Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cultural Marxism is the Planned Destruction of Western Culture

I'm sure the author of this piece (about a quarter of the way down the page) felt much better after having written it. It has the feel of someone letting off an awful lot of steam. The subject of the article is Cultural Marxism and it's a wonderful summation of its pernicious effects. 

The article is posted in full below but there was one paragraph that got my attention. 

"Appeals to diversity, multi-racial harmony, and the mix of incompatible customs and beliefs in some multicultural stew are designed to produce weak liberal sissies who are incapable of discerning positive human values from slogans of control. They always follow the party line and look to parties and leaders to guide them. Kitsch is the poster culture of the lemmings who imagine they are part of some wave of history evolving consciously toward global utopia. They actually believe the promises and the image manipulation of the politicians. They are the conditioned robots who wait like baby birds with their beaks open, chirping for a worm from their socialist controllers and anxious about conformity to the next socialist directive. This is entirely consistent with the materialist view of history and the Pavlovian conditioning stimulus-response theory for the control of the socialist masses. These materialist liberals actually make themselves into conditioned serfs."

This could easily describe the majority of those in the 'media' and 'entertainment' industries, but as soon as I read the above, an image of Adrian Chiles came to mind. 

"The human mind has no built-in firewall that can serve as a defense against lies, propaganda, and false values. The firewall must be instilled by high-minded cultural caregivers. The same vulnerability is generally true of cultures. Without a high wall banning TV and Hollywood movies, cultures become destabilized and ripe for New World Order takeover by transmission of hyperreal TV and video messages to children. We have dealt with this problem in more detail in our posts How Postmodernism Controls Your Identity. Migrations out of villages to cities further breaks societies, even when the migrations are not controlled by the New World Order interests, such as in Mexico. It’s very difficult to think of a people who have embraced Western industrialization and not lost their culture entirely. The Japanese come to mind, but Japan’s post-World War II leaders embraced population control, and the Japanese are now in danger of dying out after badly skewing their population mix. China, for example, has completely lost its great Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist heritage under Communist persecution.
Not all cultures completely die out when nations embrace modernism, but Marxism actively and purposely destroys the past and hides its own history. The irony of this project is that Marxism itself is based on national stereotypes of the nineteenth century.

The project of Marxist modernity is to destroy all existing cultures and all existing social arrangements. If they can break your link to the great heritage of the human past, they can control you easily because now you have no identity. The Marxists have the replacement identity ready to instill in you through propaganda and brainwashing. Your new identity is, servant of the revolution and follower of the party line.

Cultural Marxism is a method of mind control that is designed to operate through modern media to accomplish the same goal psychologically, without torture. Cultural Marxism dominates modern media. Cultural Marxism ridicules existing culture and presents you with politically correct Communist models. You respond to the image and the suggestion because you have no built-in firewall of superior values. If they can get you to imagine that handing over power to them will result in some positive outcome (progress) rather than the endless wars and economic exploitation that Marxism causes, they don’t need to use force. You agree to your own self-destruction. In fact, you give them money so you can receive their message over and over again. The messages are nicely constructed. They are better than the reality you face when you walk out your door.
TV is the matrix. Pretty much everybody is in it now. That’s why, when you talk to a liberal you already know what they are going to say. TV produces uniform zombies who regurgitate the slogans and the models subconsciously. There is no active thinking or active consciousness in the process. It is subconscious and mechanical. That is why it is easy to get liberals to interact with robots, act like robots, and embrace a future full of robots. Liberals are the most robot-like people on earth because they accept the TV messages without a filter.

As if that wasn’t enough, they now have cell phones, internet, video games, movies, music, a whole universe of pseudo-culture for you to play with. The sophistication of the electronic message appears superior to all those old people actually grappling with material reality and with difficult ideas. You are a modern, superior, sophisticated consumer of up-to-date surrealist images. Pity the poor caveman, or even those Greeks and Romans. You are surfing the wave of the future while they were dealing with difficult stuff you don’t understand. You don’t want to deal with any difficult stuff.

Cultural Marxism is the planned destruction of Western culture and the substitution of a degenerate pseudo-culture based on image manipulation. You can identify the pseudo-culture because it never refers to the great heritage of Western civilization. It is designed to break your identity with the great culture of the past and those who made it.

When you watch Cultural Marxist TV programming, you are surfing a funhouse of mirrors, and if we take you out of your self-delusion for a moment, you get irritable and angry and confused because you are dreaming their dreams, and anyone who isn’t dreaming the same dream seems like a threat, or hopelessly inferior.

The more children watch TV, the worse their mental health. This applies to everyone except you, of course. You have a firm grip on reality while you are cycling through hyperreality day after day. OK, let’s have a little test. Describe the plot of a TV show you watched in 2004. Sing the lyrics of a song you liked in 1997. Tell me a few Robin Williams jokes, the great classic ones. You want to build your life around this stuff, right? It’s your culture, right? Why can’t you remember anything significant about it? Because there is nothing significant about it. It has no basis. It’s a kind of magic trick, an endless stream of illusion.

Two of the most important themes in the mass liberal crap culture are the kitsch pseudo-culture of socialism and the satanic subculture of occultism. Belief in a brotherhood of man spawns the kitsch culture, the nauseating socialist sloganeering and Communist role modeling of political correctness and Green politics. Appeals to diversity, multi-racial harmony, and the mix of incompatible customs and beliefs in some multicultural stew are designed to produce weak liberal sissies who are incapable of discerning positive human values from slogans of control. They always follow the party line and look to parties and leaders to guide them. Kitsch is the poster culture of the lemmings who imagine they are part of some wave of history evolving consciously toward global utopia. They actually believe the promises and the image manipulation of the politicians. They are the conditioned robots who wait like baby birds with their beaks open, chirping for a worm from their socialist controllers and anxious about conformity to the next socialist directive. This is entirely consistent with the materialist view of history and the Pavlovian conditioning stimulus-response theory for the control of the socialist masses. These materialist liberals actually make themselves into conditioned serfs.

Satanism models occult symbols and themes as the key to achieving power through self-will. Satanism is for the adolescents who are not completely neutered by socialist slogans. Satanism promises a shift of power for the individual, away from the lobotomized mass kitsch culture of socialist obedience to modeling the thrill of extreme individualism. Satanism holds out the possibility of joining the elite controllers, not by achieving great wealth or by joining the Model UN and drafting codes to limit free speech and control population but by breaking the social control mechanisms to embrace channeled messages from the Spiritual Masters. Occult symbol manipulation, mind control through hypnosis, altered consciousness, sex and drug indulgence, extreme narcissism, goddess worship, and pagan revival are gateways to the promise of superpowers, guided by dark spirits.

Your children will exhibit symptoms of one or both of these personality control themes because you have not exposed them to the great traditions of Western culture and given them a real identity. Eventually you will have to pull them out of their drug habit and send them to the rehab culture of psychotherapy and self-help if you want them to live. Psychotherapy and self-help are also socialist traps, so you won’t really be breaking the circle of imprisonment. Rehab is now built into TV programming as part of liberal normalcy. But psychology and self-help never break the subconscious association of images that constitute your mental life, so you never end up acting consciously out of high human value, you continue to cycle their images in your subconscious.

Actually breaking out of unconscious mechanical life into conscious life is far more difficult than you can imagine. Once they get you, the odds are you are going to remain got.

Watch children’s cartoons closely and you will see both of these anti-social themes modeled prominently. If you wonder why your little angel grew up to become a feminist slut and goddess satanist, well, it starts with the cartoons.

Or perhaps your kids are junior entrepreneurs who model consumption of brand-name products and strive for corporate status. Congratulations, you’ve avoided the worst of the mass pseudoculture. Now all you have to worry about is whether they become marketing managers manipulating mass consumption through subliminal image associations and occult surrealism. When your kids know the difference between Coke and Pepsi and have all the latest stuff, when they spend their time on cell phones and video games and social networking, you’ll know you succeeded as a parent.

The only firewall that works is learning about the great noble values of the high traditions of Western art, music, philosophy, literature, and religion. Everything else has been assimilated into the liberal death culture. Without this firewall, your kids will become financial manipulators, mass media manipulators, lying politicians, Green global activists, public school teachers, or socialist bureaucrats. They will become zombie programmed liberals carrying their nauseating crap values like infected rodents, programmed to infect the innocent.

But this is actually the best thing that can happen to them. How about the really damaged kids, the dumbed-down products of matriarchal feminism and the divorce culture? At the intersection of matriarchy and forced integration is where you find the really bottomless pit of the liberal sludge culture, the lost stoned rebels who imagine they are Negro rap gangsters, pimps and prostitutes, Star Wars heroes, goddesses, social justice thieves, fashion mannikins, internet hustlers, rock stars.
I see your kids every day in my town. They have no self-control. They have no respect for elders, or for high achievers, or for noble warriors, or for any of the pockets of human greatness in history. They can’t read, but they can ride skateboards and eat packaged junk and talk on cell phones and play video games. They know who the most famous feminist sluts are, but they can’t find India on a map. You’ve managed to make sure I can’t influence them, but here is the news: You’re not going to influence them very much either because the Communist UN Treaty to Take Over the Child is going to make sure parents have no right to educate their children. You will be temporary caretakers at the pleasure of some state bureaucracy devoted to monitoring your most personal habits and making sure your kids are following the right Communist role models. Have a nice day, good luck in dealing with your local child authority board, and thanks for nothing."


Anonymous said...

There are no pleasant ways of dealing with
Marxists. They thrive on the moderation of their foes ,the adherence to convention, the
obedience of contrived laws.Marxists exist in a vacuum , devoid of honour, distant from valour,roaming in cowardly herds,easy meat for strong men who have no rules but who now
will stand aainst them in this land.
Whimps,Wallies,Bleatng Bloggers and back bench hand wringers.Time to give the Chavs
and their dogs a run out

Sink Estate Legion

Harry J said...

Good luck to you but I think you'll find they're more than ready for Chavs and their dogs. In fact encouraging them on to the streets, so as to further the Big Brother police state due to the ensuing chaos, appears to be part of the plan.

Of course it's not just the Marxists we're up against. They're just one component of the forces marshaled against us. I'm not sure what will defeat these criminals but I'm hoping the efforts of the BCG group will have some effect.

marxism and cultural marxism said...

Harry J said...

Thanks for the link MACM. I think the pertinent paragraph is :

Underlying the thinking of the Frankfurt School were the writings of Antonio Gramsci, the father of Cultural Marxism. His idea was that massive social change could be achieved via a "quiet revolution", using the application of psychology to break the morals, traditions, beliefs, and will of a people, and destroy a culture from within over a great length of time, quietly and without resistance. What this translates to is essentially, create a movement that attacks every aspect of a culture, demonizing it. He also believed that alliances with other radical groups was essential to achieving cultural hegemony.

This is exactly what we're seeing here in Britain and no doubt elsewhere in the 'Western' world.

Anonymous said...

Postmodernism in a Cultural Marxist world.

"Postmodern 'thinking' (and I use the term loosely) and rhetoric is the direct cause of the West's descent into the abyss of political correctness and cultural relativity (i.e., the dogma of multiculturalism)."

AKA. Globalism
New World Order
Postmodern Liberalism
Transnational Progressivism


Harry J said...

That was a great article in that Link Bill. I may post it on the blog sometime this week.

My only gripe is that it doesn't quite see the broader context in which postmodernism was created and for why. That context being, in simple terms, the agenda to create a world government or NWO. It's the same puppet master pulling the strings of the 'right' and the 'left'.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps this helps. Dr. Sanity is neocon. A sort of Melanie Philips.


seditionist said...

"Pagan revivals are gateways to .... cultural renewal and nothing more. Pre-Christian Europe was pagan, therefore European man is pagan first, and christian second, and only if he chooses to be. Paganism is the ultimate symbol of organic culture, not satanism, not consumerism, and most certainly not universalism as christianity teaches. Marxism tries to guide Europeans away from christianity, because that's the culture that binds most Europeans today. When christianity came along, they tried, more forcefully might I add, to "guide" Europeans from paganism, because that's what binded us then. In my opinion Marxism and christianity are equally resoponsible for the slow destruction of Europe's organic culture.

Harry J said...

There's a lot I could write in response to your comment HBH but blog comments really aren't the place. In short I've been spending a lot of time researching the Bible and Christianity. There's a school of thought that the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandanavian and some Germanic peoples, are really the Israelites of the Bible. My initial study was done with the intention to debunk, or at least see through the deception of, this contention. To my surprise the reverse has happened. If true then a very different view of history comes into being. It would be impossible to explain all of this in a short comment though. One thing that does become clear is that if true then it shows why the Christian faith spread so quickly in certain European regions. Jesus clearly said he came for the 'lost sheep of the House of Israel'. When viewed correctly the Roman Catholic church's blending of paganism and Christianity was an attempt to control this spread.

The idea that paganism (whatever is actually meant by that) is of itself in any way either benign or the 'true' religion of European man doesn't bear scrutiny. Those in power in both Europe and the rest of the world follow occult/pagan practices and are most certainly not in any way Christian. Christianity is their enemy and what we face is and always has been, a spiritual battle. As Europe receives ever more immigrants from all over the world they bring their religious practices with them. This is in no small way designed to destroy Christianity. An aim which is an integral element of what may be described as the New World Order.

One other point to be made is that the Bible, when viewed through the Israelite prism is not, the universalist doctrine that is currently promoted by the majority of churches, the most prominent being the Roman Catholic church. Again far too broad a subject to be discussed here.

Unknown said...

Nearly a year since your last comment and excellent article. Have you developed the idea of the original Israelites being European? If so where are you up to and are there any key references you can direct to as this idea resonates louder as each day passes ?

Harry J said...

Hi VerĂ³nica. It’s not an easy thing to come to a firm conclusion on, but on balance I think the evidence does suggest that the Israelites, or at least the majority of them, moved into Europe. It does explain a lot but at the same time opens up a great deal many other questions. As usual with things like this any truth that there is tends to be difficult to find. There’s also a great deal of deception as well as what appears to be a great deal of misunderstanding. As such I don’t feel in any sort of position to write about this subject but if you email me I’ll send you a few links to sites that might help with some research.

wolfer said...

It's an interesting read. I hope you further your Biblical research regarding Northern Europeans.

Here are some of my observations regarding Cultural Marxism (ps: I'm from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario)...

1989 - As communism in Europe falls apart Canada, under the Mulroney government, starts letting in 100 000s of immigrants. But there are already a lot of minority students for us to work within KW!

1989 - High school year books revert to black and white to make all students look the same. If you're a secular Arab born here you're white now! If you're black you're still black.

1989 - We introduce serious courses like Religion, Political Science, and Canadian Studies which are about how to prevent the holocaust from happening again.

1989 - We start teaching hardcore that the Germans murdered 9 million in concentration camps and made lampshades out of their bodies. For some reason it makes East Indians white and Asians sorta white but blacks even blacker.

1998 - More kids commit suicide.

2008 - Let's wear pink to stop high school bullying!

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Unknown said...