Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Money That's Sold Abroad Is You

In a time of immense, ever increasing, national debts and continuing government borrowing this video reminds us of a very important point. It asks the question, where is your government going to get them money to pay off the debts it's accumulating?  Governments have only one asset to use as collateral and that's you. The money required will be taken off you and shipped overseas or given to private bankers who most definitely don't deserve it. Your leaders are selling your blood, sweat and tears to foreign countries such as China.

The video then makes some pertinent observations on this state of affairs.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Left Wing Dupes

In an earlier post we saw the suggestion by Phillip Jones, in his essay the Nexus of Evil, that the most effective resistance to the unfolding New World Order and its Communist (left wing)/Super-capitalist (right wing) nexus (Communitarianism) was Nationalism. He also talked about the 'rootless intellectuals' being 'marshaled' against Nationalism and how it had become 'a much maligned and misrepresented political credo'.

Nationalism is the only bulwark against the New World Order and those behind it know this. A nation is its people which is one of the reasons why they have encouraged such large scale immigration in order to destabilise and weaken national identity. I should point out that moderate Nationalism isn't racism, xenophobia, fascism, extremism or Nazism. These are all the extremes that are used to denigrate and deride and have become powerful mind control 'buzz words'. All guaranteed to spring to mind when the subject of Nationalism is bought up. This is intentional because we are being slowly led into a totalitarian One World Government. Genuine Nationalism is that which operates in the interests of its sovereign peoples and which co-operates freely and willingly with all other sovereign countries.

Nationalism is being attacked in numerous ways but, as mentioned above, perhaps the most obvious one is mass immigration along with such Frankfurt School derived cultural Marxist techniques as political correctness, anti-racism and affirmative action. It should be obvious that, in addition to the age old elite tactic of divide and rule, this is a deeply wicked attempt by the PTB (powers that be) to destroy British national identity without any sort of consensus. A situation which I'm sure most ethnic minorities of good will would not wish to see happen to their country of origin or indeed to Britain for that matter. It should never be forgotten we are both victims in this drive for a One World Government.

Absolutely essential to this endeavour has been the manipulation and shaping of public perceptions and thinking (brainwashing) by the PTB. As I began to understand the broader agenda it seemed to me that the most duped of all have been the 'left' of British politics. Not least because I once considered myself to be 'left wing'.  I'm not talking about the leadership of the Labour party (I've a feeling they are brainwashed in other, more subtle, ways) but the lowly MP's, councillors, activists and general supporters.

I've long since stopped believing in the left's idea of 'progressive (another mind control buzzword) politics'. Many, if not most, of their policies were bad enough even taken at face value. What the 'left' fail to realise though is that they are being manipulated to a shocking degree as one part of a dialectic that will eventually see a super rich, blood-line elite and their minions install a 21st century form of feudalism, with the great mass of society as little more than serfs or slaves. The control system we already live under is slowly tightening its grip with the left's help and in many cases, its blessing. The system's also being slowly altered (hence the frequent political use of such terms as 'change' and 'reform')  as we are moved into the new global control system often referred to by the 'elites' as the New World Order.

I recently came across a quote that seemed to shed some light on another, important, part of the brainwashing we are subjected to. It was from a speech given at a meeting of the Church, in Crampton, in the middle of the 19th century. Some sources say that a Reverend, Dr Bramwell made the speech, others that he was the chair of the meeting and that the speech was given by a Reverend J. R. Stephens of Stalybridge. Whoever the speaker was, he said:

“The factory-law was so unblushingly violated that the chief inspector of that part of the factory district, Mr. Leonard Horner, had found himself necessitated to write to the Home Secretary, to say that he dared not, and would not send any of his sub-inspectors into certain districts until he had police protection. *** And protection against whom?  Against the factory-masters!  Against the richest men in the district, against the most influential men in the district, against the magistrates of the district, against the men who hold her Majesty’s commission, against the men who sat in the Petty Sessions as the representatives of royalty. *** And did the masters suffer for their violation of the law?  In his own district it was a settled custom of the male, and to a great extent of the female workers in factories, to be in bed from 9, 10 or 11 o’clock on Sunday, because they were tired out by the labour of the week.  Sunday was the only day on which they could rest their wearied frames. *** It would generally be found that, the longer the time of work, the smaller the wages. *** He would rather be a slave in South Carolina, than a factory operative in England.”

There are several things that can be deduced from the quote, not least the clearly described representatives of the control system we still live under today. What caught my eye the most however was the final sentence. The collective guilt all 'white' people are meant to have about the slave trade is one of the major justifications for, amongst other things, mass immigration, the cultural Marxism that goes with it, the, so called, equality agenda and the suppression of any criticism of these things. 

There are many elements of the slave trade, as taught in British schools and elsewhere, that are distorted, misrepresented or left out altogether. Most importantly though is the fact that the 'white people' responsible for the slave trade were the same small elite, largely royal and aristocratic, few whose descendants are still in control today. Nothing's changed, particularly in the sense that all these things require money. Both the slave trade and the empire were funded by the bankers. It's the financial oligarchy that controls both Britain and elsewhere that made the decisions then and continue to do so today. 

The great mass of British people were little more than slaves or serfs themselves. Whether in sweat shops or factories similar to the one described above or in earlier times on the fields of rural Britain. I'm certainly not downplaying the suffering of Africans due to the slave trade, just attempting to put it in some sort of perspective. A perspective that clearly shows that both the (white) working classes of Britain and the (black) African victims of the slave trade have a common enemy. The blood-line elites that still control this country, the Commonwealth and elsewhere and who are attempting to create a New World Order. A totalitarian system that will see us all enslaved even further than we are today.

The liberal left have been sold the idea that the world can be spilt into two, guilty oppressors ('whites') and virtuous victims (other ethnic minorities). The truth is very different. It wasn't 'white' working class factory workers that decided to create the empire, enslave 'black' Africans or go to war on numerous occasions, it was the elites who really rule this country. They are our common 'enemy'. If the 'left' wish to do something of value for both the working classes of Britain and poor people all over the world they should look no further than our banking and finance system. There's nothing that keeps the controllers in power more than the fractional reserve banking system. It allows them to create money from nothing, charge interest on every currency unit created and subsequently own and control all the major corporations. It's this same system operated by the international banking cartels through the IMF and World Bank that is the main reason why the developing world remains in a state of poverty. 

It's only when you study the New World Order agenda in some detail that this and much more can be traced back to a common source. It's from that common source that the puppet masters manipulate the sham Punch (left) and Judy (right) show we call democracy. A system designed only to distract the masses and give them the illusion they have any power.

To concur it's important for us all to realise that we have been, and continue to be, exposed to incredible levels of brainwashing, mind control and 'perception management'. None more so than on the subjects of mass immigration, political correctness, (so called) equality and affirmative action. These things may appear to be to the benefit of ethnic minorities but at best it is only a short term illusory effect in the pursuit of a long term goal. Yes the 'right' is also manipulated but perhaps not to the degree that the 'left' is. They, in particular, need to awaken from their hypnotic trance if we have any chance of escaping the New World Order trap that is being set. Britain is being subverted, divided (diversity) and destroyed. If we are to prevent this happening, not just here but elsewhere in the world, then we have to become aware of the manipulation taking place and focus on our common enemy. Once that's done the sovereign people of this country and other countries around the world can all find a way forward free from the lies and deception of a control structure that presently operates only for the benefit of the super rich bloodline elites and their paid minions and political puppets.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Solution: A Speech by Schaeffer Cox

Many thanks to Captain Ranty for finding this great video (see below) of a speech by a young American called Schaeffer Cox. It's entitled 'The Solution' and gives several sugestions on positive things that can be done in the face of the agenda we see unfolding. He's certainly an inspiration and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole speech.

Whilst I was watching I jotted down one or two notes on some of the points he was making. The first thing I noted was his suggestion that our 'enemy' seem keen to get us 'to do useless things'. This certainly struck a chord. We often see many of those (myself included) who have begun to wake up wasting endless time discussing some small example of the agenda in action when we should really be concentrating on solutions such as those shown in the speech. Then there are all the various 'rabbit holes' such as planet X or the alien agenda carefully designed to keep those who get sucked in going round and round in circles.

The second thing I noted was his statement that, 'the enemy is anyone who would threaten or connive to take away our liberty'. This is most certainly true though I would differentiate between the elites giving the orders and the brainwashed puppets who generally have to implement them. It's hoped that the latter can be reached with truth and reason.

He also said we should focus on 'not so much about what we hate and are against but what we love and are for'. This has tremendous psychological advantages and whilst it isn't always easy to do it's certainly something we should aspire to do.

The 'liberty bell system' is a fantastic idea. How I'd love to be involved in something like that here in Britain. I don't doubt that there are still plenty of communities here where something such as this could be made to work but, sadly, the chance of it happening in the inner city area I live in is close to zero.

His interpretation of what constitutes Common Law intrigued me. He stated it was 'do all that you have agreed to do and don't encroach on other people or their property.' I had to check the dictionary definition of encroach. I found two which were:

'To take another's possessions or rights gradually or stealthily.'

'To intrude gradually, stealthily, or insidiously upon the rights, property, etc., of another'

The version I've generally come across in Britain is 'thou shalt not cause harm or loss' with the addition that you should be 'straight' in all business dealings. I felt that Schaeffers version lacked a little in that it didn't emphasise that no harm should be done to another. However I did like the 'do all you have agreed to do' part perhaps with the addition of the 'business dealings' bit. I'm no expert but I think that 'do all you have agreed to do' bit refers to business dealings but if anyone knows better please let me know in the comments. From now on if someone asks me to define Common Law I will say:

'Thou shalt not cause harm or loss and thou shalt do all that you have agreed to do (in business dealings).'

I think he said it was his father who told him that 'if you don't control yourself someone else will control you.' Never a truer word spoken in these days of the encroaching police state.

The statement I really loved was the following:

'Put right and wrong above legal and illegal because when tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty. But it is not rebellion at all it is submission to the higher law that government is in rebellion to. We're not the rebels, they're the rebels.'

This is indeed why we need to resist those who would subsume us in the EU and any proposed World Government. It's the Brown's, Blair's, Mandelson's and Milliband's who are the rebels, not us.

I really wish I could agree with his idea that 'we don't need to gun down the beast because liberty always wins and tyranny self destructs.' Alan Watt talks a lot about how the 'elites' often shift their centres of power. Many of the empires that have apparently self destructed were destroyed from within. We can see that very process happening today. That doesn't mean we can't or won't win though just that we do need to work hard to ensure it happens.

Although there is a difference between the American constitution and our own I still think the next pronouncement also has validity for us here in Britain.

'Protect the seeds of liberty inherent in our constitution and carry them through the smoke and fire of the turmoil to come and plant them in the fertile soil when the smoke clears so there can be hope for a better day after the horrible position our government has placed us in.'

As I mentioned in the 'Treaty of Verona' post there may well be some elements of our constitution we need to look at 'once the smoke clears'. However there is still enough in there to protect us and it is to our constitution we should refer when faced with those attempting to enforce their New World Order.

Finally we come to the declaration. Again this is specific to America and its constitution but I think it would be great if we had a declaration of our own. One that would serve a similar purpose to the one described in the speech. I reproduce the declaration in full below but in the next few days I intend to have a try at altering it to suit our needs. I've no great confidence that I'll do an adequate job so if anyone else fancies a go please put your attempt in the comments section below.

'Let it be known, that we the people of Alaska stand in recognition of the true principle that whenever a government abandons the purpose for which we have created it and even becomes hostile towards that it was once a defender of it is no longer a fit steward of the political power that is inherent in the people and lent to this government with strict conditions. These conditions are clearly defined in the United States constitution and understood by the common man. Furthermore, to the extent that our government violates these conditions they nullify their own authority at which point it is our right and duty to entrust this power to new stewards who will not depart from the laws that we have given them. This being the case, let it be known that should our government seek to further tax, restrict, register firearms or otherwise impose on the right that shall not be infringed thus impairing our ability to exercise the God given right to self defense which precedes all human legislation and is superior to it. That the duty of us good and faithful people will not be to obey them but to alter or abolish them and institute new governments, laying its foundation on such principles and organising its powers in such form as to us seem most likely to affect our safety and happiness.'

I'll be keeping an eye on Schaeffer Cox and what he gets up to in the future. We could certainly do with a few like him here in Britain.

The Aristocratic Foundations of the Fabian Society

Here's another video talk by Alan Watt entitled 'Conditioning Through Entertainment'. The title is a slight misnomer in that much of the video is spent discussing the Fabian Society and the aristocratic links to its founders. It should be remembered that the Fabians were instrumental in the setting up of the Labour party and still hold great influence over it to this day. Most, if not all, prominent Labour party members are also Fabians including Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. Alan Watt discusses Tony Blair the Fabian in a bit more detail in this video.

It should be clear from this talk that the collection of aristocrats involved in the setting up and funding of the Fabians had very little in common with the ordinary working class men and women they purported to support. The Fabians, like the Labour party was set up to provide 'left' cover for the World Government, New World Order, agenda. Yet more evidence of how those on the 'left' have been duped.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reality Check by Alan Watt

Alan Watt is a Scot, now living in Canada, who has done extensive research into the control system we live under. In this video he gives a broad historical overview which is well worth watching. He traces the system's movement from Babylon through to Minoa, Egypt, Greece, Rome and up to the present day. Subjects covered include Darwin, 2001 A Space Odyssey and of course the New World Order. He explains how the 'elites' see themselves as top predators, believing they are born to rule over us, the profane, the little people. 

Perhaps his most disturbing insight for me is where he describes the fact that throughout history the elites have consistently shifted their centres of power. Before doing so however they always first destroy their previous centres in order to prevent them from being a rival to the new one and so as to easily subsume them into the new empire. I can't help looking at what is happening in Britain today and wondering if I'm seeing that process in action. London, predominantly through the Crown in the City of London, has indeed been one of the centres, if not the centre, of the globalist New World Order agenda. When we look at such things as the unbelievably high levels of immigration, the deindustrialisation that continues apace, our increasing levels of debt, the developing police state, widespread cultural Marxism and political correctness, downgrading of our armed forces and the dumbing down of society, particularly in the education system, we can see the deliberate destruction of this country. Add to this our over reliance on the 'financial sector' and we are incredibly vulnerable should this business move elsewhere.

Anyway, if you can spare the time I highly recommend watching this video as a good introduction to the work of Alan Watt. If you want to see and hear more from him he has a website called 'Cutting Through The Matrix'.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The England I Love And Shall Forever Love

I love reading anything by Mike James. Here's his 'no holds barred' look at our poor besieged nation. Let's hope he's wrong when he says, "there is not one ounce of national revolutionary blood left in the veins of the Greatest Race that ever lived." I'd like to think there's an ounce or two in my veins and I know there's quite a few others out there who have even more.

The England I Love And Shall Forever Love

By Michael James in Germany, 2-26-10

While the British people are being led by their easily-tweaked noses into yet another sham general election in which the choice they make is severely circumscribed by an evil system of usury and the prospect of no change in the circumstances of a people befuddled by decades of sinister, police-state, Tavistock Institute conditioning, almost nobody is asking:

"For how much longer must we tolerate living in a nation beholden to only special interest groups, International Jewish Finance, a "Punch and Judy" show behind which the British Crown's servitude to The City of London has prostituted Britons to a life of indentured class-riddled servitude and without a chance in hell of extricating ourselves from the demonic Soviet European Union?"

The problem lies in the constitutional make-up of the United Kingdom, an administrative construct that serves only the obscenely rich and parasitic classes, and which treats its 'subject-citizens' as mere chattels of the Crown, now nothing more than a pimping agency for the Brussels' elites who see in the English, Scots and Welsh nothing more than stupefied 'white trash' to be cash-raped whenever a French bureaucrat feels the need for an inflationary orgasm.

Monday, March 8, 2010

September 11th, 2001

I haven't posted anything on 9/11 so far mainly because there is so much, overwhelming, evidence it's difficult to know where to start. I decided to post this video not only because it's crucial evidence that, at the very least, shows the official story is a lie but because it features the voices of the extremely brave firemen who were shortly to lose their lives in the collapses.

I would hope that anyone who watches this video would realise they've been lied to on a colossal scale. Once that realisation takes hold then there is a wealth of information to be found elsewhere that exposes the lie to an even greater degree. Perhaps this would be a good place to start.

Realising that the 9/11 story is a lie is merely the start of the journey. Ask yourself who did this and why and the bigger picture can start to unfold.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Treaty of Verona and the Deception That is the Magna Carta.

The article below was written by John Harris and posted on his website It invites a number of conclusions to be drawn. Firstly that this country has been essentially Vatican controlled since 1213. This isn't the first time I've seen such a suggestion being made and it certainly ties in with others who claim evidence of the Vatican playing a pivotal, if not the pivotal, role in the New World Order agenda. Indeed, it seems more than likely that the Vatican's invisible rule is exercised through the Crown or City of London. The Rothschild banking interests being the primary vehicle.

The second significant thing this article appears to show is that the Magna Carta is, perhaps, not all that it seems. It's intrinsically linked to the Treaty of Verona, signed in 1213, and is central to the control system this country has lived under for a number of years. The signing of the Lisbon Treaty looks like nothing more than a move from one system of control to another, though still under the guiding hand of the Vatican. There are some researchers who have made a strong case that the EU is little more than the 'Holy Roman Empire' reborn. John's article certainly appears to confirm this.

What of the Monarchy? At first sight it could be argued that this also shows that they are powerless pawns in the agenda. I don't think so. The British Royal family have shown no signs of resisting at any stage of the development of the EU we see today and evidence abounds that they are willing participants in the New World Order agenda. Researchers suggest that the Roman Catholic church was a creation of the bloodline families of the Roman Empire. The Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's currently in residence at Buckingham Palace are members of the European bloodlines (black nobility) who descend from those Roman families and others who have ruled the world in secret for, perhaps, thousands of years.

Does this mean our constitution as a whole is flawed? Certainly Magna Carta was an integral part of it. If it is then what next? I've always felt that reasserting our constitution after withdrawing from the EU was only a first step in restoring, or indeed, claiming our sovereign rights as free people. We need to look objectively at our constitution and correct whatever flaws it may have. Nobody can deny us our true sovereignty and that includes our sovereign right to create our own currency (means of exchange) free from debt. I also fail to see how the present Royal family or the institution of the Monarchy can survive a critical evaluation. It's time to dismantle the various systems of control we are enslaved under. It won't be easy and there will be many, who find security in their prisons, whose instinct will be to resist. But it has to be done if we are to be truly free. The alternative is a New World Order where a criminal and likely Satanic few rule over us in a 21st century feudal nightmare.