Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beware Of False Prophets

Update 17/11/10.

Looking at this again on the smaller screen that is my laptop I could see that blogger had cut off half of the image. This meant I've had to reduce its size, which in turn has reduced the size of the Fabian logo, making it indistinct.  For anyone who doesn't know, the fact that their logo is that of a wolf in sheep's clothing is really a crucial element of what the image was trying to portray. For that reason I've included the logo as well below, if only because it's worth reflecting on what it represents and what it says about the organisation itself and the people who are members of it.


Anonymous said...

Yup, I concur. Your shortest post yet RH!

Harry J said...

Ha yes, I've just bought a new Mac off eBay and it has Photoshop CS5 installed. I was just playing around with it a bit.

In my dreams this would be the first in a series of poster campaigns on billboards across the country.

Perhaps if I win the lottery tomorrow night....

Captain Ranty said...


You can stick the three c's* on a similar poster.

*Cameron, Clegg and Cable. (Just clearing that up for any foreign visitors).

In fact, perm any 3 from 650 and you should be close to the mark.


Harry J said...

I'm sure you're absolutely correct CR but do we have definitive proof? We know for certain that the gruesome foursome above are Fabians, as are many others in the Labour Party, but do we have similar proof in regards to the LibDim's and the Con's?

Stop Common Purpose said...

RH: Scameron and Pals may not be Fabians as such but from their actions they are obviously communitarians.