Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Fundamentals of Lawful Rebellion

I bookmarked this this handy little summary of some of the key subjects tackled by those in the 'Freeman' movement a few weeks ago. I think it came courtesy of Captain Ranty.

You'll find a short and concise summary of the truth regarding arbitration, statutes, authority, orders, permissions, promises, money and fraud. All of which form the basis of Lawful Rebellion. 

A very useful resource.

Update 11.2.10

The good Captain suggested reading this book by Veronica Chapman. Several people have suggested I read it so it's now on my (growing ever longer) list.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the mention in dispatches H.

It might be worth pointing out that Veronica:Chapman has written a book.

It is available free online, or if you want a hard copy it will cost you production & mailing costs only.

I do not have a link for this, I will try to dig one out.


Harry J said...

Cheers CR. I've put a link to her book in the original post.