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New Age Communism: The "Zeitgeist" Agenda

In the last month or so I've had several 'discussions' with ardent members of the 'Zeitgeist Movement'. What struck was the fervour with which they defended the movement from my critical observations about it. I began to understand why some considered it to have become a cult.

 I'd seen the first two films and felt a little uneasy about them. The section in the first film 'exposing' Christianity was deeply flawed and the 'solution' proposed in Zeitgeist Addendum, namely the Venus Project, seemed more than a little suspect.

Reading an article on the Zeitgeist videos by Edward G. Griffin helped clarify my unease about the Venus Project and the excellent films Zeitgeist Debunked and Zeitgeist Refuted put the anti-Christian rhetoric in context. I did feel, however, that there was more to the Zeitgeist Movement than the above suggested. I'd come to understand that much of the so called 'Truth Movement' was a controlled 'psy-op' with one of its main aims, in simple terms, being to steer those who had woken up to the Orwellian New World Order being developed, in the direction of a 'good' world government. In addition this 'good' world government would have New Age (Theosophic) overtones. In short it would be the disguised New World Order the PTB were aiming for all along. As far back as 1959, William Guy Carr, in his manuscript 'Satan, Prince of This World', spoke of the Satanic elite's aim of getting us to destroy our own governments and then to usurp the first world government that would then be created.

I'd assembled some information and I was going to attempt a post on this but Richard Evans, writing on Henry Makow's website, has done a far better job than I could have hoped to have done. I've reproduced it in full below.

Just one observation. The author appears to place the 'Rothschild crime syndicate' at the centre of operations. Whilst they are indeed pivotal players in the 'game' I suspect the real controllers lie deeper in the shadows than the overt Rothschilds.

"The Zeitgeist solution is Communism re-packaged to rope in the 21st- century-truth seeker."

by Richard Evans (for

The creep behind the Zeitgeist series, Jacques Fresco
"Never give people the right to their own opinion!" - JACQUES FRESCO

After the negative reception Zeitgeist received for it's gratuitous anti-Christian content written by "Acharya S," we hoped that was the end of Zeitgeist.

But a year later in 2008, filmmaker Peter Joseph was back with "Zeitgeist Addendum." (Joseph's real name seems to be P.J. Mercola.) This time P.J. seemed to kowtow to a wild eyed little old man named, Jacques Fresco.

Joseph said, " Zeitgeist is the activist arm of the Venus Project". The Venus Project is 94-year old control freak Jacques Fresco, born in the Bronx in 1917. It is associated with the UN and pushes the familiar Communist Illuminati agenda: forever concentrating wealth and power in the hands of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate until they have it all. [Communism is a ruse to disguise this control as "public" or State ownership.]

In the words of Ernst Fischer, the Venus Project's "solution is Communism re-packaged to rope in the 21st century truth seeker." Here is a detailed comparison of the Zeitgeist philosophy and Communism.

Fischer Continues: "Fresco spoke at the 10th anniversary of the UN's Earth charter last year and subsequently attended Mikael Gorbachevs congress, which you will find on hidden away in the Netherlands section. Hell even if for some reason you think rubbing shoulders with those mid level elites is okay, what about frescos co-speaker Ervin Laszlo, (who he "spent time with") who FOUNDED the Club of Budapest, with Aurelio Peccei, founder of the CLUB OF ROME, full of lovely Illuminati globalists, who want a one world order, unified, worshiping the earth, under a new age religion. What about him being invited to dinner in the Dutch queen's palace? As in Queen Beatrix.... of Bilderberg.

Fresco, former member of the Communist party, wrote a book with Ken Keyes a while back. You don't just write a book with someone you barely know, so I might go so far as to say his good friend and colleague Keyes wrote a charming book called Planethood, go look it up. The book speaks not only of how the UN will fix the planet, but how they will install a One World Government "for the earth" Um, no thanks, what about the people?  Or does Skynet just see us as more resources in the resource management program?"  


Fresco started out as an aircraft designer with a government contractor during the 1930's.

After WWII he founded Ravell Plastics.  If you ever assembled model airplane kits you probably bought some of his products.  If you were into model airplane kits in the 1950's-60's, you remember the powerful airplane glue in the box, and you may recall getting headaches or even passing out.

In Zeitgeist Addendum, Fresco shows his plastic model Utopia.  He explains that all current social problems will be solved by technology.  For example, his solution for drunk driving is cars that won't start if alcohol is detected.  That sounds a control freak.  In reality, when you create more technology you have to create more solutions to solve the problems it creates.  To see what I mean, visit the technological utopias in the movie "Brazil" (1985).

In real life, designer oversight isn't so funny. Fifty years ago, Fresco's Ravell model airplane kits included a powerful toxic airplane glue in the box. That glue was eventually banned because the breathing the vapor killed brain cells.  If the engineer is infallible, was lowering intelligence of boys during the 1950's-60's part of his plan?  The folly of Plato's Republic is that the self appointed 'Guardians' is they set themselves up as God, while they outlaw free will for the rest of society.

Fresco says there will be no government in his techno-utopia - but who's going to make these decisions without a visible, accountable government?

Plato's Republic is the 2500-year-old blueprint of the New World Order.   Plato wrote it as a fictional dialogue proposing humanity be ruled by a special class of people he called "the Guardians".   The premise Plato's utopia is that the majority of people aren't entitled to their opinion, and for the good of society need to be told what to do from cradle to  grave.

Plato even proposed that people be bred for traits, like dogs and horses. Also in Plato's Republic, private property, marriage and nuclear family aren't allowed. The Illuminati pretty much adopted these views.

In his essay, "Beyond Utopia," Fresco  admired Plato's Republic, Karl Marx, and H. G. Wells novel about a Freemasonry of science, The Shape of Things to Come, in which Freemasons take over the world.  Fresco lurked in the shadows during the run of the first Zeitgeist movie in 2007.   Director Peter Joseph served as front man for Fresco's The Venus Project.


The media sings the praises of "pro-democratic protests for change in government" as a "spontaneous social phenomenon."  We're supposed to believe that for the first time in history, all we have to do is march in the streets and entrenched military dictatorships buckle to their knees - armies, secret police and all.

How is this possible all of a sudden?  The media present the usual array of experts who tell us it's the power of "social networking" technology.  It's Facebook and Twitter..  Never mind that it's no secret that Facebook is a CIA tool.

What's this got to do with the third installment in the series, Zeitgeist Moving Forward?  The structure and message of all three movies is the same Diocletian formula of "Problem-Reaction-Solution"  That's a method of manufacturing consent dating back to Rome.


Peter Joseph
Here is a synopsis of the last 11 minutes.  Keep in mind this big production was released Jan 20, 2011 before the "Jasmine" "revolutions" had spread.   See how the "Solution" script of Zeitgeist Moving Forward matches the "Problem-Reaction-Solution" from the Club of Rome's 1991 book, The First Global Revolution, Chap. V: The Vacuum.


ZEITGEIST:  "This isn't a recession.  Jobs are never coming back.  States won't be able to pay unemployment checks because they'll be out of money"

VENUS PROJECT's JACQUES FRESCO::  "When things get so bad that people lose confidence in their elected leaders, they're going to demand change, if they don't kill each other first."

CLUB OF ROME:  "Democracy will be made to seem responsible for the lagging economy, the scarcity and uncertainties. The very concept of democracy could then be brought into question and allow for the seizure of power by extremists of one brand or the other."

ZEITGEIST:  It's clear that we're on the verge of a great transition in human life,  What we face now is the change of this life we've known over the last century. "

CLUB OF ROME:  "In searching for a new enemy we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill."

ZEITGEIST: Screen shows newspaper headlines on famine, water shortage, unemployment, crime, and the  Wall Street Journal  UN DECLARES STATE OF GLOBAL EMERGENCY

A crowd of culturally diverse people gathered in the streets in front of a central bank of a North American city.

The people look up at a giant Times Square type TV screen to see shots of revolutions going on GLOBALLY and simultaneously.

The marquee on the screen shows the words WORLD PROTESTS SHUT DOWN GLOBAL ECONOMY!

The people get an idea...(yes we can!)



ZEITGEIST  The street crowd collectively seeing the giant TV screen news get an idea...(yes we can!)   Helicopters hover overhead, and battalion of white American riot police appears squaring off menacingly in front of the central bank.

Next a bird's eye view of the city showing the mob packs the streets of the entire world.

Seeing this from their top floor window of the Fed Central Bank the evil white men in the board room look depressed and defeated.  The chairman of the board ponders a minute and snuffs out his cigar.

He picks up the phone to  put in a call to the lead cop to tell him to surrender -- to the people!   The leader cop drops his helmet.


Cue up happy music.

A former wage slave throws his  briefcase.  up in the air , it .lands in slow motion and burst open and money inside is lying in the street.  Then the whole mob throws away their wallets and checkbooks into a huge pile in the street.  Finally a little boy throws his piggy bank in the street.


Next a little boy is looking at a snapshot of that day titled THE END OF HISTORY

After evil Capitalists give up control of the world,  the public has thrown their savings cash away, and instantly everything glows with celestial light and everything is free.   And there are no old or homeless people.

(How come there were no Chinese or Asians, or blacks in this movie?) - (Ed note: I suspect that it's because this particular 'psy-op' is aimed at the 'white' West - Peter Joseph's explanation is here - note the similarities to Icke's 'everything's an illusion, there's no such thing as races' spiel)

JACQUES FRESCO: " If we try to visualize the future without families. there's fear, so when we make movies we put families in there. There will be no families. Those people won't want children. We do a survey of the carrying capacity of the earth, and that tells us how many people the earth can support."

Wonder why after so much multicultural diversity it ends with this specimen of Lebensborn Eugenics giving a *wink* to the "bio-ethics" insiders?

CLUB OF ROME:  "This is the way we are setting the scene for mankind's encounter with the planet."


There are no new or original ideas in any of the movies.   If you didn't see previous versions, don't waste your time.   Just watch the last 11 minutes of Zeitgeist Moving Forward.

Zeitgeist isn't activist, and it's not a movement. The actual purpose of Peter Joseph's work is to manufacture consent for the cashless system the international bank cabal planned a century ago.

Lord Bertrand  Russell wrote in his 1951 book "Impact of Science on Society"  that the electronic cashless society will be a form of social control.

"Credits" will be given to you on a weekly basis, and they have to be consumed by the end of the week, and cannot be saved up.  If you are against the system and do not follow orders, you don't eat.  Nobody will be able to help anyone else because all will be dependent on the system.

Like Lord Russell, Fresco is a plutocrat whose retirement hobby is social engineering and raising an army of useful idiots..  During the Cold War hoax, Russell  founded  the "Pugwash movement" which used the fear of nuclear holocaust  to trick hippies into holding rallies in Washington DC begging for world government.   They must have been high, or didn't have the vocabulary  to comprehend his wordy books.

Zeitgeist One told people to lose their faith in their religion,

Zeitgeist 1,2,& 3 told people that private property, savings, elected national democracy, and the right to your own opinion caused the economic crash, the 'war on terror', and 'global warming'.

Now The Venus Project (Jacques Fresco) is telling you to withdraw all your money, savings and all and throw it away.

If there were any doubt that Zeitgeist has been predictive programming to coincide with the 'flash mob' 'Global revolution, the last 11 minutes of Zeitgeist Moving On leave no doubt.

The Venus Project is one of a "thousand points of light" softening brains and lowering guards for their big hoax of 2012.  Another one is of course the Mayan Calendar nonsense.  Now that we see real riots made to order, they've tipped their hand.  If only people don't fall for it.

Fresco's vision of a atheist Utopia alienated Buddhists, Hindus, and those into the galaxy of "new age" people.  Aware of that, Peter Joseph is currently working next installment for 2012, dropping the 'Zeitgeist' branding,  titled "Earth 2.0".

It will push exactly the same cashless, collective society, but Zeitgeist's open atheism will be candy coated with a section on human consciousness as God.  Quantum metaphysics Cabala camouflage will replace Jacques Fresco's overt assault on faith and metaphysics.

Related Links

First, here's a little background on the Zeitgeist movies.

[2] CIA Gets in Your Face(book)  WIRED Magazine  Jan. 2007
Since December 2006, the Central Intelligence Agency has been using, the popular social networking site, to recruit potential employees into its National Clandestine Service. It marks the first time the CIA has ventured into social networking to hire new personnel.

Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.  WIRED Magazine April 2000
Our most powerful 21st-century technologies - robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech - are threatening to make humans an endangered species.

Ravell Plastics

I'd add one more video that is from the excellent site Zeitgeist Movement Exposed.

I don't think the Zeitgeist Movement is the only 'psy-op', not by a long way. If nothing else the above teaches those of us eager to defeat the New World Order to be wary of 'solutions' being fed to us as well as being alert to the psychological warfare being waged against us.


Anonymous said...

The filtering of information from indoctrination?.
To explain to someone that, what they perceive to be true, is just another indoctrination of what the PTB want them to believe is true.
How can you define what is true, and, what is untrue, to those that have no freedom of mind.
Zeitgeist when I first read about it, seemed the perfect solution. Then when listening a second time, realised that free thinking was not really a part of the agenda.
Its all about control, there is no middle ground with these elitists.
Like you say they are using the psychy against us.
Long hard fight prevails.
Be well


Snakey said...

Zeitgeist when I first read about it, seemed the perfect solution. Then when listening a second time, realised that free thinking was not really a part of the agenda.

I am in total agreement :)

"Credits" will be given to you on a weekly basis

We already have this system in place. The move towards a cashless society began with Internet banking. Most wages are paid via your bank account in the form of credits, which are simply electronic figures on a screen, created out of nothing in return for your sweat equity. Cash is hardly ever used now and cheques are on their way out. We all use our credit cards. Any cash transaction above £10,000 is flagged by the banking system and must be pre-approved.

The vast majority of people live from monthly pay credit to monthly pay credit now and certainly don't have huge wads of physical cash to chuck on a bonfire when the banking system collapses.

"After evil Capitalists give up control of the world, the public has thrown their savings cash away"

I really don't know what these Zeitgeist numpties are on about with this particular theme. Who the hell has great wads of cash to throw away? How do we throw our electronic credits away other than swapping them out of the bank into our hands via a cash machine that will only spit out £300 a day? See, the banks have it all sewn up. Go into your bank and try to withdraw all your savings in cash and they will resist you vigorously.

If we all go and do that it will become rapidly clear that the banks do not have enough physical cash in their vaults to cover the savings accounts. It's called a run on the bank and the bank collapses, which is what happened with Northern Rock. There is not enough cash to cover the accounts. Never will be as long as fractional reserve banking exists.

However, I do observe that this movie isn't really any different to the Star Trek franchise that promotes a cashless society. Star Trek is a military style world along the NWO lines and yet we have been fed that "fantasy" via our TVs for decades with no criticism of it. Is it because it is being offered as "entertainment" rather than as an answer to planetary problems and is therefore safe viewing? Zeitgeist is a fantasy and must be treated in the same vein as Star Trek. The monetary system is likely to be collapsed but we won't notice much of a difference because our cash is worthless anyway.

What we think of as cash, is in reality, a promissory note, an IOU, a debt instrument. A con. It is a promise to pay a debt by the BoE or whichever bank issued it. I give you £20 and merely pass the debt instrument along to you when I buy something from you. If everyone went to the bank to cash in their £20 all they'd get in return is another IOU. There is nothing behind our cash but faith.

Contrary to popular belief banks do not loan out depositor's cash and neither do they lend out their profits (both are illegal). You create the money when you sign your own version of a promissory note to pay the "loan" back over a certain term, to the bank. The bank takes your promissory note, creates the money as a positive balance on its balance sheet and then credits your account with this money. They create it out of nothing other than your promise to pay and then charge you interest on it. This is how mortgages work. It is created as a positive balance but is in reality a negative one because it's a debt. All cash is debt.

Oh and the issuer of the cash notes these "free" people are chucking around on the street thinking they are theirs, aren't. The bank issued those notes, they have copyright on them and they own them. Not you. It's not your cash and never has been.

Zeitgeist, just on this one issue alone, looks idiotic.

Anonymous said...

Hi RH,

I've created a new blog and the Template Designer's broken, so what you see is what you get. I also can't remove the old follower from your follower list because I think that someone's hacked into my email account, thereby deleting my blog and taking over that identity. It's the only explanation why I can't access both. Blogger still haven't got back in touch yet, I'm still waiting by here's my new blog address:

My latest post is up called Culture?

The import of my blog only brought the posts and comments. All links, favourite blogs, articles on the web etc are all gone. It's starting from scratch again. New image as well seeing as I've lost the old profile. LOL

Hope you're well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that excellent article RH. Thanks to listening to Alan Watt, I've been munching my way through lots of the books of the Fabian Socialists. Fucking psychopaths! Unbelievable to say the least.
I was speaking in the pub the other day about Orwell, who initially a socialist totally changed his perspective after Spain and Franco and came back to warn socialists all about their wicked ideology and its motives. And ironically Alan mentioned it not that much later on CTTM!

Zeitgeist is "Communism re-packaged to rope in the 21st- century-truth seeker". What a brilliant quote. I get so frustrated when I listen to kids go on about it and how amazing it is. They have too much power and too much to say, being mostly ignorant to reality for they haven't yet lived, hence why the NWO's targeting them over the adults. Frightening when you look and see that all the movers and shakers are 'former' (ahem) communists and proponents of bio-ethics and non families in an equal society.

It gets worse the more I read RH. Thanks again for the article. Your blog is one of the few out there that goes deep in the rabbit hole. Like I said in a previous reply, your blog's for the past intermediate into the advanced school of understanding reality. Keep it up!

(P.S. That's another comment of mine in the Spam. That's two today!)

Harry J said...

Thanks M.

Snakey, your assessment is quite correct. As are your suspicions about Star Trek.

Harry J said...

Alright H, I'll take a look at your new blog later.

The Zeitgeist meme is a very powerful one that has pulled in an awful lot of people, most of which are quite young as you say. It is pretty worrying. All we can do is to try and see through their psycho-babble and try and find some clarity.

I wonder why your comments keep ending up in the spam?

Anonymous said...

Hi RH,

It's down again. Blogger's deleted it and my email again. It hadn't been up for an hour or so before it was pulled down. I was on my way around to other bloggers to let them know my new site and when I came to the last one, with my new profile and went back to the blog to check the address, up came the following:

"Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the web, where is it?'

And you think it's just a mistake? Both emails gone and subsequent blogs? More so, your blog seems to be the only blog that's got my new profile up and following message. All the others have disappeared.

Call me a cynic, but think about it? My blogs have now both been deleted, emails removed and most posts going into spam? You call that coincidence?
It gives me even more reason to believe the power of Judaism within society, considering that Google is a Zionist controlled organisation. What I've spoken of are many things - multiculturalism, racism, homosexuality, morality, the NWO and of course Judaism, Zionism and and Freemasonry/secret societies.

Why would this happen, in this short space of time, especially when UAF Nazi Destroyer demanded I take down my blog and YouTube channel immediately a couple or so days back?

Like I said, my mind's just working over time but it does make you think. It was this reason, the fact that posting on the internet merely pin points our masters closer to where you are.
We are living in a totally controlled society RH, a totally controlled one where the computer was invented for the sole purpose to totally dominate the running of people's lives. It is and fascism is running like a dream, ironically being promoted by the anti fascists in society.

It's all fucked up I'm afraid to say. I wasn't really back posting but, the fact my blog and then another has been taken down in a matter of less than 40 mins of being up, make you wonder...


Snakey said...

I didn't know that about Roddenberry but I'm not surprised ;)

Harby - looks like your free speech is being curtailed as the new link doesn't work either.

"Sorry, the blog at has been removed"

I had assumed you'd given up the blogging and hence why the other blog was deleted. Apparently not.

Anonymous said...


Most of my comments are going in the Spam folder, that's either under a google name or anonymous. It seems as though my IP address has been logged and any attempt at posting on other blogs, or creating my own blog or email is being controlled, in this case deleted.

I've already had a comment after my above under the login Harby (now removed for unusual activity along with the blog asking me for a telephone number in order to send me an activation code to get it back up again. You ask yourself for what reason?) and any anonymous login as well. It seems that whoever is watching doesn't like what I have to write and obviously my point of view - i.e. not being controlled.

I had stopped for a couple of months stating I wouldn't be blogging again, but thought I'd post on a very irregular basis. to honour those who had followed what I had to say. Bottom line Snakey is that they want my personal details, where I live from a telephone number which only leaves the reason as to why. All I can say really of late, which I find to be at odds with, is that I was warned by a member of the UAF to remove my blog and YouTube account which has nothing offensive on it (well it depends what one finds offensive, such as free speech I suppose) and I was on an email correspondence to a poster who was in the German Intelligence committee, who didn't like what I had to say on Zionism.

Like I said, I'm capable of critical thinking and stopped blogging for the simple reason that I realised how easy it was for the intelligence services to grab me, deem me insane and lock me up under FTAC. I just really don't want to be stuck in some loony bin, pumped full of drugs, rocking back and forth for the rest of my life. Then again, I can't live a lie and watch cunts destroy my life and the rest of the freedom loving society, all in order for total totalitarianism of society. I am, so to speak, caught between a rock and a hard place.

I wonder if this reply will find itself into the spam bin as well?


Harry J said...

Ha, it was in the Spam box, again. It's all quite strange H. I imagined your first blog being 'unavailable' could well have been down to you not blogging for a while but I've got no idea why your second blog disappeared. Looks like you might have upset them a bit. Surely they should reply to your email and give you the reasons why they shut you down.

Anonymous said...

Like I said RH, whoever is behind this wants to shut me up. They don't like what I have to say. Any google account I try to create is automatically deleted, hence my IP is logged. It goes completely against the 1st amendment in the USA, where the servers are located, thus breaching their own policy on freedom of speech.

Look at the following under point 2 of the Terms of Service:

"Much of the content of and -- including the contents of specific postings -- is provided by and is the responsibility of the person or people who made such postings. Google does not monitor the content of and and takes no responsibility for such content. Instead, Google merely provides access to such content as a service to you.

By their very nature, and may carry offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate material, or in some cases, postings that have been mislabelled or are otherwise deceptive. We expect that you will use caution and common sense and exercise proper judgement when using and

Google does not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of any communications posted via the Service or endorse any opinions expressed via the Service. You acknowledge that any reliance on material posted via the Service will be at your own risk."

It is not possible to contact them. They don't reply. You can go on a forum but you still get no answer as to why they've removed it. This is just reality. I have been blacklisted from having a google account of any form, obviously because I've upset someone. Looks like I'll have to create a wordpress account. LOL


(This will go in the Spam folder as well like all others have.)

Harry J said...

Nope, this one made it through. Even stranger.

Anonymous said...

alister crowley-9/11, at 2;11;00 min

Harry J said...

Thanks Anon. He seems to cover similar ground to William Ramsey who I mentioned in the post below.

Anonymous said...

The zeitgeist movement is an elitist agenda for global control with the ultimate goal being to force humanity into these "eco-cities" wich will be nothing more than econ-prisons where someone will tell you what you can do and how you can do it.

dosent sound like freedom to me, sounds like some futuristic bullshit society where no one has any human rights or rights of any other kind for that matter.

Technology has done nothing but enslave the human race, all technology does is create more problems and has allowed the worlds populations to grow to unsustainable levels.

The world is going to shit and we have technology to thank for it.

Anonymous said...

"Technology has done nothing but enslave the human race, all technology does is create more problems"

That is why I often think of the Amish as an interesting benchmark for our NWOisation. We changed. They stayed the same.

Harry J said...

Surely it isn't the technology itself that has enslaved us but those who have misused that technology. It's the enslavers we need to be rid of. Couldn't technology, in the right hands, be used for all our benefits.

Anonymous said...

For many years now I have felt that as society becomes more technologically sophisticated there is a corresponding decline in the quality of life.

James Higham said...

The section in the first film 'exposing' Christianity was deeply flawed and the 'solution' proposed in Zeitgeist Addendum, namely the Venus Project, seemed more than a little suspect.


Very interesting post - have to post on this.

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Harry,
Did we go to the same school?
More thoughts on this thread at
Olive Farmer xxx

Olive Farmer said...

WGS 68-74
Odd that.
Wonder if there are more of us out here?

I wrote Don't fix it if it ain't Bust understanding the global govt. idea etc but seeking the deeper reason.
I have a sense there is a calendar of events which are unalterable to which they have to adhere. This new surge in activity on many fronts is designed to impact upon the outcome, which will be determined by free will, hence the determination to dismantle the false reality they have spent millennia creating, thus rendering us bewildered, thus creating the seed bed for a new reality whilst our free will is so reduced.
Crowley told us free will is the whole of the thing, and his involvement as a co-ordinator of this NWO cannot be underestimated, along with the Golden Dawn manipulators.
I think we can view the future either as a continuum of the present systems culminating in the global NWO we all know is mapped out, or see an entirely new set of realities that are different at a fundamental level. My view leans towards the latter.
What we see from Lucis Trust and Share International and in the Disclosure Project are some blueprints. A shattered humanity, bereft of free will, the appearance of the saviour Lucifer called Maitreya to save us, backed up by the UFO deception/alien intervention(real or crafted), underpinned by the Global Masters of Wisdom, the Seven Rays and all that bull. A new spiritual wave of control. Non-believers will be hunted as heretics. The Jews will be attacked as part of this (Bailey picked them out for special treatment), this coming soon (the reason for the current manipulated Arab revolutions which will end in Israel being attacked, leading to the big war) all tying in with biblical prophecy, so creating the mind set for other biblical/religious events designed to steal free will for ever. That's the goal.
Interesting times.
Almam matrem filii
Olive x

Harry J said...

I was there from 1973 to 1978 when I was asked to leave at the end of my fifth year. Just the beginning of my misspent youth I'm afraid.

I'm not sure if you received all of my comment on your blog as it was so long I had to split it into several sections.

I think my main point was that much of what passes for 'truth' in the 'truth movement' has actually been seeded there by Them. This includes the idea that we need to do away with 'race, nation, money and religion'. As such many in the 'truth movement' are inadvertently furthering the aims of the NWO which is to destroy those things. Zeitgeist is a perfect example of this.

A money system free from debt and usury is achievable and desirable and much of the 'problems' surrounding 'race and nation' are overwhelmingly due to the manipulations of the controlling elitists. It is them we need to be rid of not the wonderfully diverse races and cultures that are our true heritage we should be keen to protect (or at least not happily destroying).

The religious issue is a bit more complicated but essentially spiritual freedom of conscience should suffice. At least for those religions that do not seek to violently subjugate others.

I tend to agree that ordinary Jews will be as much a target as true Christians in the coming, manufactured, 'war of civilisations'. I, for one, will be doing all I can to protect and defend them.

Do you ever come back to Wolves? If so we'll have to meet up.

Until then....

Harry x

Olive Farmer said...

"I think my main point was that much of what passes for 'truth' in the 'truth movement' has actually been seeded there by Them. This includes the idea that we need to do away with 'race, nation, money and religion'."
I see it this way.
They fear us discovering the falsity of divisions of nation and race and the enslaving power of money and of religion. They KNOW we'll surpass these divisions and become united, therefore they need to steal the leadership of these concepts.....before we take that leadership for ourselves and shrug them off.
It is this theft of leadership of these ideas that is the crux of the matter, not the ideas themselves which are of this time.
I was asked to leave too!
OLive x

Harry J said...

"The falsity of divisions of nation and race'? In what way are they 'false'? As I said the idea that these things are false and therefore in need of destruction has been planted by the elitists themselves. Are we, as human beings, not capable of recognising our differences, both individually and collectively and yet enjoying them and not letting them be a cause for conflict? Of course we are. I love travelling to foreign lands and experiencing others cultures and ways of life. The problems in the world are caused by Them and not the fact that we are different in so many wonderful and varied ways.

As William Guy Carr said in his manuscript "Satan, Prince Of This World', the Luciferian elite intend to entice us into a world government and to then usurp its powers. Not only is the destruction of 'race and nation' unnecessary, against the will of the majority but it is also extremely dangerous. Their greatest fear is that just one people, just one country, will escape their grasp and serve as an example to the rest.

'Shrug them off' and do what? Create our own, benign version of a world government? As I said this is the very plan the elitists are attempting to entice us into via their 'agents of deception' such as Icke and the Zeitgeist cult. A 'one size fits all' system that must inevitably involve the very cultural homogenity the elitists are working towards via their New World Order organisations such as UNESCO. What works for a Thai may not work for a Ghanian or a Syrian. We are all different and long may that remain. Any sort of world government is a disastrous idea. Friendly and peaceable cooperation between sovereign nation states comprised of sovereign, free peoples is what we require. Not some simplistic 'unity' that can only be born out of immense manipulation or some sort of catastrophe or both.

Harry J said...

Again, the very idea of 'unity' in religion is what They are working towards with their ecumenical movement, currently led by the Pope. It's a complete fallacy that all religions are the same. They are most definitely not. Spiritual freedom of conscience is all that's required and anything else is, again, dangerous. It's dangerous because it requires all to bow down to some manufactured 'consensus' that will inevitably be resisted by many. In the words of Alice Bailey "those who embody the spirit of exclusiveness and separateness will stand automatically and equally revealed and all men will know them for what they are". The fate of those who resist this false unity is likely to be that as suggested by New Age occultist, Barbara Marx Hubbard when she said:

"Out of the full spectrum of the human personality, one-fourth is elected to transcend and one-fourth are destructive, defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a natural death. Now, as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human - the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers - the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body. Fortunately, you are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God's selection process for planet Earth. He selects - we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death."

They haven't 'taken leadership of these concepts' they've created them their selves as part of their agenda to create a 'unified' slave race.

Finally, it's clear that they want to do away with money and replace it with some sort of electronic credit system eventually in the form of a implanted microchip. The reason is that money (as in cash, notes and coins) represents a degree of freedom and autonomy they want to avoid. Money is not the problem. It is merely a simple means of exchanging goods and services. The problems arise when money is treated as a commodity in itself and is only issued as debt bearing interest by private organisations. Out of interest, if we are to do away with money what do you envisage it being replaced with?

Anonymous said...

"Surely it isn't the technology itself that has enslaved us but those who have misused that technology. It's the enslavers we need to be rid of. Couldn't technology, in the right hands, be used for all our benefits. "

I am not down on technology itself, nor are the Amish, but rather pointing out how the Amish principle of simplicity has helped insulate them from some of the NWO brainwashing. I am not Anabaptist or pietistic, but I think the Amish are a good yardstick for how far or low we have come in certain respects. We changed, they stayed the same.

Harry J said...

I take your point Lavender. There's no doubt that in the technological rush we've been swept up in, we've lost some important things in the process.

Anonymous said...

Yeahh... i mean, yeah, people are suffering indirectly because of unfairness due to capitalism. butt.. fuuckkk... this type of revolution is nuts. how could it possibly work? of course we would need some type government. and what about all the people who would be against it? and how would you get EVERYONE to throw their money in the streets? and who would take care of all the resources when all the people throw away their money? its too impossible.
in the current system of freedom, where we can pretty much do anything we want, unless we get caught, yes, eventually probably our resources will run out, because we are consuming too much too fast. earth is getting really polluted, and eventually, sh will have a fit and we will die. few may survive, and they can start over. thats that.
a drastic revolution such as that of the venus project is too difficult to pull of, and just like communism, it sounds good on paper, but at the same time, it sounds crazy.

Anonymous said...

plus there are too many stupid and crazy people. everyone thinks differently. it cannot work

Anonymous said...

This should clear up you're misunderstanding of what the zeitgeist movement is. its not about religion, nor is it communism, socialism or technocracy(credit). And there is no control over people or resource by "people". Gravity most certainly has control over you, nature is a dictatorship. Nonetheless you still have you're illusionary free will in an rbe, with access to more information and more tools then the current corrupt slave system.

Harry J said...

Anon, 11.18. It seems your comment ended up in the spam for some reason.

Your interpretation of the Zeitgeist movement is, I fear, misguided at best. It most certainly is about religion. It attempts (and fails) to debunk Christianity whilst at the same time subtly introduces the New age/Theosophic religion that underpins the true New World Order agenda. The sun enclosed by a triangle, made by the fingers and thumbs of two hands, in the first film gives the game away.

No control over people? You have to be joking. Please don't tell me you believe this 'super-computer' nonsense. Even if such a computer could be created (capable of correctly assessing the millions (billions?) of 'suggestions' sent in by people all over the globe), who programs it? Is it ever assessed in any way?

I work on the assumption that you are essentially of good intentions but can I suggest you're being led astray. Just as communism or the French revolution were idealistic visions used by the ruling elites to sway the masses in a certain direction, so is the Zeitgeist movement. The 'elite' want a world government and They are more than happy for you to work towards that end in the full knowledge that They can and will usurp it.

Look beyond the carefully packaged 'solutions' that They have provided for you. A world government is a bad idea in what ever form it takes.

Anonymous said...

Anarcho-Communism, to be more exact.

Anonymous said...

revolutionary harry. the venus project is an incredible idea. i think u should rethink your thoughts more clearly, also try to think outside the box!

Harry J said...

The Venus Project is 'outside the box'? That made me chuckle. You're welcome to it Anon but please don't force it on those of us who can see through it and find it unappealing.

Anonymous said...

B.S. u better read carefuly what TVP is, befor u wrote here down your own iterpretations.

val said...



so R.H. please once more, stop telling us what u think that life, freedom or TVP is. We have a brain. too. I sugest u to read more acurate about what J Fresco worked. Your interpretations are not emergently... the TRUTH. I hope u can at least asume this ;)

Harry J said...

Stop telling you what I think? Aren't I allowed an opinion on these things? It never ceases to amaze me that people can't see through the fairly obvious 'psy-op' that is Zeitgeist/The Venus Project. If you think this is the 'solution' good luck to you but, as I said above, please don't try and enforce it on those of us who can see it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

i talked to the owner once the guy who wrote zeitgeist. he was a dick.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is going to show up as an "anonymous" post, so I'll just go ahead and tell you my name is David Ray. I live in Fort Worth, TX, and can be found online with exceeding ease -facebook and whatnot...

The Zeitgeist documentaries certainly are not "an activist arm of the Venus Project". I think both have valid views that deserve consideration, but also that both views have some horrendous holes. The Venus Project for example assumes that the world will collapse utterly and their solution will provide a way to put everything in order. The Zeitgeist documentaries overlook blatant realities of human existence to justify a view and endgame that very closely resembles the Venus Project's proposal.

Both of these perspectives are worthy of attention. They are not directly related. At all. In my view, neither presents a coherent view of a "new society", though they do both point out fundamental flaws in our society that need to be addressed, and they both present solutions that should be considered as valid.

Enough already with labeling everything you don't like as communist. FFS!