absolve these people completely. For example, those who are involved with the EU project at managerial level must surely be aware of the implications of what they do in terms of treason and sovereignty.

With regards to the Bible, as I said I'm just a little confused and thoughtful on the subject at the moment. Keith Thompson for example is almost certainly entirely sincere in what he says and does and is very much a force for 'good'. There are many more 'good' people on this planet who don't want to exploit, enslave, murder etc. Unfortunately for us all the 'dark side' hold sway and use any and every weapon against us including those of a psychological nature.

I suspect there are many dialectics working simultaneously and all eventually heading towards the same synthesis. We can see, or at least have a good guess at, the synthesis. World temporal and spiritual control by the same bloodline elites but with new methods and institutions. The challenge is to decide for ourselves what we want, what operates in our interest both individually and collectively and then work towards that. It has to be something that captures the imagination of a significant number of people. Enough to mount a successful challenge. Remember they do fear us, that's why they spend so much time and effort in dumbing us down, brainwashing us and poisoning us.

My energy is limited in this cold weather but I'l continue trying to puzzle out a solution. Hopefully if we all do that, one of us just might succeed.

Anonymous said...


If you are still freaking out about the Old World Order and their diabolical plans, try to relax!

The evidence is becoming overwhelming that there is an extreme, multi-faceted worldwide effort being made to bring them down.

the old world order/the powers that were.

a chink of light.

BGD said...

Here's an underarm throw for you Harold: BDF is a more middle-brow (occasionally quite low-b)forum for a diff't audience to that of MR, chin-chin..

Harry J said...

Anon, do you really believe that China isn't part of the game? How is totalitarian Communist China going to be any better anyway?

My best guess for the end game scenario was that the 'bad' NWO ie America, Britain etc would be 'bought down' and then the 'good' NWO ie oneness, unity, a reformed UN with Chna taking a prominent role etc would take its place.

As for David Wilcock, I wouldn't place too much faith in him if I were you.

Harry J said...

Thanks for the tip BGD. I might try and pop by tomorrow if time allows.

BGD said...

No problemo

Anonymous said...

Great site, I've been perusing for a while. I have a link here you may want to peek at concerning the nature of man and his eternal state, POST resurrection. I too have trouble reconciling eternal suffering to a loving and just God, however this view of the after life and such does much to bring clarity to our times.


Thanks again for the time you spend contributing to this blog, and most of all for contending for the faith. Jd 1:3.

Harry J said...

Thanks for your kind words Anon. I've bookmarked your links for future investigation.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, let me know what you think. It took a bit for me to digest, as I had to realize and admit that much of our preconceived notions about man and the after life are actually repackaged pagan views adopted- or rather impressed upon Christendom by Romanism.
It is sad to say, but even honest Bible believing churches are being polluted by this ecumenical era and are being wooed into an uneven yolk with Rome once again. I pray more people's eyes are opened and our luke warm laodicean christian majority is able to run with obedience towards the goal, with a renewed mind and nature conformed to that of Christ's.


Harry J said...

Lutroo, I've read the 'immortal soul' article and I think it will take me a while to digest it all as well. My one question would be what exactly is 'resurrected from the dead'? The physical body?

Anonymous said...

Yes the physical body. Apparently the word for resurrection is anastasis

link here for greek meaning.

The firstborn of the dead was Christ after his resurrection, and the bible states we (the children of God through adoption) shall be like him. Following that statement logically it is safe to assume we will also have a physical body after death because Christ too had a physical body after he rose from the dead as Thomas touched his wounds.