Friday, February 5, 2010

'Make Capitalism History' (And Bring On The New World Order)

I loathe to admit it but I have a Facebook account. That said I only really use it to play Scrabble these days but I occasionally get 'invites' to join groups which is how I became a member of something called the Illuminati Resistance Army. I received a message from them recently telling me all about a 'world wide protest' on Saturday February 6th, the aim of which is to 'make capitalism history'. I sent 'Omega Man', the group 'admin' who sent me the message, a reply asking him if he knew that a key element of the New World Order agenda was to destroy genuine capitalism. An aim which this march was designed to help make happen. His reply was a little obtuse but boiled down to the suggestion that the 'breaking down of the paradigm worked in mysterious ways'. 

I also noticed that one of the organisers of this event was 'Antifa Worldwide'. From looking at the various groups that operate under this banner in the UK and those that fund and support them it seems to me that 'anti-fascism' is little more than a vehicle for the far left or 'communism'. 

I was considering doing a post on this when I came across the section quoted below in Phillip Jones' 'The Nexus of Evil'. He writes in a way I can only aspire to and so rather than attempt a post myself I've used some relevant quotes of his.

"Even a cursory investigation of the forces shaping our current woeful situation, creating a socio-political climate described by `Spengler` as “Anarchy become a habit” would be incomplete, without a more informed look at those two supposed `arch` opposites, Capitalism and Communism. The key word here is Capitalism. This oft used word actually has two very divergent meanings. Most people make the mistake of supposing that the word capitalism means one thing; in fact, the word as commonly used has two sets of meaning, as different as oil and water. If we are to understand why governments representing capitalist states adopt the most inexplicably ambivalent attitudes towards communism, we must first learn to separate in our minds the two sets of meaning which that one word capitalism has been called on to represent.

1) Capitalism, meaning private ownership of property and resources and competitive free enterprise in the supply of goods and services. 

2) Super-Capitalism, meaning a highly concentrated finance capitalism which is not only apart from capitalism, but it’s antithesis and which sooner rather than later acquires the characteristic of being actively `anti-capitalist`.

It is not possible to continue to concentrate ownership and control of property and resources without simultaneously reducing the number who own and control said property and resources. Similarly, there can be no concentration of Corporate Ownership and control, without a corresponding inhibition and suppression of free enterprise. What we have seen in the West is a progressive degeneration of capitalism into a form of super-capitalism, or anti-capitalism, which the less it resembles the original capitalism the more it resembles socialism, or communism. In other words, the weak and struggling capitalism that survives, serves merely as a camouflage for an all- powerful anti-capitalism which dominates both economics and politics. 

Modern super-capitalist regimes like that of the United States, and communist regimes like that of the former Soviet Union, have their differences and their oppositions of interest but these are unimportant when compared with what they have in common. Both are irreconcilably antagonistic towards nationalism. Therefore, both are essentially revolutionary, having set themselves in fierce antagonism towards those political forms which are essentially evolutionary. Nationalism, a much maligned and misrepresented political credo is inseparably connected to a people’s culture and traditions. This causes it to become the mortal enemy of the `Supra-nationalists` whose goal is the Super-state. Since Nationalism is so inseparably joined to a people's cultural heritage, it follows that all attacks on nationalism must include cultural sabotage and subversion - which is what we have seen happening on both sides of the Iron and Bamboo Curtains, promoted with equal zeal by super-capitalists and communists."

So what's the proposed synthesis of this Hegelian Dialectic? Tony Blair described it as the 'Third Way' but, as we see below, the elites have another name for it which is 'Communitarianism'. I suggest we can see this most clearly taking shape in China. Another quote from 'The Nexus of Evil' again explains things much better than I could.

"“The Illuminati’s `revolutionary goal` is the New World Order, or authoritarian socialism run by  monopoly capital. It is big government in the service of big business. The Left in the service of the  Right”. Henry Makow Ph.D.

One of the fundamental objectives of those pushing for a `New World Order,` is the absolute social, personal and economic control over what's left of humanity, (following any global conflagration) in a collectivist and corporatist society. The political philosophy behind the NWO exemplifies a convenient (for the Illuminists) mixture of Capitalism and Communism - a form of Neo-Marxism which owes much of its dogma to the Pre World War II Italian Marxist Philosopher, Antonio Gramsci. Tony Blair called it the `Third Way,` but it should more correctly be referred to as `Communitarianism.` 

We are talking of a dialectical trap here, with Corporate money funding Socialism as Thesis, ideological Socialism as Antithesis and Communitarianism or the `New Imperium` as Synthesis. Money grabs and concentrates power, whilst State Socialism promises the total redistribution of ownership and wealth. This contradiction provides the Illuminati architects and planners with an almost irresistible dynamic number of rich and powerful people with everyone else working as peasants. In order to achieve their objectives they must destroy the middle class and the nation state. Can anyone deny that their goals are firmly on course.

Vaclav Klaus, the renegade (in EU terms) President of the Czech republic defines Communitarianism thus:

“Communitarianism is a collectivist philosophy that explicitly rejects individualism. It does not  merely relegate individualism to a subordinate position, but is openly hostile to it. It is an ideology  of 'civic society' which is nothing less than one version of Post-Marxist collectivism which wants  privileges for certain wealthy and influential organized groups, and in consequence, a renewed  feudalising of society." 

Once the spotlight of investigation is shone directly upon the political machinations of the `One Worlders,` what emerges is a Luciferian Communitarian Agenda, which on the temporal level at least can be seen to be driven solely by corporate interests. Monetary Profit is to be the `bottom line` on everything from public services to defence to the very useful environmental `Trojan Horse.` High sounding `non descriptions` precede cleverly worded specifics that determine that the one and only benchmark be an economic one.
Nikki Raapana, who has researched Communitarianism extensively describes it's `Modus Operandi` this way:

"The `Communitarians' work behind the scenes. Elite communitarian 'thinkers' quietly slide their new laws inside projects and programs few regular people will think or dare to question. And, just  so you won't look any closer, (or open your mouth to ask one dumb question) the Communitarians  mask their fascist programs behind all kinds of lovely phrasing. The new phrases work so well that  if you do stand out and speak up with a debatable question, it means you don't want to live in a safe  and healthy community. And since everyone has to agree in order to reach communitarian  consensus, you will be shunned and excluded from the decision making 'councils.' Go ahead and  try, but the shifty Communitarians will NEVER debate you because their programs are based  entirely in a lie called Communism." 

Since there is no way in which communism can be effectively resisted and defeated except by nationalism, it follows that super-capitalism is totally committed to co-existence with communism, and that super-capitalism can have no other long range aim except that of ultimate convergence with communism in the shape of Tony Blair's `Third Way` or Communitarianism. Likewise - and this is most important - there is only one political weapon that super-capitalism can use against nationalism, and that is a communist or rather communitarian ideology that marshals the forces of the underworld and of rootless intellectualism, holding them ready to be aimed like a siege cannon against any nationalist target."

The conclusion I'd already reached is that the 'truth movement' has been both infiltrated by and is being manipulated by those behind the World Government conspiracy. Demonstrations for the destruction of capitalism or 'anti-fascists' protesting against 'nationalism' are, perhaps, good examples of this. At the very least it tells us that there are those who claim to be part of the resistance who don't understand the 'end game' and as such are unwitting pawns being used to help bring it about.

If you're wondering how Jones came to view the heart of the New World Order agenda as being 'Luciferian' then I'd recommend another of his articles 'Who Rules the World'. It's a fascinating and thought provoking read.


Twisted Root said...

Plenty of organisations out there waiting (and funded) to spin you off in meaningless directions.

Harry J said...

Very true Twisted. This is something that has become increasingly clear to me in recent times.

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