Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Time Of The Homogenous Nation-State Is Over – Van Rompuy

The article below was written by Ian Parker-Joseph on his blog IP on Politics. I came across it on Captain Ranty's blog and felt compelled to post it here as well, which I feel sure Ian PJ won't mind. Not only to, hopefully, alert others to the venal and wicked words of Van Rompuy but also because I concur wholeheartedly with Ian PJ's statement. I too 'was born English', I too 'will die English and I too 'will never be an EU ‘citizen’'. I very definitely 'do not consent'. 
For anyone reading this whose knee-jerk reaction, courtesy of their Frankfurt school, cultural Marxist, brainwashing makes them think this is somehow 'xenophobic' or even 'racist' (yawn), you're wrong. It's neither of those things. Fundamentally it's about freedom and the resistance of tyranny. The European Union is the new 'Tower of Babel' and just like the original it will eventually come crashing down. All we can hope to do is to destroy it with as little collateral damage as possible.
Over to Ian.
Let me make a statement before we go any further.
I was Born English, I will Die English. I will never be an EU ‘citizen’ – I do not consent.
The unelected Van Rompuy, the quiet assassin of nations, has just declared war on the peoples of these Islands and the rest of Europe who will not quietly submit. I WILL fight if necessary to defend my homeland.
Today in Berlin, the unelected el Presidente of the tin pot European Union made his latest claim on a Federal Europe when he claimed:
We have together to fight the danger of a new Euro-scepticism.
This is no longer the monopoly of a few countries.
In every Member State, there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalised world.
It is more than an illusion: it is a lie!
The time of the homogeneous nation-state is over.
My response to Van Rompuy is this: I will die fighting before I surrender this nation to anyone, let alone the head of an unelected empire of crooks whose accounts again failed to be signed off today for the 16th year in a row.
My warning to Cameron & co is equally simple: There are millions of Brits who think exactly the same, but have so far remained patiently quiet and passive, giving you the opportunity to do the right things, but given the hard choice between the surrender of this nation to Brussels or fighting, they would fight.
You have had your chance to do this via the ballot box, to give the people their say via a referendum, you have had your opportunities to repatriate our sovereignty, but you thought that you could steal this nation by deception and get away with it. This latest outrage by Van Rompuy WILL awaken the Lion. Brace yourselves because our patience is fast running out.
How ironic that he should make this statement in Berlin of all places.
Read the full EU Press release of his speech here.
The UK Government should consider itself on notice that the British people will not accept this land grab, following its shameless surrender of even more sovereignty since being elected. Osborne’s complicity in the EU Economic Task force taking one more step towards Economic Union has not gone unnoticed either.
My contempt for this EUSSR now runs at an all time high. I have said many times that the construct of an empire of this nature can only be done peacefully with the consent of the people, without that consent it can only be held together by force.
You do not have that consent. I now await those forces to show their hand at my door and attempt to impose their will.
This empire of liars will be no different to any other, but history teaches us that eventually, the people always win.
Update from the comments (note Ian PJ's comments):
And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. So help me God.
1689 English Bill of Rights
and that IS the law, its still on the statute book. The signing of the Lisbon Treaty was an act of Treason.


IanPJ said...

Harry, Thanks for republishing this. It cannot be stressed enough that slice on slice they (the EU) are killing this nation and removing our national identity, as can be seen by the traitors voting in the commons yesterday giving the EU more powers over our financial & budget making processes.

@IanPJ: The traitors voted for more EU Economic Governance yesterday Ayes 296, Noes 40 - Obfuscation and Treason

Anonymous said...


Of course it's treason and?
We have two distinct people in this land - those who care and those who don't.
We have those who see themselves as British and those who don't and vehemently anti British.
There are those few who see the threat of the NWo and there are those who do not, who have happily bought globalisation.

The reality RH is that people can write about their disgust for all to see, but that's all it is - "for all to see" and nothing more.

I got attacked from all sides for supporting the students in their protest in London yesterday, on the Telegraph. They are attacking government policy of yet more debt and the morons on there were saying the usual Daily Wail stuff. Violence is the last stand against tyranny. The letters to the government, the student meetings, peaceful demonstrations....all had failed into getting the message across that they were unhappy and disagreed with it. What therefore is the next logical step when everything else has failed?

Worse still, we read that Cameron is happy to put up student fees because it will bring down the costs for foreign students! This is the British prime minister openly acknowledging support for foreigners before his own people whom he's in government for! Would we hear this from other country's leaders? Of course we wouldn't!

Link: David Cameron admits tuition fees increase will keep cost to foreign students down

Ian PJ may speak of how everyone may feel but what's his next step? More letters? More speeches like such on blogs and newspaper comment sections?

We can talk all day and rouse people until the cows come home but time waits for no one and although the NWO are working in a time period to bring about control before people wake up, our older generations, the above 40's who are awake are getting older with a very asleep under 40 generation who are happy multicultural supporting globalists, promoting the NWO agenda!

What's the next step RH? I write in my blog of what's going on, but I would never give away any ideas of what to do, for obvious reasons.

We need to step things up a gear though if there is to be any change. You and I both know it.

Harry J said...

Thanks for passing by Ian. You're welcome. It was a great post that hit a nerve.

Harry J said...

Alright H,

I suspect it's a little more complicated than that. There's an avalanche of propaganda and psychological manipulation at work today and has been for many decades. I remember reading somewhere that psychologists were aware that around 20% of all subjects were immune to any effects. Perhaps we're among the lucky few.

Of course then there are many people who, although aware that something is very wrong, are still stuck in the political, left/right, paradigm. Even among those who have begun to 'wake up' there are carefully laid traps that many have fallen into. In short things are very difficult and the way out is far from clear.

At least Ian PJ is voicing his feelings on the subject in clear and concise terms. If nothing else it's evidence of a general disquiet over things in general and not just the EU. That said you're quite right to ask, what next? I'm afraid I have to agree with those who say that the sort of violence we saw yesterday will get us nowhere fast. It was most likely instigated by the same network of left wing and anarchist dupes and puppets that we see on 'anti-racist' demonstrations. I'm sure you're aware of the counter arguments such as it gives reason for a furthering of the police state and that trying to beat them at the violence game is doomed to failure.

Any successful resistance has to be based on fundamentals. Something that resonates with both irate students and members of the older generation less able to take to the streets. My own thinking is that it has to be a simple idea or statement that is antithetical to the NWO agenda. Something that everything else flows from. We know they want to create a world government and a world religion. This world government will be communitarian or collectivist. From my own research I'm convinced that an important element of the proposed world religion will be based on the New Age idea of 'oneness' or 'one consciousness'. The antithesis to this is what I'm working towards. The basis is that the idea that we are 'one consciousness' is at best debatable. Explaining why would take too long for this comment. My own thoughts is that what we actually are, are unique, sovereign individuals, born with God given inalienable rights. This was an important element of the English Common Law and the American Constitution.

What flows from this is that the People are sovereign, not Governments or Royalty. No King, Queen or politician has any more rights than you or I. As Ian said in his post, he 'does not consent'. It's here where we get to the very basics that can hopefully transcend the myriad political beliefs that many hold as a result of the manipulation I mentioned earlier. Given the opportunity to discuss issues freely without the unseen meddling of the elites would resolve many things that bedevil us today.

Of course what I've said above needs expanding on. It also needs ways of being expressed, peacefully and purposefully, that brings the attention of the masses and puts the puppet politicians in the position of arguing to the contrary.

James Higham said...

Good to see another name thinking along the same lines. It's a major issue of the time and we have to resist with all at our disposal.

Harry J said...

Thanks James. I visited your site the other night and I'm in the process of reading through your 'Sovereignty: Who Actually Owns This Nation' series. I enjoyed the first few so much I added you to my list of resistors on the right.

By the way, I did try to leave a comment on your site but for some reason it didn't work. I'm not sure why but it was probably something I did wrong.