Monday, February 1, 2010

Is Fluoride in UK Drinking Water Safe?

Many people speculate as to why the British public have remained so docile in the face of so many government inspired scandals. The New World Order police state is slowly assembled all around them and still they do nothing. Illegal wars, corrupt politicians, engineered financial collapses that reward those responsible and leave the tax paying public to pay the bill and many more examples. Perhaps one of the reasons why is touched on the video below.

It's a short introduction into the subject of fluoridation of the water supply. You won't be surprised to learn that government departments have misrepresented research (lied) but it may shock you as to the source of the fluoride that gets put into our water.

There have been numerous studies done that show that fluoride in the water supply can reduce IQ levels. Another aspect of the general dumbing down process that appears to be occurring. In the film you also see that the idea of fluoridating water was first considered by the Nazis as a means to keep camp inmates 'docile'. That's right, your government wants to keep you docile.

As I said at the beginning this is just an introduction to the subject. For more information you can go to the National Pure Water Association or just look on the net, particularly YouTube where you'll finds lots of good videos.


Captain Ranty said...

If we wondered, Harry, why there was no Summer of Rage last year, we need ponder no longer.

The population, or at least huge chunks of it, are as meek as lambs. Now we know why.

My water comes off a hill 2 miles away. I moan about the lack of pressure, and the amount of dirt (soil) in it sometimes. I will complain no more. It is as near to natural as I am ever going to get.

Oh, and my teeth are fine too.


Harry J said...

I've lived my whole life in a fluoridated area and I've lost count of the number of fillings I've got. Looks like they've been tampering with my IQ as well. Thankfully I've still got enough left to cause them a few problems.

Sounds as if you should count yourself lucky. Unfortunately fluoride isn't the only problem in the general populations' water supply. I forget how many times it gets recycled to the extent that it ends up as not much more than a chemical soup. I'm past being surprised anymore.

fellist said...

Those clever guys at BBC5 they also have a good video called The Fluoride Deception':

I uploaded the book to scribd here:

fellist said...

If they're mercury fillings, Harry, you should look into having them replaced, too. 'Mean to do the same myself.

Harry J said...

I've already had them replaced Fellist. It was a mammoth task. I'm not sure if you've heard of a 'pop' company called Corona but I used to work for the local delivery depot from the age of 13 to 16. Needless to say I drank gallons of the stuff and my poor teeth suffered the consequences.

Thanks for the link. is an excellent source for some really great vdeos.

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