Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shock and Awe - The Manipulation of the Human Psyche

Below are four videos by Alan Watt entitled 'Shock and Awe - The Manipulation of the Human Psyche'. I was alerted to them by Bovvered on the UK Column forum. He took the time to type a section of the transcript that he felt was relevant to the deeds and words of celebrity New World researchers such as David Icke. Having satisfied myself that Icke is controlled to some degree, consciously or not, it certainly seems to describe what could be happening with him and others. 

Counterintelligence – let’s talk about counterintelligence and how it works. What is intelligence? Intelligence gathering is sending agents out to simply listen; they listen in market places, bars, caf├ęs, as to what the people are discussing. Lawrence of Arabia, in his own bookSeven Pillars of Wisdom [said he] was trained as an agent; he was trained in Aramaic, Arabic languages. He was given lots of money – he and eleven other people, trained from Cambridge – and sent over to the Arabic countries to start up Arabic newspapers. Once they started putting stories in the newspapers they went round the market places, they hired lots of guys to listen to gossip, to see if the intelligence they were putting out in the papers was being discussed by the recipients, the readers. That’s basic intelligence gathering. What is counterintelligence? Counterintelligence, from a government’s perspective, is taking information and data that could be crucial – it could be bad for the ruling regime – and finding ways to counter that knowledge; counter it.

What you do, standard-wise, if you can’t defame the person who’s bringing out a truth – or kill them – is to bring out your own heroes; launch them well, finance them well into the same area, saying the same stuff that others are talking about – it’s called intelligence – giving out facts. And once they have the following, then they start bringing in aliens and UFOs, and they bring in the new age, the whole new age religion into it – spirituality is the big term they’re using today – until a newcomer, a skeptic will hear this stuff from the paid agents (who’s very good) who gives the same data as the person who doesn't go into the UFOs and so on. But the guy who doesn't go into the UFOs, aliens, reptilians and all the rest of it, suddenly is thrown out with the other guy; you’re classified with them by association. Your topics are associated, even though you stay clear of the fantasy stuff – the disinformation – you'll be lumped along with them. And then they've countered the intelligence; when you mention the facts people laugh at you, say “oh you probably believe that the aliens are running the world now.” And that’s it. That’s counterintelligence, and that is also all over the internet. And it’s paid for by, again, government psy-ops operations. 

Watt provides a sober and well researched account of the concerted attempts by the global elitists to manipulate us in a variety of ways. 


Captain Ranty said...

Wonderful stuff Harry.

I like this man more and more.

It inspired this:

So thank you.


Andrew said...

And now "fantasy stuff" is used to rubbish any beliefs in Godly beliefs such as this and gets removed from so called anti Marxist/Fascist atheist NWO truth groups.

"spirituality is the big term they’re using today"
Ye but it's an atheist spirituality, which is a false dichotomy. Or removal of divine retribution such as Theosophy, athiesm, Scientology, organised religions, et al.

Anonymous said...

Hi RH it's Harbinger here. Why the anonymous account? Well it's been suspended and my blog removed. I don't know why but I received a message saying that there's been 'unusual activity' and to get access to my blog and email (hence the anonymous account) I have to provide them with my MOBILE number (yes mobile phone number) so they can send me a verification code. It seems that they want to find out more about who I am. It's all interesting because the UAF fascist Chavrecycler has been following me around YouTube demanding I delete it and my blog, by order of the UAF. I sent an email. Don't know if it will do much good though...

As for Alan Watt, yes he has a brilliant mind. I've been listening to him regularly since November on his Cutting Through The Matrix show on the RBN at 2 in the morning. I've been downloading his shows and been nodding along to everything he says. There's no lizards or extra terrestrials there, just common sense and fabian manipulation of society. It's all there should you choose to pick up a book and read. You won't find what he says on the MSM that's for sure.

It's refreshing to listen to what he states and what's more frightening or should I say good for debate and argument is that what he speaks of can be found in the books of our past and today. The control over society and the plans have and are being written today, available in book shops all over the world.

Thanks for that RH.

Harry J said...

Alright H, good job I checked the spam inbox. Your comment ended up in there. I saw you'd done a new post on your blog but when I checked it the blog was unavailable. Seems a bit strange. The 'unusual activity' could be the less frequent posting but I don't remember reading anywhere that you had to blog in particular time periods. I wonder what 'Chavrecycler' will make of my upcoming 'The Satanic Truth About Mass Immigration'Post? I hope he reads it. How ironic is it that the so called 'anti-fascists' act more like fascists themselves? Deluded, manipulated fools. If only they understood.

Could you get a friend to let you use their number? If it's only an activation code it should be enough. I hope it sorts itself out anyway.

Harry J said...

Andrew, that was a good piece on Makow's blog. The only bit I wasn't sure about was the link to the Guy Richie film. It seemed to be the usual guff about destroying the ego, although it was so obscure I can't be totally sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi RH,

Think about why they'd ask for a phone number? IP addresses can only locate parts of a city, not specific addresses. Now I know you're average person would say there's nothing of it giving out a phone number, but why wouldn't Google just ask for an alternate email address to send the activation code? By giving a telephone number it can be checked as to if it's on a contract or not and with whom. My cynical mind has been working overtime of late.

As for the UAF twits, Chavrecycler is going by one of his many alternative names - UAF Nazi Destroyer. I was warned about him from quite a few fellow bloggers and then when I was asked for help by a fellow blogger, I put up a YouTube channel and lots came rallying to me. That was when the UAF boys attacked.
You are correct that it's ironic. It's ironic becuase they are, as you say, ignorant to the simple fact that they are fascists.

What they don't like about me is that I speak my mind. I do not hate anyone nor do I promote an hatred towards others. I merely disagree with certain things in life, especially when it comes to the minority and the control they have over the majority. They despise people with differing opinions to themselves and do their best to attack anyone who doesn't agree with them on everything. I have to say that I really loathe people like Chavrecycler because they are so bloody stupid that their control over everything is just what fascism is about.

Hopefully the blog will be back up again sometime, but I'm not sure. I sent a reply off to them with a different email address to send the activation code to, of course telling them I don't have a mobile.


Harry J said...

You're right, the email address that corresponds to the site should really suffice. It's likely that this isn't targeted specifically at you. It's all of us they want to keep tabs on. Blogger is owned by Google after all.

I wonder if the likes of Chavrecycler can ever be reached or if the indoctrination/brainwashing is just too strong? We've got to try and see if we can though. I don't suppose my upcoming post will get their attention but if it does I've resolved myself to not be confrontational, if I can. I know it won't be easy but I suspect it's the most likely route to any possible success.